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AGG Romania Marele Fotbal 1994-1995

AGG Romania Marele Fotbal 1994-1995

Année: 1994
Nombre total d'autocollants: 363

Album published in Romania by Arti Grafiche Giacone Romania in 1994.

Contains the national championship for the season 1994-1995 (stickers 1-288) and a selection of stickers from Italian teams and European cups (stickers 289-360).

There are 3 alternative stickers, noted with "x" because there were published 2 editions. All the others are the same in both editions.

en cours: 25 / terminé: 18

Liste de vérification

1StadiumFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-515.00
2MascotFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-313.00
3EmblemFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-404.00
4Marian Bondrea (coach)FC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-101.00
5Bogdan Argeş VintilăFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-221.00
6Claudiu C. StoicaFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-240.50
7Vasile Nicolae PopaFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-331.00
8Cătălin GârlăşteanuFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-404.00
9Marcel GherguFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-303.00
10Dan LăcustăFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-212.00
11Ion Romică CeauşuFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-303.00
12Cornel ŞerbanFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-303.00
13Gabriel DumitruFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-303.00
14Ben AcquahFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-313.00
15Mitică RageaFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-221.00
16Adrian Eusebiu StateFC Argeş Dacia Piteşti-230.67
17EmblemGloria Bistriţa-505.00
18MascotGloria Bistriţa-221.00
19Constantin Cârstea (coach)Gloria Bistriţa-414.00
20Sabin CiureaGloria Bistriţa-313.00
21Simion MironaşGloria Bistriţa-202.00
22Dorel Ioan ZegreanGloria Bistriţa-221.00
23Gabriel CristeaGloria Bistriţa-212.00
24Adrian Fekete CocanGloria Bistriţa-321.50
25Cornel SevastiţaGloria Bistriţa-221.00
26Mihai TararacheGloria Bistriţa-212.00
27Cezar DinuGloria Bistriţa-321.50
28Marius RăduţăGloria Bistriţa-303.00
29Florin StancuGloria Bistriţa-331.00
30Ion BalaurGloria Bistriţa-212.00
31Ilie LazărGloria Bistriţa-321.50
32Dănuţ MateiGloria Bistriţa-313.00
33MapFC Braşov-505.00
34MascotFC Braşov-212.00
35EmblemFC Braşov-331.00
36Nicolae Pescaru (coach)FC Braşov-404.00
37Ilie BozhiqiFC Braşov-303.00
38Marin Dorel BalintFC Braşov-414.00
39Claudiu Dorin MureşanFC Braşov-101.00
40Dorel PurdeaFC Braşov-321.50
41Horia PătruFC Braşov-331.00
42Ştefan NagyFC Braşov-422.00
43Ioan Viorel GaneaFC Braşov-414.00
44Roland NagyFC Braşov-321.50
45Gabriel Marian RăduţăFC Braşov-414.00
46Petru Adrian SăvoiuFC Braşov-212.00
47Marian SavuFC Braşov-515.00
48Nicolae NuţăFC Braşov-321.50
49StadiumCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-522.50
50MascotCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-404.00
51EmblemCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-606.00
52Mircea Nedelcu (coach)Ceahlăul Piatra Neamţ-221.00
53Benone DohotCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-404.00
54Ioan GrosuCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-202.00
55Robert GhioaneCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-303.00
56Gheorghe Iulian Axinia ICeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-313.00
