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Panini WWF. Animaux à sauver

Panini WWF. Animaux à sauver

Année: 1986
Nombre total d'autocollants: 372

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en cours: 37 / terminé: 61


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Liste de vérification

1WWFWWF Threatened Animals-751.40
2Bald EagleA Planet full of life-871.14
3PronghornA Planet full of life-7100.70
4Polar BearA Planet full of life-751.40
5Giant AnteaterA Planet full of life-690.67
6JaguarA Planet full of life-661.00
7Grevy's ZebraA Planet full of life-570.71
8CheetahA Planet full of life-5100.50
9WolfA Planet full of life-890.89
10Red DeerA Planet full of life-1152.20
11TigerA Planet full of life-771.00
12Orang UtanA Planet full of life-460.67
13Indian RhinocerosA Planet full of life-680.75
14WallabyA Planet full of life-480.50
15Koala BearA Planet full of life-590.56
16Grizzly BearCreatures of the forest-991.00
17WolfCreatures of the forest-670.86
18PumaCreatures of the forest-651.20
19Wood BisonCreatures of the forest-881.00
20BobcatCreatures of the forest-881.00
21Greater Prairie ChickenThe great prairies-881.00
22American BisonThe great prairies-560.83
23PronghornThe great prairies-590.56
24Prairie DogThe great prairies-951.80
25Prairie FalconThe great prairies-641.50
26Sage GrouseThe great prairies-690.67
27Red WolfThe great prairies-441.00
28Red SalamanderThe great prairies-780.88
29Bighorn SheepThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-632.00
30Dall's SheepThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-570.71
31Californian CondorThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-680.75
32Mountain GoatThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-780.88
33Golden EagleThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-651.20
34Monarch ButterflyThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-1061.67
35Kangaroo RatThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-751.40
36Gila MonsterThe Rocky Mountains / Death Valley-751.40
37Great EgretHow to survive in the swamps-780.88
38American AlligatorHow to survive in the swamps-861.33
39Bald EagleHow to survive in the swamps-580.63
40Trumpeter SwanHow to survive in the swamps-560.83
41Sandhill CraneHow to survive in the swamps-470.57
42American CrocodileHow to survive in the swamps-761.17
43Canadian OtterHow to survive in the swamps-590.56
44Everglades Snail KiteHow to survive in the swamps-761.17
45Sea OtterBetween the sea and the land-470.57
46Elephant SealBetween the sea and the land-690.67
47West Indian ManateeBetween the sea and the land-670.86
48Grey WhaleBetween the sea and the land-942.25
49OspreyBetween the sea and the land-881.00
50Guadalupe Fur SealBetween the sea and the land-751.40
51Brown PelicanBetween the sea and the land-5140.36
52Blue-Footed BoobyBetween the sea and the land-761.17
53Long Headed Tree SnakeParadise in the Caribbean tropics-5120.42
54Haitian SolenodonParadise in the Caribbean tropics-771.00
55Hispaniolan AmazonParadise in the Caribbean tropics-871.14
56St Lucia AmazonParadise in the Caribbean tropics-690.67
57St Vincent AmazonParadise in the Caribbean tropics-971.29
58Greater FlamingoParadise in the Caribbean tropics-790.78
59Aruban RattlesnakeParadise in the Caribbean tropics-871.14
60BasiliskParadise in the Caribbean tropics-871.14
61JaguarIn the shade of the forest-690.67
62Emerald Tree BoaIn the shade of the forest-1091.11
63Morpho ButterflyIn the shade of the forest-4100.40
64Three-Toed SlothIn the shade of the forest-560.83
65JaguarondiIn the shade of the forest-790.78
