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Topps Star Wars Chrome Archives

Topps Star Wars Chrome Archives

Vuosi: 1999
Kortteja yhteensä: 105

keräilyssä: 2 / valmiita kokoelmia: 0


No.OtsikkoOsastoTyyppiPuutteetVaihtoonPuutteet/ Vaihtoon.
1Darth Vader Strangles A Rebel!-Base card111.00
2A Message From Princess Leia!-Base card101.00
3Princess Leia - Captured!-Base card101.00
4The Escape Pod is Jettisoned!-Base card101.00
5The Droids on Tatooine-Base card101.00
6Stormtroopers Seek The Droids-Base card101.00
7Luke Checks Out His New Droid-Base card101.00
8The Tusken Raiders-Base card101.00
9Ben Kenobi Rescues Luke!-Base card111.00
10Interrogated By Stormtroopers!-Base card111.00
11Han Solo Cornered by Greedo!-Base card111.00
12Distracted by Solo's Assault-Base card101.00
13The Millennium Falcon Speeds Through Space!-Base card111.00
14Lord Vader Threatens Princess Leia!-Base card101.00
15Sighting the Death Star-Base card101.00
16Deadly Blasters!-Base card111.00
17Panning An Escape!-Base card101.00
18Stormtroopers Attack!-Base card101.00
19Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill-Base card101.00
20Han and Chewie Shoot It Out!-Base card101.00
21Ben With the Lightsaber!-Base card101.00
22The Lightsaber-Base card101.00
23Han in the Millennium Falcon-Base card101.00
24Luke Prepares for the Battle-Base card111.00
25Who Will Win the Final Star War?-Base card101.00
26Preparing For the Raid!-Base card101.00
27The Empire Strikes Back!-Base card101.00
28Battle in Outer Space!-Base card101.00
29Spectacular Battle!-Base card101.00
30The Honored Heroes!-Base card101.00
31Luke Astride His Tauntaun-Base card101.00
32Rejuvenation Chamber-Base card101.00
33Imperial Spy-Base card101.00
34The Snow Walkers-Base card101.00
35Rebel Snowspeeders Zero In!-Base card101.00
36Vader and His Snowtroopers-Base card101.00
37Emergency Blast Off!-Base card101.00
38Battle of the Star Destroyer-Base card101.00
39Canyons of Death!-Base card101.00
40Misty World of Dagobah-Base card101.00
41Welcome, Young Luke!-Base card101.00
42Journey Through the Swamp-Base card101.00
43Use the Force, Luke?-Base card101.00
44Luke Battles...Himself?-Base card101.00
45The Bounty Hunters-Base card101.00
46Star Lovers-Base card101.00
47The Landing-Base card101.00
48Enter Lando Calrissian-Base card101.00
49Han's Torment-Base card101.00
50The Prize of Boba Fett-Base card101.00
51His Day of Triumph-Base card101.00
52The Fate of Han Solo-Base card101.00
53Boba's Special Delivery-Base card101.00
54The Search for Vader-Base card101.00
55The Confrontation-Base card101.00
56The Force and the Fury-Base card101.00
57Embrace The Dark Side!-Base card101.00
58Hate Me, Luke! Destroy Me!-Base card101.00
59Luke's Last Stand-Base card101.00
60Toward Tomorrow-Base card101.00
61The New Death Star-Base card101.00
62Intergalactic Gangster-Base card101.00
63Han Solo's Plight-Base card101.00
64The Princess Enslaved-Base card101.00
65The Young Jedi-Base card101.00
66The Dreaded Rancor-Base card101.00
67Toward the Sarlacc Pit-Base card101.00
68Jabba the Hutt's New Dancing Girl-Base card101.00
69Boba Fett Attacks!-Base card101.00
70The Raging Battle-Base card101.00
71Swing to Safety-Base card101.00
72The Deciders-Base card101.00
73Yoda, The Jedi Master-Base card101.00
74A Word With Ben Kenobi-Base card101.00
75Droids on the Move-Base card101.00
76Captured!-Base card101.00
77All Hail See-Threepio!-Base card101.00
78Unexpected Allies-Base card101.00
79Luke Skywalker's Destiny-Base card101.00
80Imperial Biker Scout-Base card101.00
81Ready for Action!-Base card111.00
82Artoo-Deetoo -- Hit!-Base card101.00
83Chewbacca Triumphant-Base card111.00
84Facing the Emperor-Base card101.00
85The Emperor's Offer-Base card101.00
86Darth Vader is Down!-Base card101.00
87The Death Star Raid-Base card101.00
88Admiral Ackbar-Base card101.00
89Within the Death Star-Base card101.00
90The Triumphant TrioChecklistBase card101.00
C1Mark Hamill as Luke SkywalkerClearzoneChase card202.00
C2David Prowse as Darth VaderClearzoneChase card202.00
C3Harrison Ford as Han SoloClearzoneChase card202.00
C4Carrie Fisher as Leia OrganaClearzoneChase card202.00
D1Darth VaderDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D2Luke SkywalkerDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D3Princess LeiaDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D4Han SoloDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D5ChewbaccaDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D6Ben (Obi-Wan) KenobiDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D7See-ThrepioDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D8Artoo-DetooDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
D9The Tusken RaiderDouble-Sided ChromiumChase card202.00
P1Darth Vader - "Hate me, Luke! Destroy me!"-Promo card202.00
P2Yoda "Welcome, Young Luke!"-Promo card202.00
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