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Topps Star Wars Series 5

Topps Star Wars Series 5

Vuosi: 1978
Kortteja yhteensä: 77

Kokoelman esikatselu (54% skannattuja kuvia)

keräilyssä: 0 / valmiita kokoelmia: 0


No.OtsikkoOsastoTyyppiPuutteetVaihtoonPuutteet/ Vaihtoon.
265Anxious Moments for the Rebels-Base card000.00
266Threepio and Leia Monitor the Battle-Base card000.00
267No-Nonsense Privateer Han Solo!-Base card000.00
268Ben Prepares to Turn Off the Tractor Beam-Base card000.00
269Droids on the Run!-Base card000.00
270Luke: Farmboy Turned Warrior!-Base card000.00
271"Do You Think They'll Melt Us Down, Artoo?"-Base card000.00
272Corridors of the Death Star-Base card000.00
273"This is All Your Fault Artoo!"-Base card000.00
274Droids Trick the Stormtroopers!-Base card000.00
275Guarding the Millennium Falcon-Base card000.00
276It's Not Wise to Upset a Wookiee!-Base card000.00
277Bizarre Inhabitants of the Cantina-Base card000.00
278a Narrow Escape!-Base card000.00
279Awaiting the Imperial Attack-Base card000.00
280"Remember Luke, the Force Will Be With You"-Base card000.00
281A Monstrous Thirst!-Base card000.00
282"Hurry Up, Luke We're Gonna Have Company!"-Base card000.00
283The Cantina Musicians-Base card000.00
284Distracted by Solo's Assault-Base card000.00
285Spiffed Up for the Awards Ceremony-Base card000.00
286Cantina Denizens-Base card000.00
287Han and Chewie Ready for Action!-Base card000.00
288Blasting the Enemy!-Base card000.00
289The Rebel Fighters Take Off!-Base card000.00
290Chewie Aims for Danger!-Base card000.00
291Lord Vader Senses the Force-Base card000.00
292The Stormtroopers Assemble-Base card000.00
293A Friendly Chat Among Alien Friends!-Base card000.00
294Droids Make Their Way to the Escape Pod-Base card000.00
295Han and the Rebel Pilots-Base card000.00
296Artoo-Detoo is Abducted by Jawas!-Base card000.00
297Inside the Sandcrawler-Base card000.00
298Chewie Gets Riled!-Base card000.00
299Leia Wishes Luke Good Luck!-Base card000.00
300Luke, the Star Warrior!-Base card000.00
301A Crucial Moment for Luke Skywalker-Base card000.00
302Threepio and Artoo-Base card000.00
303Various Droids Collected by the Jawas-Base card000.00
304The Jawas Ready Their Merchandise-Base card000.00
305Director George Lucas and "Greedo"-Base card000.00
306Technicians Ready C-3P0 for the Cameras-Base card000.00
307A Touch-Up for Chewbacca!-Base card000.00
308Directing the Cantina Creatures-Base card000.00
309The Birthday Celebration for Sir Alec Guinness-Base card000.00
310Filming the Awards Ceremony-Base card000.00
311The Model Builders Proudly Display Their Work-Base card000.00
312Using the "Blue Screen" Process for X-Wings-Base card000.00
313The Birth of a Droid-Base card000.00
314Shooting in Tunisia-Base card000.00
315Inside the Millennium Falcon-Base card000.00
316Photographing the Miniature Explosions-Base card000.00
317Filming Explosions on the Death Star-Base card000.00
318"Make-up" for the Bantha-Base card000.00
319Dave Prowse and Alex Guinness Rehearse-Base card000.00
320Flight of the Falcon-Base card000.00
321George Lucas Directs his Counterpart "Luke"-Base card000.00
322Constructing the Star Destroyer-Base card000.00
323Aboard the Millennium Falcon-Base card000.00
324Chewie Takes a Breather Between Scenes-Base card000.00
325The Princess Gets the Brush!-Base card000.00
326Animating the "Chessboard" Creatures-Base card000.00
327Filming the Sandcrawler-Base card000.00
328X-Wings Positioned for the Cameras-Base card000.00
329Sir Alec Guinness and George Lucas-Base card000.00
330Filming Luke and Threepio in Tunisia-Base card000.00
S-45A Crucial Moment for Luke Skywalker-Base card000.00
S-46Chewie Gets Riled!-Sticker000.00
S-47Threepio and Artoo-Sticker000.00
S-48Various Droids Collected by the Jawas-Sticker000.00
S-49Luke, Star Warrior!-Sticker000.00
S-50Director George Lucas and Greedo-Sticker000.00
S-51Technicians Ready C-3P0 for the Cameras-Sticker000.00
S-52The Jawas Ready Their New Merchandise-Sticker000.00
S-53Directing the Cantina Creatures-Sticker000.00
S-54Leia Wishes Luke Good Luck-Sticker000.00
S-55A Touch-up For Chewbacca!-Sticker000.00
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