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Panini Animaux Familiers

Panini Animaux Familiers

Année: 1989
Nombre total d'autocollants: 360

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en cours: 11 / terminé: 12

Liste de vérification

1Pets (puzzle 1)--331.00
2Pets (puzzle 2)--313.00
3Pets (puzzle 3)--313.00
4Pets (puzzle 4)--303.00
5Europian wolfOrigins-404.00
6Cave paintingsOriginsfigured313.00
8The she-wolf of RomeOriginsfigured321.50
9The Middle AgesOriginsfigured422.00
10The RenaissanceOriginsfigured303.00
11Working dogsOrigins-414.00
13Large SpitzOrigins-414.00
14Breton SpanielOrigins-404.00
15Pyrenean sheepdogOrigins-522.50
16Chow ChowOrigins-414.00
18Brie sheepdogOrigins-450.80
19Sheepdog from the BeauceThe Sheepdogs-431.33
20German ShepherdThe Sheepdogs-340.75
21Sheepdog from BrieThe Sheepdogs-505.00
22CollieThe Sheepdogs-505.00
23BobtailThe Sheepdogs-404.00
24Pyrenean sheepdogThe Sheepdogs-414.00
25Basset houndThe Hunting dogs-414.00
26Breton SpanielThe Hunting dogs-404.00
27LabradorThe Hunting dogs-422.00
28German pointerThe Hunting dogs-404.00
29Cocker spanielThe Hunting dogs-404.00
30Irish setterThe Hunting dogs-331.00
31Airedale terrierThe Terriers-313.00
32Scottish terrierThe Terriers-522.50
33Bedlington terrierThe Terriers-404.00
34Bull terrierThe Terriers-303.00
35West Highland white terrierThe Terriers-414.00
36Fox terrierThe Terriers-331.00
37AfghanThe Hounds-414.00
38WhippetThe Hounds-321.50
39BorzoiThe Hounds-515.00
40HuskyThe Primitive dogs-313.00
41Chow-chowThe Primitive dogs-350.60
42SpitzThe Primitive dogs-515.00
43St. BernardThe Guard dogs-414.00
44BoxerThe Guard dogs-522.50
45German mastiffThe Guard dogs-414.00
46Bernese cattle dogThe Guard dogs-441.00
47SchnauzerThe Guard dogs-414.00
48DobermanThe Guard dogs-321.50
49DalmatianThe Pet dogs-321.50
50French bulldogThe Pet dogs-414.00
51PoodleThe Pet dogs-313.00
52Shih-tzuThe Pet dogs-321.50
53MalteseThe Pet dogs-404.00
54King Charles SpanielThe Pet dogs-414.00
62Sensing the direction of the scentBehaviour-303.00
63Approaching the femaleBehaviour-505.00
64Giving birthBehaviour-321.50
66The four faces of a dogBehaviour-331.00
69Family (puzzle 1)Day to day care-431.33
70Family (puzzle 2)Day to day care-422.00
71TattooingDay to day care-414.00
72VaccinationDay to day care-313.00
73PlayingDay to day care-431.33
74ChoiceDay to day care-321.50
75BasketDay to day care-522.50
76FoodDay to day care-414.00
77DangerDay to day care-414.00
78BrushingDay to day care-321.50
79BathingDay to day care-422.00
80GroomingDay to day care-404.00
81WalksDay to day care-404.00
82The leadGood owner, good dog-313.00
83NaughtinessGood owner, good dog-331.00
84CleanlinessGood owner, good dog-313.00
85GluttonyGood owner, good dog-313.00
86LonelinessGood owner, good dog-340.75
87OrdersGood owner, good dog-321.50
88The countryGood owner, good dog-414.00
89with dog…Facilities in townfigured431.33
90DeviceFacilities in townfigured505.00
91Device, used in France to remove dog…Facilities in townfigured404.00
92Veterinary with dogFacilities in townfigured414.00
93dogs in "dogs areas"Facilities in townfigured422.00
94dogs in "dogs areas"Facilities in townfigured404.00
95dogs in "dogs areas"Facilities in townfigured505.00
