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Inkworks Hellboy Animated Sword of Storms

Inkworks Hellboy Animated Sword of Storms

Anno: 2006
Totale Carte collezionabili: 118

raccolte: 2 / completate: 0


1Title Card-Base Card202.00
2Hellboy-Base Card202.00
3Abe Sapien-Base Card202.00
4Liz Sherman-Base Card202.00
5Kate Corrigan-Base Card202.00
6Russell Thorne-Base Card202.00
7Thunder and Lightning-Base Card202.00
8Professor Sakai-Base Card202.00
9The Fox/Fox Lady-Base Card202.00
10Into the Dark-Base Card202.00
11Guns at the Ready!-Base Card202.00
12The Bat Behemoth-Base Card202.00
13Abe Under Attack!-Base Card202.00
14The Might of Hellboy-Base Card202.00
15A Mummy Marathon-Base Card202.00
16Only One Way Out...-Base Card202.00
17Her Fire Unleashed-Base Card202.00
18"Pull It Back, Liz!"-Base Card202.00
19An Ancient Legend-Base Card202.00
20Blast from the Past-Base Card202.00
21Secret of the Sword-Base Card202.00
22Ghost Warriors!-Base Card202.00
23BPRD on the Job-Base Card202.00
24A Dark Mystery-Base Card202.00
25Transported!-Base Card202.00
26After the Fox-Base Card202.00
27The Weeping Maiden-Base Card202.00
28A Love Unfullfilled-Base Card202.00
29"Where Is Hellboy?"-Base Card202.00
30Kate Explains It All-Base Card202.00
31Possessed!-Base Card202.00
32The House of Pain-Base Card202.00
33Death of the Party-Base Card202.00
34The Searching Dead-Base Card202.00
35"Boo!"-Base Card202.00
36Last of the Dead Heads-Base Card202.00
37Friend or Foe?-Base Card202.00
38The Web of Deceit-Base Card202.00
39The Cocooned-Base Card202.00
40Kiss of the Spider Lady-Base Card202.00
41Along Came Some Spiders-Base Card202.00
42Disaster in the Sky-Base Card202.00
43The Survivors-Base Card202.00
44His Quest Renewed-Base Card202.00
45Underwater Struggle!-Base Card202.00
46Amphibious Adversary-Base Card202.00
47A Journey Interrupted-Base Card202.00
48Key to a Nightmare-Base Card202.00
49In Terror's Grip-Base Card202.00
50The Fallout Follies-Base Card202.00
51Source of the Conflict-Base Card202.00
52Demon Uprising-Base Card202.00
53Horror on All Sides-Base Card202.00
54On the Rampage!-Base Card202.00
55Blast Them to Hell, Boy-Base Card202.00
56Bridge of Death-Base Card202.00
57Across Evil's Battlefield-Base Card202.00
58Breaking the Sword-Base Card202.00
59Comforting Kate-Base Card202.00
60Invading Our World!-Base Card202.00
61The Storm Demons-Base Card202.00
62Vanquished by Fiery Fury-Base Card202.00
63Demonfight-Base Card202.00
64Fury of the Ancients-Base Card202.00
65Blasting the Enemy-Base Card202.00
66The Final Battle-Base Card202.00
67As One with Kate-Base Card202.00
68Ghost Lovers Reunited-Base Card202.00
69Seeing the Light-Base Card202.00
70Gone with the Wind-Base Card202.00
71Sayonara, Old Soul-Base Card202.00
72Checklist-Base Card202.00
SK1Mike Mignola
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK2Sean "Cheeks" Galloway
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK3Greg Guler
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK4Tone Rodriguez
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK5Mark Dos Santos
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK6Chris Moreno
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK7Billy Martinez
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK8Jeff Zugale
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK9John Czop
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK10Cynthia Cummens
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK11Matt Wendt
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK12James Rogovoy
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK13William O'Neill
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK14Rich Koslowski
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK15Tess Fowler
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK16Cat Staggs
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK17Tom Hodges
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK18Renae De Liz
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
SK19Kate "Red" Bradley
Sketch CardsChase Card202.00
D1Hell To PayDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D2The Bat-GodDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D3Death from the SkiesDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D4Cemetery SpiritsDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D5The Weird ProfessorDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D6Apocalypse NowDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D7Care for a Bite?Demons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D8A Bridge Too SmallDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
D9The Sword CarrierDemons UnleashedChase Card202.00
H1Love of a SamuraiHero's JourneyChase Card202.00
H2Stranger in a Strange LandHero's JourneyChase Card202.00
H3Hand of EvilHero's JourneyChase Card202.00
H4River Monster AttackHero's JourneyChase Card202.00
H5Blasted by Demonic PowerHero's JourneyChase Card202.00
H6The Journey EndsHero's JourneyChase Card202.00
BL1Give 'Em Hell, BoyBox LoadersChase Card202.00
BL2She's a HottieBox LoadersChase Card202.00
BL3Honest Abe SapienBox LoadersChase Card202.00
CL1To Serve and ProtectCase LoaderChase Card202.00
PSDemons Unleashed
Uncut Mini Press SheetChase Card202.00
HA-1HellboyComing Fall 2006Promo Card202.00
HA-1jHellboyComing January 2007Promo Card202.00
HA-2Abe SapienNon-Sport UpdatePromo Card202.00
HA-iLizInkworks WebsitePromo Card202.00
HA-SD2006Hellboy2006 San Diego Comic-ConPromo Card202.00
HA-TLiz, Hellboy, Abe Sapien-Promo Card202.00
HA-UKLiz, Hellboy, Abe SapienUKPromo Card202.00