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Topps The Lord of the Rings. The return of the king. Extra set

Topps The Lord of the Rings. The return of the king. Extra set

Année: 2004
Nombre total de cartes: 93

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en cours: 3 / terminé: 8

Liste de vérification

91The Return of the King--120.50
92Smeagol's Great Desire--130.33
93Uneasy Alliance--130.33
94Isengard's Fall--221.00
95In The Golden Hall--313.00
96A Soul In Torment--212.00
97Lure Of The Palantir--221.00
98Arwen's Decision--221.00
99Toward Minas Tirith--313.00
100The Gates Of Minas Morgul--221.00
101Sauron's Footsoldiers--212.00
102The Flaming Signal--221.00
103Terror From The Skies--212.00
104Day Of The Nazgul--212.00
105Nazgul Triumphant--212.00
106Friend… Or Friend?--221.00
107Return Of The Sword--221.00
108King Of The Dead--212.00
109"Regain Your Honor!"--212.00
110Massive Orc Army--212.00
111Attack Of The Trolls--221.00
112Winged Horror--221.00
113A Wizard Among Them--212.00
114Leviathans Against Us--221.00
115Inside Shelob's Lair--221.00
116The Horror Of Shelob--221.00
117Smashing Through--221.00
118Trolls On The Rampage--221.00
119Along Came A Spider--212.00
121Cornering Her Prey--313.00
122Sam Battles Shelob--221.00
123Mumakil On The March--221.00
124A Deadly Advance--212.00
125Hero Of Rohan--221.00
126Spectacular Battle--221.00
127Facing The Fellbeast--212.00
128Eowyn's Challenge--221.00
129Wrath Of The Witch-king--212.00
130Aragors's Phantom Army--221.00
131Army Of The Dead--221.00
132Spectral Warriors--221.00
133Slying The Witch-king--221.00
134Legolas'sBold Assault--212.00
135"Depart And Be At Rest"--221.00
136Rescued By Sam--221.00
137At The Black Gate--212.00
138Facing The Ultimate Evil--221.00
139Toward Mount Doom--221.00
140Monsters Of Mordor--221.00
141"This Day We Figth!"--313.00
142Gollum Returns--212.00
143Fury Of The Fellbeasts--313.00
144Gandalf's ResolveWinged Fury--221.00
145Winged Fury--212.00
146Moment Of Truth--212.00
147Gollum's Savage Attack--221.00
148Rampaging Trolls--212.00
149The Ring At Last!--221.00
150"My Precious!!!"--212.00
151The Ring Destroyed--212.00
152The Fall Of Barad-Dur--221.00
153Falling From The Skies--221.00
154The Great Eagles--221.00
155A Fellowship Reunited--212.00
156The Crown Of Gondor--212.00
157Love And Valor--212.00
158Sam's Wedding Day--221.00
159Bilbo's Last Adventure--221.00
160"It Is Time, Frodo"--212.00
161The Sea Calls Them Home--221.00
162The Journey Ends--212.00
AC1Sala Baker as Morannon Orc
AutographsChase card000.00
AC2Peter Jackson, Director
AutographsChase card000.00
AC3Mark Ordesky, Executive Producer
AutographsChase card000.00
M1Aragorn's Coronation Shirt
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M2Arwen's Coronation Dress
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M3Elrond's Bronze Silk Robe
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M4Eowyn's Coronation Dress
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M5Eowyn's Golden Hall Party Dress
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M6Frodo's Grey Havens Vest
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M7Merry's Rohan Cloak
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M8Sam's Wedding Jacket
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
M9The Witch-King's Cloak
Memorabilia CardsChase card000.00
U1GollumAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U2FrodoAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U3SamAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U4DenethorAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U5The Return of the KingAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U6GandalfAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U7LegolasAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U8GimliAlbum CardsChase card000.00
U9AragornAlbum CardsChase card000.00