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Inkworks X-Files Seasons 4 and 5

Inkworks X-Files Seasons 4 and 5

Anno: 2001
Totale Carte collezionabili: 114

raccolte: 2 / completate: 1


1The Truth Is Out There-Base Card202.00
24x01: Herrenvolk-Base Card202.00
34x02: Unruhe-Base Card202.00
44x03: Home-Base Card202.00
54x04: Teliko-Base Card202.00
64x05: The Field Where I Died-Base Card202.00
74x06: Sanguinarium-Base Card202.00
84x07: Musings of a Cigarette-Smoking Man-Base Card202.00
94x08: Paper Hearts-Base Card202.00
104x09: Tunguska-Base Card202.00
114x10: Terma-Base Card202.00
124x11: El Mundo Gira-Base Card202.00
134x12: Kaddish-Base Card202.00
144x13: Never Again-Base Card202.00
154x14: Leonard Betts-Base Card202.00
164x15: Memento Mori-Base Card202.00
174x16: Unrequitted-Base Card202.00
184x17: Tempus Fugit-Base Card202.00
194x18: Max-Base Card202.00
204x19: Synchrony-Base Card202.00
214x20: Small Potatoes-Base Card202.00
224x21: Zero Sum-Base Card202.00
234x22: Elegy-Base Card202.00
244x23: Demons-Base Card202.00
254x24: Gethsemane-Base Card202.00
265x01: Unusual Suspects-Base Card202.00
275x02: Redux-Base Card202.00
285x03: Redux II-Base Card202.00
295x04: Detour-Base Card202.00
305x05: Christmas Carol-Base Card202.00
315x06: Post-Modern Prometheus-Base Card202.00
325x07: Emily-Base Card202.00
335x08: Kitsunegari-Base Card202.00
345x09: Schizogeny-Base Card202.00
355x10: Chinga-Base Card202.00
365x11: Kill Switch-Base Card202.00
375x12: Bad Blood-Base Card202.00
385x13: Patient X-Base Card202.00
395x14: The Red and the Black-Base Card202.00
405x15: Travelers-Base Card202.00
415x16: Mind’s Eye-Base Card202.00
425x17: All Souls-Base Card202.00
435x18: The Pine Bluff Variant-Base Card202.00
445x19: Folie A Deux-Base Card202.00
455x20: The End-Base Card202.00
46Special Agent Fox Mulder-Base Card202.00
47Special Agent Dana Scully-Base Card202.00
48Assistant Director Skinner-Base Card202.00
49John Fitzgerald Byers-Base Card202.00
50Melvin Frohike-Base Card202.00
51Ringo Langly-Base Card202.00
52Emily Sim-Base Card202.00
53Samantha Mulder-Base Card202.00
54Max Fenig-Base Card202.00
55The Cigarette-Smoking Man-Base Card202.00
56The Well-Manicured Man-Base Card202.00
57The First Elder-Base Card202.00
58Marita Covarrubias-Base Card202.00
59Alex Krycek-Base Card202.00
60Mrs. Mulder-Base Card202.00
61Agency Danny Pendrell-Base Card202.00
62Jeremiah Smith-Base Card202.00
63Alien Bounty Hunter-Base Card202.00
64Thoughtograph Terror-Base Card202.00
65The Melanin-Suckre-Base Card202.00
66The Face-Lifter-Base Card202.00
67A Picture Is Worth…-Base Card202.00
68All Bets Are Off-Base Card202.00
69Now You See Him…-Base Card202.00
70Frozen Stiff-Base Card202.00
71When Babies Had Tails-Base Card202.00
72Phantom Lady-Base Card202.00
73Don’t Fool with Mother Nature-Base Card202.00
74Man-Made Monster-Base Card202.00
75Return of the Pusher-Base Card202.00
76Mud Sucker-Base Card202.00
77The Doll From Hell-Base Card202.00
78Mulder the Vampire Slayer-Base Card202.00
79The Secret Invasion-Base Card202.00
80Guardian Angel-Base Card202.00
81Skinner…Bugged-Base Card202.00
82Pileggi Briefs-Base Card202.00
83Monster Maker-Base Card202.00
84To Bee or Not to Bee-Base Card202.00
85Everywhere an E.T.-Base Card202.00
86Filming an Autopsy-Base Card202.00
87Fabricating a Forest Creature-Base Card202.00
88Munch-ing on the Set-Base Card202.00
89Shining Directors-Base Card202.00
90Checklist-Base Card202.00
A1Chris Carter - Series Creator and Executive Producer
AutographsChase Card202.00
A2Bruce Harwood as John Fitzgerald Byers
AutographsChase Card202.00
A3Jerry Hardin as Deep Throat
AutographsChase Card202.00
A4Laurie Holden as Marita Covarrubias
AutographsChase Card202.00
A5Brendan Beiser as Agent Pendrell
AutographsChase Card202.00
PW1Sweatshirt worn by David Duchovny as Fox Mulder
PieceworksChase Card202.00
B1EyeballBlack OilChase Card202.00
B2Scully In Hazards SuitBlack OilChase Card202.00
B3Mulder And KrycekBlack OilChase Card202.00
B4Mulder In AgonyBlack OilChase Card202.00
B5Mulder NettedBlack OilChase Card202.00
B6ConspiratorsBlack OilChase Card202.00
D1Ace of HeartsDeath CardsChase Card202.00
D2King of HeartsDeath CardsChase Card202.00
D3Queen of HeartsDeath CardsChase Card202.00
P1Mulder in NetI Want to BelieveChase Card202.00
P2Mulder in RobeI Want to BelieveChase Card202.00
P3Mulder with UmbrellaI Want to BelieveChase Card202.00
XBL-1Scully and MulderBox LoaderChase Card202.00
XCL-1ScullyCase LoaderChase Card202.00
PC1Mulder and ScullyDealersPromo Card202.00
PC2Lone GunmenNon-Sport Update MagazinePromo Card202.00
PiGovernment ConspiracyWebsite PromoPromo Card202.00
XM-1Scully and MulderX-Files MagazinePromo Card202.00