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Topps Bram Stoker's Dracula

Topps Bram Stoker's Dracula

Jahr: 1992
Alle Karten: 129

Anzahl Sammler: 2 / komplett: 0


1Bram Stoker's Dracula-Base Card202.00
2Gary Oldman as Dracula-Base Card202.00
3Winona Ryder as Mina-Base Card202.00
4Anthony Hopkins as Prof. Van Helsing-Base Card202.00
5Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker-Base Card202.00
6Sadie Frost as Lucy-Base Card202.00
7Richard E. Grant as Dr. Jack Seward-Base Card202.00
8Cary Elwes as Arthur Holmwoo-Base Card202.00
9Bill Campbell as Quincey Morris-Base Card202.00
101462. A Romanian prince from the region-Base Card202.00
11Thinking that her warrior prince has-Base Card202.00
12Jonathan Harker bids his fiancee Mina-Base Card202.00
13Following specific instructions, Jonathan-Base Card202.00
14At Borgo Pass, Count Dracula's carriage...-Base Card202.00
15As an unsuspecting Jonathan Harker-Base Card202.00
16At the castle doorway, Dracula greets-Base Card202.00
17Harker sits at a large table set with-Base Card202.00
18Harker marvels at an old painting of-Base Card202.00
19"The luckiest man who walks on this-Base Card202.00
20While shaving in his room, Harker is-Base Card202.00
21Solicitor R.M. Renfield, Jonathan Harker-Base Card202.00
22Summoning his courage, Harker picks the-Base Card202.00
23In a room intended for Dracula's ladies-Base Card202.00
24Hands emerge from the undulating-Base Card202.00
25Dracula's sensuous, blood thirsty bride-Base Card202.00
26Facing his vampire brides, Dracula-Base Card202.00
27Like a fly caught in a spider's web-Base Card202.00
28There is only one way Jonathan Harker-Base Card202.00
29In the castle Chapel, Harker passes-Base Card202.00
30Deep in the castle chapel, Count Dracula-Base Card202.00
31Unleashing his fury, Harker grabs a-Base Card202.00
32At Seward's asylum, the raving Renfield-Base Card202.00
33Unaware that she is being observed by-Base Card202.00
34In the cemetery, Lucy's ghostly white-Base Card202.00
35The "wolfen" Dracula now preys on young-Base Card202.00
36In spite of his best efforts, Harker-Base Card202.00
37Lucy's relationship with Dracula is-Base Card202.00
38In broad daylight (although he avoids-Base Card202.00
39Dracula convinces Mina to accompany-Base Card202.00
40Mina breathes heavily - frightened and-Base Card202.00
41A formidable-looking gentleman, Abraham-Base Card202.00
42Even as Van Helsing arrives and is-Base Card202.00
43Van helsing pulls out his instruments-Base Card202.00
44Dracula, in his youthful form, believes-Base Card202.00
45Arthur Holmwood, Lucy's fiance, is-Base Card202.00
46Holmwood, Seward and Quincey soon-Base Card202.00
47"There are darknesses in life," Prof. ...-Base Card202.00
48Prince Dracula receives a heartbreaking-Base Card202.00
49As Harker and Mina wed, an infuriated-Base Card202.00
50Lucy, lovelier than ever, is surrounded-Base Card202.00
51Lamps flash in the dead of night as-Base Card202.00
52Holmwood recognizes the singing voice-Base Card202.00
53The vampire Lucy appears in her wedding-Base Card202.00
54Lucy approaches her former fiance...-Base Card202.00
55Armed with a crucifix, Van Helsing...-Base Card202.00
56"You may kiss her now," Van Helsing-Base Card202.00
57Mina had returned to London with Jonathan-Base Card202.00
58Mina visits Renfield at the asylum-Base Card202.00
59"He can direct the elements; the storm,..-Base Card202.00
60After examining Harker's journal, Van-Base Card202.00
61In Seward's asylum, a green mist-Base Card202.00
62Dracula holds Mina close, consummating-Base Card202.00
63Dracula, in humanoid bat form, challeng-Base Card202.00
64Thinking fast, Van Helsing splashes-Base Card202.00
65Van Helsing and his vampire hunters-Base Card202.00
66Sunrise. Van Helsing emerges, exhausted-Base Card202.00
