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Ace Authentic Straight Sets 2007

Ace Authentic Straight Sets 2007

Année: 2007
Nombre total de cartes: 293

2007 Ace Authentic Straight Sets Tennis - A premium 50-card base set, featuring the top names in the game today, 40 veterans and 10 top prospects including Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, Andy Roddick, and Anna Kournikova. Also look for three levels of parallels incuding Quarters, Semis, and a Finals parallel sequentially numbered to only 25!


- At least 3 autograh cards & 2 material cards per hobby box!
- Look for Singles Match Autos, a singles player featured with their autograph on each side of the card!
- Look for Head to Head Materials, featuring two players and two swatches of match-used material on the card front!
- Look for the actual Press Plates used to create the cards. A least one per case! (Hobby Only)

ACES - The top "Aces" in the game today, sequentially numbered. Look for parallels Aces Materials with a swatch of match-worn material and Aces Autos autographed parallel.

SINGLES - Highlights the very best "Singles" players in the world and features three levels of parallels including Single Autos autographed cards, Single Materials two-sided match worn materials and the exclusive Single Match Autos two-sided autographed cards.

ON THE LINE - An exciting insert that features rising stars expected to improve their game in 2007...look for On the Line Autos parallel.

CROSS COURT WINNERS - This insert features two up and coming players on the front. Look for Cross Court Winners Autos autograph parallel!

DAVIS CUP DUOS - How can you go wrong with Duos? Featuring top teammates representing their countries in the Davis Cup and Fed Cup. Look for Davis Cup Duos Autos autographed parallel!

HEAD TO HEAD - See how tennis' top stars stack up against each other "Head to Head". Two levels of parallels including Head to Head Autos parallel version and Head to Head Materials match-used material parallel.

Configuration: 10 boxes per case. 24 packs per box. 5 cards per pack.

