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Upper Deck Street Fighter

Upper Deck Street Fighter

Année: 1994
Nombre total de cartes: 105

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en cours: 1 / terminé: 0

Liste de vérification

1News Flash: Crisis in Shadaloo-Base Card101.00
2Hostage Watch-Base Card111.00
3Ransom Countdown Begins-Base Card111.00
4Sweet Deal Goes Sour-Base Card111.00
5Meeting the Spanish Ninja-Base Card120.50
6You're All Under Arrest-Base Card120.50
7Assassin Among Us-Base Card111.00
8Talking with the Enemy-Base Card111.00
9Chun-Li Dressed to Kill-Base Card111.00
10The Insiders-Base Card111.00
11Make Me the Perfect Warrior-Base Card111.00
12A Meeting of the Minds-Base Card111.00
13It's a Prison Break-Base Card101.00
14The Fallen Hero-Base Card111.00
15The Ruse Morgue-Base Card111.00
16The Infiltration Begins-Base Card101.00
17The Infiltration Is Complete-Base Card101.00
18Chun-Li and Crew Captured-Base Card120.50
19Sorry, War Cancelled-Base Card101.00
20Interview with a Madman-Base Card111.00
21Leader of the Pack-Base Card111.00
22Not So Pleasant Reunion-Base Card111.00
23Rage Unleashed-Base Card111.00
24She Who Hesitates Is Lost-Base Card111.00
25Attack Foiled-Base Card111.00
26Hit the Beach-Base Card111.00
27A Perfect Warrior Matchup-Base Card111.00
28Blanka's Secret Revealed-Base Card111.00
29Bison and Guile Face-to-Face-Base Card101.00
30A Woman Shall Lead Them-Base Card101.00
31Guile Versus Bison - Round 1-Base Card111.00
32Dee Jay Grabs the Cash-Base Card111.00
33Steel Claw Versus Iron Will-Base Card111.00
34You Will Be Defeated-Base Card111.00
35To the Loser Goes Defeat-Base Card111.00
36I Am Invincible-Base Card111.00
37The Best Laid Plans-Base Card111.00
38Street Fighters Escape-Base Card111.00
39The Grand Finale-Base Card111.00
40Guile-Base Card111.00
41Guile-Base Card111.00
42M.Bison-Base Card111.00
43M.Bison-Base Card111.00
44Cammy-Base Card111.00
45T.Hawk-Base Card111.00
46Chun-Li-Base Card111.00
47E.Honda-Base Card111.00
48Blanka-Base Card111.00
49Balrog-Base Card111.00
50Ken-Base Card111.00
51Ryu-Base Card120.50
52Vega-Base Card101.00
53Sawada-Base Card111.00
54Zangief-Base Card111.00
55Dhalsim-Base Card111.00
56Dee Jay-Base Card111.00
57Sagat-Base Card111.00
58Guile-Base Card111.00
59Cammy-Base Card111.00
60T.Hawk-Base Card111.00
61Chun-Li-Base Card111.00
62E.Honda-Base Card111.00
63Blanka-Base Card111.00
64Balrog-Base Card111.00
65Ken-Base Card111.00
66Ryu-Base Card111.00
67Vega-Base Card111.00
68Sawada-Base Card111.00
69Zangrief-Base Card111.00
70Dhalsim-Base Card101.00
71Dee Jay-Base Card111.00
72Sagat-Base Card101.00
73M.Bison-Base Card111.00
74Director: Steven de Souza-Base Card111.00
75Even experienced film makers…-Base Card111.00
76Street Fighter's casting director…-Base Card111.00
77Fight Coordinator Benny "The Jet" Urquide…-Base Card111.00
78General Bison's command center…-Base Card101.00
79The dramatic entrance…-Base Card111.00
80Resembling a scene from…-Base Card111.00
81Make-up and hair wizards Zoltan and Janic…-Base Card101.00
82Designed by Bill Creber…-Base Card111.00
83Jean-Claude Van Damme…-Base Card101.00
84Director de Souza coaches Ming-Na Wen…-Base Card111.00
85Many of the main characters…-Base Card111.00
86Ray "Brownie" Brown…-Base Card111.00
87Ming-Na Wen (Chun-Li)…-Base Card101.00
88The entire Street Fighter crew…-Base Card111.00
89Title Card-Base Card111.00
90Checklist-Base Card111.00
SF1Guile Versus M.BisonSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF2Guile Versus M.BisonSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF3Chun-Li Versus ZangiefSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF4Ryu Versus VegaSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF5E-Honda Versus ZangiefSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF6Balrog Versus TrooperSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF7Ryu Versus SagatSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF8Guile Versus BlankaSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF9T-Hawk Versus TrooperSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
SF10Cammy Versus TrooperSpecial F/XChase Card101.00
AN1Guile Versus M. BisonAnimationChase Card101.00
LE1Jean-Claude Van DammeLithogramChase Card101.00
S-F1Guile-Promo Card101.00
S-F2Opening DaySilver FoilPromo Card101.00
SP1Guile-Promo Card101.00