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Panini MotoGP 2004

Panini MotoGP 2004

Año: 2004
Cartas totales: 200

The collection features all the riders of the current season for the three classes (125cc, 250cc and MotoGP), each rider is featured in an action/race shot and a head & shoulder shot. MotoGP 2004 riders are also shown behind the scenes, during their daily activities whithin the paddock.

The top Riders of the 2003 Championship in the three classes are featured in winners review sections.
Interesting technical data, the map and an aerial shot of all circuits of the MotoGP 2004 championship are featured in the circuit subset.
Spectacular, acrobatic and dramatic moments of the races are captured in the pictures of the Extreme section. All motorcycles with their respective riders are featured in the Bikes section.


The Riders cards are printed on a special holographic rainbow-reflections foil.
The MotoGP bikes and the Extreme section cards are printed on a high tech heavy PCV material.
All riders names in the standard cards are printed using a color metallized ink.


All text features are in English, Italian and Spanish, but most of the data is in numbers (riders' bios, honours' lists, circuits stats, etc.).

1 card MotoGP "logo"
12 cards "Historical Events"
16 cards "Circuits"
3 cards "Review 2003" 125cc
34 cards "Riders 2004" 125cc
3 cards "Review 2003" 250cc
29 cards "Riders 2004" 250cc
3 cards "Review 2003" MotoGP
24 cards "Riders 2004" MotoGP
12 cards MotoGP "Team"
24 cards "Riders behind the scenes"
24 cards MotoGP "Bikes"
12 cards MotoGP "Extreme"
3 cards "Checklist"

