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Topps Rocketeer

Topps Rocketeer

Année: 1991
Nombre total de cartes: 110

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en cours: 1 / terminé: 0

Liste de vérification

1Title Card-Base Card101.00
2Cliff Secord-Base Card101.00
3The Rocketeer-Base Card101.00
4Jenny Blake-Base Card101.00
5Ambrose "Peevy" Peabody-Base Card101.00
6Neville Sinclair-Base Card101.00
7Lothar-Base Card101.00
8Eddie Valentine-Base Card101.00
9At Chaplin Airfield-Base Card101.00
10Cliff's Gee Bee-Base Card101.00
11A Hail of Bullets-Base Card101.00
12The Great Car Chase-Base Card101.00
13Switcheroo-Base Card101.00
14Occupational Hazard-Base Card101.00
15Fitch and the Feds-Base Card101.00
16Mayhem on the Runway-Base Card101.00
17The Big Bang-Base Card101.00
18Rescuing Cliff-Base Card101.00
19Retrieving the Prize-Base Card101.00
20Instant Enemies-Base Card101.00
21Keep This Guy Alive!-Base Card101.00
22Hughes' Invention-Base Card101.00
23Mysterious Rocketpack-Base Card101.00
24A Turbulent Take-Off!-Base Card101.00
25Bigelow's Big Deal-Base Card101.00
26Heartthrob...Or Heel?-Base Card101.00
27Lindy's Test Flight-Base Card101.00
28Under Police Protection-Base Card101.00
29Creeping Assassin-Base Card101.00
30His Back...Broken!-Base Card101.00
31The Man She Loves...-Base Card101.00
32Nazis in the News!-Base Card101.00
33At the Bulldog Cafe-Base Card101.00
34Spoofing Sinclair-Base Card101.00
35Designing a Helmet-Base Card101.00
36Day of the Air Show-Base Card101.00
37Malcolm in a Jam!-Base Card101.00
38His First Flight-Base Card101.00
39Blast Off to Adventure!-Base Card101.00
40High-Flying Hero-Base Card101.00
41Spectacular Rescue!-Base Card101.00
42Dunked in the Duck Pond-Base Card101.00
43I Did It, Peevy!-Base Card101.00
44Bigelow's Bonanza-Base Card101.00
45News Travels Fast-Base Card101.00
46Another Broken Back-Base Card101.00
47Pondering the Future-Base Card101.00
48Attacked by Lothar!-Base Card101.00
49In the Creature's Clutches-Base Card101.00
50Feds to the Rescue!-Base Card101.00
51Romanced by Sinclair-Base Card101.00
52Where's Cliff Secord?-Base Card101.00
53Pummeling Peevy-Base Card101.00
54Bulldog Brawl!-Base Card101.00
55Ready for Action!-Base Card101.00
56At the Chinese Theatre-Base Card101.00
57A Make-Shift Plan-Base Card101.00
58Up the Laundry Chute-Base Card101.00
59The Club-Invaded!-Base Card101.00
60No Way Out!-Base Card101.00
61Netted by Neville-Base Card101.00
62Emergency Escape!-Base Card101.00
63Blasting Off!-Base Card101.00
64The Seduction-Base Card101.00
65Jenny's Ploy-Base Card101.00
66Nightmare Scenario-Base Card101.00
67I've Got to Save Jenny!-Base Card101.00
68The Rocketeer's Plan-Base Card101.00
69At Griffith Observatory-Base Card101.00
70The Devils and the Damsel-Base Card101.00
71Sinclair Is a Nazi!-Base Card101.00
72Hitler's Commandos-Base Card101.00
73The Feds Open Fire!-Base Card101.00
74Observatory Shootout!-Base Card101.00
75It's the Rocketeer!-Base Card101.00
76A Hero Once Again-Base Card101.00
77Danger On All Sides!-Base Card101.00
78America's Daredevil-Base Card101.00
79The Flying Fortress-Base Card101.00
80Slip-Sliding Away!-Base Card101.00
81Taking On the Enemy-Base Card101.00
82Atop the Zeppelin-Base Card101.00
83Oh No, It's Lothar!-Base Card101.00
84Facing the Monster-Man-Base Card101.00
85Mid-Air Death Struggle!-Base Card101.00
86Down, But Far From Out!-Base Card101.00
87Fists of the Flying Man-Base Card101.00
88Lothar...Triumphant!-Base Card101.00
89His Fury Unleashed-Base Card101.00
90Helmeted Hero-Base Card101.00
91Neville's Last Stand-Base Card101.00
92He's Got the Rocketpack!-Base Card101.00
93Him Again?!!-Base Card101.00
94Escape from Flaming Death-Base Card101.00
95A Gift from Howard-Base Card101.00
96All's Well That Ends Well!-Base Card101.00
97The Future Looks Bright!-Base Card101.00
98Rocketing Role Model!-Base Card101.00
99The Knight of Flight-Base Card101.00
S-1Rocketeer (puzzle 1)Art DecoStickers101.00
S-2Lothar (puzzle 2)-Stickers101.00
S-3Cliff (puzzle 3)-Stickers101.00
S-4Jenny (puzzle 4)-Stickers101.00
S-5Rocketeer (puzzle 5)Illustrated, Black BackgroundStickers101.00
S-6Rocketer (puzzle 6)Photo, Yellow BackgroundStickers101.00
S-7Rocketeer (puzzle 7)Illustrated, Yellow BackgroundStickers101.00
S-8Ready for Action (puzzle 8)-Stickers101.00
S-9Rocketeer - Looking Up (puzzle 9)-Stickers101.00
S-10Rocketeer (puzzle 10)Illustrated, Green BackgroundStickers101.00
S-11RocketeerPhoto, Black BackgroundStickers101.00