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Topps Star Wars Series 1

Topps Star Wars Series 1

Jahr: 1977
Alle Karten: 77

Anzahl Sammler: 2 / komplett: 1


1Luke Skywalker-Base card202.00
2See-Threepio and Artoo-Detoo-Base card202.00
3The Little Droid, Artoo-Deetoo-Base card202.00
4Space Pirate Han Solo-Base card202.00
5Princess Leia Organa-Base card202.00
6Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi-Base card202.00
7The Villainous Darth Vader-Base card202.00
8Grand Moff Tarkin-Base card202.00
9Rebels Defend Their Starship!-Base card212.00
10Princess Leia - Captured!-Base card202.00
11Artoo is Imprisoned by the Jawas-Base card202.00
12The Droids are Reunited!-Base card202.00
13A Sale on Droids-Base card202.00
14Luke Checks Out his New Droid-Base card202.00
15Artoo-Detoo is Left Behind!-Base card202.00
16Jawas of Tatooine-Base card202.00
17Lord Vader Threatens Princess Leia!-Base card202.00
18Artoo-Detoo is Missing!-Base card202.00
19Searching for the Little Droid-Base card202.00
20Hunted by the Sandpeople!-Base card202.00
21The Tusken Raiders-Base card202.00
22Rescued by Ben Kenobi-Base card202.00
23See-Threepio is Injured!-Base card202.00
24Stormtroopers Seek the Droids!-Base card202.00
25Luke Rushes to his Loved Ones-Base card202.00
26A Horrified Luke Sees His Family Killed-Base card202.00
27Some Repairs for See-Threepio-Base card202.00
28Luke Agrees to Join Ben Kenobi-Base card212.00
29Stopped by Stormtroopers-Base card202.00
30Han in the Millennium Falcon-Base card202.00
31Sighting the Death Star-Base card202.00
32Lord Vader's Guards-Base card202.00
33The Droids in the Control Room-Base card202.00
34See-Threepio Diverts the Guards-Base card202.00
35Luke and Han as Stormtroopers-Base card202.00
36Blast of the Laser Rifle!-Base card202.00
37Cornered in the Labyrinth-Base card202.00
38Luke and Han in the Refuse Room-Base card202.00
39Steel Walls Close in on Our Heroes!-Base card202.00
40Droids Rescue Their Masters!-Base card202.00
41Facing the Deadly Chasm-Base card202.00
42Stormtroopers Attack!-Base card202.00
43Luke Prepares to Swing Across the Chasm-Base card202.00
44Han and Chewie Shoot it Out!-Base card202.00
45The Light Saber-Base card202.00
46A Desperate Moment for Ben-Base card202.00
47Luke Prepares for the Battle-Base card202.00
48Artoo-Detoo is Loaded Aboard-Base card202.00
49The Rebels Monitor the Raid-Base card202.00
50Rebels Leaders Wonder About Their Fate!-Base card202.00
51See-Threepio and Princess Leia-Base card202.00
52Who Will Win the Final Star War?-Base card202.00
53Battle in Outer Space!-Base card202.00
54The Victors Receive Their Reward-Base card202.00
55Han, Chewie and Luke-Base card202.00
56A Day of Rejoicing-Base card202.00
57Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker-Base card202.00
58Harrison Ford as Han Solo-Base card202.00
59Alec Guinness as Ben Kenobi-Base card202.00
60Peter Cushing as Grand Moff Tarkin-Base card202.00
61Mark Hamill in Control Room-Base card202.00
62Lord Vader's Stormtroopers-Base card202.00
63May the Force be With You!-Base card212.00
64Governor of Imperial Outlands-Base card202.00
65Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill-Base card202.00
66Amazing Robot See-Threepio-Base card202.00
S1Luke Skywalker-Sticker212.00
S2Princess Leia Organa-Sticker212.00
S3Han Solo-Sticker202.00
S4Chewbacca the Wookiee-Sticker202.00
S7Lord Darth Vader-Sticker202.00
S8Grand Moff Tarkin-Sticker212.00
S9Ben (Obi-Wan) Kenobi-Sticker212.00
S10Tusken Raider-Sticker202.00
S11Battle in Outer Space-Sticker212.00