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Panini UEFA Champions League 2009-2010. Super Strikes Update

Panini UEFA Champions League 2009-2010. Super Strikes Update

Année: 2010
Nombre total de cartes: 150

UEFA Champions League® 2009/2010 Official Trading Card Game Super Strikes Update collection.

The collection includes 150 cards featuring all the latest transfers and teams that weren't in the first Super Strikes release.

The following clubs were not included in the original collection but will be in the update:
Apoel FC, Arsenal FC, Club Athlético de Madrid, Debreceni VSC, ACF Fiorentina, Maccabi Haifa FC, Olympiacos FC, Olympique Lyonnais, VFB Stuttgart, FC Zürich.

The update collection also includes additional cards for the following teams:
FC Barcelona, FC Bayern München, Chelsea FC, FC Dynamo Kyiv, FC Internazionale Milano, Juventus, Liverpool FC, Manchester United FC, AC Milan, Olympique de Marseille, Real Madrid CF, Sevilla FC

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en cours: 150 / terminé: 43

Liste de vérification

351Dionisios ChiotisAPOEL FCBase cards29102.90
352Marinos SatsiasAPOEL FCBase cards30122.50
353Kamil KosowskiAPOEL FCBase cards3593.89
354Chrysostomos MichailAPOEL FCBase cards28112.55
355Kamil KosowskiAPOEL FCStar Player4258.40
356Dionisios ChiotisAPOEL FCGoal Stopper38113.45
357Marinos SatsiasAPOEL FCFans' Favourite50510.00
358Manuel AlmuniaArsenal FCBase cards30103.00
359William GallasArsenal FCBase cards31103.10
360Bacary SagnaArsenal FCBase cards30103.00
361Thomas VermaelenArsenal FCBase cards3093.33
362Alex SongArsenal FCBase cards2893.11
363Mikaël SilvestreArsenal FCBase cards3093.33
364DenilsonArsenal FCBase cards29112.64
365Cesc FàbregasArsenal FCBase cards33103.30
366Emmanuel EbouéArsenal FCBase cards3393.67
367Abou DiabyArsenal FCBase cards32122.67
368Andrey ArshavinArsenal FCBase cards37103.70
369Theo WalcottArsenal FCBase cards31122.58
370Eduardo da SilvaArsenal FCBase cards27102.70
371Nicklas BendtnerArsenal FCBase cards3193.44
372Robin van PersieArsenal FCBase cards3393.67
373William GallasArsenal FCStar Player3675.14
374Robin van PersieArsenal FCStar Player4066.67
375Manuel AlmuniaArsenal FCGoal Stopper3484.25
376Theo WalcottArsenal FCFans' Favourite58414.50
377Emmanuel EbouéArsenal FCFans' Favourite52413.00
378Andrey ArshavinArsenal FCChampion60230.00
379Cesc FàbregasArsenal FCChampion61320.33
380Sergio AsenjoAtletico MadridBase cards35132.69
381Tomás UjfalusiAtletico MadridBase cards30122.50
382JuanitoAtletico MadridBase cards32112.91
383Luis Amaranto PereaAtletico MadridBase cards3384.13
384Antonio LópezAtletico MadridBase cards32103.20
385Maxi RodríguezAtletico MadridBase cards3193.44
386Raúl GarcíaAtletico MadridBase cards30132.31
387Paulo AssunçãoAtletico MadridBase cards2993.22
388Sergio AgüeroAtletico MadridBase cards3293.56
389Diego ForlánAtletico MadridBase cards3284.00
390SimãoAtletico MadridBase cards35103.50
391Florent Sinama-PongolleAtletico MadridBase cards2993.22
392SimãoAtletico MadridStar Player3465.67
393Diego ForlánAtletico MadridStar Player4066.67
394Sergio AsenjoAtletico MadridGoal Stopper37103.70
395Maxi RodríguezAtletico MadridFans' Favourite57511.40
396Sergio AgüeroAtletico MadridChampion60320.00
397Vukašin PoleksićDebreceni VSCBase cards36152.40
398LeandroDebreceni VSCBase cards35113.18
399Tibor DombiDebreceni VSCBase cards37113.36
400Adamo CoulibalyDebreceni VSCBase cards3393.67
401Adamo CoulibalyDebreceni VSCStar Player4394.78
402Vukašin PoleksićDebreceni VSCGoal Stopper3984.88
403Tibor DombiDebreceni VSCFans' Favourite59414.75
404Sébastien FreyACF FiorentinaBase cards30112.73
405Alessandro GamberiniACF FiorentinaBase cards28122.33
406Juan Manuel VargasACF FiorentinaBase cards33103.30
407Dario DainelliACF FiorentinaBase cards30103.00
408Cristiano ZanettiACF FiorentinaBase cards30103.00
409Riccardo MontolivoACF FiorentinaBase cards28122.33
410Marco MarchionniACF FiorentinaBase cards32132.46
411Stevan JovetićACF FiorentinaBase cards33122.75
412Alberto GilardinoACF FiorentinaBase cards30103.00
413Adrian MutuACF FiorentinaBase cards32122.67
414Stevan JovetićACF FiorentinaStar Player3766.17
415Alberto GilardinoACF FiorentinaStar Player3966.50
416Sébastien FreyACF FiorentinaGoal Stopper3784.63
