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Panini NHL Hockey 2015-2016

Panini NHL Hockey 2015-2016

Année: 2015
Nombre total d'autocollants: 516

A 72-page album with 516 total stickers, including 99 special metalized foil stickers.

Each NHL team is showcased with a two-page spread and 14 stickers.

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en cours: 80 / terminé: 60

Liste de vérification

1NHL-record 20-round shootout14-15 Highlights-871.14
2Martin Brodeur's final NHL game14-15 Highlights-5100.50
3Andrew Hammond's early success14-15 Highlights-861.33
4Jaromir Jagr reaches 1800 career points14-15 Highlights-6130.46
5Jamie Benn clinches Art Ross Trophy14-15 Highlights-881.00
6Gaudreau and Stone lead rookies in points14-15 Highlights-761.17
7Devan Dubnyk leads Wild to playoffs14-15 Highlights-861.33
8Carey Price dominates in goal14-15 Highlights-6120.50
9The "Whiteout" returns to Winnipeg14-15 Highlights-6110.55
10Bruins Home/Away JerseysBoston Bruins-6130.46
11Boston Bruins LogoBoston Bruins-661.00
12STAR - Tuukka RaskBoston Bruinsfoil1142.75
13STAR - Patrice BergeronBoston Bruinsfoil1535.00
14STAR - Zdeno CharaBoston Bruinsfoil1334.33
15Tuukka RaskBoston Bruins-4130.31
16Zdeno CharaBoston Bruins-4150.27
17Torey KrugBoston Bruins-8150.53
18Patrice BergeronBoston Bruins-3240.13
19Loui ErikssonBoston Bruins-4130.31
20David KrejciBoston Bruins-5150.33
21Brad MarchandBoston Bruins-4130.31
22David PastrnakBoston Bruins-7120.58
23Dennis SeidenbergBoston Bruins-5110.45
24Sabres Home/Away JerseysBuffalo Sabres-7120.58
25Buffalo Sabres LogoBuffalo Sabres-480.50
26STAR - Matt MoulsonBuffalo Sabresfoil961.50
27STAR - Tyler EnnisBuffalo Sabresfoil1562.50
28STAR - Zemgus GirgensonsBuffalo Sabresfoil1772.43
29Robin LehnerBuffalo Sabres-480.50
30Zach BogosianBuffalo Sabres-5140.36
31Rasmus RistolainenBuffalo Sabres-490.44
32Tyler EnnisBuffalo Sabres-6160.38
33Marcus FolignoBuffalo Sabres-4110.36
34Brian GiontaBuffalo Sabres-5120.42
35Zemgus GirgensonsBuffalo Sabres-560.83
36Matt MoulsonBuffalo Sabres-7100.70
37Ryan O'ReillyBuffalo Sabres-981.13
38Hurricanes Home/Away JerseysCarolina Hurricanes-9120.75
39Carolina Hurricanes LogoCarolina Hurricanes-9110.82
40STAR - Eric StaalCarolina Hurricanesfoil1252.40
41STAR - Justin FaulkCarolina Hurricanesfoil1334.33
42STAR - Jeff SkinnerCarolina Hurricanesfoil1334.33
43Cam WardCarolina Hurricanes-6100.60
44Justin FaulkCarolina Hurricanes-480.50
45James WisniewskiCarolina Hurricanes-5100.50
46Nathan GerbeCarolina Hurricanes-5130.38
47Elias LindholmCarolina Hurricanes-4160.25
48Victor RaskCarolina Hurricanes-6140.43
49Jeff SkinnerCarolina Hurricanes-5150.33
50Eric StaalCarolina Hurricanes-3180.17
51Jordan StaalCarolina Hurricanes-3130.23
52Blue Jackets Home/Away JerseysColumbus Blue Jackets-8130.62
53Columbus Blue Jackets LogoColumbus Blue Jackets-780.88
54STAR - Nick FolignoColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil1262.00
55STAR - Jack JohnsonColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil1371.86
