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Artbox Harry Potter. Memorable Moments. Part 2

Artbox Harry Potter. Memorable Moments. Part 2

Année: 2006
Nombre total de cartes: 94

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en cours: 3 / terminé: 2

Liste de vérification

1"Isn't he beautiful? Oh, bless him - look, he knows his mummy!" - Rubeus HagridBase Cards-101.00
2"Jump!" - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
3"Hermione, move!" - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
4"Clear as they come, goblins - but not the mos' friendly o' beasrs" - Rubeus HagridBase Cards-101.00
5"The little tyke fell ter sleep jus' as we were flyin over Bristol" - Rubeus HagridBase Cards-101.00
6"Lucky this plant thing's here, really!" - Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
7"If I didn't know better, Draco, I'd say you were scared" - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
8"Give me that letter!" - Vernon DursleyBase Cards-101.00
9"Think you're bein' funny, do ya?" - Station GuardBase Cards-101.00
10"It is curious that you should be destined for this wand, when its brother gave you that scar" - Mr. OllivanderBase Cards-101.00
11"Who'd be writing to you?" - Vernon DursleyBase Cards-101.00
12"Now, when I call your name, you shall come forth - Professor McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
13"Troll in the dungeon!" - Professor QuirrellBase Cards-101.00
14"What do I do with it?" - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
15"Is this yours?" - Draco MalfoyBase Cards-101.00
16"My name is Harry Potter." - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
17"let me introduce you to your new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher… me" - Professor LockhartBase Cards-101.00
18"Not today, Mr. Weasley." - Professor McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
19"...five times winner of Witch Weekly's Most-Charming-Smile Award" - Professor LockhartBase Cards-101.00
20"You wish." - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
21"Let's go." - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
22"...I strongly recommend caution... to all." - Professor DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
23"You'll still have your Potions Master when I'm through with him" - Professor LockhartBase Cards-101.00
24"Fera Verto." - Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
25"She was found near the library..." - Professor McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
26"What the devil are you doing up here?!" - Vernon DursleyBase Cards-101.00
27"Rescuing you, of course." - Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
28"Fascinating creatures, phoenixes." - Albus DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
29"Harry!" - Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
30"You two shopping for your new, dream home?" - Draco MalfoyBase Cards-101.00
31"Vernon, do something!" - Aunt MargeBase Cards-101.00
32"That's the rule, Potter." - Professor McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
33"Is it true you fainted?" - Draco MalfoyBase Cards-101.00
34"Show me." - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
35"Think Neville, think!" - Professor LupinBase Cards-101.00
36"Sirius Black was - and remains to this day - Professor McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
37"Is that my little neph-e-kins?" - Aunt MargeBase Cards-101.00
38"Youd' have to be in two classes at once." - Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
39"My name is Stan Shunpike..." - Stan ShunpikeBase Cards-101.00
40"But, what's he got to do with me?" - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
41"A remarkable feat, don't you think?" - Professor SnapeBase Cards-101.00
42"He bit me!" - Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
43"Amazing... amazing!" - Neville LongbottomBase Cards-101.00
44"Any bets?!" - Fred WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
45"The lovely ladies of the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic" - Professor DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
46"Uh... uhm..." - Hermione GrangerBase Cards-101.00
47"Place your right hand on my waist." - Professor McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
48"Blood of the enemy..." - Peter PettigrewBase Cards-101.00
49"...Hogwarts has been chosen..." - Professor DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
50"Is that a threat?! Is that a threat?!" - Mad-Eye MoodyBase Cards-101.00
51"Mum sent me a dress." - Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
52"C'mon, Potter. What are your strengths?" - Mad-Eye MoodyBase Cards-101.00
53"Barty Crouch... Junior!" - Igor KarkaroffBase Cards-101.00
54"No! No!" - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
55"Ah, but that's why it's so brilliant." - Fred WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
56"Hmmmm, hmmmm..." - Neville LongbottomBase Cards-101.00
57"Rescuing you, of course." - Mad-Eye MoodyBase Cards-101.00
58"Hello, Harry Potter." - Luna LovegoodBase Cards-101.00
59"To question my practices is to question the Ministry!" - Professor UmbridgeBase Cards-101.00
60"You're right Harry, we don't..." - Hermione GrangerBase Cards-101.00
61"Those wishing to join the Inquisitorial Squad for extra credit…" - Professor UmbridgeBase Cards-101.00
62"There's a storm comin', Harry." - Rubeus HagridBase Cards-101.00
63"I'm quite proud to be their son..." - Neville LongbottomBase Cards-101.00
64"Get away from my godson." - Sirius BlackBase Cards-101.00
65"Good - I want to join!" - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
66"Reducto!" - Ginny WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
67"Harry - it isn't how you are alike; it's how you are not" - Professor DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
68"What are you doing?" - Dudley DursleyBase Cards-101.00
69"Whoaaa!" - NigelBase Cards-101.00
70"I've never used the visitors' entrance before!" - Arthur WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
71"I've gone all summer without a scrap of news." - Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
72ChecklistBase Cards-101.00
BT1Harry Potter; HogwartsBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT2Harry Potter; practice dummyBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT3Harry Potter; silhouette behindBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT4Harry Potter; aloneBox-Topper Cards-101.00
BT5Dumbledore's Army (silhouette)Box-Topper Cards-101.00
CT1Harry Potter and HedwigCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT2Draco Malfoy and Dark MarkCase-Topper Cards-101.00
CT3Dragon and Harry PotterCase-Topper Cards-101.00
Pr1The Golden SnitchPromo Cards-101.00
Pr2Duelling ClubPromo Cards-101.00
Pr3The Monster Book of MonstersPromo Cards-101.00
Pr4Riddle GraveyardPromo Cards-101.00
Pr5WalkwayPromo Cards-101.00
Pz1Dumbledore's Army (silhouettes)Puzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz2Harry Potter (slight right profile)Puzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz3Harry Potter (facing forward)Puzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz4Hermione Granger (head tilted)Puzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz5Hermione Granger (facing forward)Puzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz6Ron WeasleyPuzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz7Luna LovegoodPuzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz8Ginny WeasleyPuzzle Foil Cards-101.00
Pz9Neville LongbottomPuzzle Foil Cards-101.00