Coleccionando: 4 / completado: 1


1MotoGP LogoMotoGP Logofoil212.00
2Wayne RaineyHistorical Events-212.00
3Kevin SchwantzHistorical Events-120.50
4Valentino RossiHistorical Events-120.50
5Criville-DoohanHistorical Events-111.00
6Mick DoohanHistorical Events-130.33
7Max BiaggiHistorical Events-101.00
8Alex CrivilleHistorical Events-111.00
9Jacque-NakanoHistorical Events-212.00
10Valentino RossiHistorical Events-221.00
11Sete GibernauHistorical Events-202.00
12Carta 12Historical Events-120.50
13Carta 13Historical Events-111.00
14Phakisa Freeway - South AfricaCircuits-130.33
15Jerez - SpainCircuits-130.33
16Le Mans - FranceCircuits-120.50
17Mugello - ItalyCircuits-111.00
18Catalunya - SpainCircuits-212.00
19Assen - NetherlandsCircuits-111.00
20Nelson Piquet - BrazilCircuits-212.00
21Sachsenring - GermanyCircuits-111.00
22Donington Park - GBCircuits-120.50
23Brno - Czech Rep.Circuits-212.00
24Estoril - PortugalCircuits-130.33
25Twin Ring Motegi - JapanCircuits-120.50
26Losail - QatarCircuits-130.33
27Sepang - MalaysiaCircuits-111.00
28Phillip Island - AustraliaCircuits-212.00
29Com. Valenciana Ricardo - SpainCircuits-111.00
30Daniel Pedrosa125cc Review 2003-111.00
31Alex De Angelis125cc Review 2003-202.00
32Hector Barbera125cc Review 2003-202.00
33Mattia Angeloni125cc Riders 2004foil202.00
34Andrea Ballerini125cc Riders 2004foil202.00
35Hector Barbera125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
36Alvaro Bautista125cc Riders 2004foil101.00
37Gino Borsoi125cc Riders 2004foil120.50
38Jordi Carchano125cc Riders 2004foil202.00
39Simone Corsi125cc Riders 2004foil313.00
40Carta 40125cc Riders 2004foil212.00
41Carta 41125cc Riders 2004foil313.00
42Carta 42125cc Riders 2004foil202.00
43Carta 43125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
44Carta 44125cc Riders 2004foil212.00
45Carta 45125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
46Carta 46125cc Riders 2004foil101.00
47Carta 47125cc Riders 2004foil313.00
48Carta 48125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
49Carta 49125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
50Carta 50125cc Riders 2004foil303.00
51Carta 51125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
52Carta 52125cc Riders 2004foil101.00
53Carta 53125cc Riders 2004foil212.00
54Carta 54125cc Riders 2004foil120.50
55Carta 55125cc Riders 2004foil120.50
56Carta 56125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
57Carta 57125cc Riders 2004foil202.00
58Carta 58125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
59Carta 59125cc Riders 2004foil101.00
60Carta 60125cc Riders 2004foil120.50
61Carta 61125cc Riders 2004foil111.00
62Marco Simincelli125cc Riders 2004foil202.00
63Casey Stoner125cc Riders 2004foil101.00
64Gabor Talmacsi125cc Riders 2004foil313.00
65Imre Toth125cc Riders 2004foil101.00
66Youichi Ui125cc Riders 2004foil212.00
67Manuel Poggiali250cc Review 2003-120.50
68Roberto Rolfo250cc Review 2003-130.33
69Toni Elias250cc Review 2003-130.33
70Hiroshi Aoyama250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
71Alex Baldolini250cc Riders 2004foil303.00
72Eric Bataille250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
73Franco Battaini250cc Riders 2004foil221.00
74Chaz Davies250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
75Alex De Angelis250cc Riders 2004foil202.00
76Randy De Puniet250cc Riders 2004foil120.50
77Alex Debon250cc Riders 2004foil212.00
78Toni Elias250cc Riders 2004foil101.00
79Hector Faubel250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
80Christian Gemmel250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
81Sylvain Guintoli250cc Riders 2004foil120.50
82Dirk Heidolf250cc Riders 2004foil313.00
83Grégory Lefort250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
84Hugo Marchand250cc Riders 2004foil313.00
85Naoki Matsudo250cc Riders 2004foil130.33
86Fonsi Nieto250cc Riders 2004foil212.00
87Erwan Nigon250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
88Joan Olive250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
89Daniel Pedrosa250cc Riders 2004foil202.00
90Manuel Poggiali250cc Riders 2004foil101.00
91Sebastian Porto250cc Riders 2004foil120.50
92Roberto Rolfo250cc Riders 2004foil313.00
93Max Sabbatani250cc Riders 2004foil313.00
94Taro Sekiguchi250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
95Jakub Smrz250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
96Johan Stigefelt250cc Riders 2004foil212.00
97Arnaud Vincent250cc Riders 2004foil111.00
98Carta 98250cc Riders 2004foil120.50
99Valentino RossiMotoGP Review 2003-111.00
100Sete GibernauMotoGP Review 2003-101.00
101Max BiaggiMotoGP Review 2003-130.33
102Norifumi AbeMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
103Nobuatsu AokiMotoGP Riders 2004foil212.00
104Alex BarrosMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
105Troy BaylissMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
106Max BiaggiMotoGP Riders 2004foil313.00
107Chris BurnsMotoGP Riders 2004foil202.00
108Shane ByrneMotoGP Riders 2004foil101.00
109Loris CapirossiMotoGP Riders 2004foil212.00
110Carlos ChecaMotoGP Riders 2004foil313.00
111Colin EdwardsMotoGP Riders 2004foil101.00
112Michel FabrizioMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
113Sete GibernauMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
114Nicky HaydenMotoGP Riders 2004foil313.00
115Neil HodgsonMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
116Alex HofmannMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
117John HopkinsMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
118Jeremy McWilliamsMotoGP Riders 2004foil202.00
119Marco MelandriMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
120Shinya NakanoMotoGP Riders 2004foil101.00
121Kenny RobertsMotoGP Riders 2004foil120.50
122Kurtis RobertsMotoGP Riders 2004foil101.00
123Valentino RossiMotoGP Riders 2004foil202.00
124Makoto TamadaMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
125Ruben XausMotoGP Riders 2004foil111.00
126Carta 126MotoGP Team-212.00
127Carta 127MotoGP Team-120.50
128Carta 128MotoGP Team-202.00
129Carta 129MotoGP Team-212.00
130Carta 130MotoGP Team-212.00
131Carta 131MotoGP Team-101.00
132Carta 132MotoGP Team-101.00
133Carta 133MotoGP Team-313.00
134Carta 134MotoGP Team-111.00
135Carta 135MotoGP Team-202.00
136Carta 136MotoGP Team-101.00
137Carta 137MotoGP Team-221.00
138Carta 138MotoGP Bikesholographic212.00
139Carta 139MotoGP Bikesholographic111.00
140Carta 140MotoGP Bikesholographic101.00
141Carta 141MotoGP Bikesholographic202.00
142Carta 142MotoGP Bikesholographic202.00
143Carta 143MotoGP Bikesholographic313.00
144Carta 144MotoGP Bikesholographic101.00
145Honda RC211VMotoGP Bikesholographic313.00
146Carta 146MotoGP Bikesholographic212.00
147Carta 147MotoGP Bikesholographic111.00
148Carta 148MotoGP Bikesholographic202.00
149Carta 149MotoGP Bikesholographic303.00
150Carta 150MotoGP Bikesholographic212.00
151Carta 151MotoGP Bikesholographic111.00
152Carta 152MotoGP Bikesholographic212.00
153Carta 153MotoGP Bikesholographic202.00
154Carta 154MotoGP Bikesholographic111.00
155Carta 155MotoGP Bikesholographic212.00
156Carta 156MotoGP Bikesholographic111.00
157Carta 157MotoGP Bikesholographic313.00
158Carta 158MotoGP Bikesholographic111.00
159Carta 159MotoGP Bikesholographic120.50
160Carta 160MotoGP Bikesholographic120.50
161Carta 161MotoGP Bikesholographic212.00
162Carta 162MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil120.50
163Carta 163MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil111.00
164Carta 164MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil111.00
165Carta 165MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil111.00
166Carta 166MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil120.50
167Carta 167MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil120.50
168Shane ByrneMotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil120.50
169Carta 169MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil313.00
170Carlos ChecaMotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil202.00
171Carta 171MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil120.50
172Carta 172MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil111.00
173Carta 173MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil101.00
174Carta 174MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil101.00
175Carta 175MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil120.50
176Alex HofmannMotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil212.00
177Carta 177MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil130.33
178Carta 178MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil111.00
179Marco MelandriMotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil202.00
180Carta 180MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil140.25
181Carta 181MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil111.00
182Carta 182MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil111.00
183Carta 183MotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil313.00
184Makato TamadaMotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil212.00
185Ruben XausMotoGP Riders: Behind the Scenesfoil120.50
186Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-120.50
187Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-111.00
188Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-120.50
189Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-303.00
190Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-111.00
191Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-202.00
192Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-313.00
193Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-120.50
194Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-303.00
195Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-120.50
196Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-130.33
197Extreme MotoGPExtreme MotoGP-130.33