57Claudiu Traian SălăgeanCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-212.00
58Gheorghe PantaziCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-331.00
59Ovidiu MarcCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-431.33
60Mihai Dan IonescuCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-404.00
61Gheorghe BurleanuCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-414.00
62Constantin EnacheCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-331.00
63Marian MireaCeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-321.50
64Vasile Florin Axinia IICeahlăul Piatra Neamţ-101.00
65MapUniversitatea Cluj-313.00
66MascotUniversitatea Cluj-321.50
67EmblemUniversitatea Cluj-120.50
68Ioan Andone (coach)Universitatea Cluj-212.00
69Zoltan Martin IaşkoUniversitatea Cluj-321.50
70Adrian FalubUniversitatea Cluj-321.50
71Eugen VoicaUniversitatea Cluj-202.00
72Stelian Sorin GhermanUniversitatea Cluj-313.00
73Cătălin NeculaUniversitatea Cluj-313.00
74Levente PaulUniversitatea Cluj-321.50
75Cristian Ovidiu StoicaUniversitatea Cluj-230.67
76Rasu SaboUniversitatea Cluj-313.00
77Francisc DicanUniversitatea Cluj-321.50
78Cornel Ilie CaşoltanUniversitatea Cluj-212.00
79Marius PredatuUniversitatea Cluj-313.00
80Florin SimaUniversitatea Cluj-221.00
81MapDinamo Bucureşti-313.00
82MascotDinamo Bucureşti-505.00
83EmblemDinamo Bucureşti-707.00
84Ion Moldovan (coach)Dinamo Bucureşti-313.00
85Florin PruneaDinamo Bucureşti-111.00
86Zoltan KadarDinamo Bucureşti-140.25
87Leo Florin GrozavuDinamo Bucureşti-414.00
88Gheorghe MihaliDinamo Bucureşti-404.00
89Florin ConstantinoviciDinamo Bucureşti-221.00
90Vasile Brătianu IIDinamo Bucureşti-221.00
91Sulejman DemollariDinamo Bucureşti-221.00
92Cristian PuşcaşDinamo Bucureşti-313.00
93Laurenţiu LicăDinamo Bucureşti-414.00
94Marian IvanDinamo Bucureşti-321.50
95Gheorghe CeauşilăDinamo Bucureşti-505.00
96Dinu Viorel MoldovanDinamo Bucureşti-303.00
97EmblemElectroputere Craiova-522.50
98MascotElectroputere Craiova-303.00
99MonumentElectroputere Craiova-230.67
100Nicolae Negrilă (coach)Electroputere Craiova-331.00
101Valentin Ion DavidElectroputere Craiova-331.00
102Narcis Lucian MohoraElectroputere Craiova-313.00
103Florinel C. MireaElectroputere Craiova-313.00
104Gabriel PopescuElectroputere Craiova-212.00
105Victor Viorel PrunăElectroputere Craiova-404.00
106Grigore TudorElectroputere Craiova-522.50
107Samir Ionel ZanfirElectroputere Craiova-221.00
108Claudiu Nicu RăducanuElectroputere Craiova-515.00
109Ion ButaruElectroputere Craiova-313.00
110Dorinel Aldea DiaconuElectroputere Craiova-422.00
111Nicu NăstasieElectroputere Craiova-414.00
112Ion Daniel DănciulescuElectroputere Craiova-331.00
113StadiumFarul Constanţa-313.00
114MascotFarul Constanţa-202.00
115EmblemFarul Constanţa-313.00
116Florin Marin (coach)Farul Constanţa-515.00
117Gheorghe NiţuFarul Constanţa-313.00
118Marian DinuFarul Constanţa-331.00
119Daniel Constantin GhişanFarul Constanţa-230.67
120Alexandru PopoviciFarul Constanţa-331.00
121Gheorghe BarbuFarul Constanţa-414.00
122Cătălin PlăcintăFarul Constanţa-111.00
123Bănică OpreaFarul Constanţa-422.00
124Stelian CarabaşFarul Constanţa-331.00
125Gheorghe CiureaFarul Constanţa-303.00
126Gheorghe ButoiuFarul Constanţa-202.00
127Marian DulăFarul Constanţa-250.40
128Petre GrigoraşFarul Constanţa-221.00
129MapFC Inter Sibiu-321.50
130MascotFC Inter Sibiu-313.00
131EmblemFC Inter Sibiu-422.00
132Florin Halagian (coach)FC Inter Sibiu-331.00
133Adrian Constantin BlidFC Inter Sibiu-313.00
134Lucian CotoraFC Inter Sibiu-414.00
135Tudor Traian ChioarFC Inter Sibiu-212.00
