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Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: Betrayal of the Guardian

Cryptozoic World Of Warcraft: Betrayal of the Guardian

Année: 2013
Nombre total de cartes: 202

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en cours: 0 / terminé: 1

Liste de vérification

1Aegwynn, Guardian of TirisfalMaster Hero - Human MageEpic000.00
2Bone ShieldAbility - Death KnightRare000.00
3Corruption of the AgesAbility - Death KnightRare000.00
4Grim TouchAbility - Death KnightRare000.00
5Hand of DreadAbility - Death KnightCommon000.00
6Soul PoxAbility - Death KnightUncommon000.00
7Timeless UndeathAbility - Death KnightUncommon000.00
8Ancient Moonkin FormAbility - DruidRare000.00
9Feral ProwessAbility - DruidCommon000.00
10Living SeedAbility - DruidRare000.00
11Roar of the AgesAbility - DruidRare000.00
12Thorns of NordrassilAbility - DruidUncommon000.00
13Timeless BountyAbility - DruidUncommon000.00
14BiteyAlly - HunterCommon000.00
15Gahz'rillaAlly - HunterEpic000.00
16Intervening ShotAbility — HunterUncommon000.00
17Piercing ShotsAbility — HunterRare000.00
18Timeless AimAbility — HunterUncommon000.00
19Wrath of the AgesAbility — HunterRare000.00
20Arcane ShockAbility — MageUncommon000.00
21Critical MassAbility — MageRare000.00
22Flame VolleyAbility — MageCommon000.00
23Frost StasisAbility — MageRare000.00
24Secrets of the AgesAbility — MageRare000.00
25Timeless ArcanaAbility — MageUncommon000.00
26Blessing of the PureAbility — PaladinCommon000.00
27Crusade of KingsAbility — PaladinRare000.00
28Guardian of the AgesAbility — PaladinRare000.00
29Light of DawnAbility — PaladinRare000.00
30Light's VengeanceAbility — PaladinUncommon000.00
31Timeless LightAbility — PaladinUncommon000.00
32Dark DeliveranceAbility — PriestCommon000.00
33Holy Word: HopeAbility — PriestUncommon000.00
34Power Word: SpiritAbility — PriestRare000.00
35Prayer of the AgesAbility — PriestRare000.00
36Psychic HorrorAbility — PriestRare000.00
37Timeless AgonyAbility — PriestUncommon000.00
38Fast-Acting PoisonAbility — RogueUncommon000.00
39No MercyAbility — RogueRare000.00
40Timeless DeceptionAbility — RogueUncommon000.00
41Venomous WoundsAbility — RogueRare000.00
42CloudburstAbility — ShamanRare000.00
43Freezing Rain TotemAbility Ally - ShamanUncommon000.00
44Magma BlastAbility — ShamanCommon000.00
45Static ShockAbility — ShamanRare000.00
46Storm of the AgesAbility — ShamanRare000.00
47Timeless WindsAbility — ShamanUncommon000.00
48Curse of the FelAbility — WarlockRare000.00
49Demonic RebirthAbility — WarlockRare000.00
50Fel InversionAbility — WarlockCommon000.00
51Ritual of the AgesAbility — WarlockRare000.00
52ThoglosAlly - WarlockUncommon000.00
53Timeless ShadowAbility — WarlockUncommon000.00
54Bastion of DefenseAbility - WarriorRare000.00
55Brutal SteelAbility - WarriorRare000.00
56Fortified DefensesAbility - WarriorUncommon000.00
57Fury of the AgesAbility - WarriorRare000.00
58Timeless ResilienceAbility - WarriorUncommon000.00
59Legacy of BetrayalAbilityEpic000.00
60More Work?AbilityCommon000.00
61Sigil of the LegionAbilityCommon000.00
62Archdruid Fandral StaghelmAlly - AllianceRare000.00
63Belthira the Black ThornAlly - AllianceEpic000.00
64Danath TrollbaneAlly - AllianceRare000.00
65Darris LeafshadeAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
66Dwarf DemolitionistAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
67Elistari SilverwindAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
68General TuralyonAlly - AllianceEpic000.00
