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Topps Premier Gold 2013-2014

Topps Premier Gold 2013-2014

Jahr: 2013
Alle Karten: 2090

Every Box contains Five Autograph Cards and Five Memorabilia Cards!

Topps is bringing you a trading card set with the greatest footballers and clubs from the Barclays English Premier League, including Steven Gerrard of Liverpool FC, Chelsea's Fernando Torres, Robin van Persie of Manchester United, Arsenal winger Theo Walcott, and many more.

The 2013/14 Topps Premier Gold release will feature autographs and memorabilia cards from the top current stars, future stars and retired stars. There will also be dual, triple, and quad autograph and memorabilia cards included in select packs. Topps Premier Gold is a must-have for football fans and collectors!

Topps is pleased to announce the product will feature autograph and memorabilia cards of the following Barclays Premier League stars:

Christian Benteke - Aston Villa
Mikel Arteta - Arsenal
Jack Wilshere - Arsenal
Ashley Cole - Chelsea
Leighton Baines - Everton
Tim Howard - Everton
Ashley Young -Manchester United
Kyle Walker - Tottenham Hotspur

Vorschau der Sammlung (45% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 47 / komplett: 4


Komplette Checkliste (Alle Karten: 2090)
1Laurent KoscielnyArsenalBase card818.00
2Jack WilshereArsenalBase card832.67
3Santi CazorlaArsenalBase card924.50
4Alex Oxlade-ChamberlainArsenalBase card818.00
5Theo WalcottArsenalBase card824.00
6Bradley GuzanAston VillaBase card818.00
7Matthew LowtonAston VillaBase card832.67
8Andreas WeimannAston VillaBase card832.67
9Gabriel AgbonlahorAston VillaBase card824.00
10Christian BentekeAston VillaBase card824.00
11Mark HudsonCardiff CityBase card824.00
12Peter WhittinghamCardiff CityBase card818.00
13Don CowieCardiff CityBase card818.00
14Craig BellamyCardiff CityBase card919.00
15Fraizer CampbellCardiff CityBase card818.00
16David LuizChelseaBase card10110.00
17Frank LampardChelseaBase card12112.00
18Eden HazardChelseaBase card10010.00
19Juan MataChelseaBase card10110.00
20Fernando TorresChelseaBase card14114.00
21Julian SperoniCrystal PalaceBase card824.00
22Danny GabbidonCrystal PalaceBase card824.00
23Mile JedinakCrystal PalaceBase card924.50
24Yannick BolasieCrystal PalaceBase card842.00
25Joel WardCrystal PalaceBase card818.00
26Tim HowardEvertonBase card824.00
27Phil JagielkaEvertonBase card818.00
28Leighton BainesEvertonBase card832.67
29James McCarthyEvertonBase card824.00
30Kevin MirallasEvertonBase card818.00
31Maarten StekelenburgFulhamBase card818.00
32Sascha RietherFulhamBase card824.00
33Fernando AmorebietaFulhamBase card824.00
34Bryan RuizFulhamBase card824.00
35Dimitar BerbatovFulhamBase card824.00
36James ChesterHull CityBase card824.00
37Curtis DaviesHull CityBase card818.00
38Ahmed ElmohamadyHull CityBase card818.00
39Robert KorenHull CityBase card824.00
40Robbie BradyHull CityBase card818.00
41Glen JohnsonLiverpool FCBase card909.00
42Jose EnriqueLiverpool FCBase card909.00
43Philippe CoutinhoLiverpool FCBase card909.00
44Steven GerrardLiverpool FCBase card11011.00
45Luis SuarezLiverpool FCBase card11011.00
46Joe HartManchester CityBase card824.00
47Vincent KompanyManchester CityBase card824.00
48David SilvaManchester CityBase card924.50
49Yaya ToureManchester CityBase card824.00
