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Panini Barbie Amica del Cuore

Panini Barbie Amica del Cuore

Anno: 1987
Totale Figurine: 204

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 5 / completate: 6


1Pink with stars at photo shoot--140.25
2Green polkadot head scarf--230.67
3Brown western outfit with monkey--150.20
4Large starry earrings--120.50
5Purple head scarf--130.33
6Photomat with friend (puzzle 1)--120.50
7Photomat with friend (puzzle 2)--120.50
8Photomat with friend (puzzle 3)--130.33
9Photomat with friend (puzzle 4)--212.00
10Beach pyramid (puzzle 1)--130.33
11Beach pyramid (puzzle 2)--240.50
12Beach with lifeguards (puzzle 1)--202.00
13Beach with lifeguards (puzzle 2)--120.50
14Dear Diary--221.00
15Opening presents--130.33
17Ballet practice at bar--221.00
18Ballet practice resting--130.33
19Christening ship--240.50
20Launching ship--230.67
21Dancine in blue with Ken--130.33
22Watching street filming (puzzle 1)--120.50
23Watching street filming (puzzle 2)--140.25
24Car loaded with shopping boxes--140.25
26Washing the dog--120.50
27Horseriding (puzzle 1)--140.25
28Horseriding (puzzle 2)--130.33
29Huge pink checked hat and boa (puzzle 1)--130.33
30Huge pink checked hat and train (puzzle 2)--120.50
31White fluffy top with boa (puzzle 1)--221.00
32White fluffy top with boa (puzzle 2)--120.50
33White with stars and pink, white boas (puzzle 1)--120.50
34White with stars and pink, white boas (puzzle 2)--150.20
35Red dress, blue sash belt (puzzle 1)--130.33
36Red dress, blue sash belt (puzzle 2)--140.25
37White cinch dress with knee skirt (puzzle 1)--240.50
38White cinch dress with knee skirt (puzzle 2)--140.25
39Pink gown (puzzle 1)--120.50
40Pink gown (puzzle 2)--130.33
41Applying makup on city street at night--140.25
42Getting hair styled (puzzle 1)--140.25
43Getting hair styled (puzzle 2)--202.00
44Applying pink hair appliance--120.50
45Bike riding with Ken--120.50
46Studying in pink--130.33
47Hanging clothes after shopping--240.50
48Two dancing couples--250.40
49Fluffing hair--240.50
50Holding rose--120.50
51Blue hair bows with L design--120.50
52Holding chin--120.50
53Creaming face after shower--120.50
54Splashing water on face--240.50
55Towelling face--111.00
56Brushing hair--130.33
57Fingering hair--230.67
58Before flowers in green--230.67
59Applying cold cream--140.25
60Brushing face--221.00
61Applying lipstick--120.50
62With beach ball on towel (puzzle 1)--230.67
63With beach ball on towel (puzzle 2)--140.25
643 girls laughing on beach--230.67
65Sydney Opera House with Ken (puzzle 1)--120.50
66Sydney Opera House with Ken (puzzle 2)--120.50
67Hiking with binoculars--140.25
68On western ranch porch (puzzle 1)--140.25
69On western ranch porch (puzzle 2)--140.25
70On western ranch porch (puzzle 3)--350.60
71Crossing creek (puzzle 1)--120.50
72Crossing creek (puzzle 2)--130.33
73Herding sheep--260.33
74Assessing abstract art--120.50
75Enjoying band (puzzle 1)--120.50
76Enjoying band (puzzle 2)--120.50
77In arbor with roses (puzzle 1)--230.67
78In arbor with roses (puzzle 2)--120.50
79Training ballet elephant (puzzle 1)--120.50
80Training ballet elephant (puzzle 2)--240.50
81Formula One racing (puzzle 1)--120.50
82Formula One racing (puzzle 2)--130.33
83Waving in restaurant--240.50
84Ice cream sodas with Ken (puzzle 1)--212.00
85Ice cream sodas with Ken (puzzle 2)--140.25
