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Topps Last Action Hero

Topps Last Action Hero

Année: 1993
Nombre total de cartes: 105

en cours: 2 / terminé: 0

Liste de vérification

1The Last Action Hero-Base Card101.00
2One Tough Cop!-Base Card101.00
3Danny Madigan, Movie Freak-Base Card101.00
4A master Gunman-Base Card101.00
5The Movie Magician-Base Card101.00
6King of Crime!-Base Card101.00
7John Practice, FBI-Base Card101.00
8Return of the Ripper-Base Card101.00
9Like Father, Like Daughter-Base Card101.00
10Superstar of the Screen-Base Card101.00
11A Sea of Police Cars-Base Card101.00
12Slater Is on the Way-Base Card101.00
13Rooftop Rendezvous-Base Card101.00
14The Ripper's Revenge-Base Card101.00
15Slater's #1 Fan!-Base Card101.00
16Naptime for Nick-Base Card101.00
17Back to School-Base Card101.00
18Jack Slater Is ... Hamlet?!-Base Card101.00
19Heads Up!-Base Card101.00
20To Be, or Not To Be-Base Card101.00
21A Really Bad Day-Base Card101.00
22Ticket, Please-Base Card101.00
23Escaping into the Movies-Base Card101.00
24A Crack Shot-Base Card101.00
25Frightened Frank-Base Card101.00
26The happy Hoodlum-Base Card101.00
27Run for It!-Base Card101.00
28Ka-Booom!!-Base Card101.00
29Hi-Speed Shooting-Base Card101.00
30Blast Off!-Base Card101.00
31A Surprise for Slater-Base Card101.00
32Slater's New Assignment-Base Card101.00
33A Cartoon Cat Cop?!-Base Card101.00
34No, Not That One-Base Card101.00
35The Bad Guys Are In There!-Base Card101.00
36An Eye for Crime-Base Card101.00
37Who Talked?-Base Card101.00
38Screaming Teen!-Base Card101.00
39Benedict Makes His Point-Base Card101.00
40Freeze!-Base Card101.00
41A Dangerous Game!-Base Card101.00
42Another World-Base Card101.00
43The Killer in the Closet-Base Card101.00
44A Bomb in the Body?-Base Card101.00
45Old Friends, New Enemies-Base Card101.00
46Trapped by a Turncoat-Base Card101.00
47The Cop and the Kingpin-Base Card101.00
48Split Up!-Base Card101.00
49He Was a Good Man-Base Card101.00
50This Man's Not Dead!-Base Card101.00
51Out of My Way!-Base Card101.00
52Hands Up!-Base Card101.00
53Hooked!-Base Card101.00
54Into the Goo!-Base Card101.00
55A Quick Change of Clothes-Base Card101.00
56A New Man-Base Card101.00
57A Change in plan-Base Card101.00
58Benedict's New Scheme-Base Card101.00
59The Direct Approach-Base Card101.00
60Danny Covers the Killer-Base Card101.00
61I'll Go Quietly-Base Card101.00
62Disappearing Act-Base Card101.00
63Into the Real World-Base Card101.00
64The All-Nighter-Base Card101.00
65Do Your Duty-Base Card101.00
66The Premiere of Jack Slater IV-Base Card101.00
67Tough Question-Base Card101.00
68Don't I Know You?-Base Card101.00
69Hold It Right There!-Base Card101.00
70The Ripper on the Run!-Base Card101.00
71Instant Replay-Base Card101.00
72Slater's Showdown-Base Card101.00
73A Dude Called Death-Base Card101.00
74Crash Course-Base Card101.00
75Slater's Ticket Home-Base Card101.00
76Words of Wisdom-Base Card101.00
77Home Again-Base Card101.00
78A Sad Farewell-Base Card101.00
79Hamlet, Take One-Base Card101.00
80A Scene at the Cinema-Base Card101.00
81The World Premiere-Base Card101.00
82An Explosion in Tar-Base Card101.00
83A Watery Grave?-Base Card101.00
84Back Seat Drivers-Base Card101.00
85Hanging Around-Base Card101.00
86A Poolside Funeral-Base Card101.00
87Police in the Trees-Base Card101.00
88The Actors Prepare-Base Card101.00
S1Danny Madigan (puzzle 1)-Sticker101.00
S2Jack Slater (puzzle 2)-Sticker101.00
S3Ripper (puzzle 3)-Sticker101.00
S4Jack Slater (puzzle 4)-Sticker101.00
S5Jack Slater as Hamlet (puzzle 5)-Sticker101.00
S6Danny Madigan & Jack Slater (puzzle 6)-Sticker101.00
S7Death (puzzle 7)-Sticker101.00
S8Nick & Danny Madigan (puzzle 8)-Sticker101.00
S9Meredith (puzzle 9)-Sticker101.00
S10Jack Slater as Hamlet (puzzle 10)-Sticker101.00
S11Benedict (puzzle 11)-Sticker101.00
HF1Jack SlaterHolo-FoilChase Card101.00
HF2BenedictHolo-FoilChase Card202.00
HF3BenedictHolo-FoilChase Card101.00
HF4Jack Slater as HamletHolo-FoilChase Card202.00
P1Arnold Schwarzenegger Stars as Jack Slater-Promo Card101.00
P2Movie ticket-Promo Card101.00