96Dogs working in ruins (puzzle 1)Working dogs-422.00
97Dogs working in ruins (puzzle 2)Working dogs-531.67
98Avalanche dogs (puzzle 1)Working dogs-431.33
99Avalanche dogs (puzzle 2)Working dogs-422.00
100Rescue dogs at sea (puzzle 1)Working dogs-606.00
101Rescue dogs at sea (puzzle 2)Working dogs-522.50
102Police dogs (puzzle 1)Working dogs-515.00
103Police dogs (puzzle 2)Working dogs-414.00
104Dogs for deaf people (puzzle 1)Working dogs-422.00
105Dogs for deaf people (puzzle 2)Working dogs-431.33
106Guide dogs for the Blind (puzzle 1)Working dogs-414.00
107Guide dogs for the Blind (puzzle 2)Working dogs-531.67
108Dogs for the disabled (puzzle 1)Working dogs-431.33
109Dogs for the disabled (puzzle 2)Working dogs-515.00
110Greyhound racingSporting dogs-422.00
111Sledge dogsSporting dogs-414.00
112PulkaSporting dogs-515.00
113"agility dog"Sporting dogsfigured505.00
114"agility dog"Sporting dogsfigured505.00
115"agility dog"Sporting dogsfigured303.00
116"agility dog"Sporting dogsfigured616.00
117CanicrossSporting dogs-422.00
118Yorkshire terrierRecordsfigured404.00
119The most unusualRecords-431.33
120The most expensiveRecords-404.00
121The largestRecords-313.00
122The least hairyRecords-414.00
123The best noseRecords-331.00
124The hairiestRecords-422.00
125Dog fightsA dog's life-531.67
126Dog stealingA dog's life-522.50
127False DocumentsA dog's life-515.00
128Pups for saleA dog's life-505.00
129Laboratories (puzzle 1)A dog's life-515.00
130Laboratories (puzzle 2)A dog's life-422.00
131Dogs as foodA dog's life-414.00
132Dogs on chainsA dog's life-404.00
133Bad treatmentA dog's life-321.50
134AbandonmentA dog's life-616.00
135Intervention (puzzle 1)A dog's life-422.00
136Intervention (puzzle 2)A dog's life-422.00
137AppearanceA dog's life-414.00
138StoringA dog's life-515.00
139ClinicsRSPCA: at their service-422.00
140AdoptionRSPCA: at their service-522.50
141Your new friendRSPCA: at their service-616.00
142dog's headRSPCA: at their servicefigured404.00
143dog's headRSPCA: at their servicefigured422.00
144RSPCA Young People's ClubsRSPCA: at their service-414.00
145EmergenciesRSPCA: at their service-414.00
146dog's headRSPCA: at their servicefigured522.50
147dog's headRSPCA: at their servicefigured515.00
148VeterinaryRSPCA: at their servicefigured606.00
149catRSPCA: at their servicefigured515.00
150catRSPCA: at their servicefigured414.00
151"Lassie"The stars-404.00
152PifThe stars-414.00
153ZazaThe stars-515.00
154DogmatixThe stars-422.00
155The 101 Dalmatians (puzzle 1)The stars-414.00
156The 101 Dalmatians (puzzle 2)The stars-422.00
157MilouThe stars-515.00
158CopperThe stars-531.67
159RantanplanThe stars-422.00
160Dog's quizQuiz-515.00
161Dog's quizQuiz-515.00
162Dog's quizQuiz-422.00
163Dog's quizQuiz-414.00
164Dog's quizQuiz-404.00
165Bastet (puzzle 1)Origins-606.00
166Bastet (puzzle 2)Origins-431.33
167The CreodontOrigins-717.00
168Egyptian battle (puzzle 1)Origins-522.50
169Egyptian battle (puzzle 2)Origins-505.00
170Middle AgesOrigins-515.00
171Louis PasteurOrigins-531.67
172Art (puzzle 1)Origins-431.33
173Art (puzzle 2)Origins-522.50
174PersianDifferent breeds-404.00
175Sacred Cat of BurmaDifferent breeds-422.00
176SkogattDifferent breeds-414.00
177Turkish catDifferent breeds-414.00
178SiameseDifferent breeds-505.00
