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O-Pee-Chee NHL Hockey 1987-1988

O-Pee-Chee NHL Hockey 1987-1988

Anno: 1988
Totale Figurine: 256

National Hockey League sticker yearbook

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 8 / completate: 20


1Ron Hextall - Conn Smythe Trophy WinnerStanley Cup 1987foil130.33
2Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers (1 of 4)Stanley Cup 1987puzzle212.00
3Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers (2 of 4)Stanley Cup 1987puzzle140.25
4Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers (3 of 4)Stanley Cup 1987puzzle160.17
5Edmonton Oilers vs Philadelphia Flyers (4 of 4)Stanley Cup 1987puzzle120.50
6Mats NaslundMontreal Canadiens-140.25
7Guy CarbonneauMontreal Canadiens-120.50
8Gaston GingrasMontreal Canadiens-230.67
9Chris CheliosMontreal Canadiens-221.00
10Bobby SmithMontreal Canadiens-170.14
11Rick GreenMontreal Canadiens-150.20
12Bob GaineyMontreal Canadiens-170.14
13Patrick RoyMontreal Canadiens-130.33
14Kjell DahlinMontreal Canadiens-130.33
15Chris NilanMontreal Canadiens-120.50
16Larry RobinsonMontreal Canadiens-221.00
17Ryan WalterMontreal Canadiens-160.17
18Petr SvobodaMontreal Canadiens-150.20
19Claude LemieuxMontreal Canadiens-120.50
20Rob RamageSt. Louis Blues-120.50
21Mark HunterSt. Louis Blues-170.14
22Rick WamsleySt. Louis Blues-150.20
23Greg PaslawskiSt. Louis Blues-230.67
24Bernie FederkoSt. Louis Blues-140.25
25Ron FlockhartSt. Louis Blues-150.20
26Tim BothwellSt. Louis Blues-160.17
27Doug GilmourSt. Louis Blues-230.67
28Kelly KisioNew York Rangers-140.25
29Don MaloneyNew York Rangers-150.20
30James PatrickNew York Rangers-140.25
31Willie HuberNew York Rangers-150.20
32Walt PoddubnyNew York Rangers-130.33
33John VanbiesbrouckNew York Rangers-111.00
34Marcel DionneNew York Rangers-130.33
35Tomas SandstromNew York Rangers-250.40
36Joe MullenCalgary Flames-160.17
37Mike BullardCalgary Flames-120.50
38Neil SheehyCalgary Flames-130.33
39Paul ReinhartCalgary Flames-140.25
40Al MacInnisCalgary Flames-140.25
41Mike VernonCalgary Flames-120.50
42Joel OttoCalgary Flames-140.25
43Lanny McDonaldCalgary Flames-111.00
44Hakan LoobCalgary Flames-230.67
45Carey WilsonCalgary Flames-240.50
46Jim PeplinskiCalgary Flames-150.20
47John TonelliCalgary Flames-150.20
48Jamie MacounCalgary Flames-120.50
49Gary SuterCalgary Flames-130.33
50Dennis MarukMinnesota North Stars-140.25
51Don BeaupreMinnesota North Stars-140.25
52Neal BrotenMinnesota North Stars-150.20
53Brian BellowsMinnesota North Stars-140.25
54Craig HartsburgMinnesota North Stars-150.20
55Gordie RobertsMinnesota North Stars-140.25
56Steve PayneMinnesota North Stars-160.17
57Dino CiccarelliMinnesota North Stars-140.25
58Pat VerbeekNew Jersey Devils-160.17
59Doug SullimanNew Jersey Devils-130.33
60Bruce DriverNew Jersey Devils-140.25
61Joe CirellaNew Jersey Devils-150.20
62Aaron BrotenNew Jersey Devils-120.50
63Alain ChevrierNew Jersey Devils-170.14
64Mark JohnsonNew Jersey Devils-101.00
65Kirk MullerNew Jersey Devils-120.50
66AVancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins (1 of 2)1986-87 Actionpuzzle140.25
66BVancouver Canucks vs Boston Bruins (2 of 2)1986-87 Actionpuzzle240.50
67Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Flyers1986-87 Action-120.50
68Calgary Flames vs Boston Bruins1986-87 Action-150.20
69Philadelphia Flyers vs Boston Bruins1986-87 Action-160.17
70Boston Bruins1986-87 Action-120.50
71New York Islanders1986-87 Action-140.25
72New Jersey Devils1986-87 Action-111.00
73Montreal Canadiens1986-87 Action-130.33
74Al SecordChicago Blackhawks-221.00
75Bob SauveChicago Blackhawks-120.50
76Ed OlczykChicago Blackhawks-130.33
77Doug WilsonChicago Blackhawks-150.20
78Denis SavardChicago Blackhawks-160.17
79Troy MurrayChicago Blackhawks-160.17
80Gary NylundChicago Blackhawks-140.25
81Steve LarmerChicago Blackhawks-130.33
