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Inkworks Sliders

Inkworks Sliders

Anno: 1997
Totale Carte collezionabili: 89

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 4 / completate: 1


1SlidersTitle CardBase card212.00
2The First SeasonSeason 1Base card212.00
3The Second SeasonSeason 2Base card120.50
4'It Gets Better!'PilotBase card111.00
5'... We're Buds, Right?'PilotBase card120.50
6'I Don't Have a Dog'PilotBase card221.00
7'We're Not in Kansas ...'PilotBase card111.00
8Call Me ComradePilotBase card212.00
9Hygienically ApprovedFeverBase card212.00
10Some Unexpected HelpFeverBase card212.00
11'Age Before Beauty'FeverBase card111.00
12Bennish's SolutionLast DaysBase card120.50
13The Atomic GenieLast DaysBase card120.50
14Dinner by CandlelightLast DaysBase card120.50
15A King's RansomPrince of WailsBase card111.00
16Tune In, Turn On, Turn OverSummer of LoveBase card111.00
17Just Think ItEggheadsBase card120.50
18Breakfast of GeniusesEggheadsBase card111.00
19Vote Arturo!The Weaker SexBase card212.00
20The Undisputed KingThe King Is BackBase card212.00
21Double VisionThe King Is BackBase card111.00
22Another Lucky Winner!Luck of the DrawBase card212.00
23Run for It!Into the MysticBase card111.00
24A Rare BreedLove GodsBase card111.00
25Patriots!Love GodsBase card120.50
26See Me!Gillian of the SpiritsBase card120.50
27Dead-Eye!The Good, the Bad, and the WealthyBase card111.00
28Target PracticeThe Good, the Bad, and the WealthyBase card111.00
29The Buddy SystemEl SidBase card111.00
30We, the PeopleTime Again and WorldBase card212.00
31Danger: Predators!In Dino VeritasBase card212.00
32Almost HomePost Traumatic Slide SyndromeBase card212.00
33Wade's DreamObsessionBase card212.00
34Bond, Derek BondObsessionBase card212.00
35The IncorruptiblesGreatfellasBase card212.00
36One Cool CatGreatfellasBase card111.00
37Prayin' to JesusGreatfellasBase card111.00
38An Explosive SituationGreatfellasBase card111.00
39Jump Right InThe Young and the RelentlessBase card111.00
40Who Killed Q.R.?The Young and the RelentlessBase card120.50
41Kromagg's Rule!InvasionBase card212.00
42Inside a MantaInvasionBase card120.50
43The TrackersInvasionBase card221.00
44Caught!InvasionBase card120.50
45Time's ArrowAs Time Goes ByBase card212.00
46Armada! (puzzle 1)SlidersBase card111.00
47Harvest Time (puzzle 2)SlidersBase card221.00
48Rapture (puzzle 1)Sliders: UltimatumBase card111.00
49Damnation (puzzle 2)Sliders: UltimatumBase card111.00
50Fissions of the Soul (puzzle 1)Sliders: Darkest HourBase card111.00
51Dimensional Shadows (puzzle 2)Sliders: Darkest HourBase card111.00
52Soul Survivors (puzzle 3)Sliders: Darkest HourBase card212.00
53NarcoticaSliders Special #1Base card111.00
54Blood & SplendorSliders: The Lost EpisodeBase card120.50
55Paint It Red!Alternate WorldsBase card111.00
56The New Ice AgeAlternate WorldsBase card212.00
57Fish Out of WaterAlternate WorldsBase card120.50
58Too Cool! Too Bad.Alternate WorldsBase card212.00
59Mrs. PresidentAlternate WorldsBase card111.00
60The Secrets of SorceryAlternate WorldsBase card111.00
61Trouble in the RubbleAlternate WorldsBase card111.00
62Just DessertsAlternate WorldsBase card111.00
63A Big Bite [Invaded Earth]Alternate WorldsBase card111.00
64The Third SeasonSeason 3Base card111.00
65Rules of the GameSeason 3Base card111.00
66Double CrossSeason 3Base card111.00
67Electric Twister Acid TestSeason 3Base card212.00
68Quinn MalloryCharacter CardBase card111.00
69Wade WellsCharacter CardBase card120.50
70Maximillian ArturoCharacter CardBase card111.00
71Rembrandt BrownCharacter CardBase card212.00
72Sliders ChecklistChecklistBase card212.00
EC1Welcome to Level One (Rules of the Game)Embossed CardChase card303.00
EC2Stay Alive (Rules of the Game)Embossed CardChase card303.00
EC3See You at the Beach (Rules of the Game)Embossed CardChase card303.00
EC4Welcome to San Angeles (Double Cross)Embossed CardChase card303.00
EC5Max? (Double Cross)Embossed CardChase card202.00
EC6The Dark Side (Double Cross)Embossed CardChase card202.00
EC7The Haven (Electric Twister Acid Test)Embossed CardChase card101.00
EC8Outcasts (Electric Twister Acid Test)Embossed CardChase card303.00
EC9Redemption (Electric Twister Acid Test)Embossed CardChase card303.00
FC1The Ancient Kromagg HomeworldFoilworks CardChase card202.00
FC2The Ancient Kromagg HomeworldFoilworks CardChase card202.00
FC3The Ancient Kromagg HomeworldFoilworks CardChase card202.00
FC4The Kromagg Homeworld Today: ... forestsFoilworks CardChase card101.00
FC5The Kromagg Homeworld Today: ... city-statesFoilworks CardChase card202.00
FC6The Kromagg Homeworld Today: Even today ...Foilworks CardChase card202.00
MLC1Jerry O'Connell and Sabrina LloydMotionworks Lenticular CardChase card101.00
MLC2John Rhys-Davies and Clevant DerricksMotionworks Lenticular CardChase card202.00