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O-Pee-Chee NHL Hockey 1982-1983

O-Pee-Chee NHL Hockey 1982-1983

Anno: 1982
Totale Figurine: 263

National Hockey League sticker collection

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 5 / completate: 11


1Mike Bossy - Conn Smythe Trophy Winner1982 Stanley Cup Final-000.00
2Conn Smythe Trophy1982 Stanley Cup Finalfoil020.00
3New York Islanders - Stanley Cup Winners (puzzle 1)1982 Stanley Cup Final-030.00
4New York Islanders - Stanley Cup Winners (puzzle 2)1982 Stanley Cup Final-010.00
5New York Islanders vs Vancouver Canucks (puzzle 1)1982 Stanley Cup Final-130.33
6New York Islanders vs Vancouver Canucks (puzzle 2)1982 Stanley Cup Final-120.50
7Richard Brodeur1982 Stanley Cup Final-020.00
8Victory1982 Stanley Cup Final-030.00
9New York Islanders vs Vancouver Canucks (puzzle 1)1982 Stanley Cup Final-020.00
10New York Islanders vs Vancouver Canucks (puzzle 2)1982 Stanley Cup Final-111.00
11Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Black Hawks1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-020.00
12Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Black Hawks (puzzle 1)1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-040.00
13Vancouver Canucks vs Chicago Black Hawks (puzzle 2)1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-120.50
14Tom Lysiak1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-030.00
15Peter Stastny1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-101.00
16New York Islanders vs Quebec Nordiques (puzzle 1)1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-010.00
17New York Islanders vs Quebec Nordiques (puzzle 2)1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-010.00
18New York Islanders vs Quebec Nordiques1982 Stanley Cup PlayOff-130.33
19Peter StastnyQuebec Nordiques-000.00
20Marian StastnyQuebec Nordiques-030.00
21Marc TardifQuebec Nordiques-010.00
22Wilf PaiementQuebec Nordiques-010.00
23Real CloutierQuebec Nordiques-010.00
24Anton StastnyQuebec Nordiques-111.00
25Michel GouletQuebec Nordiques-120.50
26Dale HunterQuebec Nordiques-120.50
27Dan BouchardQuebec Nordiques-101.00
28Guy Lafleur (puzzle 1)Montreal Canadiens-010.00
29Guy Lafleur (puzzle 2)Montreal Canadiens-111.00
30Mario TremblayMontreal Canadiens-020.00
31Larry RobinsonMontreal Canadiens-020.00
32Steve Shutt (puzzle 1)Montreal Canadiens-020.00
33Steve Shutt (puzzle 2)Montreal Canadiens-020.00
34Rod LangwayMontreal Canadiens-040.00
35Pierre MondouMontreal Canadiens-030.00
36Bob GaineyMontreal Canadiens-120.50
37Rick WamsleyMontreal Canadiens-030.00
38Mark Napier (puzzle 1)Montreal Canadiens-120.50
39Mark Napier (puzzle 2)Montreal Canadiens-020.00
40Doug JarvisMontreal Canadiens-030.00
41Denis HerronMontreal Canadiens-030.00
42Keith Acton (puzzle 1)Montreal Canadiens-020.00
43Keith Acton (puzzle 2)Montreal Canadiens-130.33
44Prince of Wales Trophy (puzzle 1)New York Islandersfoil010.00
45Prince of Wales Trophy (puzzle 2)New York Islandersfoil020.00
46Denis PotvinNew York Islanders-010.00
47Bryan Trottier (puzzle 1)New York Islanders-010.00
48Bryan Trottier (puzzle 2)New York Islanders-020.00
