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Panini All Goalies 2010-2011

Panini All Goalies 2010-2011

Anno: 2011
Totale Carte collezionabili: 218

2010-11 Panini All Goalies Hockey.

Each 2010-11 All Goalies boxed set carries a $19.99 price tag and includes 100 cards, five parallels and one memorabilia card — and it’s must-have material for puck-stopping purists. Simply, if a goalie – established stalwarts and promising newcomers alike — dressed for game action this season, he’s in this set, with the exception of emergency call-ups who appeared after the rookie cut-off date. In addition, the set includes legendary names such as Patrick Roy, Felix Potvin and Curtis Joseph.

Box Set Configuration:
- 100-card set
- 5 parallels
- 1 memorabilia card

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1Jonas HillerAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
1uJonas HillerAnaheim DucksUp Close parallel000.00
2Timo PielmeierAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
2uTimo PielmeierAnaheim DucksUp Close parallel000.00
3Dan EllisAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
3uDan EllisAnaheim DucksUp Close parallel000.00
4Ray EmeryAnaheim DucksBase card000.00
4uRay EmeryAnaheim DucksUp Close parallel000.00
5Chris MasonAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
5uChris MasonAtlanta ThrashersUp Close parallel000.00
6Ondrej PavelecAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
6uOndrej PavelecAtlanta ThrashersUp Close parallel000.00
7Peter ManninoAtlanta ThrashersBase card000.00
7uPeter ManninoAtlanta ThrashersUp Close parallel000.00
8Tim ThomasBoston BruinsBase card000.00
8uTim ThomasBoston BruinsUp Close parallel000.00
9Tuukka RaskBoston BruinsBase card000.00
9uTuukka RaskBoston BruinsUp Close parallel000.00
10Ryan MillerBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
10uRyan MillerBuffalo SabresUp Close parallel000.00
11Patrick LalimeBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
11uPatrick LalimeBuffalo SabresUp Close parallel000.00
12Jhonas EnrothBuffalo SabresBase card000.00
12uJhonas EnrothBuffalo SabresUp Close parallel000.00
13Miikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
13uMiikka KiprusoffCalgary FlamesUp Close parallel000.00
14Henrik KarlssonCalgary FlamesBase card000.00
14uHenrik KarlssonCalgary FlamesUp Close parallel000.00
15Cam WardCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
15uCam WardCarolina HurricanesUp Close parallel000.00
16Justin PetersCarolina HurricanesBase card000.00
16uJustin PetersCarolina HurricanesUp Close parallel000.00
17Corey CrawfordChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
17uCorey CrawfordChicago BlackhawksUp Close parallel000.00
18Marty TurcoChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
18uMarty TurcoChicago BlackhawksUp Close parallel000.00
19Brian ElliottColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
19uBrian ElliottColorado AvalancheUp Close parallel000.00
20Peter BudajColorado AvalancheBase card000.00
20uPeter BudajColorado AvalancheUp Close parallel000.00
21Steve MasonColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
21uSteve MasonColumbus Blue JacketsUp Close parallel000.00
22Mathieu GaronColumbus Blue JacketsBase card000.00
22uMathieu GaronColumbus Blue JacketsUp Close parallel000.00
23Kari LehtonenDallas StarsBase card000.00
23uKari LehtonenDallas StarsUp Close parallel000.00
24Andrew RaycroftDallas StarsBase card000.00
24uAndrew RaycroftDallas StarsUp Close parallel000.00
25Richard BachmanDallas StarsBase card000.00
25uRichard BachmanDallas StarsUp Close parallel000.00
26Chris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
26uChris OsgoodDetroit Red WingsUp Close parallel000.00
27Jimmy HowardDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
27uJimmy HowardDetroit Red WingsUp Close parallel000.00
28Joey MacDonaldDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
28uJoey MacDonaldDetroit Red WingsUp Close parallel000.00
29Jordan PearceDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
29uJordan PearceDetroit Red WingsUp Close parallel000.00
30Thomas McCollumDetroit Red WingsBase card000.00
30uThomas McCollumDetroit Red WingsUp Close parallel000.00
31Nikolai KhabibulinEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
31uNikolai KhabibulinEdmonton OilersUp Close parallel000.00
32Devan DubnykEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
32uDevan DubnykEdmonton OilersUp Close parallel000.00