50Sergio AgueroManchester CityBase card10110.00
51Rio FerdinandManchester UnitedBase card919.00
52Nemanja VidicManchester UnitedBase card818.00
53Michael CarrickManchester UnitedBase card818.00
54Wayne RooneyManchester UnitedBase card818.00
55Robin Van PersieManchester UnitedBase card11111.00
56Fabricio ColocciniNewcastle UnitedBase card832.67
57Davide SantonNewcastle UnitedBase card818.00
58Hatem Ben ArfaNewcastle UnitedBase card919.00
59Yohan CabayeNewcastle UnitedBase card824.00
60Papiss CisseNewcastle UnitedBase card818.00
61John RuddyNorwich CityBase card832.67
62Sébastien BassongNorwich CityBase card824.00
63Wes HoolahanNorwich CityBase card824.00
64Robert SnodgrassNorwich CityBase card818.00
65Ricky Van WolfswinkelNorwich CityBase card919.00
66Luke ShawSouthamptonBase card818.00
67Morgan SchneiderlinSouthamptonBase card818.00
68Gaston RamirezSouthamptonBase card818.00
69Jay RodriguezSouthamptonBase card818.00
70Rickie LambertSouthamptonBase card818.00
71Asmir BegovicStoke CityBase card824.00
72Geoff CameronStoke CityBase card824.00
73Ryan ShawcrossStoke CityBase card818.00
74Charlie AdamStoke CityBase card818.00
75Peter CrouchStoke CityBase card1025.00
76John O'SheaSunderlandBase card818.00
77Erik LamelaTottenham HotspurBase card824.00
78Adam JohnsonSunderlandBase card818.00
79Keiren WestwoodSunderlandBase card818.00
80Steven FletcherSunderlandBase card818.00
81Michel VormSwansea CityBase card818.00
82Ashley WilliamsSwansea CityBase card824.00
83Wayne RoutledgeSwansea CityBase card818.00
84Jonathan De GuzmanSwansea CityBase card818.00
85MichuSwansea CityBase card919.00
86Hugo LlorisTottenham HotspurBase card818.00
87Jan VertonghenTottenham HotspurBase card818.00
88Lee CattermoleSunderlandBase card824.00
89David de GeaManchester UnitedBase card919.00
90Shinji KagawaManchester UnitedBase card919.00
91Ben FosterWest Bromwich AlbionBase card919.00
92Jonas OlssonWest Bromwich AlbionBase card818.00
93James MorrisonWest Bromwich AlbionBase card824.00
94Claudio YacobWest Bromwich AlbionBase card818.00
95Shane LongWest Bromwich AlbionBase card818.00
96Jussi JaaskelainenWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
97Joey O'BrienWest Ham UnitedBase card824.00
98Mohamed DiameWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
99Kevin NolanWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
100Andy CarrollWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
101Wojciech SzczesnyArsenalBase card919.00
102Mesut OzilArsenalBase card1133.67
103Mikel ArtetaArsenalBase card818.00
104Olivier GiroudArsenalBase card818.00
105Lukas PodolskiArsenalBase card919.00
106Ron VlaarAston VillaBase card824.00
107Antonio LunaAston VillaBase card818.00
108Karim El AhmadiAston VillaBase card824.00
109Fabian DelphAston VillaBase card818.00
110Leandro BacunaAston VillaBase card818.00
111David MarshallCardiff CityBase card818.00
112Steven CaulkerCardiff CityBase card818.00
113Gary MedelCardiff CityBase card818.00
114Aron GunnarssonCardiff CityBase card818.00
115Andreas CorneliusCardiff CityBase card818.00
116Petr CechChelseaBase card1025.00
117WillianChelseaBase card919.00
118John TerryChelseaBase card924.50
119Ashley ColeChelseaBase card924.50
120OscarChelseaBase card824.00
121Jason PuncheonCrystal PalaceBase card818.00
122Kagisho DikgacoiCrystal PalaceBase card818.00