56STAR - Ryan JohansenColumbus Blue Jacketsfoil1553.00
57Sergei BobrovskyColumbus Blue Jackets-6130.46
58Jack JohnsonColumbus Blue Jackets-6110.55
59David SavardColumbus Blue Jackets-590.56
60Cam AtkinsonColumbus Blue Jackets-4130.31
61Brandon DubinskyColumbus Blue Jackets-5110.45
62Nick FolignoColumbus Blue Jackets-6100.60
63Scott HartnellColumbus Blue Jackets-3100.30
64Boone JennerColumbus Blue Jackets-6110.55
65Ryan JohansenColumbus Blue Jackets-460.67
66Red Wings Home/Away JerseysDetroit Red Wings-1181.38
67Detroit Red Wings LogoDetroit Red Wings-761.17
68STAR - Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wingsfoil1434.67
69STAR - Niklas KronwallDetroit Red Wingsfoil1243.00
70STAR - Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red Wingsfoil1653.20
71Jimmy HowardDetroit Red Wings-5130.38
72Petr MrazekDetroit Red Wings-871.14
73Danny DeKeyserDetroit Red Wings-5110.45
74Niklas KronwallDetroit Red Wings-5100.50
75Justin AbdelkaderDetroit Red Wings-890.89
76Pavel DatsyukDetroit Red Wings-4110.36
77Gustav NyquistDetroit Red Wings-2250.08
78Tomas TatarDetroit Red Wings-6110.55
79Henrik ZetterbergDetroit Red Wings-4120.33
80Panthers Home/Away JerseysFlorida Panthers-9110.82
81Florida Panthers LogoFlorida Panthers-6110.55
82STAR - Aaron EkbladFlorida Panthersfoil15115.00
83STAR - Jaromir JagrFlorida Panthersfoil1434.67
84STAR - Roberto LuongoFlorida Panthersfoil1836.00
85Roberto LuongoFlorida Panthers-871.14
86Brian CampbellFlorida Panthers-390.33
87Aaron EkbladFlorida Panthers-4110.36
88Aleksander BarkovFlorida Panthers-7130.54
89Nick BjugstadFlorida Panthers-6100.60
90Jonathan HuberdeauFlorida Panthers-480.50
91Jaromir JagrFlorida Panthers-3120.25
92Jussi JokinenFlorida Panthers-5150.33
93Brandon PirriFlorida Panthers-5180.28
94Canadiens Home/Away JerseysMontreal Canadiens-8100.80
95Montreal Canadiens LogoMontreal Canadiens-790.78
96STAR - Carey PriceMontreal Canadiensfoil1628.00
97STAR - Max PaciorettyMontreal Canadiensfoil1644.00
98STAR - P.K. SubbanMontreal Canadiensfoil1452.80
99Carey PriceMontreal Canadiens-6110.55
100Andrei MarkovMontreal Canadiens-8160.50
101P.K. SubbanMontreal Canadiens-3280.11
102David DesharnaisMontreal Canadiens-8120.67
103Lars EllerMontreal Canadiens-6120.50
104Alex GalchenyukMontreal Canadiens-8110.73
105Brendan GallagherMontreal Canadiens-9120.75
106Max PaciorettyMontreal Canadiens-790.78
107Tomas PlekanecMontreal Canadiens-7180.39
108Devils Home/Away JerseysNew Jersey Devils-9120.75
109New Jersey Devils LogoNew Jersey Devils-6110.55
110STAR - Cory SchneiderNew Jersey Devilsfoil1452.80
111STAR - Mike CammalleriNew Jersey Devilsfoil1635.33
112STAR - Adam HenriqueNew Jersey Devilsfoil1352.60
113Cory SchneiderNew Jersey Devils-470.57
114Eric GelinasNew Jersey Devils-751.40
115Andy GreeneNew Jersey Devils-790.78
116Adam LarssonNew Jersey Devils-3160.19
117Jon MerrillNew Jersey Devils-7110.64
118Mike CammalleriNew Jersey Devils-3120.25
119Patrik EliasNew Jersey Devils-480.50