49John TonelliNew York Islanders-040.00
50Mike Bossy (puzzle 1)New York Islanders-010.00
51Mike Bossy (puzzle 2)New York Islanders-020.00
52Duane SutterNew York Islanders-120.50
53Bob BourneNew York Islanders-030.00
54Clark Gillies (puzzle 1)New York Islanders-020.00
55Clark Gillies (puzzle 2)New York Islanders-020.00
56Brent SutterNew York Islanders-040.00
57Anders KallurNew York Islanders-030.00
58Ken MorrowNew York Islanders-030.00
59Bob NystromNew York Islanders-030.00
60Billy Smith (puzzle 1)New York Islanders-010.00
61Billy Smith (puzzle 2)New York Islanders-010.00
62Rick Vaive (puzzle 1)Toronto Maple Leafs-020.00
63Rick Vaive (puzzle 2)Toronto Maple Leafs-010.00
64Jim BenningToronto Maple Leafs-030.00
65Miroslav FrycerToronto Maple Leafs-120.50
66Terry MartinToronto Maple Leafs-120.50
67Bill Derlago (puzzle 1)Toronto Maple Leafs-020.00
68Bill Derlago (puzzle 2)Toronto Maple Leafs-120.50
69Rocky SaganiukToronto Maple Leafs-020.00
70Vincent TremblayToronto Maple Leafs-020.00
71Bob MannoToronto Maple Leafs-030.00
72Dan MaloneyToronto Maple Leafs-010.00
73John Anderson (puzzle 1)Toronto Maple Leafs-020.00
74John Anderson (puzzle 2)Toronto Maple Leafs-010.00
75Borje Salming (puzzle 1)Toronto Maple Leafs-010.00
76Borje Salming (puzzle 2)Toronto Maple Leafs-010.00
77Michel LarocqueToronto Maple Leafs-040.00
78Rick Middleton (puzzle 1)Boston Bruins-020.00
79Rick Middleton (puzzle 2)Boston Bruins-030.00
80Keith CrowderBoston Bruins-030.00
81Steve KasperBoston Bruins-040.00
82Brad ParkBoston Bruins-030.00
83Peter McNab (puzzle 1)Boston Bruins-030.00
84Peter McNab (puzzle 2)Boston Bruins-030.00
85Terry O'ReillyBoston Bruins-120.50
86Ray Bourque (puzzle 1)Boston Bruins-010.00
87Ray Bourque (puzzle 2)Boston Bruins-020.00
88Tom FergusBoston Bruins-030.00
89Mike O'ConnellBoston Bruins-130.33
90Brad McCrimmonBoston Bruins-040.00
91Don MarcotteBoston Bruins-040.00
92Barry Pederson (puzzle 1)Boston Bruins-030.00
93Barry Pederson (puzzle 2)Boston Bruins-020.00
94Mark MessierEdmonton Oilers-020.00
95Grant FuhrEdmonton Oilers-101.00
96Kevin LoweEdmonton Oilers-120.50
97Wayne Gretzky (puzzle 1)Edmonton Oilers-010.00
98Wayne Gretzky (puzzle 2)Edmonton Oilers-010.00
99Glenn Anderson (puzzle 1)Edmonton Oilers-111.00
100Glenn Anderson (puzzle 2)Edmonton Oilers-010.00
101Dave LumleyEdmonton Oilers-030.00
102Dave HunterEdmonton Oilers-020.00
103Matti HagmanEdmonton Oilers-030.00
104Paul Coffey (puzzle 1)Edmonton Oilers-010.00
105Paul Coffey (puzzle 2)Edmonton Oilers-010.00
106Lee FogolinEdmonton Oilers-120.50
107Ron LowEdmonton Oilers-030.00
108Jari Kurri (puzzle 1)Edmonton Oilers-000.00
109Jari Kurri (puzzle 2)Edmonton Oilers-020.00
110Bill BarberPhiladelphia Flyers-030.00
111Brian ProppPhiladelphia Flyers-040.00
112Ken LinsemanPhiladelphia Flyers-040.00
113Ron FlockhartPhiladelphia Flyers-040.00
114Darryl SittlerPhiladelphia Flyers-000.00
115Bobby ClarkePhiladelphia Flyers-120.50
116Paul HolmgrenPhiladelphia Flyers-010.00
117Pete PeetersPhiladelphia Flyers-000.00
118Gilbert PerreaultBuffalo Sabres-000.00
119Dale McCourtBuffalo Sabres-130.33