67Along Borgo Road, a Gypsy caravan carry-Base Card202.00
68At Castle Dracula, Harker leaps upon.-Base Card202.00
69Suddenly, the lid of Dracula's coffin-Base Card202.00
70All eyes are trained on Dracula as the-Base Card202.00
71Quincey, wounded by one of the gypsies-Base Card202.00
72Mina suddenly rushes to Dracula-Base Card202.00
73Dracula shudders, blood welling up from-Base Card202.00
74In the chapel, old candles light-Base Card202.00
75Dracula's eyes roll up. He sleeps ...-Base Card202.00
76Professor Van Helsing and his team of-Base Card202.00
77Director Francis Ford Coppola emphasize-Base Card202.00
78Keanu Reeves brings the character of-Base Card202.00
79Under the watchful eye of director-Base Card202.00
80Director Francis Ford Coppola wanted-Base Card202.00
81Lucy (Sadie Frost) returns from the-Base Card202.00
82When Dracula first meets Mina in London-Base Card202.00
83Director Francis Ford Coppola is-Base Card202.00
84Camera crews shoot Borgo Pass, that-Base Card202.00
85Coppola's crew in front of Castle Dracula-Base Card202.00
86Director Francis Ford Coppola-Base Card202.00
87Before filming begins, the cinematograph-Base Card202.00
88Coppola's camer crew catches all the-Base Card202.00
89Warrior Prince Dracula-Base Card202.00
90Dracula's agony-Base Card202.00
91Jonathan Harker at Borgo Pass-Base Card202.00
92Jonathan enters Dracula's world-Base Card202.00
93Count Dracula first appears-Base Card202.00
94Harker confronts Dracula's brides-Base Card202.00
95Renfield, slave and procurer-Base Card202.00
96Dracula rises from his crypt-Base Card202.00
97In London, Dracula appears as a young-Base Card202.00
98Lucy Westenra returns-Base Card202.00
99Dracula as bat creature-Base Card202.00
100Van Helsing victorious-Base Card202.00
P1Enraged that the suicide of hisComic BookPromo Card202.00
P2The cover for issue #2 of Bram StokerComic BookPromo Card202.00
P3Here, the three brides of DraculaComic BookPromo Card202.00
P4A man determined and demonic in his...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
P5Dracula's three blood lusting brides...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
P6The cover for issue #3 of Bram Stoker...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
P7This monstrous incarnation of Dracula...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
P8Old Dracula as...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
P9The aged Dracula deep...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
P10The cover for issue #4 of Bram StokerComic BookPromo Card202.00
P11Gary Oldman portrays all of theComic BookPromo Card202.00
P12Portrait of a man of passion: DarculaComic BookPromo Card202.00
P13As Mina looks on, Prof. Van HelsingComic BookPromo Card202.00
P14The cover for issue #1 of Bram StokerComic BookPromo Card202.00
P15Mina's best friend Lucy...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
P16Sans monster make up. Gary Oldman...Comic BookPromo Card202.00
PC1Humanoid Bat Dracula-Promo Card202.00
PC2Humanoid Bat Dracula-Promo Card202.00
PC3Werewolf-Promo Card202.00
PC4Cover Card Promoting Comic Promos-Promo Card202.00
VI1Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 1)-Chase Card202.00
VI2Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 2)-Chase Card202.00
VI3Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 3)-Chase Card202.00
VI4Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 4)-Chase Card202.00
VI5Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 5)-Chase Card202.00
VI6Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 6)-Chase Card202.00
VI7Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 7)-Chase Card202.00
VI8Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 8)-Chase Card202.00
VI9Vlad the Impaler Art (puzzle 9)-Chase Card202.00