33Martin GerberEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
33uMartin GerberEdmonton OilersUp Close parallel000.00
34Tomas VokounFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
34uTomas VokounFlorida PanthersUp Close parallel000.00
35Jacob MarkstromFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
35uJacob MarkstromFlorida PanthersUp Close parallel000.00
36Scott ClemmensenFlorida PanthersBase card000.00
36uScott ClemmensenFlorida PanthersUp Close parallel000.00
37Jonathan BernierLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
37uJonathan BernierLos Angeles KingsUp Close parallel000.00
38Jonathan QuickLos Angeles KingsBase card000.00
38uJonathan QuickLos Angeles KingsUp Close parallel000.00
39Matt HackettMinnesota WildBase card000.00
39uMatt HackettMinnesota WildUp Close parallel000.00
40Niklas BackstromMinnesota WildBase card000.00
40uNiklas BackstromMinnesota WildUp Close parallel000.00
41Jose TheodoreMinnesota WildBase card000.00
41uJose TheodoreMinnesota WildUp Close parallel000.00
42Anton KhudobinMinnesota WildBase card000.00
42uAnton KhudobinMinnesota WildUp Close parallel000.00
43Alex AuldMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
43uAlex AuldMontreal CanadiensUp Close parallel000.00
44Carey PriceMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
44uCarey PriceMontreal CanadiensUp Close parallel000.00
45Pekka RinneNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
45uPekka RinneNashville PredatorsUp Close parallel000.00
46Anders LindbackNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
46uAnders LindbackNashville PredatorsUp Close parallel000.00
47Mark DekanichNashville PredatorsBase card000.00
47uMark DekanichNashville PredatorsUp Close parallel000.00
48Jeff FrazeeNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
48uJeff FrazeeNew Jersey DevilsUp Close parallel000.00
49Johan HedbergNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
49uJohan HedbergNew Jersey DevilsUp Close parallel000.00
50Martin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
50uMartin BrodeurNew Jersey DevilsUp Close parallel000.00
51Mike McKennaNew Jersey DevilsBase card000.00
51uMike McKennaNew Jersey DevilsUp Close parallel000.00
52Rick DiPietroNew York IslandersBase card000.00
52uRick DiPietroNew York IslandersUp Close parallel000.00
53Nathan LawsonNew York IslandersBase card000.00
53uNathan LawsonNew York IslandersUp Close parallel000.00
54Kevin PoulinNew York IslandersBase card000.00
54uKevin PoulinNew York IslandersUp Close parallel000.00
55Al MontoyaNew York IslandersBase card000.00
55uAl MontoyaNew York IslandersUp Close parallel000.00
56Henrik LundqvistNew York RangersBase card000.00
56uHenrik LundqvistNew York RangersUp Close parallel000.00
57Martin BironNew York RangersBase card000.00
57uMartin BironNew York RangersUp Close parallel000.00
58Craig AndersonOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
58uCraig AndersonOttawa SenatorsUp Close parallel000.00
59Pascal LeclaireOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
59uPascal LeclaireOttawa SenatorsUp Close parallel000.00
60Robin LehnerOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
60uRobin LehnerOttawa SenatorsUp Close parallel000.00
61Mike BrodeurOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
61uMike BrodeurOttawa SenatorsUp Close parallel000.00
62Curtis McElhinneyOttawa SenatorsBase card000.00
62uCurtis McElhinneyOttawa SenatorsUp Close parallel000.00
63Sergei BobrovskyPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
63uSergei BobrovskyPhiladelphia FlyersUp Close parallel000.00
64Brian BoucherPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
64uBrian BoucherPhiladelphia FlyersUp Close parallel000.00
65Michael LeightonPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
65uMichael LeightonPhiladelphia FlyersUp Close parallel000.00
66Jason LaBarberaPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
66uJason LaBarberaPhoenix CoyotesUp Close parallel000.00
67Ilya BryzgalovPhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
67uIlya BryzgalovPhoenix CoyotesUp Close parallel000.00
68Matt ClimiePhoenix CoyotesBase card000.00
68uMatt ClimiePhoenix CoyotesUp Close parallel000.00
69Marc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
69uMarc-Andre FleuryPittsburgh PenguinsUp Close parallel000.00
70Brent JohnsonPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
70uBrent JohnsonPittsburgh PenguinsUp Close parallel000.00
71Antero NiittymakiSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
