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Topps National Geographic Kids - Animals

Topps National Geographic Kids - Animals

Año: 2019
Cromos totales: 212

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Coleccionando: 75 / completado: 68


1KoalaHey there, explorers!holographic2500.04
2TurtleHey there, explorers!holographic5380.13
3BearHey there, explorers!holographic7430.16
4BirdHey there, explorers!holographic5500.10
5African elephantAfricafigured11170.65
12Royal giraffeAfrica-5220.23
14Female western lowland gorilla named KokoAfrica-13111.18
16What is a snake's favourite dance? The Mamba!Africaholographic8480.17
20Black mambasAfrica-12150.80
21The bouncy springbokAfrica-11160.69
23The vultureAfrica-6230.26
24Tiny tiger cubAsiafigured5200.25
25A tiger's roarAsiaholographic4490.08
27Yaks have seriously thick coats!Asia-12210.57
28Komodo dragonsAsia-12190.63
29Japanese macaquesAsia-10210.48
31The red pandaAsia-9260.35
32It will use this to climb trees and feed on the leavesAsia-10150.67
33Bactrian camelsAsiafigured6190.32
34Sun bearsAsia-8210.38
35Snow leopardsAsiaholographic6400.15
36Snow leopard cubAsia-8220.36
37Sun bearsAsia-7200.35
38Indian cobrasAsia-9180.50
39The cobraAsia-8200.40
40Giant pandaAsia-11210.52
41Giant pandaAsia-14131.08
42Scaly pangolinsAsia-16121.33
43The Fastest! The peregrine falconAsiafigured6200.30
44The Fastest! The peregrine falconRecord Breakers-8220.36
45The Smallest! The tardigrade, or "water bear"Record Breakersfigured10220.45
46The Deadliest! Tiny mosquitRecord Breakers-8200.40
47The Youngest! The tiny mayflyRecord Breakers-9150.60
48The Biggest! The gigantic blue whaleRecord Breakersfigured10200.50
49The Slowest! The sluggish three-toedRecord Breakers-9180.50
50Young puffinEuropefigured10110.91
51The colour of a puffin's bill changes throughout the year!Europeholographic4430.09
52In the winter it's grey, but in spring it turns a crazy shade of orange!Europe-16131.23
53Red squirrels spend the warmer parts of the year hiding food away for winter …Europe-9220.41
54… but sometimes they forget where they stashed their supply!Europe-10200.50
55Grey wolwesEurope-11190.58
57Reindeer (Caribou)Europe-8170.47
58The solitary wolverineEurope-8210.38
60Arctic foxes and polar bearsEuropeholographic4450.09
62Otters are notoriously playful!Europe-6250.24
63Apollo butterfliesEuropefigured10240.42
66Adult walrusEurope-8170.47
67The sure-footed ibex makes its home on craggy mountain sides …Europe-14190.74
68… often as high as 2,000 metres! That's a long drop!Europe-8190.42
69Bouncy joeyOceaniafigured9170.53
70At birth, kangaroos are the size of a cherry!Oceania-8180.44
71Saltwater crocodilesOceania-12210.57
73The enormous leatherback turtlesOceania-11210.52
75Flying foxesOceania-8260.31
76Wild dingosOceaniaholographic5430.12
77A famous dingo fenceOceania-7220.32
79Why do koalas eat so much eucalyptus? We simply can't leaf it alone!Oceania-9200.45
80The kiwi is a national symbol of New ZealandOceaniafigured6190.32
81New Zealanders themselves are sometimes called "Kiwis"!Oceania-12200.60
82Tasmanian devils are famous for their vicious attitudes …Oceania-11180.61
83... and they have the most powerful bite for its size of any animal!Oceania-12170.71
84Box jellyfishOceania-5260.19
86The territorial kookaburraOceania-8230.35
87The venomous redback spiderOceania-11130.85
88Earth. Super Smart. MammalAnimal. Choose one quiz-15121.25
89Earth. Invisibility. ReptileAnimal. Choose one quizfigured9180.50
90Water. Adaptable. FishAnimal. Choose one quiz-9130.69
91Water. Multi-talented. ArthropodAnimal. Choose one quizfigured10180.56
92Air. A dangerous boat journey on a rough river. AmphibianAnimal. Choose one quiz-11210.52
93Air. A speedy mountain race in a plane. BirdAnimal. Choose one quizfigured10120.83
94Little bobcatNorth Americafigured11230.48
95The bald eagleNorth Americaholographic4470.09
96A moose's antlers can grow to be hugeNorth America-11230.48
97Beavers are incredible builders!North America-9220.41
98The little armadilloNorth America-11130.85
99The deadly rattlesnakeNorth America-9170.53
100Grizzly bearsNorth America-11170.65
101BobcatsNorth America-8150.53
102The poisonous gila monsterNorth America-12230.52
103The alligatorNorth America-14141.00
104The turkeyNorth Americafigured9190.47
105The bisonNorth Americaholographic8370.22
106The turkeyNorth America-10140.71
107Polar bearsNorth America-11180.61
108The bisonNorth America-9200.45
109The cougarNorth America-11150.73
110February 2nd is known as Groundhog Day in America!North America-7200.35
111Raccoon hands look like a human's!North America-10170.59
112Canada geeseNorth America-7200.35
113Hop along with this tiny frogSouth Americafigured11130.85
114Exotic poison dart frogsSouth America-9240.38
115JaguarsSouth America-15151.00
116Colourful toucansSouth Americaholographic4420.10
117Capybaras are the world's largest rodents!South America-7270.26
118Howler monkeys are seriously loud!South America-9190.47