120Adam HenriqueNew Jersey Devils-5130.38
121Travis ZajacNew Jersey Devils-5110.45
122Islanders Home/Away JerseysNew York Islanders-6130.46
123New York Islanders LogoNew York Islanders-851.60
124STAR - John TavaresNew York Islandersfoil1142.75
125STAR - Jaroslav HalakNew York Islandersfoil1381.63
126STAR - Kyle OkposoNew York Islandersfoil1352.60
127Jaroslav HalakNew York Islanders-4120.33
128Johnny BoychukNew York Islanders-4110.36
129Travis HamonicNew York Islanders-6150.40
130Nick LeddyNew York Islanders-6120.50
131Brock NelsonNew York Islanders-4130.31
132Frans NielsenNew York Islanders-4160.25
133Kyle OkposoNew York Islanders-3110.27
134Ryan StromeNew York Islanders-5160.31
135John TavaresNew York Islanders-790.78
136Rangers Home/Away JerseysNew York Rangers-741.75
137New York Rangers LogoNew York Rangers-680.75
138STAR - Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangersfoil1635.33
139STAR - Derick BrassardNew York Rangersfoil1853.60
140STAR - Rick NashNew York Rangersfoil1553.00
141Henrik LundqvistNew York Rangers-7110.64
142Ryan McDonaghNew York Rangers-6140.43
143Keith YandleNew York Rangers-6140.43
144Derick BrassardNew York Rangers-3200.15
145Chris KreiderNew York Rangers-6140.43
146J.T. MillerNew York Rangers-6130.46
147Rick NashNew York Rangers-5150.33
148Derek StepanNew York Rangers-4120.33
149Mats ZuccarelloNew York Rangers-6130.46
150Senators Home/Away JerseysOttawa Senators-8120.67
151Ottawa Senators LogoOttawa Senators-5140.36
152STAR - Erik KarlssonOttawa Senatorsfoil1191.22
153STAR - Mike HoffmanOttawa Senatorsfoil1042.50
154STAR - Mark StoneOttawa Senatorsfoil1025.00
155Craig AndersonOttawa Senators-8100.80
156Andrew HammondOttawa Senators-6140.43
157Cody CeciOttawa Senators-6110.55
158Erik KarlssonOttawa Senators-3170.18
159Mike HoffmanOttawa Senators-7120.58
160Bobby RyanOttawa Senators-7140.50
161Mark StoneOttawa Senators-7160.44
162Kyle TurrisOttawa Senators-8140.57
163Mika ZibanejadOttawa Senators-6120.50
164Flyers Home/Away JerseysPhiladelphia Flyers-890.89
165Philadelphia Flyers LogoPhiladelphia Flyers-6130.46
166STAR - Claude GirouxPhiladelphia Flyersfoil1553.00
167STAR - Steve MasonPhiladelphia Flyersfoil1371.86
168STAR - Jakub VoracekPhiladelphia Flyersfoil13113.00
169Steve MasonPhiladelphia Flyers-8150.53
170Luke SchennPhiladelphia Flyers-7100.70
171Mark StreitPhiladelphia Flyers-6100.60
172Sean CouturierPhiladelphia Flyers-8120.67
173Claude GirouxPhiladelphia Flyers-690.67
174Vincent LecavalierPhiladelphia Flyers-4230.17
175Brayden SchennPhiladelphia Flyers-8130.62
176Wayne SimmondsPhiladelphia Flyers-5140.36
177Jakub VoracekPhiladelphia Flyers-9130.69
178Penguins Home/Away JerseysPittsburgh Penguins-11101.10
179Pittsburgh Penguins LogoPittsburgh Penguins-6100.60
180STAR - Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguinsfoil1543.75
181STAR - Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh Penguinsfoil1929.50
182STAR - Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh Penguinsfoil1371.86
183Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh Penguins-6130.46
184Kris LetangPittsburgh Penguins-6140.43
185Phil KesselPittsburgh Penguins-7100.70
186David PerronPittsburgh Penguins-9120.75
187Sidney CrosbyPittsburgh Penguins-4130.31
188Patric HornqvistPittsburgh Penguins-6150.40
189Chris KunitzPittsburgh Penguins-4140.29
190Evgeni MalkinPittsburgh Penguins-7130.54
191Rob ScuderiPittsburgh Penguins-6150.40
192Lightning Home/Away JerseysTampa Bay Lightning-871.14
193Tampa Bay Lightning LogoTampa Bay Lightning-7120.58
194STAR - Steven StamkosTampa Bay Lightningfoil1252.40
195STAR - Ben BishopTampa Bay Lightningfoil1434.67
196STAR - Tyler JohnsonTampa Bay Lightningfoil13113.00
197Ben BishopTampa Bay Lightning-490.44
198Victor HedmanTampa Bay Lightning-670.86
199Anton StralmanTampa Bay Lightning-5110.45
200Ryan CallahanTampa Bay Lightning-4130.31
201Valtteri FilppulaTampa Bay Lightning-8130.62
202Tyler JohnsonTampa Bay Lightning-5130.38
203Nikita KucherovTampa Bay Lightning-4130.31
204Ondrej PalatTampa Bay Lightning-7140.50
205Steven StamkosTampa Bay Lightning-4170.24
206Maple Leafs Home/Away JerseysToronto Maple Leafs-1290.03
207Toronto Maple Leafs LogoToronto Maple Leafs-6120.50
208STAR - Tyler BozakToronto Maple Leafsfoil1234.00
209STAR - Morgan RiellyToronto Maple Leafsfoil6150.40
210STAR - James van RiemsdykToronto Maple Leafsfoil1052.00
211Jonathan BernierToronto Maple Leafs-4120.33
212James ReimerToronto Maple Leafs-5100.50
213Dion PhaneufToronto Maple Leafs-8110.73
214Morgan RiellyToronto Maple Leafs-7120.58
215Tyler BozakToronto Maple Leafs-6120.50
216Nazem KadriToronto Maple Leafs-780.88
217Jake GardinerToronto Maple Leafs-5140.36
218Joffrey LupulToronto Maple Leafs-7120.58
219James van RiemsdykToronto Maple Leafs-3240.13
220Capitals Home/Away JerseysWashington Capitals-460.67
221Washington Capitals LogoWashington Capitals-6160.38
222STAR - Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitalsfoil1434.67
223STAR - Braden HoltbyWashington Capitalsfoil1262.00
224STAR - Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitalsfoil1326.50
225Braden HoltbyWashington Capitals-991.00
226Karl AlznerWashington Capitals-971.29
227John CarlsonWashington Capitals-7100.70
228Nicklas BackstromWashington Capitals-881.00
229T.J. OshieWashington Capitals-871.14
230Andre BurakovskyWashington Capitals-5150.33
231Marcus JohanssonWashington Capitals-871.14
232Evgeny KuznetsovWashington Capitals-680.75
233Alexander OvechkinWashington Capitals-5130.38
234Ducks Home/Away JerseysAnaheim Ducks-9110.82
235Anaheim Ducks LogoAnaheim Ducks-8120.67
236STAR - Corey PerryAnaheim Ducksfoil1836.00
237STAR - Ryan GetzlafAnaheim Ducksfoil1844.50
238STAR - Ryan KeslerAnaheim Ducksfoil1452.80
239Frederik AndersenAnaheim Ducks-9150.60
240Cam FowlerAnaheim Ducks-1091.11
241Hampus LindholmAnaheim Ducks-6140.43
242Sami VatanenAnaheim Ducks-9120.75
243Ryan GetzlafAnaheim Ducks-7130.54
244Ryan KeslerAnaheim Ducks-8150.53