120Mike FolignoBuffalo Sabres-020.00
121John Van BoxmeerBuffalo Sabres-040.00
122Tony MckegneyBuffalo Sabres-130.33
123Ric SeilingBuffalo Sabres-130.33
124Don EdwardsBuffalo Sabres-030.00
125Yvon LambertBuffalo Sabres-030.00
126Blaine StoughtonHartford Whalers-040.00
127Pierre LaroucheHartford Whalers-030.00
128Doug SullimanHartford Whalers-040.00
129Ron FrancisHartford Whalers-030.00
130Greg MillenHartford Whalers-020.00
131Mark HoweHartford Whalers-130.33
132Chris KotsopoulosHartford Whalers-030.00
133Garry HowattHartford Whalers-030.00
134Ron DuguayNew York Rangers-120.50
135Barry BeckNew York Rangers-120.50
136Mike RogersNew York Rangers-030.00
137Don MaloneyNew York Rangers-120.50
138Mark PavelichNew York Rangers-120.50
139Ed JohnstoneNew York Rangers-030.00
140Dave MaloneyNew York Rangers-030.00
141Steve WeeksNew York Rangers-030.00
142Ed MioNew York Rangers-040.00
143Rick KehoePittsburgh Penguins-030.00
144Randy CarlylePittsburgh Penguins-040.00
145Paul GardnerPittsburgh Penguins-020.00
146Michell DionPittsburgh Penguins-030.00
147Rick MacLeishPittsburgh Penguins-101.00
148Pat BoutettePittsburgh Penguins-030.00
149Mike BullardPittsburgh Penguins-020.00
150George FergusonPittsburgh Penguins-030.00
151Dennis MarukWashington Capitals-030.00
152Ryan WalterWashington Capitals-030.00
153Mike GartnerWashington Capitals-010.00
154Bob CarpenterWashington Capitals-120.50
155Chris ValentineWashington Capitals-020.00
156Rick GreenWashington Capitals-111.00
157Bengt GustafssonWashington Capitals-040.00
158Dave ParroWashington Capitals-020.00
159Mark Messier1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil010.00
160Paul Coffey1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil010.00
161Grant Fuhr1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil010.00
162Wayne Gretzky1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil020.00
163Doug Wilson1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil010.00
164Dave Taylor1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil030.00
165Mike Bossy1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil000.00
166Ray Bourque1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil000.00
167Peter Stastny1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil010.00
168Michell Dion1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil120.50
169Larry Robinson1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil010.00
170Bill Barber1981-82 All Stars Gamefoil030.00
171Denis SavardChicago Black Hawks-020.00
172Doug WilsonChicago Black Hawks-020.00
173Grant MulveyChicago Black Hawks-130.33
174Tom LysiakChicago Black Hawks-020.00
175Al SecordChicago Black Hawks-111.00
176Reg KerrChicago Black Hawks-020.00
177Tim HigginsChicago Black Hawks-030.00
178Terry RuskowskiChicago Black Hawks-030.00
179John OgrodnickDetroit Red Wings-030.00
180Reed LarsonDetroit Red Wings-030.00
181Bob SauveDetroit Red Wings-130.33
182Mark OsborneDetroit Red Wings-130.33
183Jim SchoenfeldDetroit Red Wings-010.00
184Danny GareDetroit Red Wings-020.00
185Willie HuberDetroit Red Wings-120.50
186Walt MckechnieDetroit Red Wings-030.00
187Paul WoodsDetroit Red Wings-130.33