179OrientalDifferent breeds-414.00
180Havana BrownDifferent breeds-422.00
181AbyssinianDifferent breeds-414.00
182SomaliDifferent breeds-422.00
183ChartreuseDifferent breeds-422.00
184EuropeanDifferent breeds-414.00
185BurmeseDifferent breeds-522.50
186Russian blueDifferent breeds-340.75
187Scottish foldDifferent breeds-515.00
188KoratDifferent breeds-404.00
189Egyptian mauDifferent breeds-505.00
190ManxDifferent breeds-505.00
191RexDifferent breeds-522.50
192SphinxDifferent breeds-431.33
193Maine coonDifferent breeds-414.00
194Japanese bobtailDifferent breeds-616.00
199Coat and tailBiologyfigured422.00
201Senses of smell and tasteBiologyfigured414.00
203Cat falling (puzzle 1)Behaviour-331.00
204Cat falling (puzzle 2)Behaviour-531.67
205Cat falling (puzzle 3)Behaviour-404.00
207Rounded backBehaviour-515.00
208Sense of direction (puzzle 1)Behaviour-422.00
209Sense of direction (puzzle 2)Behaviour-414.00
211Giving birthBehaviour-404.00
217Mr. and Mrs. CatBehaviour-422.00
21814 kittens (puzzle 1)Behaviour-505.00
21914 kittens (puzzle 2)Behaviour-505.00
220…cats would be reached (puzzle 1)Behaviour-515.00
221…cats would be reached (puzzle 2)Behaviour-431.33
222…cats would be reached (puzzle 3)Behaviour-414.00
225"Wherever has Mum got to?..."Behaviour-431.33
226…and these drivers!...Behaviour-522.50
228"Ah, who's this?..."Behaviour-422.00
229"Oh no, you'll see…"Behaviour-505.00
230"Anyway, I'm going to leave these dustbins,…"Behaviour-422.00
231"Help! What's going on now?..."Behaviour-505.00
232"Ouch, a sting!..."Behaviour-431.33
233"Now he's writing numbers in my ear…"Behaviour-515.00
234"Free at last!..."Behaviour-422.00
235"This is great, I really was hungry…"Behaviour-414.00
236"Great, I can stay free…"Behaviour-515.00
237Scratching boardCare-422.00
240Cat mintCare-606.00
241Carrying basketCare-414.00
242Cat flapsCare-522.50
244The Crystal Palace in LondonCat shows-431.33
245Preparing the "candidates"Cat shows-515.00
246Cat judges at workCat shows-431.33
247Cat show in the Pavillon Baltard in ParisCat shows-606.00
248Winning Cat with its rosettesCat shows-515.00
249A champion's museumCat shows-321.50
250Domestic catThe wild cousins-422.00
251Feral catThe wild cousins-515.00
252Wild catThe wild cousins-531.67
253PumaThe wild cousinsfigured522.50
254LynxThe wild cousinsfigured522.50
255OcelotThe wild cousinsfigured515.00
256CaracalThe wild cousinsfigured422.00
257JaguarThe wild cousinsfigured505.00
258Andean catThe wild cousinsfigured531.67
259Wild catThe wild cousinsfigured522.50
260Snow leopardThe wild cousinsfigured515.00
261TigerThe wild cousinsfigured522.50
262CheetahThe wild cousinsfigured431.33
263LionThe wild cousinsfigured431.33
264Fishing catThe wild cousinsfigured505.00
265Bengal catThe wild cousinsfigured431.33
266Serval (bush cat)The wild cousinsfigured414.00
267PantherThe wild cousinsfigured422.00
268HerculeThe stars-522.50
269The Aristocats (puzzle 1)The stars-515.00
270The Aristocats (puzzle 2)The stars-505.00
271The cat at the Moscow CircusThe starsfigured505.00
272head clownThe starsfigured515.00
273DoudouThe stars-515.00
274The cat at the Moscow CircusThe stars-505.00
275The cat at the Moscow CircusThe stars-313.00
276Cat's quizQuiz-414.00
277Cat's quizQuiz-313.00
