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Top Trumps Olympic Moments 2012

Top Trumps Olympic Moments 2012

Année: 2012
Nombre total de cartes: 30

en cours: 1 / terminé: 0

Liste de vérification

1Hungary's Golden Team--000.00
2The Lightening Bolt--101.00
3Eric the Eel--000.00
4The perfect Jump - Bob Beamon--000.00
5Cathy Freeman at Sydney 2000--000.00
6A perfect 10 - Nadia Comanech--000.00
7Phelps' unbelievalble night--000.00
8Mark Spitz's magnificent seven--000.00
9Coe v Ovett--000.00
10Michael Johnson's Golden Night--000.00
11Bruised but not beaten - Greg Luganis--000.00
12Redmond and son--000.00
13Emil Zatopek runs the marathon--000.00
14Steve Redgrave's fifth gold--000.00
15Dame Kelly Holmes' double--000.00
16Daley Thompson's decathlon--000.00
17The Fosbury Flop--000.00
18Barefoot Bikila--000.00
19The fastest woman on earth--000.00
20Afghanistan's first medal--000.00
21The first ever gold medalist--000.00
22Jesse Owens at Munich 1936--000.00
23The Flying Housewife - Fanny Blankers-Coen--000.00
24A close call--000.00
25Eric Liddell sticks to his principles--000.00
26Karly & Co's hockey gold--000.00
27Dorando Pietri's marathon--000.00
28Back from the dead--000.00
29The war on the floor--000.00
30Fair play on the high seas--000.00