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Liste de vérification

1Ai SugiyamaCommonBase card010.00
1bAi SugiyamaCommonBronze parallel000.00
1jAi SugiyamaCommonParallel jersey000.00
2Akiko MorigamiCommonBase card202.00
2bAkiko MorigamiCommonBronze parallel000.00
3Ana IvanovicCommonBase card000.00
3bAna IvanovicCommonBronze parallel000.00
3jAna IvanovicCommonParallel jersey000.00
4Anastasia MyskinaCommonBase card010.00
4bAnastasia MyskinaCommonBronze parallel000.00
4jAnastasia MyskinaCommonParallel jersey000.00
5Andy RoddickCommonBase card101.00
5bAndy RoddickCommonBronze parallel000.00
5jAndy RoddickCommonParallel jersey000.00
6Ashley HarkleroadCommonBase card101.00
6bAshley HarkleroadCommonBronze parallel000.00
7Anna KournikovaCommonBase card000.00
7bAnna KournikovaCommonBronze parallel000.00
7jAnna KournikovaCommonParallel jersey000.00
8Anna-Lena GroenefeldCommonBase card101.00
8bAnna-Lena GroenefeldCommonBronze parallel000.00
9Bob BryanCommonBase card000.00
9bBob BryanCommonBronze parallel000.00
10David FerrerCommonBase card101.00
10bDavid FerrerCommonBronze parallel000.00
11David NalbandianCommonBase card111.00
11bDavid NalbandianCommonBronze parallel000.00
11jDavid NalbandianCommonParallel jersey000.00
12Dinara SafinaCommonBase card000.00
12bDinara SafinaCommonBronze parallel000.00
12jDinara SafinaCommonParallel jersey000.00
13Elena DementievaCommonBase card000.00
13bElena DementievaCommonBronze parallel000.00
13jElena DementievaCommonParallel jersey000.00
14Fabrice SantoroCommonBase card101.00
14bFabrice SantoroCommonBronze parallel000.00
15Fernando VerdascoCommonBase card101.00
15bFernando VerdascoCommonBronze parallel000.00
16Novak DjokovicCommonBase card000.00
16bNovak DjokovicCommonBronze parallel000.00
16jNovak DjokovicCommonParallel jersey000.00
17Igor AndreevCommonBase card000.00
17bIgor AndreevCommonBronze parallel000.00
18Ivan LjubicicCommonBase card000.00
18bIvan LjubicicCommonBronze parallel000.00
18jIvan LjubicicCommonParallel jersey000.00
19James BlakeCommonBase card000.00
19bJames BlakeCommonBronze parallel000.00
19jJames BlakeCommonParallel jersey000.00
20Kim ClijstersCommonBase card000.00
20bKim ClijstersCommonBronze parallel000.00
20jKim ClijstersCommonParallel jersey000.00
21Katarina SrebotnikCommonBase card000.00
21bKatarina SrebotnikCommonBronze parallel000.00
22Marat SafinCommonBase card101.00
22bMarat SafinCommonBronze parallel000.00
22jMarat SafinCommonParallel jersey000.00
23Nicole VaidisovaCommonBase card000.00
23bNicole VaidisovaCommonBronze parallel000.00
23jNicole VaidisovaCommonParallel jersey000.00
24Maria SharapovaCommonBase card000.00
24bMaria SharapovaCommonBronze parallel000.00
24jMaria SharapovaCommonParallel jersey000.00
25Mike BryanCommonBase card010.00
25bMike BryanCommonBronze parallel000.00
26Mikhail YouzhnyCommonBase card000.00
26bMikhail YouzhnyCommonBronze parallel000.00
27Nadia PetrovaCommonBase card010.00
27bNadia PetrovaCommonBronze parallel000.00
27jNadia PetrovaCommonParallel jersey000.00
28Yeu-Tzuoo WangCommonBase card000.00
28bYeu-Tzuoo WangCommonBronze parallel000.00
29Boris PashanskiCommonBase card000.00
29bBoris PashanskiCommonBronze parallel000.00
30Nicole PrattCommonBase card000.00
30bNicole PrattCommonBronze parallel000.00
31Rafael NadalCommonBase card202.00
31bRafael NadalCommonBronze parallel101.00
31jRafael NadalCommonParallel jersey101.00
32Richard GasquetCommonBase card101.00
32bRichard GasquetCommonBronze parallel000.00
32jRichard GasquetCommonParallel jersey000.00
33Robby GinepriCommonBase card010.00
33bRobby GinepriCommonBronze parallel000.00
33jRobby GinepriCommonParallel jersey000.00
34Roger FedererCommonBase card202.00
34bRoger FedererCommonBronze parallel101.00
34jRoger FedererCommonParallel jersey101.00
35Marion BartoliCommonBase card101.00
35bMarion BartoliCommonBronze parallel000.00
36Svetlana KuznetsovaCommonBase card000.00
36bSvetlana KuznetsovaCommonBronze parallel000.00
37Kristian PlessCommonBase card000.00
37bKristian PlessCommonBronze parallel000.00
38Vera ZvonarevaCommonBase card000.00
38bVera ZvonarevaCommonBronze parallel000.00
39Caroline WozniackiCommonBase card000.00
39bCaroline WozniackiCommonBronze parallel000.00
40Alexander WaskeCommonBase card000.00
40bAlexander WaskeCommonBronze parallel000.00
41Monique AdamczakCommonBase card010.00
41bMonique AdamczakCommonBronze parallel000.00
42Kveta PeschkeCommonBase card000.00
42bKveta PeschkeCommonBronze parallel000.00
43Melinda CzinkCommonBase card000.00
43bMelinda CzinkCommonBronze parallel000.00
44Aljoscha ThronCommonBase card000.00
44bAljoscha ThronCommonBronze parallel000.00
45Stephanie DuboisCommonBase card000.00
45bStephanie DuboisCommonBronze parallel000.00
46Meilen TuCommonBase card000.00
46bMeilen TuCommonBronze parallel000.00
47Bethanie MattekCommonBase card101.00
47bBethanie MattekCommonBronze parallel000.00
48Sam QuerryCommonBase card101.00
48bSam QuerryCommonBronze parallel000.00
49Sam WarburgCommonBase card101.00
49bSam WarburgCommonBronze parallel000.00
50Phillip SimmondsCommonBase card000.00
50bPhillip SimmondsCommonBronze parallel000.00
AC-1Maria SharapovaAcesInserts101.00
AC-1aMaria SharapovaAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-1jMaria SharapovaAcesParallel jersey000.00
AC-2Nicole VaidisovaAcesInserts101.00
AC-2aNicole VaidisovaAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-2jNicole VaidisovaAcesParallel jersey000.00
AC-3Roger FedererAcesInserts202.00