123Marouane ChamakhCrystal PalaceBase card832.67
124Kevin PhillipsCrystal PalaceBase card832.67
125Dwight GayleCrystal PalaceBase card824.00
126Leon OsmanEvertonBase card818.00
127Steven PienaarEvertonBase card818.00
128Gareth BarryEvertonBase card824.00
129Romelu LukakuEvertonBase card919.00
130Nikica JelavicEvertonBase card818.00
131Brede HangelandFulhamBase card832.67
132Scott ParkerFulhamBase card824.00
133Adel TaarabtFulhamBase card924.50
134Damien DuffFulhamBase card933.00
135Darren BentFulhamBase card824.00
136Maynor FigueroaHull CityBase card818.00
137Tom HuddlestoneHull CityBase card832.67
138Yannick SagboHull CityBase card824.00
139Jake LivermoreHull CityBase card824.00
140Allan McGregorHull CityBase card818.00
141Simon MignoletLiverpool FCBase card909.00
142Lucas LeivaLiverpool FCBase card919.00
143Jordan HendersonLiverpool FCBase card909.00
144Daniel AggerLiverpool FCBase card909.00
145Daniel SturridgeLiverpool FCBase card909.00
146Pablo ZabaletaManchester CityBase card824.00
147Jesus NavasManchester CityBase card919.00
148FernandinhoManchester CityBase card818.00
149Alvaro NegredoManchester CityBase card919.00
150Stevan JoveticManchester CityBase card818.00
151Marouane FellainiManchester UnitedBase card818.00
152Ryan GiggsManchester UnitedBase card919.00
153Danny WelbeckManchester UnitedBase card818.00
154Tim KrulNewcastle UnitedBase card818.00
155Mathieu DebuchyNewcastle UnitedBase card824.00
156Jonas GutierrezNewcastle UnitedBase card818.00
157Cheick TioteNewcastle UnitedBase card824.00
158Loic RemyNewcastle UnitedBase card832.67
159Martin OlssonNorwich CityBase card818.00
160Russell MartinNorwich CityBase card824.00
161Anthony PilkingtonNorwich CityBase card818.00
162Gary HooperNorwich CityBase card824.00
163Nathan RedmondNorwich CityBase card818.00
164Artur BorucSouthamptonBase card10110.00
165Pablo OsvaldoSouthamptonBase card919.00
166Victor WanyamaSouthamptonBase card818.00
167Dejan LovrenSouthamptonBase card924.50
168Adam LallanaSouthamptonBase card818.00
169Robert HuthStoke CityBase card924.50
170Matthew EtheringtonStoke CityBase card818.00
171Steven N'ZonziStoke CityBase card818.00
172Erik PietersStoke CityBase card818.00
173Jonathan WaltersStoke CityBase card818.00
174Emanuele GiaccheriniSunderlandBase card919.00
175Craig GardnerTottenham HotspurBase card824.00
176Jack ColbackSunderlandBase card824.00
177Modibo DiakitéSunderlandBase card824.00
178Jozy AltidoreSunderlandBase card824.00
179Angel RangelSwansea CityBase card818.00
180Chico FloresSwansea CityBase card818.00
181Jonjo ShelveySwansea CityBase card818.00
182Wilfried BonySwansea CityBase card818.00
183Pablo HernandezSwansea CityBase card919.00
184Kyle WalkerTottenham HotspurBase card818.00
185Michael DawsonTottenham HotspurBase card824.00
186PaulinhoTottenham HotspurBase card919.00
187Aaron LennonTottenham HotspurBase card818.00
188Roberto SoldadoTottenham HotspurBase card919.00
189SandroTottenham HotspurBase card818.00
190Jermain DefoeTottenham HotspurBase card818.00
191Liam RidgewellWest Bromwich AlbionBase card824.00
192Stephane SessegnonWest Bromwich AlbionBase card818.00
193Youssouf MulumbuWest Bromwich AlbionBase card818.00
194Chris BruntWest Bromwich AlbionBase card818.00
195Nicolas AnelkaWest Bromwich AlbionBase card924.50