136Mihăiţă StănescuFC Inter Sibiu-212.00
137Iosif Ovidiu TâlvanFC Inter Sibiu-313.00
138Cristian SavaFC Inter Sibiu-313.00
139Corneliu SeghediFC Inter Sibiu-414.00
140Constantin Cristian LazărFC Inter Sibiu-303.00
141Dorin Bogdan ZotingăFC Inter Sibiu-321.50
142Ovidiu MaierFC Inter Sibiu-303.00
143Marius Dumitru SeghediFC Inter Sibiu-313.00
144Adrian VăsâiFC Inter Sibiu-303.00
145EmblemFC Maramureş Baia Mare-606.00
146MascotFC Maramureş Baia Mare-321.50
147MonumentFC Maramureş Baia Mare-331.00
148Lucian Bălan (coach)FC Maramureş Baia Mare-414.00
149Cristian Daniel ChebuţiuFC Maramureş Baia Mare-431.33
150Ovidiu Ioan MicFC Maramureş Baia Mare-212.00
151Sorin Ioan RomanFC Maramureş Baia Mare-313.00
152Dionisie Miron BumbFC Maramureş Baia Mare-414.00
153Sorin Vasile SabăuFC Maramureş Baia Mare-422.00
154Sorin MoţocFC Maramureş Baia Mare-431.33
155Petru NegreaFC Maramureş Baia Mare-313.00
156Vasile JelerFC Maramureş Baia Mare-230.67
157Florin Eugen FrunzăFC Maramureş Baia Mare-321.50
158Cornel UngureanuFC Maramureş Baia Mare-414.00
159Ioan Vasile OanăFC Maramureş Baia Mare-313.00
160Nicolae RusFC Maramureş Baia Mare-221.00
161StadiumOţelul Galaţi-505.00
162MascotOţelul Galaţi-221.00
163EmblemOţelul Galaţi-321.50
164Ioan Sdrobiş (coach)Oţelul Galaţi-202.00
165Tudorel CălugăruOţelul Galaţi-414.00
166Constantin BădanOţelul Galaţi-202.00
167Florin Sorin HaragaOţelul Galaţi-221.00
168Gigi IonOţelul Galaţi-303.00
169Dorin BalmoşOţelul Galaţi-414.00
170Valentin Viorel ŞtefanOţelul Galaţi-303.00
171Radu CaşubaOţelul Galaţi-321.50
172Ionel LuţăOţelul Galaţi-313.00
173Costin MaleşOţelul Galaţi-414.00
174Viorel TănaseOţelul Galaţi-230.67
175Gheorghe CorneaOţelul Galaţi-321.50
176Horaţiu Daniel CiolobocOţelul Galaţi-221.00
177StadiumPetrolul Ploieşti-404.00
178MascotPetrolul Ploieşti-313.00
179EmblemPetrolul Ploieşti-313.00
180Ion Marin (coach)Petrolul Ploieşti-221.00
181Ştefan Gabriel PredaPetrolul Ploieşti-321.50
182Gheorghe A. BălăceanuPetrolul Ploieşti-212.00
183Daniel ChiriţăPetrolul Ploieşti-221.00
184Valeriu RăchiţăPetrolul Ploieşti-321.50
185Gheorghe Aurelian LeahuPetrolul Ploieşti-414.00
186Octavian GrigorePetrolul Ploieşti-221.00
187Marcel Cristian AbăluţăPetrolul Ploieşti-212.00
188Adrian Orlin ToaderPetrolul Ploieşti-313.00
189Daniel Eugen BaştinăPetrolul Ploieşti-240.50
190Marian GramaPetrolul Ploieşti-303.00
191Ciprian PuraPetrolul Ploieşti-212.00
192Daniel ZafirisPetrolul Ploieşti-422.00
193StadiumFC Naţional Bucureşti-202.00
194MascotFC Naţional Bucureşti-321.50
195EmblemFC Naţional Bucureşti-321.50
196Ion Dumitru (coach)FC Naţional Bucureşti-303.00
197Sorin Dorel ColceagFC Naţional Bucureşti-221.00
198Liviu CiubotaruFC Naţional Bucureşti-313.00
199Dan PotocianuFC Naţional Bucureşti-221.00
200Dan TopolinschiFC Naţional Bucureşti-313.00
201Tudorel CristeaFC Naţional Bucureşti-202.00
202Victor Viorel EneFC Naţional Bucureşti-313.00
203Cătălin LiţăFC Naţional Bucureşti-240.50
204Aurelian Cosmin OlăroiuFC Naţional Bucureşti-202.00
205Ion Ionuţ LuţuFC Naţional Bucureşti-505.00
206Florin CârsteaFC Naţional Bucureşti-212.00
207Vasile MatincăFC Naţional Bucureşti-505.00
208Marin DunăFC Naţional Bucureşti-111.00
209MapRapid Bucureşti-303.00
210MascotRapid Bucureşti-212.00
211EmblemRapid Bucureşti-313.00
212Viorel Hizo (coach)Rapid Bucureşti-313.00
213Leontin ToaderRapid Bucureşti-313.00
214Bernard WhiteRapid Bucureşti-202.00
215Niculae StanciuRapid Bucureşti-221.00
216Romulus BealcuRapid Bucureşti-120.50
217Ştefan IovanRapid Bucureşti-414.00
218Adrian MateiRapid Bucureşti-404.00