417Dario DainelliACF FiorentinaFans' Favourite53317.67
418Adrian MutuACF FiorentinaChampion61320.33
419Nir DavidovitchMaccabi HaifaBase cards3193.44
420John Culma JairoMaccabi HaifaBase cards29132.23
421Gustavo BoccoliMaccabi HaifaBase cards32132.46
422Yaniv KatanMaccabi HaifaBase cards3384.13
423Yaniv KatanMaccabi HaifaStar Player36103.60
424Nir DavidovitchMaccabi HaifaGoal Stopper3584.38
425John Culma JairoMaccabi HaifaFans' Favourite56318.67
426Antonios NikopolidisOlympiacos FCBase cards31112.82
427Olof MellbergOlympiacos FCBase cards3093.33
428Michal ZewlakowOlympiacos FCBase cards3484.25
429Raúl BravoOlympiacos FCBase cards33103.30
430Enzo MarescaOlympiacos FCBase cards3093.33
431Dudu CearenseOlympiacos FCBase cards3384.13
432Luciano GallettiOlympiacos FCBase cards31122.58
433Enzo MarescaOlympiacos FCStar Player3984.88
434Antonios NikopolidisOlympiacos FCGoal Stopper3994.33
435Dudu CearenseOlympiacos FCFans' Favourite56318.67
436Luciano GallettiOlympiacos FCChampion59229.50
437Hugo LlorisOlympique LyonnaisBase cards31112.82
438CrisOlympique LyonnaisBase cards29122.42
439Aly CissokhoOlympique LyonnaisBase cards34103.40
440Anthony RéveillèreOlympique LyonnaisBase cards2883.50
441Michel BastosOlympique LyonnaisBase cards32103.20
442Jean II MakounOlympique LyonnaisBase cards33103.30
443Jérémy ToulalanOlympique LyonnaisBase cards31103.10
444César DelgadoOlympique LyonnaisBase cards3174.43
445Sidney GovouOlympique LyonnaisBase cards31103.10
446Bafétimbi GomisOlympique LyonnaisBase cards28102.80
447Lisandro LópezOlympique LyonnaisBase cards28112.55
448Aly CissokhoOlympique LyonnaisStar Player3666.00
449Bafétimbi GomisOlympique LyonnaisStar Player3356.60
450Hugo LlorisOlympique LyonnaisGoal Stopper35113.18
451Jérémy ToulalanOlympique LyonnaisFans' Favourite57319.00
452Lisandro LópezOlympique LyonnaisChampion59319.67
453Jens LehmannVfB StuttgartBase cards28161.75
454Matthieu DelpierreVfB StuttgartBase cards28151.87
455Ludovic MagninVfB StuttgartBase cards29142.07
456Serdar TasciVfB StuttgartBase cards29171.71
457Christian TräschVfB StuttgartBase cards31171.82
458Thomas HitzlspergerVfB StuttgartBase cards31181.72
459Sami KhediraVfB StuttgartBase cards30142.14
460Alexander HlebVfB StuttgartBase cards31181.72
461Roberto HilbertVfB StuttgartBase cards30152.00
462CacauVfB StuttgartBase cards31161.94
463Ciprian MaricaVfB StuttgartBase cards31142.21
464Pavel PogrebnyakVfB StuttgartBase cards32171.88
465Pavel PogrebnyakVfB StuttgartStar Player4166.83
466Jens LehmannVfB StuttgartGoal Stopper36113.27
467Thomas HitzlspergerVfB StuttgartFans' Favourite57319.00
468Alexander HlebVfB StuttgartChampion51510.20
469Johnny LeoniFC ZurichBase cards3193.44
470Xavier MargairazFC ZurichBase cards3193.44
471Almen AbdiFC ZurichBase cards30103.00
472Johan VonlanthenFC ZurichBase cards2893.11
473Johan VonlanthenFC ZurichStar Player3884.75
474Johnny LeoniFC ZurichGoal Stopper4075.71
475Xavier MargairazFC ZurichFans' Favourite57319.00
476Dmytro ChygrynskiyFC BarcelonaBase cards37113.36
477Thierry HenryFC BarcelonaFans' Favourite65232.50
478Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MunchenBase cards33162.06
479Philipp LahmFC Bayern MunchenFans' Favourite54227.00
480Arjen RobbenFC Bayern MunchenChampion68417.00
481DecoChelsea FCBase cards30103.00
482DecoChelsea FCChampion63415.75
483Andriy ShevchenkoFC Dynamo KyivBase cards3493.78
484Andriy ShevchenkoFC Dynamo KyivChampion60230.00
485Dejan StankovicFC Internazionale MilanoBase cards3694.00
486Wesley SneijderFC Internazionale MilanoBase cards3284.00
487Dejan StankovicFC Internazionale MilanoFans' Favourite61320.33
488Fabio GrossoJuventusBase cards34103.40
489Vincenzo IaquintaJuventusBase cards35122.92
490Sotirios KyrgiakosLiverpool FCBase cards33132.54
491Nemanja VidicManchester United FCBase cards3393.67
492Klaas-Jan HuntelaarAC MilanBase cards33103.30
493Marco BorrielloAC MilanBase cards36113.27
494Klaas-Jan HuntelaarAC MilanStar Player44411.00
495Fernando MorientesOlimpique de MarseilleBase cards35132.69
496Alvaro ArbeloaReal Madrid CFBase cards41104.10
497Esteban GraneroReal Madrid CFBase cards36103.60
498Royston DrentheReal Madrid CFBase cards42123.50
499GutiReal Madrid CFFans' Favourite59414.75
500Álvaro NegredoSevilla FCBase cards3493.78