AC-3aRoger FedererAcesParallel autograph101.00
AC-3jRoger FedererAcesParallel jersey101.00
AC-4Andy RoddickAcesInserts101.00
AC-4aAndy RoddickAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-4jAndy RoddickAcesParallel jersey000.00
AC-5Rafael NadalAcesInserts202.00
AC-5aRafael NadalAcesParallel autograph202.00
AC-5jRafael NadalAcesParallel jersey101.00
AC-6David NalbandianAcesInserts101.00
AC-6aDavid NalbandianAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-6jDavid NalbandianAcesParallel jersey000.00
AC-7James BlakeAcesInserts101.00
AC-7aJames BlakeAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-7jJames BlakeAcesParallel jersey000.00
AC-8Anna KournikovaAcesInserts101.00
AC-8aAnna KournikovaAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-8jAnna KournikovaAcesParallel jersey000.00
AC-9Elena DementievaAcesInserts101.00
AC-9aElena DementievaAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-9jElena DementievaAcesParallel jersey000.00
AC-10Kim ClijstersAcesInserts101.00
AC-10aKim ClijstersAcesParallel autograph000.00
AC-10jKim ClijstersAcesParallel jersey000.00
CC-1Mashona Washington / Caroline WozniackiCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-1aMashona Washington / Caroline WozniackiCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
CC-2Jill Craybas / Bethanie MattekCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-2aJill Craybas / Bethanie MattekCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
CC-3Katarina Srebotnik / Kveta PeschkeCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-3aKatarina Srebotnik / Kveta PeschkeCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
CC-4Marion Bartoli / Meilen TuCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-4aMarion Bartoli / Meilen TuCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
CC-5Lilia Osterloh / Brianne StewartCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-5aLilia Osterloh / Brianne StewartCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
CC-6Lucie Safarova / Nicole PrattCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-6aLucie Safarova / Nicole PrattCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
CC-7Anastasia Myskina / Svetlana KuznetsovaCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-7aAnastasia Myskina / Svetlana KuznetsovaCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
CC-8Anna Kournikova / Dinara SafinaCross CourtInserts101.00
CC-8aAnna Kournikova / Dinara SafinaCross CourtParallel autograph000.00
DC-1Maria Sharapova / Anna KournikovaDavis / Fed Cup DuoInserts101.00
DC-1aMaria Sharapova / Anna KournikovaDavis / Fed Cup DuoParallel autograph000.00
DC-2David Ferrer / Rafael NadalDavis / Fed Cup DuoInserts202.00
DC-2aDavid Ferrer / Rafael NadalDavis / Fed Cup DuoParallel autograph101.00
DC-3James Blake / Andy RoddickDavis / Fed Cup DuoInserts101.00
DC-3aJames Blake / Andy RoddickDavis / Fed Cup DuoParallel autograph000.00
DC-4Mike Bryan / Bob BryanDavis / Fed Cup DuoInserts101.00
DC-4aMike Bryan / Bob BryanDavis / Fed Cup DuoParallel autograph000.00
DC-5Ai Sugiyama / Akiko MorigamiDavis / Fed Cup DuoInserts101.00
DC-5aAi Sugiyama / Akiko MorigamiDavis / Fed Cup DuoParallel autograph000.00
HH-1Angela Haynes / Katerina BohmovaHead to HeadInserts101.00
HH-1aAngela Haynes / Katerina BohmovaHead to HeadParallel autograph000.00
HH-1jAngela Haynes / Katerina BohmovaHead to HeadParallel jersey000.00
HH-2Stefanie Dubois / Melinda CzinkHead to HeadInserts101.00
HH-2aStefanie Dubois / Melinda CzinkHead to HeadParallel autograph000.00
HH-2jStefanie Dubois / Melinda CzinkHead to HeadParallel jersey000.00
HH-3Feliciano Lopes / Philipp KolschreiberHead to HeadInserts101.00
HH-3aFeliciano Lopes / Philipp KolschreiberHead to HeadParallel autograph000.00
HH-3jFeliciano Lopes / Philipp KolschreiberHead to HeadParallel jersey000.00
HH-4Yeu-Tzudo Wang / Zack FleishmanHead to HeadInserts101.00
HH-4aYeu-Tzudo Wang / Zack FleishmanHead to HeadParallel autograph000.00
HH-4jYeu-Tzudo Wang / Zack FleishmanHead to HeadParallel jersey000.00
HH-5Anna-Lena Groenefeld / Eva BirnerovaHead to HeadInserts101.00
HH-5aAnna-Lena Groenefeld / Eva BirnerovaHead to HeadParallel autograph000.00
HH-5jAnna-Lena Groenefeld / Eva BirnerovaHead to HeadParallel jersey000.00
HH-6Roger Federer / Rafael NadalHead to HeadInserts202.00
HH-6aRoger Federer / Rafael NadalHead to HeadParallel autograph101.00
HH-6jRoger Federer / Rafael NadalHead to HeadParallel jersey101.00
HH-7Andy Roddick / David NalbandianHead to HeadInserts101.00
HH-7aAndy Roddick / David NalbandianHead to HeadParallel autograph000.00
HH-7jAndy Roddick / David NalbandianHead to HeadParallel jersey000.00