219Ionel ChebacRapid Bucureşti-120.50
220Florin MotrocRapid Bucureşti-221.00
221Iulian ChiriţăRapid Bucureşti-340.75
222Fănel ŢârăRapid Bucureşti-221.00
223Ion VlădoiuRapid Bucureşti-202.00
224Rodin VoineaRapid Bucureşti-331.00
225MonumentSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-313.00
226MascotSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-212.00
227EmblemSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-212.00
228Romulus Chihaia (coach)Sportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-414.00
229Răzvan LucescuSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-321.50
230Ion BivolaruSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-404.00
231Petru BunaciuSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-230.67
232Gabriel VochinSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-313.00
233Raouf Hamid GhassanSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-321.50
234Petre MarinSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-221.00
235Iordan George MazatSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-313.00
236Giuliano LalciuSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-202.00
237Antonio PopaSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-230.67
238Marius N. PriseceanuSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-321.50
239Serghei KirilovSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-212.00
240Iulian OpreaSportul Studenţesc Bucureşti-404.00
241EmblemSteaua Bucureşti-505.00
242MascotSteaua Bucureşti-522.50
243European Champions trophySteaua Bucureşti-505.00
244Dumitru Dumitriu (coach)Steaua Bucureşti-313.00
245Dumitru StangaciuSteaua Bucureşti-422.00
246Daniel Claudiu ProdanSteaua Bucureşti-404.00
247Aurel Silviu PanaitSteaua Bucureşti-531.67
248Anton DoboşSteaua Bucureşti-404.00
249Ionel Antonei ParvuSteaua Bucureşti-414.00
250Basarab Nică PanduruSteaua Bucureşti-616.00
251Ilie StanSteaua Bucureşti-623.00
252Damian MilitaruSteaua Bucureşti-404.00
253Marian PopaSteaua Bucureşti-303.00
254Laurenţiu Dumitru RoşuSteaua Bucureşti-505.00
255Marius Mihai LăcătuşSteaua Bucureşti-313.00
256Adrian Bucurei IlieSteaua Bucureşti-531.67
257MonumentUniversitatea Craiova-221.00
258MascotUniversitatea Craiova-404.00
259EmblemUniversitatea Craiova-303.00
260Victor Piţurcă (coach)Universitatea Craiova-313.00
261Dorin ArcanuUniversitatea Craiova-422.00
262Nicolae ZamfirUniversitatea Craiova-414.00
263Emil SăndoiUniversitatea Craiova-431.33
264Victor CojocaruUniversitatea Craiova-414.00
265Ion SburleaUniversitatea Craiova-303.00
266Corneliu PapurăUniversitatea Craiova-422.00
267Ovidiu StângăUniversitatea Craiova-331.00
268Silvian CristescuUniversitatea Craiova-422.00
269Dumitru PredoiUniversitatea Craiova-422.00
270Adrian Ion PiguleaUniversitatea Craiova-321.50
271Ionel Tersinio GaneUniversitatea Craiova-321.50
272Dumitru MitriţăUniversitatea Craiova-230.67
273MapUTA Arad-313.00
274MascotUTA Arad-515.00
275EmblemUTA Arad-202.00
276Gheorghe BorugaUTA Arad-313.00
277Attila Ioszef PapUTA Arad-623.00
278Marian SinescuUTA Arad-230.67
279Dan Mircea StuparUTA Arad-303.00
280Marius Vasile GradUTA Arad-313.00
281Decebal C. GrădinaruUTA Arad-422.00
282Lucian Florin DroncaUTA Arad-422.00
283Viorel StanciuUTA Arad-313.00
284Dan Pavel BoloşUTA Arad-404.00
285Pavel SzelUTA Arad-515.00
286Marcel CoraşUTA Arad-221.00
287Nicolae MituUTA Arad-313.00
288Mihai ŢârleaUTA Arad-303.00
289Hristo StoichkovChampions League - FC Barcelona-606.00
290Ronald KoemanChampions League - FC Barcelona-321.50