188Bobby SmithMinnesota North Stars-030.00
189Dino CiccarelliMinnesota North Stars-030.00
190Neal BrotenMinnesota North Stars-120.50
191Steve PayneMinnesota North Stars-030.00
192Craig HartsbyrgMinnesota North Stars-030.00
193Don BeaupreMinnesota North Stars-120.50
194Steve ChristoffMinnesota North Stars-030.00
195Gilles MelocheMinnesota North Stars-111.00
196Mike LiutSt. Louis Blues-030.00
197Bernie FederkoSt. Louis Blues-020.00
198Brian SutterSt. Louis Blues-030.00
199Blake DunlopSt. Louis Blues-020.00
200Joe MullenSt. Louis Blues-040.00
201Wayne BabychSt. Louis Blues-020.00
202Jorgen PetterssonSt. Louis Blues-130.33
203Perry TurnbullSt. Louis Blues-030.00
204Dale HawerchukWinnipeg Jets-040.00
205Morris LukowichWinnipeg Jets-040.00
206Dave ChristianWinnipeg Jets-030.00
207Dave BabychWinnipeg Jets-130.33
208Paul MacLeanWinnipeg Jets-030.00
209Willy LindstromWinnipeg Jets-130.33
210Ed StaniowskiWinnipeg Jets-140.25
211Doug SoetaertWinnipeg Jets-030.00
212Lucien DebloisWinnipeg Jets-030.00
213Mel BridgmanCalgary Flames-030.00
214Lanny McDonaldCalgary Flames-010.00
215Guy ChouinardCalgary Flames-030.00
216Jim PerlinskiCalgary Flames-130.33
217Kent NilssonCalgary Flames-020.00
218Pekka RautakallioCalgary Flames-010.00
219Paul ReinhartCalgary Flames-030.00
220Kevin LavalleeCalgary Flames-130.33
221Ken HoustonCalgary Flames-020.00
222Glenn ReschColorado Rockies-010.00
223Rob RamageColorado Rockies-030.00
224Don leverColorado Rockies-130.33
225Bob MacMillanColorado Rockies-030.00
226Steve TambelliniColorado Rockies-010.00
227Brent AshtonColorado Rockies-030.00
228Bob LorimerColorado Rockies-130.33
229Merlin MalinowskiColorado Rockies-040.00
230Marcel DionneLos Angeles Kings-020.00
231Dave TaylorLos Angeles Kings-120.50
232Larry MurphyLos Angeles Kings-030.00
233Steve BozekLos Angeles Kings-030.00
234Greg TerrionLos Angeles Kings-020.00
235Jim FoxLos Angeles Kings-120.50
236Mario LessardLos Angeles Kings-030.00
237Charlie SimmerLos Angeles Kings-030.00
238Campbell Bowl (puzzle 1)Vancouver Canucksfoil020.00
239Campbell Bowl (puzzle 2)Vancouver Canucksfoil111.00
240Thomas GradinVancouver Canucks-020.00
241Ivan BoldirevVancouver Canucks-130.33
242Stan SmylVancouver Canucks-020.00
243Harold SnepstsVancouver Canucks-030.00
244Curt FraserVancouver Canucks-040.00
245Lars MolinVancouver Canucks-050.00
246Kevin McCarthyVancouver Canucks-020.00
247Richard BrodeurVancouver Canucks-020.00
248Calder Trophy1981-82 Leadersfoil050.00
249Dale Hawerchuk1981-82 Leaders-020.00
250Vezina Trophy1981-82 Leadersfoil040.00
251Billy Smith1981-82 Leaders-030.00
252D.Herron/R.Wamsley1981-82 Leaders-140.25
253Steve Kasper1981-82 Leaders-030.00
254Doug Wilson1981-82 Leaders-010.00
255Norris Trophy1981-82 Leadersfoil030.00
256Wayne Gretzky (puzzle 1)1981-82 Leaders-010.00
257Wayne Gretzky (puzzle 2)1981-82 Leaders-000.00
258Wayne Gretzky (puzzle 3)1981-82 Leaders-000.00
259Wayne Gretzky (puzzle 4)1981-82 Leaders-010.00
260Hart Trophy1981-82 Leadersfoil030.00
261Art Ross Trophy1981-82 Leadersfoil020.00
262Rick Middleton1981-82 Leaders-010.00
263Lady Byng Trophy1981-82 Leadersfoil020.00