71uAntero NiittymakiSan Jose SharksUp Close parallel000.00
72Antti NiemiSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
72uAntti NiemiSan Jose SharksUp Close parallel000.00
73Alex StalockSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
73uAlex StalockSan Jose SharksUp Close parallel000.00
74J.P. AndersonSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
74uJ.P. AndersonSan Jose SharksUp Close parallel000.00
75Carter HuttonSan Jose SharksBase card000.00
75uCarter HuttonSan Jose SharksUp Close parallel000.00
76Jaroslav HalakSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
76uJaroslav HalakSt. Louis BluesUp Close parallel000.00
77Ty ConklinSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
77uTy ConklinSt. Louis BluesUp Close parallel000.00
78Ben BishopSt. Louis BluesBase card000.00
78uBen BishopSt. Louis BluesUp Close parallel000.00
79Dwayne RolosonTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
79uDwayne RolosonTampa Bay LightningUp Close parallel000.00
80Mike SmithTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
80uMike SmithTampa Bay LightningUp Close parallel000.00
81Cedrick DesjardinsTampa Bay LightningBase card000.00
81uCedrick DesjardinsTampa Bay LightningUp Close parallel000.00
82James ReimerToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
82uJames ReimerToronto Maple LeafsUp Close parallel000.00
83Jean-Sebastien GiguereToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
83uJean-Sebastien GiguereToronto Maple LeafsUp Close parallel000.00
84Jonas GustavssonToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
84uJonas GustavssonToronto Maple LeafsUp Close parallel000.00
85Roberto LuongoVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
85uRoberto LuongoVancouver CanucksUp Close parallel000.00
86Cory SchneiderVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
86uCory SchneiderVancouver CanucksUp Close parallel000.00
87Semyon VarlamovWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
87uSemyon VarlamovWashington CapitalsUp Close parallel000.00
88Michal NeuvirthWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
88uMichal NeuvirthWashington CapitalsUp Close parallel000.00
89Braden HoltbyWashington CapitalsBase card000.00
89uBraden HoltbyWashington CapitalsUp Close parallel000.00
90Patrick RoyMontreal CanadiensBase card000.00
90uPatrick RoyMontreal CanadiensUp Close parallel000.00
91Tony EspositoChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
91uTony EspositoChicago BlackhawksUp Close parallel000.00
92Ron HextallPhiladelphia FlyersBase card000.00
92uRon HextallPhiladelphia FlyersUp Close parallel000.00
93Gerry CheeversBoston BruinsBase card000.00
93uGerry CheeversBoston BruinsUp Close parallel000.00
94Jim CraigBoston BruinsBase card000.00
94uJim CraigBoston BruinsUp Close parallel000.00
95Ed BelfourChicago BlackhawksBase card000.00
95uEd BelfourChicago BlackhawksUp Close parallel000.00
96Curtis JosephEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
96uCurtis JosephEdmonton OilersUp Close parallel000.00
97Felix PotvinToronto Maple LeafsBase card000.00
97uFelix PotvinToronto Maple LeafsUp Close parallel000.00
98Grant FuhrEdmonton OilersBase card000.00
98uGrant FuhrEdmonton OilersUp Close parallel000.00
99Richard BrodeurVancouver CanucksBase card000.00
99uRichard BrodeurVancouver CanucksUp Close parallel000.00
100Tom BarrassoPittsburgh PenguinsBase card000.00
100uTom BarrassoPittsburgh PenguinsUp Close parallel000.00
S1Patrick Roy
Colorado AvalancheStopper Sweaters000.00
S2Martin Brodeur
New Jersey DevilsStopper Sweaters000.00
S3Roberto Luongo
Vancouver CanucksStopper Sweaters000.00
S4Tim Thomas
Boston BruinsStopper Sweaters000.00
S5Carey Price
Montreal CanadiensStopper Sweaters000.00
S6Craig Anderson
Ottawa SenatorsStopper Sweaters000.00
S7Henrik Lundqvist
New York RangersStopper Sweaters000.00
S8Pekka Rinne
Nashville PredatorsStopper Sweaters000.00
S9Kari Lehtonen
Dallas StarsStopper Sweaters000.00
S10Cam Ward
Carolina HurricanesStopper Sweaters000.00
S11Devan Dubnyk
Edmonton OilersStopper Sweaters000.00
S12Mike Smith
Tampa Bay LightningStopper Sweaters000.00
S13Ondrej Pavelec
Atlanta ThrashersStopper Sweaters000.00
S14Cory Schneider
Vancouver CanucksStopper Sweaters000.00
S15Andrew Raycroft
Dallas StarsStopper Sweaters000.00
S16Peter Budaj
Colorado AvalancheStopper Sweaters000.00
S17Brian Elliott
Colorado AvalancheStopper Sweaters000.00
S18Miikka Kiprusoff
Calgary FlamesStopper Sweaters000.00