291Lothar MatthaeusChampions League - Bayern Munchen-505.00
292Jean Pierre PapinChampions League - Bayern Munchen-808.00
293Daniel ProdanChampions League - Steaua Bucuresti-404.00
294Claudio Paul CaniggiaChampions League - Benfica Lisabona-623.00
295Dejan SavicevicChampions League - AC Milan-808.00
296Ruud Dil GullitChampions League - AC Milan-707.00
296xPaolo MaldiniChampions League - AC Milan-606.00
297Franz AignerChampions League - Casino Salzburg-515.00
298Franklin RijkaardChampions League - Ajax Amsterdam-505.00
299Dimitrios SaravakosChampions League - AEK Athens-331.00
300Marc DegryseChampions League - Anderlecht Bruxelles-313.00
301Roberto ManciniCup Winners Cup - Sampdoria Genova-321.50
302Attilio LombardoCup Winners Cup - Sampdoria Genova-531.67
303João PintoCup Winners Cup - FC Porto-515.00
304Franky van der ElstCup Winners Cup - FC Brugges-321.50
305Oliver ReckCup Winners Cup - Werder Bremen-422.00
306Spiridon MarangosCup Winners Cup - Panathinaikos Athens-321.50
307Gianfranco ZolaUEFA Cup - AC Parma-707.00
308Nestor SensiniUEFA Cup - AC Parma-414.00
309Michel LaudrupUEFA Cup - Real Madrid-515.00
310Roberto BaggioUEFA Cup - Juventus Torino-707.00
311Alen BoksicUEFA Cup - Lazio Roma-515.00
312BebetoUEFA Cup - Deportivo La Coruña-606.00
313Fabio Capello (coach)Serie A - AC Milan-616.00
314Sebastiano RossiSerie A - AC Milan-414.00
315Franco BaresiSerie A - AC Milan-505.00
316Alessandro CostacurtaSerie A - AC Milan-606.00
317Paolo MaldiniSerie A - AC Milan-919.00
318Mauro TasottiSerie A - AC Milan-414.00
319Demetrio AlbertiniSerie A - AC Milan-515.00
320Zvonimir BobanSerie A - AC Milan-515.00
321Marcel DesaillySerie A - AC Milan-414.00
322Roberto DonadoniSerie A - AC Milan-505.00
323Dejan SavicevicSerie A - AC Milan-606.00
324Ruud Dil GullitSerie A - AC Milan-808.00
324xAlessandro MelliSerie A - AC Milan-202.00
325Daniele MassaroSerie A - AC Milan-515.00
326Marco SimoneSerie A - AC Milan-616.00
327Stefano BorgonovoSerie A - Brescia-515.00
328Salvatore GiuntaSerie A - Brescia-313.00
329Lorenzo AmorusoSerie A - Bari-414.00
330De Paula GersonSerie A - Bari-321.50
331Aldo FiricanoSerie A - Cagliari-303.00
332Luis Airton OliveiraSerie A - Cagliari-404.00
333Gustavo Abel DezottiSerie A - Cremonese-414.00
334Corrado VerdelliSerie A - Cremonese-321.50
335Francesco ManciniSerie A - Foggia-303.00
336Massimiliano CappelliniSerie A - Foggia-505.00
337Gianluca SignoriniSerie A - Genoa-313.00
338Tomas SkuhravySeria A - Genoa-321.50
339Gabriel Omar BatistutaSerie A - Fiorentina-531.67
340Angelo CarboneSerie A - Fiorentina-606.00
341Gianluca VialliSerie A - Juventus Torino-414.00
342Giancarlo MarocchiSerie A - Juventus Torino-422.00
343Darko PancevSerie A - Inter Milano-623.00
344Giuseppe BergomiSerie A - Inter Milano-623.00
345Giuseppe FavalliSerie A - Lazio Roma-303.00
346Luca MarchegianiSerie A - Lazio Roma-313.00
347Massimo AgostiniSerie A - Napoli-505.00
348Roberto PolicanoSerie A - Napoli-422.00
349Alexi LalasSerie A - Padova-404.00
350Giuseppe GalderisiSerie A - Padova-422.00
351Nevio Scala (coach)Serie A - AC Parma-531.67
352Luigi ApolloniSerie A - AC Parma-313.00
353Fernando De NapoliSerie A - Reggiana-414.00
354Francesco AntonioliSerie A - Reggiana-303.00
355Giuseppe GianniniSerie A - AS Roma-404.00
356Caris Daniel FonsecaSerie A - AS Roma-321.50
357Walter ZengaSerie A - Sampdoria Genova-616.00
358Pietro VierchowodSerie A - Sampdoria Genova-414.00
359Ivano BonettiSerie A - AC Torino-515.00
359xAbedi PeleSerie A - AC Torino-202.00
360Ruggiero RizzitelliSerie A - AC Torino-230.67