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Topps Star Wars Episode 1. Series 2

Topps Star Wars Episode 1. Series 2

Année: 1999
Nombre total de cartes: 107

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en cours: 8 / terminé: 1

Liste de vérification

1Table of ContentsTitle CardBase Card202.00
2Qui-Gon JinnFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
3Obi-Wan KenobiFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
4Anakin SkywalkerFantastic CharactersBase Card111.00
5Darth MaulFantastic CharactersBase Card111.00
6Captain Panaka and Queen AmidalaFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
7Jar Jar BinksFantastic CharactersBase Card414.00
8The NeimoidiansFantastic CharactersBase Card111.00
9Boss NassFantastic CharactersBase Card212.00
10R2-D2Fantastic CharactersBase Card303.00
11C-3POFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
12Darth SidiousFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
13The Jedi CouncilFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
14YodaFantastic CharactersBase Card111.00
15SebulbaFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
16WattoFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
17Jabba the HuttFantastic CharactersBase Card202.00
18Captain Tarpals and the Gungan WarriorsFantastic CharactersBase Card111.00
19Slave CommunityEnvironments of WonderBase Card202.00
20Atop the Stone HeadEnvironments of WonderBase Card303.00
21Podracing ArenaEnvironments of WonderBase Card303.00
22CoruscantEnvironments of WonderBase Card111.00
23Landing Ship InteriorEnvironments of WonderBase Card202.00
24Theed Power GeneratorEnvironments of WonderBase Card111.00
25The Walking Droid FighterHeroes in FlightBase Card202.00
26Jedi ReprisalHeroes in FlightBase Card202.00
27Blasted by the ForceHeroes in FlightBase Card404.00
28Qui-gon Cuts ThroughHeroes in FlightBase Card313.00
29Destroyer DroidsHeroes in FlightBase Card202.00
30STAP WarfareHeroes in FlightBase Card212.00
31Stampede!Heroes in FlightBase Card111.00
32The Escape PartyHeroes in FlightBase Card202.00
33Cutting down Battle DroidsHeroes in FlightBase Card202.00
34Courageous Astromech DroidHeroes in FlightBase Card202.00
35Encountering AnakinHeroes in FlightBase Card212.00
36Watto's GambleHeroes in FlightBase Card202.00
37Podracing RivalsPodracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
38Teemto Gears UpPodracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
39Podracers in PositionPodracing ThrillsBase Card111.00
40Quadinaros Makes ReadyPodracing ThrillsBase Card111.00
41Pit Droid DisputePodracing ThrillsBase Card313.00
42Arriving in the ArenaPodracing ThrillsBase Card111.00
43The Crowd Goes WildPodracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
44Anakin's ChallengePodracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
45Through a Rocky CanyonPodracing ThrillsBase Card111.00
46Sideline FriendsPodracing ThrillsBase Card303.00
47Beware of Tusken Raiders!Podracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
48Ratts TyerellPodracing ThrillsBase Card303.00
49Collision Up AheadPodracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
50Streaking across TatooinePodracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
51Sebulba's Foul PlanPodracing ThrillsBase Card212.00
52High-Speed ClimaxPodracing ThrillsBase Card212.00
53Fury of the PodracePodracing ThrillsBase Card212.00
54The Winning PodracerPodracing ThrillsBase Card202.00
55The Mighty Gungan ArmyThe Land BattleBase Card202.00
56Fantastic WeaponryThe Land BattleBase Card202.00
57Blasting Through!The Land BattleBase Card111.00
58Gungan ShieldsThe Land BattleBase Card111.00
59Battlefield: NabooThe Land BattleBase Card212.00
60A Hapless HeroThe Land BattleBase Card303.00
61Hostage to Their WillA Planet BeseigedBase Card111.00
62Inside the Theed Central HangarA Planet BeseigedBase Card212.00
63Get to Your Ships!A Planet BeseigedBase Card212.00
64Naboo Starfighters Taking OffA Planet BeseigedBase Card120.50
65The Queen's Volunteer ForcesA Planet BeseigedBase Card111.00
66Palace AttackA Planet BeseigedBase Card313.00
67Releasing the Droid StarfightersGalactic WarfareBase Card303.00
68Blast of the Quadlaser CannonsGalactic WarfareBase Card212.00
69Celestial CombatGalactic WarfareBase Card212.00
70Droid Starfighter AssaultGalactic WarfareBase Card212.00
71Droid Control Ship CrisisGalactic WarfareBase Card120.50
72Immobilizing the EnemyGalactic WarfareBase Card202.00
73The Menace of MaulThe Force Is With ThemBase Card303.00
74Fierce CombatantsThe Force Is With ThemBase Card202.00
75His Moment of TruthThe Force Is With ThemBase Card111.00
76Battle to the DeathThe Force Is With ThemBase Card212.00
77Dueling with Darth MaulThe Force Is With ThemBase Card303.00
78Hang On, Obi-WanThe Force Is With ThemBase Card212.00
79A Time To RejoiceEpilogBase Card212.00
80Series Two Checklist-Base Card111.00
H-C1Threat of the Destroyer Droids-Chase Card / Chrome Card404.00
H-C2Departing an Underwater World-Chase Card / Chrome Card606.00
H-C3An Appeal to Boss Nass-Chase Card / Chrome Card505.00
H-C4Blasting the Gungans-Chase Card / Chrome Card404.00
H-E1The Neimoidians-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card505.00
H-E2Battle Droids-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card404.00
H-E3The Invasion Begins-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card616.00
H-E4Sebulba on the Move-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card616.00
H-E5Starpilot Skywalker-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card404.00
H-E6Darth Maul-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card404.00
OC1Darth Maul-Chase Card / Oversized Card505.00
OC2Cutting Down the Battle Droids-Chase Card / Oversized Card707.00
OC3Courageous Astromech Droid-Chase Card / Oversized Card505.00
C1Sea Creature Peril-Chase Card / Chrome Card505.00
C2Escapees on Tatooine-Chase Card / Chrome Card707.00
C3Podrace Excitement-Chase Card / Chrome Card707.00
C4Control Ship Attack-Chase Card / Chrome Card505.00
E1Commander Droid-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card505.00
E2Jar Jar Binks-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card505.00
E3Jabba the Hutt-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card505.00
E4Sebulba-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card707.00
E5Anakin Skywalker-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card505.00
E6Boss Nass-Chase Card / Embossed Foil Card505.00
P1Racing With Conviction-Promo Card707.00
P2Sebulba's Deception-Promo Card505.00
OS1Star Wars-Promo Card / Oversized Promos505.00
OS2Star Wars-Promo Card / Oversized Promos505.00