245Patrick MaroonAnaheim Ducks-8150.53
246Corey PerryAnaheim Ducks-981.13
247Jakob SilfverbergAnaheim Ducks-7100.70
248Coyotes Home/Away JerseysArizona Coyotes-7130.54
249Arizona Coyotes LogoArizona Coyotes-7140.50
250STAR - Oliver Ekman-LarssonArizona Coyotesfoil1352.60
251STAR - Shane DoanArizona Coyotesfoil1653.20
252STAR - Martin HanzalArizona Coyotesfoil1762.83
253Mike SmithArizona Coyotes-6110.55
254Oliver Ekman-LarssonArizona Coyotes-6150.40
255Boyd GordonArizona Coyotes-690.67
256Michael StoneArizona Coyotes-7100.70
257Mikkel BoedkerArizona Coyotes-5100.50
258Shane DoanArizona Coyotes-11120.92
259Martin HanzalArizona Coyotes-8100.80
260Antoine VermetteArizona Coyotes-8130.62
261Tobias RiederArizona Coyotes-6160.38
262Flames Home/Away JerseysCalgary Flames-5110.45
263Calgary Flames LogoCalgary Flames-7140.50
264STAR - Johnny GaudreauCalgary Flamesfoil1061.67
265STAR - Jiri HudlerCalgary Flamesfoil1434.67
266STAR - Sean MonahanCalgary Flamesfoil1772.43
267Jonas HillerCalgary Flames-5110.45
268T.J. BrodieCalgary Flames-3190.16
269Mark GiordanoCalgary Flames-7150.47
270Dennis WidemanCalgary Flames-2140.14
271Mikael BacklundCalgary Flames-7100.70
272Lance BoumaCalgary Flames-6110.55
273Johnny GaudreauCalgary Flames-8130.62
274Jiri HudlerCalgary Flames-5110.45
275Sean MonahanCalgary Flames-981.13
276Blackhawks Home/Away JerseysChicago Blackhawks-690.67
277Chicago Blackhawks LogoChicago Blackhawks-8160.50
278STAR - Jonathan ToewsChicago Blackhawksfoil1452.80
279STAR - Marian HossaChicago Blackhawksfoil1553.00
280STAR - Patrick KaneChicago Blackhawksfoil1953.80
281Corey CrawfordChicago Blackhawks-590.56
282Duncan KeithChicago Blackhawks-4200.20
283Brent SeabrookChicago Blackhawks-8120.67
284Marian HossaChicago Blackhawks-8110.73
285Patrick KaneChicago Blackhawks-861.33
286Niklas HjalmarssonChicago Blackhawks-7120.58
287Teuvo TeravainenChicago Blackhawks-780.88
288Andrew ShawChicago Blackhawks-5120.42
289Jonathan ToewsChicago Blackhawks-790.78
290Avalanche Home/Away JerseysColorado Avalanche-4130.31
291Colorado Avalanche LogoColorado Avalanche-6110.55
292STAR - Gabriel LandeskogColorado Avalanchefoil1452.80
293STAR - Semyon VarlamovColorado Avalanchefoil1462.33
294STAR - Jarome IginlaColorado Avalanchefoil10150.67
295Semyon VarlamovColorado Avalanche-790.78
296Tyson BarrieColorado Avalanche-7100.70
297Erik JohnsonColorado Avalanche-7120.58
298Matt DucheneColorado Avalanche-761.17
299Jarome IginlaColorado Avalanche-881.00
300Gabriel LandeskogColorado Avalanche-4120.33
301Nathan MacKinnonColorado Avalanche-5130.38
302Carl SoderbergColorado Avalanche-5160.31
303Alex TanguayColorado Avalanche-5140.36
304Stars Home/Away JerseysDallas Stars-9120.75
305Dallas Stars LogoDallas Stars-9140.64
306STAR - Jamie BennDallas Starsfoil1462.33
307STAR - John KlingbergDallas Starsfoil1672.29
308STAR - Tyler SeguinDallas Starsfoil1262.00
309Antti NiemiDallas Stars-6130.46
310Kari LehtonenDallas Stars-290.22
311Alex GoligoskiDallas Stars-6130.46
