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Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Part 1

Artbox Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Part 1

Année: 2004
Nombre total de cartes: 120

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en cours: 3 / terminé: 3

Liste de vérification

1Title CardBase Cards-101.00
2Harry PotterBase Cards-101.00
3Ron WeasleyBase Cards-101.00
4Hermione GrangerBase Cards-101.00
5Sirius BlackBase Cards-101.00
6Remus LupinBase Cards-101.00
7Peter PettigrewBase Cards-101.00
8Sibyll TrelawneyBase Cards-111.00
9Severus SnapeBase Cards-101.00
10Rubeus HagridBase Cards-111.00
11Albus DumbledoreBase Cards-101.00
12Minerva McGonagallBase Cards-101.00
13Draco MalfoyBase Cards-101.00
14Neville LongbottomBase Cards-101.00
15Cornelius FudgeBase Cards-111.00
16Argus FilchBase Cards-101.00
17Vincent CrabbeBase Cards-101.00
18Gregory GoyleBase Cards-101.00
19A Visit from Aunt MargeBase Cards-111.00
20Harry Loses His TemperBase Cards-101.00
21Aunt Marge InflatesBase Cards-101.00
22Floating into the SkyBase Cards-101.00
23Leaving the DursleysBase Cards-101.00
24Something in the ShadowsBase Cards-101.00
25The Knight Bus AppearsBase Cards-101.00
26Boarding the Knight BusBase Cards-101.00
27Arriving at the Leaky CauldronBase Cards-101.00
28A Chat with Cornelius FudgeBase Cards-101.00
29The Monster Book of MonstersBase Cards-101.00
30Inside the Leaky CauldronBase Cards-101.00
31Greeted by Ron and HermioneBase Cards-101.00
32Learning About Sirius BlackBase Cards-101.00
33A Dementor AppearsBase Cards-101.00
34Return to HogwartsBase Cards-101.00
35The Choir Sings OutBase Cards-101.00
36Welcoming the StudentsBase Cards-101.00
37Magical Creatures ClassBase Cards-101.00
38Hagrid's ClassBase Cards-101.00
39Draco Taunts HarryBase Cards-101.00
40Introducing BuckbeakBase Cards-101.00
41A Ride on Buckbeak's BackBase Cards-101.00
42Clawed by BuckbeakBase Cards-101.00
43Sirius Black Sighted!Base Cards-101.00
44Professor Lupin's ClassBase Cards-101.00
45Teaching 'Riddikulus'Base Cards-101.00
46Repelling a BoggartBase Cards-101.00
47Signed Permission FormsBase Cards-101.00
48Permission to Leave RefusedBase Cards-101.00
49A Goodbye to His FriendsBase Cards-101.00
50Discussing Harry's BoggartBase Cards-101.00
51The Portrait Attacked!Base Cards-101.00
52In the Great HallBase Cards-101.00
53Snape's Werewolf LessonBase Cards-101.00
54Draco's New TauntBase Cards-101.00
55The 'Moth' ParchmentBase Cards-101.00
56After the Quidditch MatchBase Cards-101.00
57Setting Hedwig FreeBase Cards-101.00
58Near the Shrieking ShackBase Cards-101.00
59A Mysterious AttackBase Cards-101.00
60The Invisibility CloakBase Cards-101.00
61Madam Rosmerta's InquiryBase Cards-101.00
62In the Three BroomsticksBase Cards-101.00
63A Most Wanted WizardBase Cards-101.00
64Lupin's Conjuring LessonBase Cards-101.00
65Producing a PatronusBase Cards-101.00
66Checking With Sir CadoganBase Cards-101.00
67The Three Friends ArgueBase Cards-101.00
68Peril of the Marauder's MapBase Cards-101.00
69Threatening DracoBase Cards-101.00
70Hagrid's HutBase Cards-101.00
71A Hasty RetreatBase Cards-101.00
72Hiding Amongst the PumpkinsBase Cards-101.00
73The Executioner's TaskBase Cards-101.00
74Sirius and LupinBase Cards-101.00
75The Truth RevealedBase Cards-101.00
76Scabbers Transformed!Base Cards-101.00
77Holding Pettigrew and SnapeBase Cards-101.00
78Pettigrew's EscapeBase Cards-111.00
79Night of the WerewolfBase Cards-101.00
80Beast Against BeastBase Cards-101.00
81Dementors at the Black LakeBase Cards-101.00
82Watching Time ReplayedBase Cards-101.00
83Rescuing BuckbeakBase Cards-101.00
84Dumbledore's DiversionBase Cards-101.00
85Has Harry Seen His Dad?Base Cards-111.00
86Saved From the DementorsBase Cards-101.00
87Freeing Sirius BlackBase Cards-101.00
88A Farewell From SiriusBase Cards-101.00
89Leaving the Map BehindBase Cards-111.00
90ChecklistBase Cards-101.00
BT1GryffindorBox-Topper Cards-303.00
BT2HufflepuffBox-Topper Cards-303.00
BT3SlytherinBox-Topper Cards-303.00
BT4RavenclawBox-Topper Cards-303.00
CT1Wanted Poster Motion CardCase-Topper Cards-303.00
CT2Dementor Motion CardCase-Topper Cards-303.00
CT3Movie logo Motion CardCase-Topper Cards-303.00
M1Lupin's wolf formFoil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
M2Riding BuckbeakFoil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
M3Flying through dementorsFoil Chase Cards (Retail)-313.00
M4DementorFoil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
M5Shrieking ShackFoil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
M6HogwartsFoil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
M7Prongs protectsFoil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
M8Hogwarts (wand against dementor)Foil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
M9Hogwarts (Hedwig delivery)Foil Chase Cards (Retail)-303.00
Pr1Carte Pr1Promo Cards-303.00
Pr2Carte Pr2Promo Cards-303.00
Pr3Carte Pr3Promo Cards-303.00
Pr4Carte Pr4Promo Cards-303.00
Pr5Carte Pr5Promo Cards-303.00
R1Lupin's wolf formFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R2Riding BuckbeakFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R3Flying through dementorsFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R4DementorFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R5Shrieking ShackFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R6HogwartsFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R7Harry the SeekerFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R8Protecting from dementorFoil Chase Cards-303.00
R9Snowy gateFoil Chase Cards-303.00