82Jari KurriEdmonton Oilers-212.00
83Esa TikkanenEdmonton Oilers-130.33
84Kevin LoweEdmonton Oilers-140.25
85Grant FuhrEdmonton Oilers-230.67
86Wayne GretzkyEdmonton Oilers-321.50
87Charlie HuddyEdmonton Oilers-160.17
88Kent NilssonEdmonton Oilers-260.33
89Paul CoffeyEdmonton Oilers-221.00
90Mike KrushelnyskiEdmonton Oilers-130.33
91Craig MacTavishEdmonton Oilers-130.33
92Mark MessierEdmonton Oilers-221.00
93Andy MoogEdmonton Oilers-140.25
94Randy GreggEdmonton Oilers-150.20
95Glenn AndersonEdmonton Oilers-130.33
96Peter ZezelPhiladelphia Flyers-160.17
97Brian ProppPhiladelphia Flyers-140.25
98Dave PoulinPhiladelphia Flyers-212.00
99Brad McCrimmonPhiladelphia Flyers-221.00
100Mark HowePhiladelphia Flyers-140.25
101Ron HextallPhiladelphia Flyers-120.50
102Ron SutterPhiladelphia Flyers-240.50
103Tim KerrPhiladelphia Flyers-130.33
104Petr KlimaDetroit Red Wings-130.33
105Adam OatesDetroit Red Wings-303.00
106Gerard GallantDetroit Red Wings-140.25
107Mike O'ConnellDetroit Red Wings-130.33
108Brent AshtonDetroit Red Wings-260.33
109Glen HanlonDetroit Red Wings-212.00
110Harold SnepstsDetroit Red Wings-212.00
111Steve YzermanDetroit Red Wings-313.00
112Mark HoweAll Starsfoil130.33
113Michel GouletAll Starsfoil120.50
114Ron HextallAll Starsfoil111.00
115Wayne GretzkyAll Starsfoil313.00
116Ray BourqueAll Starsfoil202.00
117Jari KurriAll Starsfoil120.50
118Dino CiccarelliAll Starsfoil120.50
119Larry MurphyAll Starsfoil140.25
120Mario LemieuxAll Starsfoil212.00
121Mike LiutAll Starsfoil111.00
122Luc RobitailleAll Starsfoil221.00
123Al MacInnisAll Starsfoil130.33
124Brian Benning1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil120.50
125Shawn Burr1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil120.50
126Jimmy Carson1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil111.00
127Shayne Corson1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil212.00
128Vincent Damphousse1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil202.00
129Ron Hextall1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil120.50
130Jason Lafreniere1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil120.50
131Ken Leiter1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil130.33
132Allen Pedersen1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil111.00
133Luc Robitaille1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil111.00
134Christian Ruuttu1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil120.50
135Jim Sandlak1986-87 Top Rookiesfoil130.33
136Keith CrowderBoston Bruins-230.67
137Charle SimmerBoston Bruins-140.25
138Rick MiddletonBoston Bruins-160.17
139Doug KeansBoston Bruins-120.50
140Ray BourqueBoston Bruins-140.25
141Tom McCarthyBoston Bruins-140.25
142Reed LarsonBoston Bruins-130.33
143Cam NeelyBoston Bruins-111.00
144Christian RuuttuBuffalo Sabres-150.20
145John TuckerBuffalo Sabres-190.11
146Steve DykstraBuffalo Sabres-120.50
147Dave AndreychukBuffalo Sabres-230.67
148Tom BarrassoBuffalo Sabres-313.00
149Mike RamseyBuffalo Sabres-150.20
150Mike FolignoBuffalo Sabres-160.17
151Phil HousleyBuffalo Sabres-160.17
152Wendel ClarkToronto Maple Leafs-130.33
153Greg TerrionToronto Maple Leafs-130.33
154Steve ThomasToronto Maple Leafs-120.50
155Rick VaiveToronto Maple Leafs-150.20
156Russ CourtnallToronto Maple Leafs-160.17
157Rick LanzToronto Maple Leafs-150.20
158Miroslav FrycerToronto Maple Leafs-150.20
159Tom FergusToronto Maple Leafs-130.33
160Al LafrateToronto Maple Leafs-120.50
161Gary LeemanToronto Maple Leafs-160.17
162Allan BesterToronto Maple Leafs-202.00
163Todd GillToronto Maple Leafs-140.25
164Ken WreggetToronto Maple Leafs-221.00
165Borje SalmingToronto Maple Leafs-150.20
166Craig SimpsonPittsburgh Penguins-150.20
167Terry RuskowskiPittsburgh Penguins-160.17
168Gilles MelochePittsburgh Penguins-140.25
169John ChabotPittsburgh Penguins-140.25
170Mario LemieuxPittsburgh Penguins-313.00
