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Jpp / Amada Ghost in the Shell

Jpp / Amada Ghost in the Shell

Anno: 1995
Totale Carte collezionabili: 79

raccolte: 0 / completate: 1


1gTitle Card / Production InformationCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
1vTitle Card / Production InformationCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
2gMotoko KusanagiCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
2vMotoko KusanagiCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
3gBatouCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
3vBatouCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
4gTogusaCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
4vTogusaCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
5gIshikawaCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
5vIshikawaCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
6gAramakiCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
6vAramakiCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
7gNakamuraCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
7vNakamuraCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
8gDr. WillisCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
8vDr. WillisCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
9gHQ OperatorCharactersBase card / horizontal000.00
9vHQ OperatorCharactersBase card / vertical000.00
10ProgrammerCharactersBase card000.00
11Garbage WorkerCharactersBase card000.00
12Garbage Worker (B)CharactersBase card000.00
13Executive CriminalCharactersBase card000.00
14Diplomat (of Gavel)CharactersBase card000.00
15Minister of Foreign AffairsCharactersBase card000.00
16Colonel MalezCharactersBase card000.00
17Puppet Master 1CharactersBase card000.00
18Puppet Master 2CharactersBase card000.00
19Brain CasingThe Artificial BodyBase card000.00
20Muscle TissueThe Artificial BodyBase card000.00
21Outer skin formationThe Artificial BodyBase card000.00
22Membrane ExfoliationThe Artificial BodyBase card000.00
23Cleaning 1The Artificial BodyBase card000.00
24Cleaning 2The Artificial BodyBase card000.00
25Surfacing 1The Artificial BodyBase card000.00
26Surfacing 2The Artificial BodyBase card000.00
27DryingThe Artificial BodyBase card000.00
28Motoko Kusanagi's private timeMotoko's private timeBase card000.00
29The Garbage TruckThe garbage truckBase card000.00
30Batou chasesTsuasutaba CZ-M100Base card000.00
31Kusanagi chasesThermo-optic CamouflageBase card000.00
32Kusanagi puts on her coatBatou, a different lookBase card000.00
33Scuba DivingFloaterBase card000.00
34Nakamura pays a visit to Section 9LimousineBase card000.00
35Togusa shootsMateba M2007Base card000.00
36Batou chasesAn escaping carBase card000.00
37Catching the escaping carRoadblockBase card000.00
38The fight beginsVisorBase card000.00
39Blow out the glass ceiling!MuseumBase card000.00
40Motoko hiding behind a pillar9 WeaponBase card000.00
41A tank shoots at MotokoTank!Base card000.00
42Batou shoots at a tankPenetratorBase card000.00
43Dialog between Motoko and the Puppet MasterSection 6 Sniper HelicopterBase card000.00
44Kusanagi is …Moroko, the girlBase card000.00
45Checklist card-Base card000.00
C-01Card C-01-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-02Card C-02-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-03Card C-03-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-04Card C-04-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-05Card C-05-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-06Card C-06-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-07Card C-07-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-08Card C-08-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
C-09Card C-09-Chase card / Clearchrome000.00
S-01Hacking-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-02Receiving-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-03Standby-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-04Support-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-05Night View-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-06Diving-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-07Duty-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-08Escape-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-09Thermo-optics-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-10Puzzle card-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-11Puzzle card-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-12Puzzle card-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-13Puzzle card-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-14Puzzle card-Chase card / Reflector000.00
S-15Puzzle card-Chase card / Reflector000.00
SP01Card SP01-Chase card / Special Reflector000.00