119Anacondas reach a whopping 29 feet!South America-7170.41
120PiranhasSouth America-9150.60
121PiranhaSouth America-7150.47
122Golden lion tamarinsSouth America-8200.40
123LlamasSouth America-8180.44
124Tortoises from the Galapagos IslandsSouth Americafigured9210.43
125Tortoise. The oldest recorded was 152 years old!South America-14190.74
126Mischievous capuchin monkeysSouth America-8170.47
127Monarch butterflySouth Americaholographic5500.10
128Millions of monarch butterflySouth America-9110.82
129Scarlet macaws have one mate for life!South America-11260.42
130Scientists think that the bright colours of the red-eyed tree frog startle predators …South America-13160.81
131... and allow the tiny frog a chance to escape!South America-9210.43
132KangaroosWeird but true!-12200.60
133KangarooWeird but true!figured11120.92
134The falcon!Weird but true!-8190.42
135A group of ducksWeird but true!figured9130.69
136Giant blue whalesWeird but true!-10180.56
137There is a pig in South Africa called "pigcasso"Weird but true!-12230.52
138Parrot MacawsWeird but true!-9150.60
139Parrots high-fiveWeird but true!-9220.41
140Newborn giraffesWeird but true!-10180.56
141Great white's sharksWeird but true!-12230.52
142Chinstrap penguinsAntarctica-11230.48
143Brave little penguinAntarcticafigured12111.09
144Chinstrap penguinsAntarctica-10140.71
145Chinstrap penguinsAntarctica-7180.39
148Humpback WhaleAntarctica-9200.45
149Humpback WhaleAntarcticaholographic7430.16
150Southern elephantsAntarctica-12121.00
153Arctic skuasAntarcticafigured13150.87
154Arctic skuasAntarctica-8200.40
156Emperor penguinsAntarctica-8170.47
157Emperor penguinsAntarctica-10170.59
158Killer whalesAntarcticaholographic7480.15
159Killer whalesAntarctica-8190.42
160Killer whalesAntarctica-8170.47
161Less than a fifth of the world's plastic is properly recycledKids vs. Plastic-13170.76
16252% of all sea turtles have accidentally eaten plastic rubbish in the ocean!Kids vs. Plastic-15180.83
163Plastic has become a big problemKids vs. Plastic-8220.36
1648.8 million tons of plastic end up in the ocean each yearKids vs. Plastic-8210.38
165During a recent coastal clean-up, 443 animals were found trapped in plastic!Kids vs. Plastic-9140.64
16690% of sea birds eat plasticKids vs. Plastic-13220.59
167Leopard cub playing with plasticKids vs. Plastic-10180.56
168Sumatran RHINO. There are less than 100 sumatran rhinos left in the wildNational Geographic. PhotoARK (Joel Sartore)-12200.60
169Orange-bellier PARROT. There are fewer than 50 left in the wildNational Geographic. PhotoARK (Joel Sartore)-12210.57
170Malayan TIGER. Fewer than 340 left in the wildNational Geographic. PhotoARK (Joel Sartore)-10270.37
171Malayan TAPIR. Only 2,499 adults are left in the wildNational Geographic. PhotoARK (Joel Sartore)-7230.30
172Golden snub-nosed MONKEY. Less than 16,000 left in the wildNational Geographic. PhotoARK (Joel Sartore)-10120.83
173When joeys are scared, they will instinctively jump for the safety of their mother's pouch!Baby animalsfigured8200.40
174Pandas are born with pure white fur!Baby animalsfigured12121.00
175Grizzly bearBaby animalsholographic6410.15
176Young orangutansBaby animalsfigured8170.47
177All females in a lion pride are related and will nurse each other's cubs!Baby animalsfigured10150.67
178Koala cubsBaby animalsfigured11120.92
179Penguin parentsBaby animalsholographic5410.12
180Giraffes wareTrue or False?figured11190.58
181Grey wolwesTrue or False?-10190.53
182OrangutansTrue or False?-11111.00
183NASA astronauts breed jellyfish in space!True or False?-9180.50
184European rabbitsLocal Wildlifeholographic2380.05
185Domestic horseLocal Wildlifeholographic3540.06
186CowsLocal Wildlifeholographic3410.07
187Red foxesLocal Wildlifeholographic6470.13
188OwlsUp in the AIR-13220.59
189PeacocksUp in the AIRfigured7140.50
190WoodpeckersUp in the AIR-12240.50
191PeacockUp in the AIR-10190.53
192Honeybee hivesUp in the AIR-8220.36
193Pelican'sUp in the AIR-12140.86
194The golden eagleUp in the AIR-8290.28
195Bats haveUp in the AIR-13170.76
196Parrots are really smart animalsUp in the AIRholographic3430.07
197The multi-armed octopusUnder the Water-13190.68
198Blue marlinsUnder the Water-11200.55
199These playful dolphinsUnder the Water-8250.32
200SeahorsesUnder the Waterholographic4520.08
201The exotic blue tang belong to a group of fish called "surgeonfish"Under the Water-9200.45
202Manta raysUnder the Water-13170.76
203Great white sharksUnder the Water-6190.32
204Jellyfish are 95% water!Under the Water-6210.29
205They have no bones, no heart, and no brain!Under the Water-9230.39
206JellyfishSo there we go, explorers!figured7200.35
207The Giant PandaSo there we go, explorers!holographic4500.08
208The HippopotamusSo there we go, explorers!holographic4370.11
209Lion cubSo there we go, explorers!holographic6410.15
210FrogSo there we go, explorers!holographic7480.15
211The African HedgehogSo there we go, explorers!holographic6370.16
212The KiwiSo there we go, explorers!holographic5430.12