66MargayAcrobats and howlers-991.00
67Spider MonkeyAcrobats and howlers-761.17
68Red UkariAcrobats and howlers-4110.36
69Golden Lion TamarinAcrobats and howlers-771.00
70Geoffroy's Spider MonkeyAcrobats and howlers-780.88
71OcelotAcrobats and howlers-780.88
72Emperor TamarinAcrobats and howlers-890.89
73Woolly MonkeyAcrobats and howlers-490.44
74Nocturnal CurassowParrots and company-881.00
75HoatzinParrots and company-8120.67
76ResplendentParrots and company-780.88
77Hyacinth MacawParrots and company-851.60
78Harpy EagleParrots and company-1252.40
79Military MacawParrots and company-861.33
80Cock of the RockParrots and company-641.50
81White IbisParrots and company-590.56
82Scarlet IbisAmong rivers and swamps-771.00
83River OtterAmong rivers and swamps-641.50
84Broadnosed CaimanAmong rivers and swamps-570.71
85River TurtleAmong rivers and swamps-951.80
86Orinoco CrocodileAmong rivers and swamps-991.00
87AnacondaAmong rivers and swamps-10101.00
88Hooded GrebeAmong rivers and swamps-1271.71
89Golden ToadAmong rivers and swamps-9100.90
90Giant AnteaterOn the pampas-761.17
91Maned WolfOn the pampas-890.89
92King VultureOn the pampas-1052.00
93Darwin's RheaOn the pampas-661.00
94Nine-Banded ArmadilloOn the pampas-861.33
95Elegant TinamouOn the pampas-680.75
96Patagonian ConureOn the pampas-871.14
97Pampas DeerOn the pampas-780.88
98Spectacled BearSilent uplands-751.40
99VicunaSilent uplands-881.00
100Scintillant HummingbirdSilent uplands-680.75
101Andean FlamingoSilent uplands-1191.22
102Mountain TapirSilent uplands-790.78
103James's FlamingoSilent uplands-690.67
104GuanacoSilent uplands-761.17
105Andean CondorSilent uplands-570.71
106Grevy's ZebraPeaceful grazers-1243.00
107Giant Sable AntelopePeaceful grazers-961.50
108Blue WildebeestPeaceful grazers-861.33
109Derby ElandPeaceful grazers-851.60
110Mountain ZebraPeaceful grazers-1081.25
111OkapiInnocent hunters-771.00
112Tora HartebeestInnocent hunters-1052.00
113Hunter's HartebeestInnocent hunters-1061.67
114LionInnocent hunters-1042.50
115LeopardInnocent hunters-680.75
116African Wild DogInnocent hunters-551.00
117Striped HyenaInnocent hunters-690.67
118ServalInnocent hunters-8120.67
119CheetahInnocent hunters-732.33
120GorillaThe world of monkeys-933.00
121ChimpanzeeThe world of monkeys-790.78
122Mountain GorillaThe world of monkeys-790.78
123Pygmy ChimpanzeeThe world of monkeys-771.00
124Zanzibar ColobusThe world of monkeys-1262.00
125Guereza ColobusThe world of monkeys-541.25
126Barbary ApeThe world of monkeys-1061.67
127Patas MonkeyThe world of monkeys-751.40
128African ElephantThe giants-651.20
129White RhinocerosThe giants-7100.70
130Black RhinocerosThe giants-780.88
131WaterbuckAfrican waters-670.86
132Pygmy HippopotamusAfrican waters-580.63
133African Fish EagleAfrican waters-761.17
134ShoebillAfrican waters-951.80
135West African ManateeAfrican waters-8110.73
136Nile CrocodileAfrican waters-680.75
137African Wild AssArid lands-570.71
138AddaxArid lands-10101.00
139Dorcas GazelleArid lands-890.89
140Scimitar OryxArid lands-1071.43
141AoudadArid lands-690.67
142Nubian IbexArid lands-1243.00
143Desert MonitorArid lands-580.63
144Spiny Tailed LizardArid lands-7100.70
145GeladaThe Horn of Africa-441.00
146Abyssinian IbexThe Horn of Africa-761.17
147Simien JackalThe Horn of Africa-981.13
148Ruffed LemurThe island continent-790.78
149Aye-AyeThe island continent-551.00
150Verreaux's SifakaThe island continent-751.40
151IndriThe island continent-4100.40
152FossaThe island continent-1262.00
153Mouse LemurThe island continent-751.40
