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Rittenhouse Archives ltd X-Men: The Last Stand

Rittenhouse Archives ltd X-Men: The Last Stand

Año: 2006
Cartas totales: 141

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Coleccionando: 0 / completado: 1


1Title Card-Base card020.00
2Professor Xavier-Base card010.00
3Wolverine-Base card020.00
4Jean Grey-Base card020.00
5Storm-Base card010.00
6Beast-Base card010.00
7Rogue-Base card000.00
8Iceman-Base card010.00
9Kitty Pryde-Base card020.00
10Angel-Base card020.00
11Cyclops-Base card010.00
12Colossus-Base card020.00
13Magneto-Base card020.00
14Mystique-Base card010.00
15Pyro-Base card010.00
16Callisto-Base card010.00
17Juggernaut-Base card010.00
18Multiple Man-Base card010.00
19Movie Action-Base card020.00
20Movie Action-Base card020.00
21Movie Action-Base card010.00
22Movie Action-Base card020.00
23Movie Action-Base card010.00
24Movie Action-Base card020.00
25Movie Action-Base card000.00
26Movie Action-Base card010.00
27Movie Action-Base card010.00
28Movie Action-Base card020.00
29Movie Action-Base card010.00
30Movie Action-Base card020.00
31Movie Action-Base card010.00
32Movie Action-Base card010.00
33Movie Action-Base card010.00
34Movie Action-Base card010.00
35Movie Action-Base card020.00
36Movie Action-Base card010.00
37Movie Action-Base card020.00
38Movie Action-Base card010.00
39Movie Action-Base card010.00
40Movie Action-Base card020.00
41Movie Action-Base card010.00
42Movie Action-Base card020.00
43Movie Action-Base card010.00
44Movie Action-Base card020.00
45Movie Action-Base card010.00
46Movie Action-Base card020.00
47Movie Action-Base card020.00
48Movie Action-Base card020.00
49Movie Action-Base card020.00
50Movie Action-Base card010.00
51Movie Action-Base card010.00
52Movie Action-Base card010.00
53Movie Action-Base card020.00
54Movie Action-Base card010.00
55Of all people, I would expect you to...-Base card010.00
56I don't need to be psychic to see something...-Base card010.00
57The best defense is a good offense... or is...-Base card010.00
58Something's wropng... - Iceman What's...-Base card020.00
59Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts...-Base card020.00
60I love what you've done with your hair...-Base card020.00
61Who's the furball? - Wolverine, seeing...-Base card010.00
62Not all of us have such an easy time...-Base card010.00
63My boy, I have been fighting for mutant...-Base card020.00
64You talk pretty tough for a guy in a cape.-Base card010.00
65Sometimes when you cage the beast, the...-Base card020.00
66This one robbed seven banks...at the same...-Base card010.00
67Hmmmm...that tickles. - Juggernaut, after...-Base card010.00
68What the hell is that? - Wolverine My old...-Base card010.00
69We're not kids anymore. We're X-Men. - Ice...-Base card020.00
70I thought you were a diplomat. - Wolverine...-Base card010.00
71What it's really about is...being part of...-Base card010.00
72I try to do the right thing, Henry. It's...-Base card020.00
AC1Aaron Stanford / Pyro
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC2Anna Paquin / Rogue
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC3Bill Duke / Bolivar Trask
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC4Brett Ratner
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC5Bryce Hodgson / Artie
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC6Cameron Bright / Leech
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC7Cayden Boyd / Young Angel
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC8Dania Ramirez / Callisto
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC9Daniel Cudmore / Colossus
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC10Desiree Zurowski / Jean Grey's Mother (Elaine Grey)
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC11Haley Ramm / Young Jean Grey
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC12Hugh Jackman / Wolverine
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC13James Marsden / Cyclops
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC14Kelsey Grammer / Beast
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC15Michael Murphy / Warren Worthington Jr.
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC16Olivia Williams / Dr. Moira MacTaggart
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC17Omahyra Garcia / Arclight
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC18Patrick Stewart / Professor Xavier
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC19Shawn Ashmore / Iceman
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC20Shohreh Aghdashloo / Dr. Kavita Rao
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC21Stan Lee
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
AC22Vinnie Jones / Juggernaut
Autograph CardChase Card000.00
Art1Professor XavierArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art2WolverineArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art3Jean GreyArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art4CyclopsArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art5MagnetoArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art6MystiqueArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art7RogueArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art8StormArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
Art9BeastArt and ImagesChase Card000.00
CC1Patrick Stewart as Professor XavierCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC2Hugh Jackman as WolverineCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC3Ian McKellen as MagnetoCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC4Halle Berry as StormCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC5Famke Janssen as PhoenixCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC6Anna Paquin as RogueCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC7Rebecca Romijn as MystiqueCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC8Kelsey Grammer as BeastCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC9Shawn Ashmore as IcemanCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC10Ellen Page as ShadowcatCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC11Aaron Stanford as PyroCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC12James Marsden as CyclopsCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC13Daniel Cudmore as ColossusCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC14Vinnie Jones as JuggernautCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC15Dania Ramirez as CallistoCasting CallChase Card000.00
CC16Ben Foster as AngelCasting CallChase Card000.00
SF-1Steven MillerSketchaFexChase Card000.00
SF-2Sean PenceSketchaFexChase Card000.00
SF-3Scott RosemaSketchaFexChase Card000.00
SF-4Cat StaggsSketchaFexChase Card000.00
MP1WolverineTake a Stand ChecklistChase Card000.00
MP2StormTake a Stand ChecklistChase Card000.00
MP3PhoenixTake a Stand ChecklistChase Card000.00
MP4RogueTake a Stand ChecklistChase Card000.00
MP5BeastTake a Stand ChecklistChase Card000.00
MP6AngelTake a Stand ChecklistChase Card000.00
W1Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card000.00
W2Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card010.00
W3Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card010.00
W4Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card000.00
W5Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card000.00
W6Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card000.00
W7Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card000.00
W8Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card000.00
W9Wolverine: X-Men: Last StandWolverine: Portraits of a HeroChase Card000.00
P1X-Men: Last StandGeneral DistributionPromo Card000.00
P2X-Men: Last StandNon-Sport UpdatePromo Card000.00
P3X-Men: Last StandAlbumPromo Card000.00