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Panini Naruto: Way of the Ninja

Panini Naruto: Way of the Ninja

Année: 2006
Nombre total de cartes: 147

en cours: 6 / terminé: 1

Liste de vérification

1Naruto: Way of the NinjaBase card-202.00
2The Nine-Tailed Fox SpiritBase card-202.00
3The SealBase card-202.00
4Very Irreverent JokeBase card-202.00
5Failed!Base card-202.00
6Passed!Base card-202.00
7Sakura in LoveBase card-202.00
8Naruto's DeceptionBase card-202.00
9Kakashi the TeacherBase card-202.00
10Naruto's RecklessnessBase card-202.00
11Sasuke's HaughtinessBase card-202.00
12Successful TestBase card-202.00
13A Real MissionBase card-202.00
14The AmbushBase card-202.00
15Naruto's PromiseBase card-202.00
16Zabuza and GatoBase card-202.00
17Kakashi's SharinganBase card-202.00
18Kakashi vs. ZabuzaBase card-202.00
19The End of the DuelBase card-202.00
20Haku's DeceptionBase card-202.00
21InariBase card-202.00
22A Painful PastBase card-202.00
23Climbing TreesBase card-202.00
24Sasuke's and Naruto's TrainingBase card-202.00
25Haku and NarutoBase card-202.00
26Haku's StoryBase card-202.00
27The End of TrainingBase card-202.00
28The ReckoningBase card-202.00
29A Providential Lie-InBase card-202.00
30Sauske vs. HakuBase card-202.00
31Sakura on the AttackBase card-202.00
32The Hero Enters the SceneBase card-202.00
33Haku's PowerBase card-202.00
34Sasuke's SharinganBase card-202.00
35Sasuke's SacrificeBase card-202.00
36The Wrath of NarutoBase card-202.00
37Behind the MaskBase card-202.00
38Zabuza's RevengeBase card-202.00
39Kakashi's NoseBase card-202.00
40The Extreme SacrificeBase card-202.00
41Together Even in DeathBase card-202.00
42Mission AccomplishedBase card-202.00
43Naruto's CourageBase card-202.00
44Naruto the WorstBase card-202.00
45Tension in the TeamBase card-202.00
46Words as Heavy as StonesBase card-202.00
47Pestiferous GangBase card-202.00
48The Sand NinjaBase card-202.00
49A New RivalBase card-202.00
50The Chunin Selection ExamBase card-202.00
51Rock Lee in LoveBase card-202.00
52Rock Lee vs. SasukeBase card-202.00
53An Impassioned TeacherBase card-202.00
54United in SpiritBase card-202.00
55The Exam ParticipantsBase card-202.00
56Ninja Info CardsBase card-202.00
57Naruto's ProclamationBase card-202.00
58The Sound NinjaBase card-202.00
59The First ExaminerBase card-202.00
60The Rules of the First ExamBase card-202.00
61Naruto's DespairBase card-202.00
62Sasuke's IntuitionBase card-202.00
63Hinata's KindnessBase card-202.00
64Question Number 10Base card-202.00
65CourageBase card-202.00
66Naruto's JoyBase card-202.00
67The Second ExaminerBase card-202.00
68The Survival Tests CommencesBase card-202.00
69Deception by an EnemyBase card-202.00
70OrochimaruBase card-202.00
71In the Jaws of the SnakeBase card-202.00
72In the Coils of FearBase card-202.00
73No CompromiseBase card-202.00
74A Desperate StruggleBase card-202.00
75The Mark of OrochimaruBase card-202.00
76The Ino-Shika-Cho TrioBase card-202.00
77Providential AidBase card-202.00
78Sakura Fights BackBase card-202.00
79Friends of the HeartBase card-202.00
80How to Make Choji MadBase card-202.00
81An Accursed PowerBase card-202.00
82Thirst for BloodBase card-202.00
83TemptationBase card-202.00
84Just in TimeBase card-202.00
85Kabuto's StrategyBase card-202.00
86Battle for the ScrollBase card-202.00
87Snake in the GrassBase card-202.00
88The Opening of the ScrollsBase card-212.00
89Guy and KakashiBase card-202.00
90The Third ExaminerBase card-202.00
91Sasuke vs. YoroiBase card-202.00
92The Curse of OrochimaruBase card-202.00
93Kakashi and OrochimaruBase card-202.00
94Shino vs. ZakuBase card-202.00
95Kankuro vs. MisumiBase card-202.00
96Sakura vs. InoBase card-202.00
97Temari vs. TentenBase card-202.00
98Shikamaru vs. KinBase card-202.00
99Naruto vs. AkamaruBase card-202.00
100Neji vs. HinataBase card-202.00
101Gaara vs. Rock LeeBase card-202.00
102Dosu vs. ChojiBase card-202.00
103Orochimaru PlotsBase card-202.00
104Kabuto vs. KakashiBase card-202.00
105The Third Test Is AnnouncedBase card-202.00
106An Exceptional TeacherBase card-202.00
107The Toad HermitBase card-202.00
108ChecklistBase card-202.00
A1Attack!Anime Motion (Lenticular) Cards-202.00
A2Rage!Anime Motion (Lenticular) Cards-202.00
A3Attack!Anime Motion (Lenticular) Cards-202.00
AH1NarutoAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH2SakuraAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH3SasukeAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH4IrukaAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH5Rock LeeAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH6EbisuAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH7GuyAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH8InoAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
AH9KonohamaruAttitude Holographic Foil Cards-202.00
C1NarutoCharacter Cards-202.00
C2SakuraCharacter Cards-202.00
C3SasukeCharacter Cards-202.00
C4KakashiCharacter Cards-202.00
C5IrukaCharacter Cards-202.00
C6Rock LeeCharacter Cards-202.00
C7NejiCharacter Cards-202.00
C8ShikamaruCharacter Cards-202.00
C9OrochimaruCharacter Cards-202.00
C10ZabuzaCharacter Cards-202.00
C11GaaraCharacter Cards-202.00
C12KabutoCharacter Cards-202.00
C13InoCharacter Cards-202.00
C14TentenCharacter Cards-202.00
C15TemariCharacter Cards-202.00
C16AsumaCharacter Cards-202.00
C17ChojiCharacter Cards-202.00
C18ShinoCharacter Cards-202.00
G1NarutoNinja Glow Cards-202.00
G2SakuraNinja Glow Cards-202.00
G3SasukeNinja Glow Cards-202.00
KR1NarutoKey Roles Cards-202.00
KR2SakuraKey Roles Cards-202.00
KR3SasukeKey Roles Cards-202.00
KR4KakashiKey Roles Cards-202.00
KR5GaaraKey Roles Cards-202.00
KR6OrochimaruKey Roles Cards-202.00