154Corsican DeerThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-1091.11
155Spanish LynxThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-1061.67
156Hermit IbisThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-971.29
157Eleonora's FalconThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-680.75
158Audouin's GullThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-790.78
159Spanish Imperial EagleThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-661.00
160Mediterranean Monk SealThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-861.33
161MoufflonThe Mediterranean: a sea surrounded by land-450.80
162Brown BearIn the company of the bear-971.29
163Wild CatIn the company of the bear-761.17
164WolfIn the company of the bear-1042.50
165European BisonIn the company of the bear-861.33
166LynxIn the company of the bear-751.40
167CapercaillieIn the company of the bear-780.88
168MarkhorThe backbone of the world-890.89
169Black VultureThe backbone of the world-871.14
170Apollo ButterflyThe backbone of the world-780.88
171Swinhoe's PheasantThe backbone of the world-741.75
172Brown-Eared PheasantThe backbone of the world-1061.67
173Snow LeopardThe backbone of the world-790.78
174LammergeierThe backbone of the world-842.00
175YakThe backbone of the world-1161.83
176IbexThe backbone of the world-5110.45
177Nilgiri TahrThe backbone of the world-690.67
178Abruzzi ChamoisThe backbone of the world-5110.45
179Chinese Monal PheasantThe world of the panda-651.20
180TakinThe world of the panda-771.00
181Giant PandaThe world of the panda-9110.82
182Lesser PandaThe world of the panda-961.50
183Père David's DeerThe world of the panda-881.00
184European BeaverEndless taiga and lakes-690.67
185White Tailed EagleEndless taiga and lakes-8100.80
186Freshwater CrayfishEndless taiga and lakes-861.33
187European OtterEndless taiga and lakes-580.63
188Siberian CraneEndless taiga and lakes-560.83
189BlackbuckEndless taiga and lakes-480.50
190Great BustardEndless taiga and lakes-590.56
191SaigaSteppes and deserts of the East-761.17
192NilgaiSteppes and deserts of the East-460.67
193Przewalski's HorseSteppes and deserts of the East-661.00
194Bactrian CamelSteppes and deserts of the East-641.50
195Little BustardSteppes and deserts of the East-851.60
196Asiatic LionSteppes and deserts of the East-871.14
197Asiatic Wild AssSteppes and deserts of the East-551.00
198Arabian OryxSteppes and deserts of the East-450.80
199Indian Rock PythonSteppes and deserts of the East-1052.00
200Asiatic CheetahSteppes and deserts of the East-751.40
201Indian ElephantIn the luxuriant forest-9100.90
202Indian RhinocerosIn the luxuriant forest-480.50
203Clouded LeopardIn the luxuriant forest-651.20
204TigerIn the luxuriant forest-8110.73
205GibbonIn the luxuriant forest-632.00
206Philippine EagleIn the luxuriant forest-1262.00
207Orang UtanIn the luxuriant forest-861.33
208Malayan TapirIn the luxuriant forest-570.71
209Duke LangurMangrove swamps and the sacred river-842.00
210Ganges GavialMangrove swamps and the sacred river-4110.36
211Proboscis MonkeyMangrove swamps and the sacred river-531.67
212Asian Short-Clawed OtterMangrove swamps and the sacred river-761.17
213SusuMangrove swamps and the sacred river-570.71
214BantengThe last refuge in the jungle-7110.64
215GaurThe last refuge in the jungle-780.88
216Liontail MacaqueThe last refuge in the jungle-641.50
217Swamp DeerThe last refuge in the jungle-551.00
218Asian Golden CatThe last refuge in the jungle-951.80
219Japanese MacaqueJewels of Japan-861.33
220Manchurian CraneJewels of Japan-771.00
221Giant SalamanderJewels of Japan-881.00
