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Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2nd Series

Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2nd Series

Jahr: 1990
Alle Karten: 99

Vorschau der Sammlung (100% gescannte Bilder)

Anzahl Sammler: 4 / komplett: 3


89Our Story OpensBase-212.00
90Pulling the SwitchBase-111.00
91Usagi YojimboBase-111.00
93The Tortoise and the HareBase-212.00
94Defeated By DonatelloBase-111.00
95A New CaperBase-120.50
96Turtles UndercoverBase-120.50
97Hare Today, Gone TodayBase-111.00
98Rabbit About TownBase-120.50
99Rabbit TransitBase-111.00
100Welcome to the HutchBase-101.00
101Rabbit RampageBase-111.00
102Turtles to the RescueBase-101.00
103Studying the ScreenBase-111.00
104The Plot Heats Up!Base-212.00
105Quakes and ShakesBase-111.00
106Enter the DragonBase-120.50
107Flaming FangsBase-111.00
108The Dragon MasterBase-101.00
109A Possible SolutionBase-212.00
110A Magic CandleBase-111.00
111An Old FlameBase-111.00
112Defeating the DragonBase-120.50
113Usagi TriumphsBase-101.00
114Praise from ShredderBase-111.00
115A Monster EggBase-111.00
116Obento's ThanksBase-111.00
117A Hare Out of PlaceBase-101.00
118A New ProblemBase-111.00
120No Pain, No FameBase-111.00
121TV TimeBase-313.00
122Dig ThisBase-120.50
123Worried TurtlesBase-212.00
124Return of the FlyBase-111.00
125Buzzing BaxterBase-120.50
126Fly TrapBase-111.00
127Angry KrangBase-212.00
128A Gift from a FlyBase-212.00
129Follow the FlyBase-313.00
130Heading for Their Hide-Out?Base-212.00
131Back to the Sewer!Base-101.00
132Gearing UpBase-212.00
133Sewer SurfingBase-212.00
134Without a PaddleBase-212.00
135Sinister SurfersBase-101.00
136Goons and HarpoonsBase-111.00
137Down Goes Donatello!Base-111.00
138Taking the PlungeBase-101.00
139The Last of the Turtles?Base-120.50
140Donatello's DiscoveryBase-212.00
141Paddling PalsBase-212.00
142A ShortcutBase-101.00
143A Piece of the RockBase-202.00
144A Familiar PlaceBase-120.50
145Home of the FlyBase-212.00
146Man Into FlyBase-111.00
147Fly vs. TurtlesBase-111.00
149Ninja Gerbil!Base-101.00
150A Reluctant RodentBase-212.00
151A Buzzing BossBase-101.00
152Saving MichaelangeloBase-111.00
153Dancin' BebopBase-111.00
154Will the Fly Flee?Base-111.00
155Turtle and GerbilBase-111.00
156Getting BuggedBase-111.00
157No Time To Lose!Base-111.00
158Conquering the ComputerBase-111.00
159Not So Fast, Fly!Base-111.00
160Who's in the Suits?Base-101.00
161Insect AsideBase-111.00
162Down the Tube!Base-101.00
163Chefs of the FutureBase-111.00
164Too Many CooksBase-111.00
165The Kitchen of Doom!Base-111.00
166Chop Chop!Base-111.00
167A Turtle Once More!Base-101.00
168Speeding TurtlesBase-111.00
169A Shaky SituationBase-111.00
170A Finale for the Fly?Base-111.00
171The Missing PieceBase-111.00
172Not Quite ShipshapeBase-111.00
173Bye Bye Fly!Base-111.00
174Pretty PleaseBase-111.00
175Back Home AgainBase-111.00
176Saved by Science!Base-101.00
S6Michaelangelo, Donatello, LeonardoSticker-111.00
S8Rocksteady & BebopSticker-111.00
S9Donatello with CameraSticker-111.00
S10Baxtor the FlySticker-111.00
S11April O'Neil and archaeologistSticker-111.00