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Inkworks Alien vs Predator

Inkworks Alien vs Predator

Anno: 2004
Totale Carte collezionabili: 133

raccolte: 1 / completate: 0


1Title Card-Base card101.00
2Lex-Base card101.00
3Weyland-Base card101.00
4Sebastian-Base card101.00
5Miller-Base card101.00
6Max-Base card101.00
7Thomas-Base card101.00
8Verheiden-Base card101.00
9Quinn-Base card101.00
10Connors-Base card101.00
11Rousseau-Base card101.00
12Scar-Base card101.00
13Weyland's Team-Base card101.00
14A Perilous Mission-Base card101.00
15Into the Unknown-Base card101.00
16The Sacrificial Chamber-Base card101.00
17An Unknown Species-Base card101.00
18Heart of the Pyramid-Base card101.00
19Who Goes There?-Base card101.00
20Slaughter Station!-Base card101.00
21The Unstoppable One-Base card101.00
22Furious Struggle-Base card101.00
23Quinn's Final Stand-Base card101.00
24The Queen's Stolen Eggs-Base card101.00
25Birth of a Face Hugger-Base card101.00
26Trapped and Terrified-Base card101.00
27Max Netted-Base card101.00
28Facing the Predator-Base card101.00
29Savage Stranglehold-Base card101.00
30The Hunter Distracted-Base card101.00
31Challenged by an Alien-Base card101.00
32Hunted or Hunter?-Base card101.00
33Unearthly Opponents-Base card101.00
34The Terror Titans Clash-Base card101.00
35A Predator against Them-Base card101.00
36Weyland's Plea-Base card101.00
37As the Monster Advances-Base card101.00
38Taking on the Terror-Base card101.00
39Courageous...But Futile-Base card101.00
40Don't Turn Your Back on Me!-Base card101.00
41Where There's Smoke...-Base card101.00
42Cocooned!-Base card101.00
43Death of a Beaker-Base card101.00
44The Abyss-Base card101.00
45Behind You...!-Base card101.00
46A Too Close Encounter-Base card101.00
47Kindred Warriors-Base card101.00
48Armed for Alien Battle-Base card101.00
49Chamber of Death-Base card101.00
50An Act of Mercy-Base card101.00
51The Tragic Task-Base card101.00
52Blowing Up the Pyramid-Base card101.00
53Back to the Surface-Base card101.00
54Escaping the Armageddon-Base card101.00
55Blown into Oblivion!-Base card101.00
56Lex's "Blooding"-Base card101.00
57A Weapon Well Deserved-Base card101.00
58Return of the Queen-Base card101.00
59Mother of All Monsters-Base card101.00
60Armed Against the Alien-Base card101.00
61The Whalebone Graveyard-Base card101.00
62Teamed Against the Terror-Base card101.00
63Vanquished!-Base card101.00
64In This Corner...-Base card101.00
65Suited for Mayhem-Base card101.00
66Setting Up Scar-Base card101.00
67A Soldier's Story-Base card101.00
68All Hail the Queen-Base card101.00
69The Monster's Makers-Base card101.00
70Lights! Camera! Carnage!-Base card101.00
71All Fired Up-Base card101.00
72Preparing a Predator-Base card101.00
73The Young Filmmakers-Base card101.00
74The Queen's Big Scene-Base card101.00
75Shooting the Climax-Base card101.00
76Graveyard Shift-Base card101.00
77A Ledge Too Far-Base card101.00
78Death in Slow Motion-Base card101.00
79Directing "Lex"-Base card101.00
80Filming Sebastian's Dig-Base card101.00
81The Women of AVP-Base card101.00
82Art: The Hunter's Prize-Base card101.00
83Art: When Creatures Clash-Base card101.00
84Art: The Rite of Passage-Base card101.00
85Graphics: Predator-Base card101.00
86Graphics: Alien-Base card101.00
87Line Art: The Victors-Base card101.00
88Line Art: Predator-Base card101.00
89Line Art: Alien-Base card101.00
90Checklist-Base card101.00
A1Sanaa Lathan as Lex
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
A2Colin Salmon as Max
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
A3Sam Troughton as Thomas
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
A4Agathe De La Boulaye as Adele
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
A5Joseph Rye as Connors
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
A6Ian Whyte as Scar
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
A7Adrian Bouchet as Sven
Autograph CardChase Card101.00
PW-1Parka worn by Sanaa Lathan as Lex
PieceworksChase Card101.00
PW-2Parka worn by Lance Henriksen as Weyland
PieceworksChase Card101.00
PW-3Parka worn by Carsten Norgaard as Quinn
PieceworksChase Card101.00
PW-4Jacket worn by Colin Salmon as Max
PieceworksChase Card101.00
PW-5Pants worn by Colin Salmon as Max
PieceworksChase Card101.00
PW-6Parka worn by Tommy Flanagan as Verheiden
PieceworksChase Card101.00
PW-7Parka worn by Joseph Rye as Connors
PieceworksChase Card101.00
DG1The Big, The Bad and The UglyThe Deadliest GameChase Card101.00
DG2Out of the PastThe Deadliest GameChase Card101.00
DG3Introducing "Scar"The Deadliest GameChase Card101.00
DG4We Admire Its PurityThe Deadliest GameChase Card101.00
DG5Day of the Face HuggersThe Deadliest GameChase Card101.00
DG6Look Ma! No Survivors!The Deadliest GameChase Card101.00
SF1Ten Years in the Making!Survival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF2A New Action HeroineSurvival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF3Bova and the BeastsSurvival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF4A Dance against DragonsSurvival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF5Building a Better MonsterSurvival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF6A Regal MakeoverSurvival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF7Power PuppetrySurvival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF8Inside the ChamberSurvival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
SF9How It All Began…Survival of the FiercestChase Card101.00
BL1In This Corner: PredatorBlood Hunters Box LoadersChase Card101.00
BL2In This Corner: AlienBlood Hunters Box LoadersChase Card101.00
BL3Assault on a QueenBlood Hunters Box LoadersChase Card101.00
CL1William O'Neill
Sketch CardsChase Card101.00
CL2Tone Rodriguez
Sketch CardsChase Card101.00
CL3Joel Angel Gomez
Sketch CardsChase Card101.00
AVP-SD2004PredatorSan Diego Comic-ConPromo Card101.00
AVP-SD2007Alien vs Predator Premium Trading CardsSan Diego Comic-ConPromo Card101.00
INK-200410-card panel featuring different Inkworks sets-Promo Card101.00
P-1Alien, PredatorGeneral DistributionPromo Card101.00
P-2PredatorGeneral DistributionPromo Card101.00
P-iAlien Hovering Over ShoulderInkworks WebsitePromo Card101.00
P-UKPredator UK-Promo Card101.00
PSSurvival of the Fiercest
Uncut Mini Press Sheet-101.00