222Papuan ParrotIndonesia island kingdom-871.14
223Victoria Crowned PigeonIndonesia island kingdom-751.40
224Greater Bird of ParadiseIndonesia island kingdom-661.00
225Black PantherIndonesia island kingdom-751.40
226Saltwater CrocodileIndonesia island kingdom-6100.60
227New Guinea CrocodileIndonesia island kingdom-981.13
228Two Banded MonitorIndonesia island kingdom-670.86
229Komodo DragonIndonesia island kingdom-871.14
230Red KangarooThe world of the marsupial-761.17
231Common WombatThe world of the marsupial-670.86
232Tasmanian DevilThe world of the marsupial-780.88
233KoalaThe world of the marsupial-560.83
234Bridled WallabyThe world of the marsupial-11101.10
235Scarlet-Chested ParrotParrots-871.14
236Yellow-Tailed Black CockatooParrots-1052.00
237Australian SkinkSpiny devils-690.67
238GeckoSpiny devils-690.67
239Death AdderSpiny devils-360.50
240Thorn LizardSpiny devils-551.00
241Gould's MonitorSpiny devils-790.78
242TakahePrimitive birds-971.29
243KakapoPrimitive birds-790.78
244Brown KiwiPrimitive birds-790.78
245KaguPrimitive birds-961.50
246EmuPrimitive birds-661.00
247Spiny AnteaterLiving fossils-7110.64
248Duck-Billed PlatypusLiving fossils-590.56
249TuataraLiving fossils-590.56
250Red CoralThe underwater garden-551.00
251TritonThe underwater garden-942.25
252Emperor AngelfishThe underwater garden-670.86
253Giant ClamThe underwater garden-790.78
254Paper NautilusThe underwater garden-551.00
255Atlantic Horseshoe CrabThe underwater garden-751.40
256Madrepore or Neptune's LaceThe underwater garden-890.89
257Robber CrabThe underwater garden-661.00
258Blue WhaleThe Great ocean-1052.00
259Sei WhaleThe Great ocean-851.60
260Bowhead WhaleThe Great ocean-670.86
261Humpback WhaleThe Great ocean-531.67
262Pilot WhaleThe Great ocean-570.71
263Killer WhaleThe Great ocean-1081.25
264Sperm WhaleThe Great ocean-541.25
265Bottle-Nosed DolphinThe Great ocean-741.75
266Magnificent Frigate BirdTireless fliers-871.14
267Amsterdam AlbatrossTireless fliers-1042.50
268Laysan AlbatrossTireless fliers-741.75
269Leathery TurtleThe turtles-771.00
270Green TurtleThe turtles-771.00
271Hawksbill TurtleThe turtles-861.33
272Atlantic Ridley TurtleThe turtles-951.80
273Loggerhead TurtleThe turtles-981.13
274Seychelles KestrelCrowded islands-890.89
275Hawaiian GooseCrowded islands-971.29
276Seychelles TortoiseCrowded islands-7100.70
277Hawaiian Monk SealCrowded islands-871.14
278Chatham Island RobinCrowded islands-651.20
279Celebes MaleoCrowded islands-1042.50
280Mauritius KestrelCrowded islands-8110.73
281Laysan MallardCrowded islands-651.20
282Black Paradise FlycatcherCrowded islands-551.00
283Australian GannetCrowded islands-761.17
284Fairy TernCrowded islands-480.50
285Galapagos Fur SealDarwin's islands-661.00
286Giant Galapagos TortoiseDarwin's islands-790.78
287Flightless CormorantDarwin's islands-761.17
288Galapagos PenguinDarwin's islands-450.80
289Marine IguanaDarwin's islands-851.60
290Polar BearThe harsh world of the ice-632.00
291WalrusThe harsh world of the ice-751.40
292Musk OxThe harsh world of the ice-651.20
293Arctic FoxThe harsh world of the ice-450.80
294Arctic WolfThe harsh world of the ice-1071.43
295Northern Fur SealThe harsh world of the ice-981.13
296Humboldt's PenguinThe harsh world of the ice-790.78
297Weddell's SealThe harsh world of the ice-871.14
298Leopard SealThe harsh world of the ice-6100.60
299Crabeater SealThe harsh world of the ice-842.00
300Macaroni PenguinThe harsh world of the ice-871.14
301King PenguinThe harsh world of the ice-771.00
302Adelie PenguinThe harsh world of the ice-842.00
303Emperor PenguinThe harsh world of the ice-842.00
