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Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie I

Topps Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie I

Año: 1990
Cartas totales: 143

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Coleccionando: 2 / completado: 3


1Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles [title card]-Base card101.00
2Leonardo-Base card130.33
3Michaelangelo-Base card120.50
4Donatello-Base card130.33
5Raphael-Base card120.50
6Master Splinter-Base card202.00
7Reporter April O'Neil-Base card120.50
8Crimefighter Casey Jones-Base card130.33
9Danny Pennington-Base card120.50
10The Shredder-Base card120.50
11Tatsu-Base card120.50
12Chief Sterns-Base card120.50
13Crime-Crazed City!-Base card130.33
14Phantom Rescuers-Base card111.00
15Underground Heroes!-Base card010.00
16A Respectful Bow-Base card120.50
17Master of the Sewer Den-Base card020.00
18And Remember ... No Anchovies!-Base card120.50
19Turtle-About-Town!-Base card111.00
20Hungry Mike-Base card130.33
21Just Hangin'!-Base card030.00
22Turtle Soul Food!-Base card120.50
23Raphael Under Cover!-Base card120.50
24The Masked Vigilante-Base card111.00
25Casey in Action!-Base card130.33
26Who's the Champ, Pal?-Base card130.33
27Tough Rocks, Raphael!-Base card020.00
28April's Boss in a Snit-Base card120.50
29Watching from Below-Base card111.00
30Fencing with O'Neil-Base card111.00
31April in a Jam!-Base card120.50
32Courage of April-Base card120.50
33Subway Assault!-Base card120.50
34Decked by the "Foot"!-Base card130.33
35Raphael to the Rescue!-Base card020.00
36One Dangerous Dude!-Base card120.50
37Airborne Hero!-Base card101.00
38Stepping on the "Foot"!-Base card111.00
39April Gets Carried Away-Base card010.00
40Pursued by the Enemy-Base card020.00
41Back from Oblivion-Base card130.33
42Furry Friend or Foe?-Base card120.50
43Startled by Splinter-Base card120.50
44Pow-Wow in the Sewer!-Base card120.50
45Splinter's Story-Base card120.50
46Mutant Turtle Baby!-Base card120.50
47Through a Sewer Darkly-Base card120.50
48Up, Up and Away!-Base card120.50
49Coming Up in the World-Base card120.50
50April's Pad-Base card120.50
51Unusual Houseguest-Base card120.50
52Distant Cousins?-Base card111.00
53A Frozen Pizza Party!-Base card120.50
54Their First Human Friend-Base card111.00
55The Sewer Den ... Trashed!-Base card120.50
56Where's Master Splinter?!-Base card130.33
57The Rat Man Manacled!-Base card130.33
58Tatsu and His Evil "Foot"-Base card130.33
59Approach of the Evil One-Base card111.00
60Master of Plunder!-Base card120.50
61Danny Is Nabbed!-Base card111.00
62Dejected Heroes-Base card111.00
63April on the Air-Base card120.50
64Watch Out Behind You ...!-Base card120.50
65Spotted By Casey!-Base card111.00
66Against the "Foot" Army!-Base card120.50
67Utterly Outnumbered!-Base card130.33
68Check Out the Tube!-Base card120.50
69Raphael Holds His Own!-Base card111.00
70Fine Place for a Nap!-Base card120.50
71April's Guided Tour-Base card120.50
72The O'Neil Junk Store-Base card130.33
73Topsy-Turvey Turtle!-Base card130.33
74Special Delivery!-Base card130.33
75Creeps from On High!-Base card120.50
76Crashing April's Party-Base card120.50
77Protecting Raphael-Base card120.50
78Fighting for Their Lives!-Base card111.00
79The Battle Rages On!-Base card020.00
80The Apartment -- Invaded!-Base card120.50
81Let's Split!-Base card120.50
82Escape from New York-Base card111.00
83Tatsu's Failure-Base card130.33
84An Evil Reprimand-Base card111.00
85Reaching Out to Danny-Base card120.50
86I Will Listen, My Son!-Base card130.33
87Bathtub Vigil-Base card130.33
88Casey -- Mr. Fix-It!-Base card020.00
89It'll Never Work!-Base card120.50
90Whoops!-Base card120.50
91Raphael Revives!-Base card130.33
92Raph's Gonna Be Okay!-Base card120.50
93Brotherly Love, Turtle-Style!-Base card120.50
94What To Do Next ...?-Base card120.50
95In Tune with the Infinite-Base card130.33
96Message from Beyond-Base card140.25
97The New Fighting Method!-Base card120.50
98Tuning Up!-Base card120.50
99Ready for a Rematch!-Base card111.00
100It's Time To Go Back!-Base card120.50
101Danny ... Ally or Spy?-Base card120.50
102Kill Splinter!-Base card111.00
103Surprise for the "Foot"!-Base card120.50
104The Soprano Make Strikes!-Base card130.33
105Shelling It Out!-Base card130.33
106The Battle with Tatsu-Base card120.50
107Fore!-Base card111.00
108Armed and Anxious!-Base card120.50
109A foot for the "Foot"!-Base card120.50
110Turtle Power!-Base card120.50
111Rooftop Assault!-Base card120.50
112The Shredder Pours It On!-Base card120.50
113We Got a Problem Here!-Base card120.50
114The Face of Oroku-Base card120.50
115Saki on the Rampage!-Base card120.50
116Outwitted By splinter!-Base card120.50
117The Final Confrontation-Base card130.33
118The Shredder's Great Fall-Base card130.33
119Dying ... without Honor!-Base card120.50
120The Victor-Base card020.00
121Thank You, My Children!-Base card130.33
122Father and Son Reunited-Base card120.50
123The Birth of Cowabunga-Base card120.50
124April O'Neil ... Signing Off!-Base card120.50
125He Loves Being a Turtle!-Base card120.50
126Until Next Crime ...!-Base card111.00
127Clowning with Leonardo-Base card111.00
128The Comics Come to Life!-Base card130.33
129Preparing for "Battle"-Base card130.33
130Shooting Splinter-Base card111.00
131Last Minute Costume Check-Base card130.33
132The Gang's All Here!-Base card111.00
S1Sticker #1-Sticker Card120.50
S2Sticker #2-Sticker Card130.33
S3Sticker #3-Sticker Card120.50
S4Sticker #4-Sticker Card120.50
S5Sticker #5-Sticker Card130.33
S6Sticker #6-Sticker Card020.00
S7Sticker #7-Sticker Card130.33
S8Sticker #8-Sticker Card120.50
S9Sticker #9-Sticker Card120.50
S10Sticker #10-Sticker Card130.33
S11Sticker #11-Sticker Card130.33