171Moe ManthaPittsburgh Penguins-140.25
172Jim JohnsonPittsburgh Penguins-140.25
173Dan QuinnPittsburgh Penguins-111.00
174Wayne Gretzky1986-87 Leadersfoil221.00
175Brian Hayward1986-87 Leadersfoil221.00
176Mark Howe1986-87 Leadersfoil120.50
177Luc Robitaille1986-87 Leadersfoil221.00
178Ray Bourque - Norris Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial111.00
179Dave Poulin - Frank J. Selke Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial130.33
180Wayne Gretzky - Hart Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial120.50
181Wayne Gretzky - Art Ross Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial230.67
182Ron Hextall - Vezina Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial120.50
183Doug Jarvis - Bill Masterton Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial130.33
184Brian Hayward - William Jennings Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial230.67
185Patrick Roy - William Jennings Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial230.67
186Joe Mullen - Lady Byng Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial140.25
187Luc Robitaille - Calder Trophy Winner1986-87 Leadersspecial120.50
188Barry PedersonVancouver Canucks-101.00
189Richard BrodeurVancouver Canucks-140.25
190Dave RichterVancouver Canucks-140.25
191Doug LidsterVancouver Canucks-140.25
192Petri SkrikoVancouver Canucks-140.25
193Rich SutterVancouver Canucks-140.25
194Jim SandlakVancouver Canucks-140.25
195Tony TantiVancouver Canucks-140.25
196Michel PetitVancouver Canucks-140.25
197Jim BenningVancouver Canucks-160.17
198Stan SmylVancouver Canucks-140.25
199Brent PetersonVancouver Canucks-160.17
200Garth ButcherVancouver Canucks-130.33
201Patrik SundstromVancouver Canucks-130.33
202Kevin DineenHartford Whalers-140.25
203Sylvain TurgeonHartford Whalers-140.25
204John AndersonHartford Whalers-160.17
205Ulf SamuelssonHartford Whalers-101.00
206Ron FrancisHartford Whalers-130.33
207Doug JarvisHartford Whalers-221.00
208Dave BabychHartford Whalers-130.33
209Mike LiutHartford Whalers-150.20
210Jimmy CarsonLos Angeles Kings-130.33
211Larry PlayfairLos Angeles Kings-150.20
212Jay WellsLos Angeles Kings-150.20
213Rollie MelansonLos Angeles Kings-140.25
214Bernie NichollsLos Angeles Kings-160.17
215Dave TaylorLos Angeles Kings-130.33
216Jim FoxLos Angeles Kings-130.33
217Luc RobitailleLos Angeles Kings-130.33
218John OgrodnickQuebec Nordiques-160.17
219Jason LafreniereQuebec Nordiques-150.20
220Mike HoughQuebec Nordiques-250.40
221Paul GillisQuebec Nordiques-150.20
222Peter StasthyQuebec Nordiques-101.00
223David ShawQuebec Nordiques-130.33
224Bill DerlagoQuebec Nordiques-120.50
225Michel GouletQuebec Nordiques-150.20
226Doug SheddenQuebec Nordiques-130.33
227Basil McRaeQuebec Nordiques-150.20
228Anton StastnyQuebec Nordiques-140.25
229Randy MollerQuebec Nordiques-160.17
230Robert PicardQuebec Nordiques-130.33
231Mario GosselinQuebec Nordiques-212.00
232Larry MurphyWashington Capitals-212.00
233Scott StevensWashington Capitals-221.00
234Mike RidleyWashington Capitals-212.00
235Dave ChristianWashington Capitals-331.00
236Rod LangwayWashington Capitals-230.67
237Bob GouldWashington Capitals-120.50
238Bob MasonWashington Capitals-303.00
239Mike GartnerWashington Capitals-160.17
240Bryan TrottierNew York Islanders-140.25
241Brent SutterNew York Islanders-130.33
242Kelly HrudeyNew York Islanders-202.00
243Pat LaFontaineNew York Islanders-212.00
244Mike BossyNew York Islanders-150.20
245Patrick FlatleyNew York Islanders-221.00
246Ken MorrowNew York Islanders-140.25
247Denis PotvinNew York Islanders-140.25
248Randy CarlyleWinnipeg Jets-150.20
249Dan BerthiaumeWinnipeg Jets-111.00
250Mario MaroisWinnipeg Jets-130.33
251Dave EllettWinnipeg Jets-130.33
252Paul MacLeanWinnipeg Jets-160.17
253Gilles HamelWinnipeg Jets-140.25
254Doug SmailWinnipeg Jets-170.14
255Dale HawerchukWinnipeg Jets-150.20