OL-1Sam WarburgOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-1aSam WarburgOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-2Angela HaynesOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-2aAngela HaynesOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-3Zack FleishmanOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-3aZack FleishmanOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-4Mardy FishOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-4aMardy FishOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-5Bob BryanOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-5aBob BryanOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-6Mike BryanOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-6aMike BryanOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-7Phillipp SimmondsOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-7aPhillipp SimmondsOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-8Jessica KirklandOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-8aJessica KirklandOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-9Meghann ShaughnessiOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-9aMeghann ShaughnessiOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-10Maria Sanchez LorenzoOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-10aMaria Sanchez LorenzoOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-11Robin RoshardtOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-11aRobin RoshardtOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-12Boris PashanskiOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-12aBoris PashanskiOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-13Feliciano LopesOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-13aFeliciano LopesOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-14Emma LaineOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-14aEmma LaineOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-15Akiko MorigamiOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-15aAkiko MorigamiOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-16Tiffani DabekOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-16aTiffani DabekOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-17Alexander WaskeOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-17aAlexander WaskeOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-18Anastasia RodionovaOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-18aAnastasia RodionovaOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-19Luis HornaOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-19aLuis HornaOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
OL-20Caroline WozniackiOn The LineInserts101.00
OL-20aCaroline WozniackiOn The LineParallel autograph000.00
SI-1Anna-Lena GroenefeldSinglesInserts101.00
SI-1aAnna-Lena GroenefeldSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-2Ana IvanovicSinglesInserts101.00
SI-2aAna IvanovicSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-2jAna IvanovicSinglesParallel jersey000.00
SI-3Ivan LjubicicSinglesInserts101.00
SI-3aIvan LjubicicSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-3jIvan LjubicicSinglesParallel jersey000.00
SI-4Alex BogdanovicSinglesInserts101.00
SI-4aAlex BogdanovicSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-5Vera ZvonarevaSinglesInserts101.00
SI-5aVera ZvonarevaSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-6Ashley HarkleroadSinglesInserts101.00
SI-6aAshley HarkleroadSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-7David FerrerSinglesInserts101.00
SI-7aDavid FerrerSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-8Kristian PlessSinglesInserts101.00
SI-8aKristian PlessSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-9Fernando VerdascoSinglesInserts101.00
SI-9aFernando VerdascoSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-10Juan Ignacio ChelaSinglesInserts101.00
SI-10aJuan Ignacio ChelaSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-11Ai SugiyamaSinglesInserts101.00
SI-11aAi SugiyamaSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-11jAi SugiyamaSinglesParallel jersey000.00
SI-12Megane ShaughnessiSinglesInserts101.00
SI-12aMegane ShaughnessiSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-13Robbie GinepriSinglesInserts101.00
SI-13aRobbie GinepriSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-13jRobbie GinepriSinglesParallel jersey000.00
SI-14Scott LipskySinglesInserts101.00
SI-14aScott LipskySinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-15Irakli LabadzeSinglesInserts101.00
SI-15aIrakli LabadzeSinglesParallel autograph010.00
SI-16Novak DjokovicSinglesInserts101.00
SI-16aNovak DjokovicSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-16jNovak DjokovicSinglesParallel jersey000.00
SI-17Marat SafinSinglesInserts101.00
SI-17aMarat SafinSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-17jMarat SafinSinglesParallel jersey000.00
SI-18Mikhail YouzhnySinglesInserts101.00
SI-18aMikhail YouzhnySinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-19Katerina BohmovaSinglesInserts101.00
SI-19aKaterina BohmovaSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SI-20Shikha UberoiSinglesInserts101.00
SI-20aShikha UberoiSinglesParallel autograph000.00
SM-1Anna-Lena Groenefeld / Ana IvanovicSingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-2Ivan Ljubicic / Alex BogdanovicSingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-3Vera Zvonareva / Ashley HarkleroadSingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-4David Ferrer / Kristian PlessSingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-5Fernando Verdasco / Juan Ignacio ChelaSingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-6Ai Sugiyama / Meghann ShaughnessySingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-7Robby Ginepri / Scott LipskySingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-8Irakli Labadze / Novak DjokovicSingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-9Marat Safin / Mikhail YouzhnySingle Match AutosAutograph101.00
SM-10Katerina Bohmova / Shikha UberoiSingle Match AutosAutograph101.00