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Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Año: 1989
Cartas totales: 132

Vista previa de la colección (91% imágenes escaneadas)

Coleccionando: 4 / completado: 2


1The Epic BeginsBase-202.00
2Crime City!Base-101.00
3The Art of CrimeBase-212.00
4Get April O'Neil!Base-120.50
5Mysterious Rescuer!Base-111.00
6Monitoring the TurtlesBase-221.00
7A Special Wake-Up Call!Base-111.00
8The Perfect HostBase-111.00
9Pizza for Breakfast!Base-120.50
10The Slice That Satisfies!Base-111.00
11Splinter's CrewBase-120.50
12It Began in Japan ...Base-101.00
13Ninjas in TrainingBase-111.00
14Framed by a Foe!Base-111.00
15The Fateful StumbleBase-101.00
16A Man and His TurtlesBase-111.00
18Humanoid Turtles!Base-111.00
20Splinter's SkillBase-212.00
25The ShredderBase-120.50
26The Master's PlanBase-120.50
27Ready for Action!Base-111.00
28Underground Heroes!Base-101.00
29The Ninjas EmergeBase-101.00
30Turtles? No Way!!Base-202.00
31Here's Looking at You, Kid!Base-111.00
32Our Kinda Town!Base-120.50
33Ninja Pizza Coming Up!Base-111.00
34April ... Kidnapped!Base-101.00
35The Shredder's Evil GangBase-202.00
36Let's Rock 'n" Roll!Base-111.00
37High Flyin' Hero!Base-111.00
38Time To Fight, Dudes!Base-111.00
40Turtle ThreatBase-111.00
41Power of the EnemyBase-111.00
43A Narrow Escape!Base-120.50
44Tumble That Wall!Base-111.00
45The Rescue of AprilBase-111.00
46Trapped By Their Foe!Base-212.00
47Making a Splash!Base-111.00
48Water? No Prob!Base-111.00
49Unsinkable AprilBase-101.00
50Sword of JusticeBase-202.00
51Death-Defying Escape!Base-212.00
52Turtles TriumphantBase-101.00
53The Fearless FoursomeBase-120.50
54Rockabye Turtle!Base-111.00
55Another Day, Another Battle!Base-212.00
56Action-Packed Workout!Base-212.00
57Hero in a Half-ShellBase-111.00
58A Tasty Treat!Base-120.50
59Err ... Ahh ... No Thanks!Base-101.00
60Technodrome TerrorBase-111.00
61In Cahoots with KrangBase-111.00
62Diabolical Duo!Base-111.00
63What About My Story?!Base-212.00
64Jive Turtles!Base-111.00
65Sorry About That, April!Base-111.00
66Madness at the Zoo!Base-120.50
67New Mutant HenchmenBase-111.00
68Up from the DepthsBase-212.00
69Rocksteady's RevengeBase-101.00
70When Mutants Collide!Base-212.00
71The Long JourneyBase-111.00
72Courage of the MasterBase-111.00
73Snagged By the Shredder!Base-202.00
74Turtles to the Rescue!Base-111.00
75Looks Like Another Trap!Base-212.00
77Danger on All Sides!Base-111.00
78Mechanical MonstersBase-120.50
79Turtle Power!Base-111.00
80Roused and Riled!Base-221.00
81His Best Food ForwardBase-202.00
82Smashed to Smithereens!Base-212.00
83The Assault ContinuesBase-111.00
84A Mean Green Machine!Base-111.00
85The Rage of KrangBase-120.50
86Next Time, Turtles ...!Base-202.00
87Cowabunga! It's Meal Time!Base-120.50
88Savoring Their RewardBase-120.50
89RaphaelAdd Cards-101.00
90MichaelangeloAdd Cards-101.00
91DonatelloAdd Cards-101.00
92LeonardoAdd Cards-101.00
93The ShredderAdd Cards-101.00
94SplinterAdd Cards-101.00
95Cowabunga!Add Cards-101.00
96Turtle Power!Add Cards-101.00
97power skateboardAdd Cards-101.00
98Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesAdd Cards-101.00
99We're Out to Battle the Forces of Evil ...Add Cards-101.00
AYarghBonus Cards-212.00
BBattle For the SewersBonus Cards-212.00
CAmbushed by the ShredderBonus Cards-202.00
DTrashing the TransmatBonus Cards-212.00
ENinja SunsetBonus Cards-202.00
FBattle Above the StreetsBonus Cards-202.00
GMouser AttackBonus Cards-212.00
HAlien EncounterBonus Cards-212.00
IPossessedBonus Cards-212.00
JThe UnmentionablesBonus Cards-212.00
KStone SleepBonus Cards-212.00
LLeap Into BattleBonus Cards-202.00
MLeatherheadBonus Cards-212.00
NDay of the DragonBonus Cards-212.00
ODream FlightBonus Cards-212.00
PBattle in the ArenaBonus Cards-212.00
QBarroom BrawlBonus Cards-212.00
RWalk on the Wild SideBonus Cards-202.00
SGalactic ConflictBonus Cards-212.00
S5The ShredderSticker-111.00
S8Turtle Power!Sticker-101.00
S9power skateboardSticker-101.00
S10Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesSticker-202.00
S11We're Out to Battle the Forces of Evil ...Sticker-111.00
TWarrior Woman From Beyond the StarsBonus Cards-212.00
UBrothers Under the ShellBonus Cards-212.00
VNight of the White NinjaBonus Cards-212.00