304DodoAnimals we shall never see again-470.57
305Great AukAnimals we shall never see again-1042.50
306TarpanAnimals we shall never see again-641.50
307Carolina ParakeetAnimals we shall never see again-761.17
308QuaggaAnimals we shall never see again-490.44
309Passenger PigeonAnimals we shall never see again-680.75
310Steller's Sea CowAnimals we shall never see again-1343.25
311Blue BuckAnimals we shall never see again-971.29
312HuiaAnimals we shall never see again-780.88
313AurochsAnimals we shall never see again-790.78
314Giant MoaAnimals we shall never see again-570.71
315Elephant BirdAnimals we shall never see again-570.71
316Labrador DuckAnimals we shall never see again-641.50
317Javan RhinocerosThe most threatened species-541.25
318Mauritius KestrelThe most threatened species-751.40
319Chinese AlligatorThe most threatened species-680.75
320Urban Pollution
Animals in danger. Why?-871.14
321Urban Pollution
Animals in danger. Why?-1071.43
322Oil Rig
Animals in danger. Why?-1091.11
323Oil Rig
Animals in danger. Why?-1052.00
Animals in danger. Why?-780.88
Animals in danger. Why?-7100.70
326Oil-Coated BirdAnimals in danger. Why?-981.13
327Hunting TrophiesAnimals in danger. Why?-780.88
328Arresting Poachers
Animals in danger. Why?-751.40
329Arresting Poachers
Animals in danger. Why?-670.86
330Natives with Crocodile SkinsAnimals in danger. Why?-1081.25
331Animals with Valuable Fur
Animals in danger. Why?-8100.80
332Animals with Valuable Fur
Animals in danger. Why?-7100.70
333WhalingAnimals in danger. Why?-780.88
334Slaughter of Fur Seals
Animals in danger. Why?-7100.70
335Slaughter of Fur Seals
Animals in danger. Why?-1091.11
336Bird CatchingAnimals in danger. Why?-981.13
337Buffalo Hunting
Animals in danger. Why?-1161.83
338Buffalo Hunting
Animals in danger. Why?-761.17
339Eagle Hunting
Animals in danger. Why?-541.25
340Eagle Hunting
Animals in danger. Why?-981.13
341Whale Slaughter
Animals in danger. Why?-871.14
342Whale Slaughter
Animals in danger. Why?-761.17
343Motorway Through the Amazon
Animals in danger. Why?-951.80
344Motorway Through the Amazon
Animals in danger. Why?-661.00
345Forest Fires
Animals in danger. Why?-551.00
346Forest Fires
Animals in danger. Why?-9100.90
347Intensive AgricultureAnimals in danger. Why?-861.33
348HerbicidesAnimals in danger. Why?-771.00
349Expansion of the DesertsAnimals in danger. Why?-971.29
350Nuclear Explosions
Animals in danger. Why?-661.00
351Nuclear Explosions
Animals in danger. Why?-871.14
352Arabian OryxAnimals rescued-861.33
353White-Tailed GnuAnimals rescued-651.20
354European BisonAnimals rescued-981.13
355Père David's DeerAnimals rescued-942.25
356Hawaiian GooseAnimals rescued-751.40
357Przewalski's HorseAnimals rescued-661.00
358IbexAnimals rescued-751.40
359Abruzzi ChamoisAnimals rescued-560.83
360Barbary LionAnimals rescued-842.00
S1Zebra / Komodo DragonEach animal in its own habitatPVC11011.00
S2Musk Ox / Brown BearEach animal in its own habitatPVC919.00
S3Gorilla / CamelEach animal in its own habitatPVC808.00
S4Deer / WalrusEach animal in its own habitatPVC933.00
S5Parrot / LionEach animal in its own habitatPVC909.00
S6Pronghorn / Polar BearEach animal in its own habitatPVC808.00
S7Prairie Dog / TigerEach animal in its own habitatPVC818.00
S8Kangaroo Rat / BisonEach animal in its own habitatPVC808.00
S9Beaver / EagleEach animal in its own habitatPVC717.00
S10Giant Sable Antelope / JaguarEach animal in its own habitatPVC818.00
S11African Elephant / WolfEach animal in its own habitatPVC818.00
S12Albatross / OryxEach animal in its own habitatPVC919.00