312John KlingbergDallas Stars-10110.91
313Jamie BennDallas Stars-6110.55
314Cody EakinDallas Stars-8110.73
315Patrick SharpDallas Stars-881.00
316Tyler SeguinDallas Stars-5150.33
317Jason SpezzaDallas Stars-4100.40
318Oilers Home/Away JerseysEdmonton Oilers-8170.47
319Edmonton Oilers LogoEdmonton Oilers-8100.80
320STAR - Jordan EberleEdmonton Oilersfoil1543.75
321STAR - Ryan Nugent-HopkinsEdmonton Oilersfoil1562.50
322STAR - Taylor HallEdmonton Oilersfoil1691.78
323Ben ScrivensEdmonton Oilers-5280.18
324Cam TalbotEdmonton Oilers-8120.67
325Justin SchultzEdmonton Oilers-8140.57
326Jordan EberleEdmonton Oilers-7130.54
327Taylor HallEdmonton Oilers-7100.70
328Ryan Nugent-HopkinsEdmonton Oilers-490.44
329Benoit PouliotEdmonton Oilers-12101.20
330Teddy PurcellEdmonton Oilers-9100.90
331Nail YakupovEdmonton Oilers-11101.10
332Kings Home/Away JerseysLos Angeles Kings-10120.83
333Los Angeles Kings LogoLos Angeles Kings-6120.50
334STAR - Drew DoughtyLos Angeles Kingsfoil1443.50
335STAR - Jeff CarterLos Angeles Kingsfoil1052.00
336STAR - Anze KopitarLos Angeles Kingsfoil1381.63
337Jonathan QuickLos Angeles Kings-2150.13
338Drew DoughtyLos Angeles Kings-5110.45
339Jake MuzzinLos Angeles Kings-7110.64
340Dustin BrownLos Angeles Kings-971.29
341Jeff CarterLos Angeles Kings-8120.67
342Marian GaborikLos Angeles Kings-7120.58
343Anze KopitarLos Angeles Kings-5130.38
344Milan LucicLos Angeles Kings-7110.64
345Tyler ToffoliLos Angeles Kings-6120.50
346Wild Home/Away JerseysMinnesota Wild-5130.38
347Minnesota Wild LogoMinnesota Wild-8100.80
348STAR - Zach PariseMinnesota Wildfoil1252.40
349STAR - Devan DubnykMinnesota Wildfoil1161.83
350STAR - Ryan SuterMinnesota Wildfoil1553.00
351Devan DubnykMinnesota Wild-871.14
352Jonas BrodinMinnesota Wild-7140.50
353Matt DumbaMinnesota Wild-690.67
354Ryan SuterMinnesota Wild-8160.50
355Mikael GranlundMinnesota Wild-871.14
356Mikko KoivuMinnesota Wild-10130.77
357Zach PariseMinnesota Wild-1081.25
358Jason PominvilleMinnesota Wild-690.67
359Thomas VanekMinnesota Wild-8110.73
360Predators Home/Away JerseysNashville Predators-9130.69
361Nashville Predators LogoNashville Predators-5150.33
362STAR - Filip ForsbergNashville Predatorsfoil1462.33
363STAR - Pekka RinneNashville Predatorsfoil1161.83
364STAR - Roman JosiNashville Predatorsfoil1844.50
365Pekka RinneNashville Predators-6150.40
366Seth JonesNashville Predators-6100.60
367Roman JosiNashville Predators-790.78
368Shea WeberNashville Predators-790.78
369Mike FisherNashville Predators-8140.57
370Filip ForsbergNashville Predators-790.78
371James NealNashville Predators-7140.50
372Craig SmithNashville Predators-6150.40
373Colin WilsonNashville Predators-6130.46
374Sharks Home/Away JerseysSan Jose Sharks-6130.46
375San Jose Sharks LogoSan Jose Sharks-6110.55
376STAR - Joe PavelskiSan Jose Sharksfoil1152.20
377STAR - Brent BurnsSan Jose Sharksfoil1161.83
378STAR - Logan CoutureSan Jose Sharksfoil8100.80
379Martin JonesSan Jose Sharks-871.14
380Brent BurnsSan Jose Sharks-570.71