196James CollinsWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
197Stewart DowningWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
198Mark NobleWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
199Matt JarvisWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
200Joe ColeWest Ham UnitedBase card818.00
FS-AKAlexander KacaniklicFulhamFuture star818.00
FS-AOAlex Oxlade-ChamberlainArsenalFuture star818.00
FS-ATAndros TownsendTottenham HotspurFuture star818.00
FS-BDBen DaviesSwansea CityFuture star818.00
FS-DGDwight GayleCrystal PalaceFuture star818.00
FS-DRDanny RoseTottenham HotspurFuture star818.00
FS-FBFabio BoriniSunderlandFuture star818.00
FS-JSJonjo ShelveySwansea CityFuture star818.00
FS-KDKevin De BruyneChelseaFuture star11111.00
FS-LSLuke ShawSouthamptonFuture star808.00
FS-MLMatthew LowtonAston VillaFuture star824.00
FS-MNMatija NastasticManchester CityFuture star818.00
FS-MYMapou Yanga-MbiwaNewcastle UnitedFuture star818.00
FS-NCNathaniel ClyneSouthamptonFuture star808.00
FS-RBRoss BarkleyEvertonFuture star818.00
FS-RMRavel MorrisonWest Ham UnitedFuture star818.00
FS-RSRaheem SterlingLiverpoolFuture star818.00
FS-SCSteven CaulkerCardiff CityFuture star818.00
FS-SSScott SinclairWest Bromwich AlbionFuture star824.00
FS-WZWilfried ZahaManchester UnitedFuture star909.00
HS-ACAndy CarrollWest Ham UnitedHot Shot824.00
HS-CBChristian BentekeAston VillaHot Shot808.00
HS-DBDimitar BerbatovFulhamHot Shot919.00
HS-DBEDarren BentFulhamHot Shot824.00
HS-DSDaniel SturridgeLiverpoolHot Shot818.00
HS-FCFraizer CampbellCardiff CityHot Shot818.00
HS-FTFernando TorresChelseaHot Shot12112.00
HS-GAGabriel AgbonlahorAston VillaHot Shot818.00
HS-JAJozy AltidoreSunderlandHot Shot919.00
HS-JDJermain DefoeTottenham HotspurHot Shot808.00
HS-LSLuis SuarezLiverpoolHot Shot919.00
HS-MCMarouane ChamakhCrystal PalaceHot Shot818.00
HS-PCPeter CrouchStoke CityHot Shot919.00
HS-PCIPapiss CisseNewcastle UnitedHot Shot818.00
HS-POPablo OsvaldoSouthamptonHot Shot818.00
HS-RBRobbie BradyHull CityHot Shot818.00
HS-RLRickie LambertSouthamptonHot Shot919.00
HS-RLURomelu LukakuEvertonHot Shot818.00
HS-RSRoberto SoldadoTottenham HotspurHot Shot909.00
HS-RVRobin van PersieManchester CityHot Shot919.00
HS-RVWRicky van WolfswinkelNorwich CityHot Shot909.00
HS-SASergio AgueroManchester CityHot Shot10110.00
HS-SFSteven FletcherSunderlandHot Shot818.00
HS-SLShane LongWest BromwichHot Shot909.00
HS-TWTheo WalcottArsenalHot Shot818.00
MM-AGAron GunnarssonCardiff CityMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-AJAdam JohnsonSunderlandMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-APAnthony PilkingtonNorwich CityMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-DGDarron GibsonEvertonMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-DSDavid SilvaManchester CityMidfield Maestros919.00
MM-EHEden HazardChelseaMidfield Maestros10010.00
MM-FLFrank LampardChelseaMidfield Maestros11111.00
MM-GRGaston RamirezSouthamptonMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-JMJuan MataChelseaMidfield Maestros1025.00
MM-JWJack WilshereArsenalMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-KNKevin NolanWest HamMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-MMichuSwansea CityMidfield Maestros924.50
MM-MCMichael CarrickManchester UnitedMidfield Maestros919.00