278Cat's quizQuiz-350.60
279Cat's quizQuiz-431.33
280Cat's quizQuiz-321.50
281JackdawTown animalsfigured414.00
282KestrelTown animalsfigured606.00
283SparrowTown animalsfigured414.00
284SwallowTown animalsfigured515.00
285Barn owlTown animalsfigured422.00
286PigeonsTown animalsfigured422.00
287MagpieTown animalsfigured414.00
288BatTown animalsfigured515.00
289Blue titTown animalsfigured522.50
290StarlingTown animalsfigured422.00
291RobinTown animalsfigured515.00
292SquirrelTown animalsfigured422.00
293GullTown animalsfigured606.00
294MallardTown animalsfigured414.00
295MartenTown animalsfigured414.00
296MoleTown animalsfigured431.33
297ButterflyTown animalsfigured422.00
298FoxTown animalsfigured404.00
299Dwarf rabbitOther animals-414.00
300CanaryOther animals-414.00
301HamsterOther animals-404.00
302GoldfishOther animals-404.00
303Winter feedingOther animals-422.00
304SpidersOther animals-515.00
305White mouseOther animals-422.00
306Guinea pigOther animals-505.00
307White ratOther animals-350.60
308CarsOther animals-505.00
309Public transportHolidays-340.75
311Winter holidaysHolidays-422.00
312Sommer holidaysHolidays-404.00
313First aid kitHolidays-522.50
316Camp sitesHolidays-303.00
317The captureHands off the jungle!-505.00
318The carriageHands off the jungle!-632.00
319LionHands off the jungle!figured431.33
320BaboonHands off the jungle!figured522.50
321FennecHands off the jungle!figured414.00
322MongooseHands off the jungle!figured515.00
323SnakeHands off the jungle!figured515.00
324GibbonHands off the jungle!figured531.67
325IguanaHands off the jungle!figured313.00
326ParrotHands off the jungle!figured431.33
327Flying foxHands off the jungle!figured414.00
328Mynah birdHands off the jungle!figured422.00
329FishHands off the jungle!figured441.00
330FrogHands off the jungle!figured431.33
331CaymanHands off the jungle!figured616.00
332TortoiseHands off the jungle!figured414.00
333The saleHands off the jungle!-422.00
334Experiments on animalsHands off the jungle!-404.00
335Dog training (puzzle 1)Working with animals-422.00
336Dog training (puzzle 2)Working with animals-422.00
337ShepherdWorking with animals-313.00
338Dog breederWorking with animals-505.00
339Cat breederWorking with animals-313.00
340Protector (puzzle 1)Working with animals-422.00
341Protector (puzzle 2)Working with animals-515.00
342Animal guardianWorking with animals-431.33
343Veterinary surgeon (puzzle 1)Working with animals-414.00
344Veterinary surgeon (puzzle 2)Working with animals-414.00
345SpecialistWorking with animals-414.00
346Dealer in accessoriesWorking with animals-414.00
347Animal groomingWorking with animals-606.00
348Veterinary assistantWorking with animals-321.50
349Animal reporterWorking with animals-431.33
350"Dog School" (puzzle 1)Working with animals-515.00
351"Dog School" (puzzle 2)Working with animals-431.33
352Don't pull your dog's ears…Do not…-531.67
353… or your cat's tail…Do not…-414.00
354Don't shout…Do not…-422.00
355Don't disturb a dog when it is eatingDo not…-313.00
356Don't lift your cat by its front legs…Do not…-414.00
357… and don't wake it abruptlyDo not…-422.00
358Don't approach strange dogs…Do not…-522.50
359… or tom cats you don't knowDo not…-623.00
360Don't disturb "mother animals"Do not…-321.50