381Marc-Edouard VlasicSan Jose Sharks-7120.58
382Logan CoutureSan Jose Sharks-790.78
383Tomas HertlSan Jose Sharks-480.50
384Patrick MarleauSan Jose Sharks-8140.57
385Joe PavelskiSan Jose Sharks-4160.25
386Joe ThorntonSan Jose Sharks-5180.28
387Tommy WingelsSan Jose Sharks-5100.50
388Blues Home/Away JerseysSt. Louis Blues-9160.56
389St. Louis Blues LogoSt. Louis Blues-861.33
390STAR - Vladimir TarasenkoSt. Louis Bluesfoil5100.50
391STAR - Kevin ShattenkirkSt. Louis Bluesfoil1635.33
392STAR - Alexander SteenSt. Louis Bluesfoil1662.67
393Jake AllenSt. Louis Blues-991.00
394Brian ElliottSt. Louis Blues-8180.44
395Alex PietrangeloSt. Louis Blues-11120.92
396Kevin ShattenkirkSt. Louis Blues-871.14
397David BackesSt. Louis Blues-4120.33
398Paul StastnySt. Louis Blues-8100.80
399Jaden SchwartzSt. Louis Blues-790.78
400Alexander SteenSt. Louis Blues-5130.38
401Vladimir TarasenkoSt. Louis Blues-790.78
402Canucks Home/Away JerseysVancouver Canucks-4110.36
403Vancouver Canucks LogoVancouver Canucks-780.88
404STAR - Daniel SedinVancouver Canucksfoil1672.29
405STAR - Henrik SedinVancouver Canucksfoil1744.25
406STAR - Radim VrbataVancouver Canucksfoil961.50
407Ryan MillerVancouver Canucks-10120.83
408Jannik HansenVancouver Canucks-8130.62
409Alexander EdlerVancouver Canucks-7130.54
410Christopher TanevVancouver Canucks-6120.50
411Chris HigginsVancouver Canucks-991.00
412Alexandre BurrowsVancouver Canucks-7120.58
413Daniel SedinVancouver Canucks-2250.08
414Henrik SedinVancouver Canucks-7100.70
415Radim VrbataVancouver Canucks-6140.43
416Jets Home/Away JerseysWinnipeg Jets-8160.50
417Winnipeg Jets LogoWinnipeg Jets-7120.58
418STAR - Andrew LaddWinnipeg Jetsfoil1772.43
419STAR - Mark ScheifeleWinnipeg Jetsfoil1472.00
420STAR - Blake WheelerWinnipeg Jetsfoil1452.80
421Michael HutchinsonWinnipeg Jets-5130.38
422Ondrej PavelecWinnipeg Jets-7150.47
423Dustin ByfuglienWinnipeg Jets-790.78
424Tyler MyersWinnipeg Jets-9120.75
425Jacob TroubaWinnipeg Jets-6120.50
426Andrew LaddWinnipeg Jets-3290.10
427Bryan LittleWinnipeg Jets-3120.25
428Mark ScheifeleWinnipeg Jets-8110.73
429Blake WheelerWinnipeg Jets-7150.47
430Winter Classic Photo 1Outdoor Games-6100.60
431Winter Classic Photo 2Outdoor Games-8130.62
432Winter Classic Photo 3Outdoor Games-9100.90
4332015 Winter Classic LogoOutdoor Gamesfoil1343.25
434Winter Classic Photo 4Outdoor Games-9100.90
435Stadium Series Photo 1Outdoor Games-690.67
436Stadium Series Photo 2Outdoor Games-7120.58
437Stadium Series Photo 3Outdoor Games-8100.80
4382015 Stadium Series LogoOutdoor Gamesfoil1635.33
439Stadium Series Photo 4Outdoor Games-9130.69
440Fastest SkaterAll-Star Game-9110.82
4412015 All-Star Game LogoAll-Star Gamefoil1572.14
442Most Accurate ShooterAll-Star Game-10110.91
443Breakaway Challenge WinnerAll-Star Game-6110.55
444Hardest ShotAll-Star Game-690.67
445Captain, Team ToewsAll-Star Game-1191.22
446All-Star Game MVPAll-Star Game-7130.54
447Captain, Team FolignoAll-Star Game-11130.85
448Corey CrawfordTeam Toews-8130.62