MM-NRNathan RedmondNorwich CityMidfield Maestros824.00
MM-PWPeter WhittinghamCardiff CityMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-RKRobert KorenHull CityMidfield Maestros808.00
MM-SSandroTottenham HotspurMidfield Maestros824.00
MM-SCSanti CazorlaArsenalMidfield Maestros919.00
MM-SGSteven GerrardLiverpoolMidfield Maestros10010.00
MM-SKShinji KagawaManchester UnitedMidfield Maestros919.00
MM-SPScott ParkerFulhamMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-THTom HuddlestoneHull CityMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-YBYannick BolasieCrystal PalaceMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-YCYohan CabayeNewcastle UnitedMidfield Maestros818.00
MM-YMYoussouf MulumbuWest BromwichMidfield Maestros919.00
SS-ABAsmir BegovicStoke CityShot Stopper818.00
SS-BFBen FosterWest BromwichShot Stopper818.00
SS-BGBradley GuzanAston VillaShot Stopper824.00
SS-JHJoe HartManchester CityShot Stopper818.00
SS-JJJussi JaaskelainenWest HamShot Stopper808.00
SS-JRJohn RuddyNorwich CityShot Stopper818.00
SS-JSJulian SperoniCrystal PalaceShot Stopper824.00
SS-MSMaarten StekelenburgFulhamShot Stopper818.00
SS-MVMichel VormSwansea CityShot Stopper818.00
SS-THTim HowardEvertonShot Stopper818.00
TT-AWAshley WilliamsSwansea CityTough Tackler818.00
TT-CDCurtis DaviesHull CityTough Tackler818.00
TT-DGDanny GabbidonCrystal PalaceTough Tackler808.00
TT-DSDavide SantonNewcastle UnitedTough Tackler818.00
TT-EPErik PietersStoke CityTough Tackler818.00
TT-FCFabricio ColocciniNewcastle UnitedTough Tackler824.00
TT-GJGlen JohnsonLiverpoolTough Tackler808.00
TT-JCJames ChesterHull CityTough Tackler818.00
TT-JCOJames CollinsWest HamTough Tackler818.00
TT-JOJonas OlssonWest BromwichTough Tackler818.00
TT-LBLeighton BainesEvertonTough Tackler818.00
TT-MDModibo DiakiteSunderlandTough Tackler808.00
TT-MHMark HudsonCardiff CityTough Tackler808.00
TT-RFRio FerdinandManchester UnitedTough Tackler919.00
TT-RHRobert HuthStoke CityTough Tackler919.00
TT-RSRyan ShawcrossStoke CityTough Tackler808.00
TT-RVRon VlaarAston VillaTough Tackler818.00
TT-SBSebastien BassongNorwich CityTough Tackler818.00
TT-TVThomas VermaelenArsenalTough Tackler818.00
TT-VKVincent KompanyManchester CityTough Tackler818.00
SP-ACAshley Cole
ChelseaAutograph card919.00
SP-AHAaron Hughes
FulhamAutograph card732.33
SP-ATAleksandar Tonev
Aston VillaAutograph card818.00
SP-AWAndreas Weimann
Aston VillaAutograph card824.00
SP-AYAshley Young
Manchester UnitedAutograph card10110.00
SP-BDBen Davies
Swansea CityAutograph card818.00
SP-BGBrad Guzan
Aston VillaAutograph card818.00
SP-CBChristian Benteke
Aston VillaAutograph card824.00
SP-CRCristiano Ronaldo
Manchester UnitedAutograph card11011.00
SP-CWConnor Wickham
SunderlandAutograph card818.00
SP-DBDarren Bent
FulhamAutograph card717.00
SP-FCFraizer Campbell
Cardiff CityAutograph card818.00
SP-FLFrank Lampard
ChelseaAutograph card11011.00
SP-GBGareth Bale
Tottenham HOTSPURAutograph card10110.00
SP-GTGeorge Thorne
West BromwichAutograph card824.00
SP-GZGianfranco Zola
ChelseaAutograph card909.00
SP-JBJohn Barnes
Liverpool FCAutograph card707.00
SP-JCJames Collins
West HamAutograph card818.00
SP-JHJoe Hart
Manchester CityAutograph card818.00
SP-JHEJordan Henderson
Liverpool FCAutograph card919.00
SP-JHOJonny Howson
Norwich CityAutograph card824.00