69Gnomish Flying MachineAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
70Human DarkweaverAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
71Human FootmanAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
72Human KnightAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
73Human OperativeAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
74Human PeasantAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
75Human SniperAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
76KhadgarAlly - AllianceRare000.00
77Lady VoltaireAlly - AllianceRare000.00
78Loremaster PoothAlly - AllianceRare000.00
79Myro LumastisAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
80Night Elf ArcanistAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
81Night Elf BladedancerAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
82Night Elf GrovewalkerAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
83Night Elf Moon PriestessAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
84Night Elf RangerAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
85Night Elf SwiftbladeAlly - AllianceCommon000.00
86Thane Kurdran WildhammerAlly - AllianceRare000.00
87Virendra MoonglowAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
88Xander BlackcrowAlly - AllianceUncommon000.00
89Blood Knight LynestaAlly - HordeRare000.00
90Chora CloudspeakerAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
91Dohna DarkskyAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
92DrakaAlly - HordeRare000.00
93DurotanAlly - HordeRare000.00
94Farseer HorgathAlly - HordeRare000.00
95Goblin SapperAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
96Korah IcefangAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
97Korgen SkullcleaverAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
98Magatha GrimtotemAlly - HordeRare000.00
99Makuna HatadaAlly - HordeEpic000.00
100Orc BlackbladeAlly - HordeCommon000.00
101Orc FlamecallerAlly - HordeCommon000.00
102Orc GruntAlly - HordeCommon000.00
103Orc NecrolyteAlly - HordeCommon000.00
104Orc PeonAlly - HordeCommon000.00
105Orgrim DoomhammerAlly - HordeEpic000.00
106Tauren DeathwalkerAlly - HordeCommon000.00
107Tauren LightcallerAlly - HordeCommon000.00
108Tauren MysticAlly - HordeCommon000.00
109Tauren PlainsriderAlly - HordeCommon000.00
110Tauren SunhoofAlly - HordeCommon000.00
111Tauren TrackerAlly - HordeCommon000.00
112Tauren WildmenderAlly - HordeCommon000.00
113Troll AxethrowerAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
114Zafira RageboltAlly - HordeUncommon000.00
115Zul'jinAlly - HordeRare000.00
116Bianca, Timewalker MageAlly - NeutralUncommon000.00
117Enabrin, Timewalker DruidAlly - NeutralUncommon000.00
118Lyra, Timewalker EmbermageAlly - NeutralUncommon000.00
119Moro, Timewalker DruidAlly - NeutralUncommon000.00
120Nazzik, Timewalker TricksterAlly - NeutralRare000.00
121Nehru, Timewalker HunterAlly - NeutralUncommon000.00
122Timewalker JuggernautAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
123Timewalker ShadowseerAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
124Timewalker SmasherAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
125Timewalker VanguardAlly - NeutralCommon000.00
126Watsun, Timewalker LightshieldAlly - NeutralRare000.00
127Zor'ka, Timewalker ShamanAlly - NeutralUncommon000.00
128Arcane AnomalyMonster Ally — Arcane ElementalCommon000.00
129Arcane ProtectorMonster Ally — MechanicalUncommon000.00
130The Big Bad WolfMonster Ally — Worgen WarriorRare000.00
