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SkyBox Super Mario Brothers

SkyBox Super Mario Brothers

Année: 1993
Nombre total de cartes: 104

en cours: 1 / terminé: 0

Liste de vérification

1Strange New World-Base Card101.00
2Mysterious Woman-Base Card101.00
3Mario Mario-Base Card101.00
4Luigi Mario-Base Card101.00
5Call for Help-Base Card101.00
6Driven Crazy-Base Card101.00
7Slimy Scoundrels-Base Card101.00
8Nobody Touches My Tools-Base Card101.00
92 Days or 2 Hours-Base Card101.00
10Scapelli-Base Card101.00
11Daisy-Base Card101.00
12Spike & Iggy-Base Card101.00
13Daisy Calls for Help-Base Card101.00
14Bella Napoli-Base Card101.00
15The Pendant-Base Card101.00
16Daniella Is Kidnapped-Base Card101.00
17Excavation by Moonlight-Base Card101.00
18Fossils & Friendship-Base Card101.00
19Scapelli's Sabotage-Base Card101.00
20"Strap on Your Belt, Kid!"-Base Card101.00
21Daisy Is Kidnapped-Base Card101.00
22Where Is Daisy?-Base Card101.00
23A Not-So-Dead End-Base Card101.00
24The Excavation Site-Base Card101.00
25Koopa Square-Base Card101.00
26"Where Are We?"-Base Card101.00
27In Hot Pursuit-Base Card101.00
28A "Parallel Dimension"?-Base Card101.00
29Koopa-Base Card101.00
30Lena-Base Card101.00
31Spike & Iggy Return-Base Card101.00
32Get Those Plumbers-Base Card101.00
33Just a Little Old Lady-Base Card101.00
34Bertha-Base Card101.00
35"Who Called the Cops?"-Base Card101.00
36Daisy Meets Koopa-Base Card101.00
37De-Fungusing-Base Card101.00
38Locked Up-Base Card101.00
39Toad Explains It All-Base Card101.00
40The Women's Dorm-Base Card101.00
41Koopa Plays Lawyer-Base Card101.00
42Lost and Confused-Base Card101.00
43No More Talk-Base Card101.00
44The De-Evolution Chamber-Base Card101.00
45Toad Goes "Goomba"!-Base Card101.00
46The Tables Are Turned-Base Card101.00
47Making Tracks-Base Card101.00
48Sibling Car Thieves?-Base Card101.00
49Koopahari Tunnel-Base Card101.00
50Let's Get Smart-Base Card101.00
51Koopa Confronts Daisy-Base Card101.00
52Yoshi-Base Card101.00
53Spike & Iggy at Bay-Base Card101.00
54Sludge-Gulpers-Base Card101.00
55The Boom-Boom Bar-Base Card101.00
56Shall We Dance?-Base Card101.00
57The Spike & Iggy Rap-Base Card101.00
58Dancing the Dactyl-Base Card101.00
59Lena Has the Power-Base Card101.00
60Bertha Bails 'Em Out-Base Card101.00
61A Mushy Landing-Base Card101.00
62Big Plans!-Base Card101.00
63The Elevator-Base Card101.00
64Yoshi to the Rescue-Base Card101.00
65Daisy & the Rebels-Base Card101.00
66The Secret Revealed-Base Card101.00
67The Ventilation Shaft-Base Card101.00
68Luigi's Flying Leap-Base Card101.00
69Family Pride-Base Card101.00
70The Girls Spot a Savior-Base Card101.00
71Mario Swings In-Base Card101.00
72The Ice Slide-Base Card101.00
73Massing for Invasion-Base Card101.00
74End of the Road-Base Card101.00
75The Fungus Among Us-Base Card101.00
76Lena Becomes Energized-Base Card101.00
77A Trick Up His Sleeve-Base Card101.00
78Lena Disintegrates-Base Card101.00
79Back in the Real World-Base Card101.00
80Invasion!-Base Card101.00
81Materialized in Brooklyn-Base Card101.00
82The Mushroom-Base Card101.00
83Monkey Business-Base Card101.00
84A Pull of the Pendant-Base Card101.00
85Koopa Gets His-Base Card101.00
86Koopa Regresses-Base Card101.00
87Hip, Hip, Hooray!-Base Card101.00
88The Fungus Is Avenged-Base Card101.00
89Sad Goodbyes-Base Card101.00
90Daisy's Back-Base Card101.00
91A Brilliant Idea-Base Card101.00
92Vehicles-Base Card101.00
93Characters-Base Card101.00
94Weaponry-Base Card101.00
95Thwomp Stompers-Base Card101.00
96Inside Goombas-Base Card101.00
97Mario's Toolbelt-Base Card101.00
98Koopa's Symbol-Base Card101.00
99Checklist-Base Card101.00
100Summer - 1993-Base Card101.00
H1GoombaHologramsChase Card101.00
H2KoopaHologramsChase Card101.00
H3YoshiHologramsChase Card101.00
P1Mario-Promo Card101.00