SP-JWJack Wilshere
ArsenalAutograph card818.00
SP-KWKyle Walker
Tottenham HOTSPURAutograph card933.00
SP-MAMikel Arteta
ArsenalAutograph card818.00
SP-MFMarouane Fellaini
Manchester UnitedAutograph card919.00
BRAZILAutograph card909.00
SP-PCPeter Crouch
Stoke CityAutograph card832.67
SP-PJPhil Jagielka
EvertonAutograph card818.00
SP-PMPaul McShane
Hull CityAutograph card818.00
SP-SGSteven Gerrard
Liverpool FCAutograph card11111.00
SP-SSScott Sinclair
West BromwichAutograph card818.00
SP-TKTim Krul
Newcastle UnitedAutograph card818.00
SP-TWTim Howard
EvertonAutograph card818.00
SP-YBYannick Bolasie
Crystal PalaceAutograph card818.00
DA-AHAaron Hughes - Darren Bent
Fulham - FulhamDual Autograph card808.00
DA-ASYAshley Young - Marouane Fellaini
Manchester United - Manchester UnitedDual Autograph card909.00
DA-BGBrad Guzan - Tim Howard
Aston Villa - EvertonDual Autograph card808.00
DA-CBChristian Benteke - Peter Crouch
Aston Villa - Stoke CityDual Autograph card909.00
DA-CBEChristian Benteke - Marouane Fellaini
Aston Villa - Manchester UnitedDual Autograph card808.00
DA-CKDarren Bent - Christian Benteke
Fulham - Aston VillaDual Autograph card808.00
DA-MAMikel Arteta - Jack Wilshere
Arsenal - ArsenalDual Autograph card808.00
DA-PJTim Howard - Phil Jagielka
Everton - EvertonDual Autograph card808.00
DA-SSScott Sinclair - George Thorne
West Bromwich - West BromwichDual Autograph card808.00
QA-ATScott Sinclair - Yannick Bolasie - Aleksandar Tonev - Jordan Henderson
West Bromwich - Crystal Palace - Aston Villa - Liverpool FCQuad Autograph book card808.00
QA-AWAndreas Weimann - Aleksandar Tonev - Christian Benteke - Brad Guzan
Aston VillaQuad Autograph book card808.00
QA-CBPeter Crouch - Fraizer Campbell - Christian Benteke - Darren Bent
Stoke City - Cardiff City - Aston Villa - FulhamQuad Autograph book card909.00
TA-ATAleksandar Tonev - Andreas Weimann - Christian Benteke
Aston VillaTriple Autograph card808.00
TA-AWAleksandar Tonev - Andreas Weimann - Brad Guzan
Aston VillaTriple Autograph card808.00
TA-BGChristian Benteke - Andreas Weimann - Brad Guzan
Aston VillaTriple Autograph card808.00
TA-CBBrad Guzan - Christian Benteke - Aleksandar Tonev
Aston VillaTriple Autograph card808.00
PAR-ACAshley Cole
ChelseaAutograph Relic card909.00
PAR-AHAaron Hughes
FulhamAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-ATAleksandar Tonev
Aston VillaAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-AWAndreas Weimann
Aston VillaAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-AYAshley Young
Manchester UnitedAutograph Relic card909.00
PAR-BDBen Davies
Swansea CityAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-BGBrad Guzan
Aston VillaAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-CBChristian Benteke
Aston VillaAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-GTGeorge Thorne
West BromwichAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-JCJames Collins
West HamAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-JHEJordan Henderson
Liverpool FCAutograph Relic card909.00
PAR-JHOJonny Howson
Norwich CityAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-JWJack Wilshere
ArsenalAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-MAMikel Arteta
ArsenalAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-PCPeter Crouch
