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Panini Republic of Ireland. We're going to France!

Panini Republic of Ireland. We're going to France!

Vuosi: 2016
Tarroja yhteensä: 204

Panini are excited to announce the launch of their brand new Republic of Ireland Sticker Collection. This awesome new sticker album from Panini is on sale now and includes a 32 page album with a total of 204 stickers to collect. Collectors can get their collection off to a flying start with a starter pack which includes an album and 31 stickers, retailing for €3.99. Sticker packets contain 5 stickers each and are priced at €0.70. There are a total of 24 of the sought-after shiny stickers to look out for.

keräilyssä: 25 / valmiita kokoelmia: 26


No.OtsikkoOsastoTyyppiPuutteetVaihtoonPuutteet/ Vaihtoon.
2Team Photo--732.33
3Team Photo--1025.00
4Lansdowne Road Stadium--824.00
5Bring On France 2016--732.33
8Shay Given--832.67
9David Forde--832.67
10Darren Randolph--1033.33
11Rob Elliott--10110.00
12Keiren Westwood--832.67
13Seamus Coleman--641.50
14Cyrus Christie--717.00
15Ciaran Clark--761.17
16Richard Keogh--942.25
17Marc Wilson--741.75
18John O'Shea--808.00
19Paul McShane--741.75
20Alex Pearce--632.00
21Shane Duffy--842.00
22Stephen Ward--771.00
23Aiden McGeady--751.40
24Harry Arter--11111.00
25Glenn Whelan--751.40
26Darron Gibson--11011.00
27Wes Hoolahan--1042.50
28Jeff Hendrick--832.67
29James McCarthy--1033.33
30David Meyler--919.00
31Alan Judge--771.00
32Anthony Pilkington--924.50
33Stephen Quinn--824.00
34Robbie Brady--616.00
35James McClean--723.50
36David McGoldrick--10110.00
37Kevin Doyle--818.00
38Robbie Keane--924.50
39Jon Walters--741.75
40Shane Long--732.33
41Daryl Murphy--732.33
42Shay Given--780.88
43Shay Given--1025.00
44Shay Given--741.75
45Shay Given--623.00
46Shay Given--751.40
47Shay Given--780.88
48David Forde--861.33
49David Forde--761.17
50David Forde--871.14
51David Forde--641.50
52David Forde--12112.00
53David Forde--1033.33
54Darren Randolph--861.33
55Darren Randolph--808.00
56Darren Randolph--641.50
57Darren Randolph--1226.00
58Darren Randolph--919.00
59Darren Randolph--780.88
60Seamus Coleman--818.00
61Seamus Coleman--871.14
62Seamus Coleman--942.25
63Seamus Coleman--933.00
64Seamus Coleman--732.33
65Seamus Coleman--732.33
66Ciaran Clark--832.67
67Ciaran Clark--623.00
68Ciaran Clark--641.50
69Ciaran Clark--832.67
70Ciaran Clark--851.60
71Ciaran Clark--670.86
72Richard Keogh--771.00
73Richard Keogh--732.33
74Richard Keogh--751.40
75Richard Keogh--851.60
76Richard Keogh--924.50
77Richard Keogh--832.67
78Marc Wilson--871.14
79Marc Wilson--832.67
80Marc Wilson--824.00
81Marc Wilson--623.00
82Marc Wilson--670.86
83Marc Wilson--808.00
84John O'Shea--723.50
85John O'Shea--951.80
86John O'Shea--942.25
87John O'Shea--723.50
88John O'Shea--919.00
89John O'Shea--790.78
90Stephen Ward--641.50
91Stephen Ward--851.60
92Stephen Ward--1025.00
93Stephen Ward--741.75
94Stephen Ward--942.25
95Stephen Ward--732.33
96Aiden McGeady--842.00
97Aiden McGeady--641.50
98Aiden McGeady--971.29
99Aiden McGeady--832.67
100Aiden McGeady--751.40
101Aiden McGeady--732.33
102Aiden McGeady--851.60
103Aiden McGeady--723.50
104Robbie Keane--732.33
105Wes Hoolahan--824.00
106John O'Shea--1025.00
107David Forde--971.29
108Darron Gibson v Scotland--12012.00
109Richard Keogh v Scotland--732.33
110Marc Wilson v Poland--961.50
111Seamus Coleman, Wes Hoolahan v Poland--732.33
112Shane Long v Poland--661.00
113Glenn Whelan--842.00
114Glenn Whelan--1042.50
115Glenn Whelan--732.33
116Glenn Whelan--924.50
117Glenn Whelan--670.86
118Glenn Whelan--732.33
119Wes Hoolahan--832.67
120Wes Hoolahan--651.20
121Wes Hoolahan--10110.00
122Wes Hoolahan--933.00
123Wes Hoolahan--818.00
124Wes Hoolahan--632.00
125Jeff Hendrick--961.50
126Jeff Hendrick--717.00
127Jeff Hendrick--723.50
128Jeff Hendrick--1033.33
129Jeff Hendrick--723.50
130Jeff Hendrick--717.00
131James McCarthy--842.00
132James McCarthy--780.88
133James McCarthy--818.00
134James McCarthy--661.00
135James McCarthy--924.50
136James McCarthy--871.14
137Robbie Brady--832.67
138Robbie Brady--951.80
139Robbie Brady--832.67
140Robbie Brady--741.75
141Robbie Brady--818.00
142Robbie Brady--732.33
143James McClean--1052.00
144James McClean--12012.00
145James McClean--732.33
146James McClean--661.00
147James McClean--623.00
148James McClean--842.00
149Robbie Keane--623.00
150Robbie Keane--818.00
151Robbie Keane--924.50
152Robbie Keane--971.29
153Robbie Keane--761.17
154Robbie Keane--14014.00
155Jon Walters--909.00
156Jon Walters--951.80
157Jon Walters--741.75
158Jon Walters--933.00
159Jon Walters--818.00
160Jon Walters--861.33
161Shane Long--751.40
162Shane Long--723.50
163Shane Long--723.50
164Shane Long--632.00
165Shane Long--832.67
166Shane Long--723.50
167Daryl Murphy--623.00
168Daryl Murphy--924.50
169Daryl Murphy--632.00
170Daryl Murphy--824.00
171Daryl Murphy--842.00
172Daryl Murphy--824.00
173Jon Walters v Scotland--11111.00
174Glenn Whelan v Scotland--824.00
175Robbie Keane, Jon Walters--751.40
176Shane Long v Gibraltar--732.33
177Jeff Hendrick v Georgia--933.00
178Jon Walters v Georgia--12112.00
179John O'Shea, Darren Randolph--824.00
180Daryl Murphy v Germany--641.50
181Shane Long v Germany--761.17
182James McCarthy v Poland--632.00
183Richard Keogh v Poland--632.00
184Shay Given--641.50
185Darren Randolph--651.20
186Seamus Coleman--723.50
187Richard Keogh--723.50
188John O'Shea--723.50
189Aiden McGeady--717.00
190Glenn Whelan--741.75
191Jeff Hendrick--818.00
192Robbie Brady--832.67
193Robbie Keane--651.20
194Jon Walters--732.33
195Shane Long--11111.00
196Montage - James McCarthy--842.00
197Montage - Robbie Brady, Marc Wilson--751.40
201Montage - Jon Walters--761.17
202Montage - John O'Shea--1052.00
203Montage - James McClean--741.75
204Montage - Shane Long--933.00
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