449Aaron EkbladTeam Toews-6140.43
450Mark GiordanoTeam Toews-9100.90
451Patrice BergeronTeam Toews-8130.62
452Rick NashTeam Toews-8130.62
453Tyler SeguinTeam Toews-6140.43
454Vladimir TarasenkoTeam Toews-5120.42
455John TavaresTeam Toews-10120.83
456Jakub VoracekTeam Toews-6130.46
457Carey PriceTeam Foligno-5120.42
458Brent BurnsTeam Foligno-4190.21
459Kevin ShattenkirkTeam Foligno-7110.64
460Zemgus GirgensonsTeam Foligno-780.88
461Claude GirouxTeam Foligno-790.78
462Alexander OvechkinTeam Foligno-6130.46
463Bobby RyanTeam Foligno-7130.54
464Steven StamkosTeam Foligno-10130.77
465Radim VrbataTeam Foligno-6110.55
466Blues vs. WildStanley Cup Playoffs-7110.64
467Predators vs. BlackhawksStanley Cup Playoffs-7130.54
468Ducks vs. JetsStanley Cup Playoffs-8160.50
469Canucks vs. FlamesStanley Cup Playoffs-9110.82
470Blackhawks vs. WildStanley Cup Playoffs-680.75
471Ducks vs. FlamesStanley Cup Playoffs-8160.50
472Ducks vs. BlackhawksStanley Cup Playoffs-8110.73
473Rangers vs. LightningStanley Cup Playoffs-890.89
474Canadiens vs. LightningStanley Cup Playoffs-5110.45
475Rangers vs. CapitalsStanley Cup Playoffs-871.14
476Canadiens vs. SenatorsStanley Cup Playoffs-4150.27
477Lightning vs. Red WingsStanley Cup Playoffs-871.14
478Rangers vs. PenguinsStanley Cup Playoffs-7100.70
479Capitals vs. IslandersStanley Cup Playoffs-7120.58
480Game 1Stanley Cup Final-1191.22
481Game 2Stanley Cup Final-6130.46
482Game 3Stanley Cup Final-5110.45
483Game 4Stanley Cup Final-9100.90
484Game 5Stanley Cup Final-8130.62
485Game 6Stanley Cup Final-7130.54
486Conn Smythe TrophyStanley Cup Finalfoil1853.60
487Stanley Cup Playoffs MVPStanley Cup Finalfoil1362.17
488Stanley CupStanley Cup Finalfoil1662.67
489Champions Team Photo (part 1)Stanley Cup Final-7170.41
490Champions Team Photo (part 2)Stanley Cup Final-5100.50
491Champions Logo (part 1)Stanley Cup Final-780.88
492Champions Logo (part 2)Stanley Cup Final-5160.31
493MVP2014-15 Awards-8100.80
494Leading Scorer2014-15 Awards-1091.11
495Leading Goal Scorer2014-15 Awards-10120.83
496Best Goaltender2014-15 Awards-790.78
497Best Defenseman2014-15 Awards-890.89
498Best Defensive Forward2014-15 Awards-10120.83
499Best Rookie Player2014-15 Awards-5100.50
500Most Gentlemanly Player2014-15 Awards-8100.80
501Player Most Dedicated to Hockey2014-15 Awards-9110.82
502Sam BennettRated Rookies-7110.64
503Kevin FialaRated Rookies-7140.50
504Darnell NurseRated Rookies-7120.58
505Matt PuempelRated Rookies-690.67
506Rated Rookie LogoRated Rookiesfoil1872.57
507Ty RattieRated Rookies-470.57
508Griffin ReinhartRated Rookies-5160.31
509Sam ReinhartRated Rookies-7100.70
510Andrei VasilevskiyRated Rookies-8110.73
511Stanley Cup (part 1)NHL Stanley Cup Winners-1171.57
512Stanley Cup (part 2)NHL Stanley Cup Winners-890.89
513Stanley Cup (part 3)NHL Stanley Cup Winners-570.71
514Stanley Cup (part 4)NHL Stanley Cup Winners-890.89
515Stanley Cup (part 5)NHL Stanley Cup Winners-6150.40
516Stanley Cup (part 6)NHL Stanley Cup Winners-490.44