Stoke CityAutograph Relic card909.00
PAR-PMPaul McShane
Hull CityAutograph Relic card808.00
PAR-YBYannick Bolasie
Crystal PalaceAutograph Relic card808.00
JBR-ATAleksandar Tonev
Aston VillaJumbo Relics card808.00
JBR-AWAndreas Weimann
Aston VillaJumbo Relics card808.00
JBR-BGBrad Guzan
Aston VillaJumbo Relics card818.00
JBR-CBChristian Benteke
Aston VillaJumbo Relics card808.00
Manchester CityJumbo Relics card808.00
JBR-SGSteven Gerrard
Liverpool FCJumbo Relics card10010.00
JR-ACAshley Cole
ChelseaJersey Relic card919.00
JR-AHAaron Hughes
FulhamJersey Relic card717.00
JR-ATAleksandar Tonev
Aston VillaJersey Relic card818.00
JR-AWAndreas Weimann
Aston VillaJersey Relic card818.00
JR-AYAshley Young
Manchester UnitedJersey Relic card919.00
JR-BDBen Davies
Swansea CityJersey Relic card818.00
JR-BGBrad Guzan
Aston VillaJersey Relic card818.00
JR-CBChristian Benteke
Aston VillaJersey Relic card818.00
JR-CWConnor Wickham
SunderlandJersey Relic card818.00
JR-GTGeorge Thorne
West BromwichJersey Relic card818.00
JR-JCJames Collins
West HamJersey Relic card818.00
JR-JHAJoe Hart
Manchester CityJersey Relic card824.00
JR-JHEJordan Henderson
Liverpool FCJersey Relic card818.00
JR-JHOJonny Howson
Norwich CityJersey Relic card824.00
JR-JWJack Wilshere
ArsenalJersey Relic card824.00
JR-MAMikel Arteta
ArsenalJersey Relic card832.67
JR-MFMarouane Fellaini
Manchester UnitedJersey Relic card824.00
JR-PCPeter Crouch
Stoke CityJersey Relic card924.50
JR-PJPhil Jagielka
EvertonJersey Relic card818.00
JR-PMPaul McShane
Hull CityJersey Relic card824.00
JR-SSScott Sinclair
West BromwichJersey Relic card824.00
JR-THTim Howard
EvertonJersey Relic card824.00
JR-TKTim Krul
Newcastle UnitedJersey Relic card824.00
JR-YBYannick Bolasie
Crystal PalaceJersey Relic card818.00
DR-ARAJack Wilshere - Aaron Ramsey
Arsenal - ArsenalDual Relics card808.00
DR-ASYMarouane Fellaini - Ashley Young
Manchester United - Manchester UnitedDual Relics card909.00
DR-CBPeter Crouch - Christian Benteke
Stoke City - Aston VillaDual Relics card909.00
DR-CBEMarouane Fellaini - Christian Benteke
Manchester United - Aston VillaDual Relics card909.00
DR-JHTim Howard - Joe Hart
Everton - Manchester CityDual Relics card808.00
DR-MAMikel Arteta - Jack Wilshere
Arsenal - ArsenalDual Relics card808.00
DR-PJPhil Jagielka - Tim Howard
Everton - EvertonDual Relics card808.00
DR-SSGeorge Thorne - Scott Sinclair
West Bromwich - West BromwichDual Relics card808.00
QR-ATScott Sinclair - Yannick Bolasie - Jordan Henderson - Aleksandar Tonev
West Bromwich - Crystal Palace - Liverpool FC - Aston VillaQuad Relics card808.00
QR-AWAleksandar Tonev - Brad Guzan - Christian Benteke - Andreas Weimann
Aston Villa - Aston Villa - Aston Villa - Aston VillaQuad Relics card808.00
TR-ATAleksandar Tonev - Andreas Weimann - Christian Benteke
Aston Villa - Aston Villa - Aston VillaTriple Relics card808.00
TR-AWAleksandar Tonev - Brad Guzan - Andreas Weimann
Aston Villa - Aston Villa - Aston VillaTriple Relics card808.00
TR-BGChristian Benteke - Brad Guzan - Andreas Weimann
Aston Villa - Aston Villa - Aston VillaTriple Relics card808.00
TR-CBChristian Benteke - Aleksandar Tonev - Brad Guzan
Aston Villa - Aston Villa - Aston VillaTriple Relics card808.00
TR-JHJoe Hart - Tim Howard - Brad Guzan
Manchester City - Everton - Aston VillaTriple Relics card808.00