131Bigbelly, Furbolg ChieftainMonster Ally — Furbolg ShamanRare000.00
132Blackfang TarantulaMonster Ally — Spider BeastCommon000.00
133Darkwater CrocoliskMonster Ally — Crocolisk BeastCommon000.00
134Doom Commander ZaakuulMonster Ally — Doomguard DemonEpic000.00
135Doomguard SoldierMonster Ally — Doomguard DemonCommon000.00
136Durnholde Tracking HoundMonster Ally — Dog BeastCommon000.00
137Enslaved Red DragonMonster Ally — Red DragonkinUncommon000.00
138Eredar DeathbringerMonster Ally — Eredar Demon WarlockCommon000.00
139Ethereal SpellfilcherMonster Ally — Ethereal MageUncommon000.00
140Ethereal ThiefMonster Ally — Ethereal RogueUncommon000.00
141Felguard AnnihilatorMonster Ally — Felguard DemonCommon000.00
142FrostwolfMonster Ally — Wolf BeastCommon000.00
143Furbolg ShamanMonster Ally — Furbolg ShamanCommon000.00
144Ghostly ChargerMonster Ally — Horse SpiritRare000.00
145Greater FleshbeastMonster Ally — FleshbeastCommon000.00
146Highland LionMonster Ally — Lion BeastCommon000.00
147Karazhan ConcubineMonster Ally — Succubus DemonCommon000.00
148Kil'rekMonster Ally — Imp DemonRare000.00
149MoroesMonster Ally — Risen RogueRare000.00
150NightbaneMonster Ally — Skeleton DragonkinEpic000.00
151Prince MalchezaarMonster Ally — Eredar DemonEpic000.00
152Ravenous FurbolgMonster Ally — Furbolg HunterCommon000.00
153Servant of TerestianMonster Ally — Imp DemonCommon000.00
154Shade of AranMonster Ally — Spirit MageRare000.00
155Shadowmoon MageMonster Ally — Ogre MageCommon000.00
156Shivarra DeathspeakerMonster Ally — Shivarra DemonCommon000.00
157SnappyfinMonster Ally — Murloc MageRare000.00
158Spawn of HyakissMonster Ally — Spider BeastUncommon000.00
159Spawn of RokadMonster Ally — Hound BeastUncommon000.00
160Spawn of ShadikithMonster Ally — Bat BeastUncommon000.00
161Terestian IllhoofMonster Ally — Satyr Demon WarlockRare000.00
162Vile WatcherMonster Ally — Floating Eye DemonCommon000.00
163VoidshriekerMonster Ally — Voidwalker DemonCommon000.00
164Wildhammer GryphonMonster Ally — Gryphon BeastUncommon000.00
165Wrathguard DefenderMonster Ally — Wrathguard DemonCommon000.00
166Floating SpellbookAlly - SpellbookCommon000.00
167Don Carlos' Famous HatArmorUncommon000.00
168Durotan's Battle HarnessArmorUncommon000.00
169Gauntlets of the Ancient FrostwolfArmorUncommon000.00
170Khadgar's Kilt of AbjurationArmorUncommon000.00
171Mantle of AbrahmisArmorRare000.00
172Royal Crest of LordaeronArmorRare000.00
173VanCleef's BootsArmorRare000.00
174Dark Portal HearthstoneItemUncommon000.00
175Time-Bending GemItemCommon000.00
176Moroes' Lucky Pocket WatchItemUncommon000.00
177Atiesh, Greatstaff of the GuardianWeaponEpic000.00
178Bloodfire GreatstaffWeaponCommon000.00
180Fool's BaneWeaponRare000.00
181Hellscream SlicerWeaponUncommon000.00
182Lothar's EdgeWeaponUncommon000.00
183Millennium BladeWeaponCommon000.00
186Shard of the VirtuousWeaponUncommon000.00
187Staff of Infinite MysteriesWeaponRare000.00
188Time-Shifted DaggerWeaponCommon000.00
189Vagaries of TimeWeaponCommon000.00
190Warglaive of AzzinothWeaponEpic000.00
191Windrunner's BowWeaponRare000.00
192Assault on Blackrock SpireQuestUncommon000.00
193The Fall of LordaeronQuestUncommon000.00
194The Black MorassQuestCommon000.00
195A Demonic PresenceQuestUncommon000.00
196Escape from DurnholdeQuestCommon000.00
197The Master's TouchQuestCommon000.00
198Medivh's JournalQuestCommon000.00
199The Opening of the Dark PortalQuestCommon000.00
200Taretha's DiversionQuestCommon000.00
201Capital City, LordaeronLocationRare000.00
202Blackrock SpireLocationRare000.00