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Topps Robocop 2

Topps Robocop 2

Jahr: 1990
Alle Karten: 121

Anzahl Sammler: 1 / komplett: 0


1Part Man, Part Machine, All Cop-Base Card101.00
2Fatal Malfunction-Base Card101.00
3The Price of Progress-Base Card101.00
4A Man Named Murphy-Base Card101.00
5Boddicker's Butchers-Base Card101.00
6Man Without a Hand-Base Card101.00
7Murphy--Blown Away!-Base Card101.00
8The Cop of Tomorrow-Base Card101.00
9Partners in Crimefighting-Base Card101.00
10Freeze!-Base Card101.00
11Supermarket Assault!-Base Card101.00
12A Lady in Distress-Base Card101.00
13Robocop Blasted!-Base Card101.00
14Reining in the Madness-Base Card101.00
15A Blow against Evil-Base Card101.00
16Memories of Me-Base Card101.00
17Man... or Machine?-Base Card101.00
18Taking the Heat-Base Card101.00
19His Murderers Apprehended-Base Card101.00
20The Hidden Directive-Base Card101.00
21Correcting His Mistakes-Base Card101.00
22ED-209 Missile Assault-Base Card101.00
23Dented But Undaunted-Base Card101.00
24Slammed by ED-209-Base Card101.00
25Robocop, Heal Thyself!-Base Card101.00
26Toxic Nightmare-Base Card101.00
27Showdown-Base Card101.00
28Pummeled from Above-Base Card101.00
29Robocop's Revenge-Base Card101.00
30Say Goodnight, ED-Base Card101.00
31Or the Old Geezer Gets It!-Base Card101.00
32Murphy's Comeback-Base Card101.00
33Duo for Danger!-Base Card101.00
34Peace Officer!-Base Card101.00
35A Madman Named Cain-Base Card101.00
36The Robotics Museum-Base Card101.00
37Get Lost, Robocop!-Base Card101.00
38Lewis vs. Hob-Base Card101.00
39A Bad Cop...-Base Card101.00
40Duffy's Just Deserts-Base Card101.00
41The New Mission-Base Card101.00
42Devastating Blasts-Base Card101.00
43In the Clutches of Cain-Base Card101.00
44Captured!-Base Card101.00
45Destruction of Robocop-Base Card101.00
46In Need of Repair-Base Card101.00
47Living Death-Base Card101.00
48Robocop Screw-Up!-Base Card101.00
49You Can't Be Serious!-Base Card101.00
50Only One Way Out...-Base Card101.00
51Electrical Purge-Base Card101.00
52Cop Comradery-Base Card101.00
53Beautiful But Savage-Base Card101.00
54The Rebirth of Cain-Base Card101.00
55What Was Once, Can Never Be Again-Base Card101.00
56Detroit's Action Hero-Base Card101.00
57Crusader Against Crime-Base Card101.00
58Practice Makes Perfect!-Base Card101.00
59Robocop Patrol!-Base Card101.00
60Helmeted Hero-Base Card101.00
61Officer Anne Lewis-Base Card101.00
62No Escape from Robocop!-Base Card101.00
63Spectacular Explosion!-Base Card101.00
64Hob Bites It-Base Card101.00
65Robocop Means Business!-Base Card101.00
66Closing In-Base Card101.00
67Shielded from Harm-Base Card101.00
68Robocop Stunned!-Base Card101.00
69Metallic Monster-Base Card101.00
70Preparing To Pounce-Base Card101.00
71The Robot Warriors-Base Card101.00
72Facing the Enemy-Base Card101.00
73Incredible Struggle!-Base Card101.00
74Clashing Titans-Base Card101.00
75Has Robocop Met His Match?-Base Card101.00
76Only One Will Survive...-Base Card101.00
77Cain's Brain-Base Card101.00
78Robocop...Triumphant!-Base Card101.00
79Bad Day for the Old Man-Base Card101.00
80Metal Justice-Base Card101.00
81Storyboard: The Shoot-Out-Base Card101.00
82Storyboard: Taking the Plunge-Base Card101.00
83Storyboard: Suspended in Mid-Air-Base Card101.00
84Storyboard: Jolted By Electricity-Base Card101.00
85Storyboard: Standing Tall-Base Card101.00
86Storyboard: Blocking the Blast-Base Card101.00
87Storyboard: Sizing Each Other Up-Base Card101.00
88Storyboard: About To Pounce-Base Card101.00
AHow to Handle Your GunBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
BThe Predatory StanceBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
CDeath of a DummyBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
DLending a Needed HandBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
EMetal AppendageBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
FConferring with KurtwoodBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
GPaul Verhoeven DirectsBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
HTouching Up the Toxic TerrorBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
IDirecting ED-209Behind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
JDisplay of BloodBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
KShooting a Night SceneBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
LReadying Robocop for the CamerasBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
MDirector Irvin KershnerBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
NFine TuningBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
OAll Wired Up!Behind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
PMaking the Unreal RealBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
QNancy Allen as LewisBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
RSome Advice for RobocopBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
SThe Human DimensionBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
TAll Quiet on the Set!Behind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
UShooting a Shoot-Out!Behind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
VA Gathering of EvilBehind-the-Scenes BonusChase Card101.00
S1Shield Logo-Sticker101.00
S2Robocop and Anne Lewis-Sticker101.00
S3Robocop Walking by Burning Car-Sticker101.00
S4Robocop's Head in Front of License Plate-Sticker101.00
S5Robocop Lying Down-Sticker101.00
S6Cain and Angie-Sticker101.00
S7Robocop Standing with Gun Up-Sticker101.00
S8Robocop Fighting Robot-Sticker101.00
S9Robocop with Bullet Holes-Sticker101.00
S11Robocop Holding Brain-Sticker101.00