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Artbox Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Artbox Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Vuosi: 2006
Kortteja yhteensä: 109

Kokoelman esikatselu (100% skannattuja kuvia)

keräilyssä: 6 / valmiita kokoelmia: 3


No.OtsikkoOsastoTyyppiPuutteetVaihtoonPuutteet/ Vaihtoon.
1Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsBase cards-101.00
2Harry PotterBase cards-101.00
3Ron WeasleyBase cards-101.00
4Hermione GrangerBase cards-212.00
5Ginny WeasleyBase cards-202.00
6Draco MalfoyBase cards-101.00
7Albus DumbledoreBase cards-101.00
8Professor McGonagallBase cards-101.00
9Rubeus HagridBase cards-101.00
10Professor SnapeBase cards-101.00
11Professor LockhartBase cards-101.00
12Lucius MalfoyBase cards-101.00
13Tom RiddleBase cards-101.00
14DobbyBase cards-101.00
15Professor SproutBase cards-101.00
16Madam PomfreyBase cards-101.00
17Argus FilchBase cards-111.00
18FawkesBase cards-101.00
19The Biggest Deal Of My CareerBase cards-101.00
20One Family ForeverBase cards-101.00
21A Ruined Punch LineBase cards-101.00
22Dobby... Please... NoBase cards-101.00
23C'mon Harry! Hurry up!Base cards-101.00
24A Lesson In Floo PowderBase cards-101.00
25DiagonallyBase cards-111.00
26ReunionBase cards-101.00
27The Front PageBase cards-101.00
28Famous Harry PotterBase cards-101.00
29Why Can't We Get Through?Base cards-101.00
30Getting Close...Base cards-101.00
31Welcome HomeBase cards-101.00
32We Are In TroubleBase cards-101.00
33Lucky To Be In GryffindorBase cards-101.00
34Mandrake, Or MandragoraBase cards-101.00
35Weasley's Got Himself A HowlerBase cards-101.00
36Freshly CaughtBase cards-111.00
37Imobilus!Base cards-101.00
38Eat Slugs!Base cards-101.00
39Better Out Than InBase cards-101.00
40Enemies Of The Heir... BewareBase cards-111.00
41Fera VertoBase cards-101.00
42Brackium EmendoBase cards-101.00
43You're In For A Rough NightBase cards-101.00
44With Friends Like These...Base cards-101.00
45The Safety Of The Girls' LavatoryBase cards-111.00
46Scared, Potter?Base cards-101.00
47Back To The Common RoomBase cards-101.00
48More Victims Of The HeirBase cards-101.00
49Sherbet LemonBase cards-111.00
50He Just Caught Fire!Base cards-101.00
51Hermione's PlanBase cards-111.00
52Easy TargetsBase cards-101.00
53CheersBase cards-101.00
54Wandering The DungeonsBase cards-101.00
55S-s-car...!Base cards-101.00
56It's AwfulBase cards-101.00
57Let Me Take You Back...Base cards-111.00
58Mad 'N' HairyBase cards-101.00
59A Petrified HermioneBase cards-101.00
60Bad BusinessBase cards-101.00
61Why Couldn't It Be "Follow The Butterflies?"Base cards-111.00
62Go? I Think NotBase cards-101.00
63PipesBase cards-111.00
64The BasiliskBase cards-101.00
65This Is ItBase cards-101.00
66Heart Of A Lion...Base cards-111.00
67The EntranceBase cards-101.00
68How Did You Escape...?Base cards-101.00
69My Past, Present And FutureBase cards-111.00
70The Heir Of SlytherinBase cards-101.00
71No EscapeBase cards-111.00
72Fawkes To The RescueBase cards-101.00
73Trapped?Base cards-111.00
74A Gleaming Silver SwordBase cards-101.00
75The Demise Of The BasiliskBase cards-101.00
76A Lethal Injury?Base cards-101.00
77A Silly Little BookBase cards-111.00
78What Are You Doing?Base cards-101.00
79Follow The ChamberBase cards-101.00
80You Were Brilliant, FawkesBase cards-101.00
81You Have Broken Perhaps A Dozen School RulesBase cards-101.00
82Proof You Belong In GryffindorBase cards-101.00
83So This Is Your MasterBase cards-101.00
84I Have Something Of YoursBase cards-101.00
85Open ItBase cards-101.00
86Dobby Is Free!Base cards-101.00
87You Shall Not Harm Harry Potter!Base cards-101.00
88Welcome Back, HermioneBase cards-101.00
89I'd Just Like Ter Say ThanksBase cards-101.00
90ChecklistBase cards-111.00
BT1The Sorting HatBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT2Mrs. NorrisBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT3Platform 9-3/4Box-Topper Cards-101.00
BT4Flourish and BlottsBox-Topper Cards-101.00
CT1BasiliskCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT2Ron & Floo PowderCase-Topper Cards-101.00
Pr1Kortti Pr1Promo Cards-101.00
Pr2Kortti Pr2Promo Cards-101.00
Pr3Kortti Pr3Promo Cards-101.00
Pr4Kortti Pr4Promo Cards-101.00
R1Harry PotterRare Foil Cards-202.00
R2Hermione GrangerRare Foil Cards-303.00
R3Ron WeasleyRare Foil Cards-202.00
R4Gilderoy LockhartRare Foil Cards-202.00
R5Draco MalfoyRare Foil Cards-202.00
R6Albus DumbledoreRare Foil Cards-202.00
R7Lucius MalfoyRare Foil Cards-202.00
R8Ginny WeasleyRare Foil Cards-303.00
R9Rubeus HagridRare Foil Cards-202.00
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