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Topps Star Wars Series 4

Topps Star Wars Series 4

Jahr: 1977
Alle Karten: 78

Anzahl Sammler: 1 / komplett: 0


199The Star Warriors Aim for Action!-Base card101.00
200C-3P0 Searches for his Counterpart-Base card101.00
201Raid at Mos Eisley!-Base card101.00
202Inquiring About Obi-Wan Kenobi-Base card101.00
203A Band of Jawas-Base card101.00
204Stalking the Corridors of the Death Star-Base card101.00
205Desperate Moments for Our Heroes!-Base card101.00
206Searching for the Missing Droid-Base card101.00
207C-3P0 (Anthony Daniels)-Base card101.00
207erC-3P0 (Anthony Daniels)-Base card101.00
208Luke Skywalker on the Desert Planet-Base card101.00
209The Rebel Troops-Base card101.00
210Princess Leia Blasts the Enemy-Base card101.00
211A Proud Moment for Han and Luke-Base card101.00
212A Stormtrooper is Blasted!-Base card101.00
213Monitoring the Battle-Base card101.00
214Luke and Leia Shortly Before the Raid-Base card101.00
215Han Bows Out of Battle-Base card101.00
216Han and Leia Quarrel About the Escape Plan-Base card101.00
217The Dark Lord of the Sith-Base card101.00
218Luke Skywalker's Home . . . Destroyed!-Base card101.00
219The Swing to Freedom!-Base card101.00
220I'm Going to Regret This!-Base card101.00
221Princess Leia (Carrie Fisher)-Base card101.00
222Evacuate? In our moment of triumph?-Base card101.00
223Han Solo covers his friends-Base card101.00
224Luke's secret yen for action!-Base card101.00
225Aunt Beru Lars (Shelagh Fraser)-Base card101.00
226Portrait of a princess-Base card101.00
227Instructing the Rebel pilots-Base card101.00
228R2-D2 is inspected by the Jawas-Base card101.00
229Grand Moff Tarkin (Peter Cushing)-Base card101.00
230Guarding the Millennium Falcon-Base card101.00
231Discussing the Death Star's future-Base card101.00
232The Empire strikes back!-Base card101.00
233Raiding the Rebel starship-Base card101.00
234Envisioning the Rebel's destruction-Base card101.00
235Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill)-Base card101.00
236Readying the Rebel fleet-Base card101.00
237The deadly grip of Darth Vader-Base card101.00
238Uncle Owen Lars (Phil Brown)-Base card101.00
239The young star warrior-Base card101.00
240Artoo's desperate mission!-Base card101.00
241The Rebel fighter ships-Base card101.00
242Death Star shootout!-Base card101.00
243Rebels in the trench!-Base card101.00
244Waiting at Mos Eisley-Base card101.00
245Member of the evil Empire-Base card101.00
246Stormtrooper - tool of the Empire-Base card101.00
247Soldier of evil!-Base card101.00
248Luke suspects the worst about his family-Base card101.00
249Ben Kenobi (Alec Guinness)-Base card101.00
250Luke and Ben on Tatooine-Base card101.00
251An overjoyed Han Solo!-Base card101.00
252The honored heroes!-Base card101.00
253R2-D2 (Kenny Baker)-Base card101.00
254Darth Vader (David Prowse)-Base card101.00
255Luke poses with his weapon-Base card101.00
256The marvelous droid See-Threepio!-Base card101.00
257A pair of Jawas-Base card101.00
258Fighting impossible odds!-Base card101.00
259Challenging the evil Empire!-Base card101.00
260Han Solo (Harrison Ford)-Base card101.00
261Fury of the Tusken Raider-Base card101.00
262Creature of Tatooine-Base card101.00
263The courage of Luke Skywalker-Base card101.00
264Star pilot Luke Skywalker-Base card101.00
S34The Star Warriors Aim for Action!-Sticker101.00
S35Han Solo (Harrison Ford)-Sticker101.00
S36Star Pilot (Luke Skywalker-Sticker101.00
S37The Marvelous Droid See-Threepio-Sticker101.00
S38R2-D2 (Kenny Baker)-Sticker101.00
S39Creature of Tatooine-Sticker101.00
S40Darth Vader (David Prowse)-Sticker101.00
S41A Pair of Jawas-Sticker101.00
S42Luke Poses with his Weapon-Sticker101.00
S43Stormtrooper - tool of the Empire-Sticker101.00
S44Monitoring the Battle-Sticker101.00