86Tennis backhand--111.00
87Horse jumping--111.00
88Dressage at hedge (puzzle 1)--240.50
89Dressage at hedge (puzzle 2)--230.67
90Stretching backwards--140.25
91Rope skipping--120.50
92In surf with flippers (puzzle 1)--120.50
93In surf with flippers (puzzle 2)--150.20
94Running past castle in dark pink--120.50
95Bicycle racing team--230.67
96Bicycle racing resting--120.50
97Shopping in stripes and yellow--221.00
98Stage Door--120.50
99Country singing trio--130.33
100Country singing duo--120.50
101It microphone before band (puzzle 1)--331.00
102It microphone before band (puzzle 2)--221.00
103Joining Ken and friend at table--140.25
104Record Dept.--230.67
105Video monitors (puzzle 1)--140.25
106Video monitors (puzzle 2)--130.33
107Bowing onstage in pink--111.00
108Singing in red--120.50
109Jukebox in red--240.50
110Entering club with Ken (puzzle 1)--120.50
111Entering club with Ken (puzzle 2)--111.00
112Dancing in blue--230.67
113Dancing in white and red--130.33
114In crowd with Ken--140.25
115Orange hair and pink-white--130.33
116Boogying in chartreuse--111.00
117Onstage in pink and black-white check--120.50
118Girl band in black-white check (puzzle 1)--120.50
119Girl band in black-white check (puzzle 2)--120.50
120Dance club in white-red-purple polka--140.25
121Pigtails on dance floor--130.33
122Dance floor with Ken in red--140.25
123Roller skating--130.33
124Holding Cola on beach--130.33
125Roller-skating drive-in waitress (puzzle 1)--202.00
126Roller-skating drive-in waitress (puzzle 2)--140.25
127Washing car (puzzle 1)--120.50
128Washing car (puzzle 2)--130.33
129Music group practice--202.00
130Spinning discs--221.00
131Pink villa on water--111.00
132Floating on pink air mattresses (puzzle 1)--140.25
133Floating on pink air mattresses (puzzle 2)--111.00
134Balloons at Eiffel Tower--130.33
135Rome photography in red--130.33
136Doctor visiting--221.00
137Rainbow in white-red--120.50
138Photo shoot in white-red with Cola--221.00
139Photo shoot of ballet dancing--230.67
140Film cel of white ballerina--130.33
141Photo shoot with zebra--260.33
142Receiving trophy (puzzle 1)--140.25
143Receiving trophy (puzzle 2)--130.33
144Applying lipstick with poodle (puzzle 1)--130.33
145Applying lipstick with poodle (puzzle 2)--120.50
146Accepting hot dog on skateboard--221.00
147Studying script--130.33
148Receiving massage--212.00
149Raising hands high--250.40
150On empty beach--240.50
151On beach with guys' legs behind--130.33
152Spinning kids--120.50
154Talk to the hand--120.50
155Wedding gown with roses--130.33
156Wedding gown at pavilion--331.00
157Wedding gown dropping bouquet--101.00
158Wedding gown with fur collar--130.33
159Wedding gown with white bouquet--140.25
160Wedding gown, pink ribbons--150.20
161Wedding gown, pink curtains--150.20
162Wedding gown, outdoor path--260.33
163Wedding gown, flowers on stand--221.00
164Wedding gown, flowered arbor above--240.50
165Wedding gown, pink posts--230.67
166Applauding the bride (puzzle 1)--240.50
167Applauding the bride (puzzle 2)--130.33
168Pink luggage at airport--130.33
169Skydiving (puzzle 1)--130.33
170Skydiving (puzzle 2)--130.33
171Braiding the horse's hair--101.00
172Sharing ice cream soda with Ken--140.25
173Fixing a flat (puzzle 1)--130.33
174Fixing a flat (puzzle 2)--340.75
175Mermaid pose--130.33
176Photgraphing wet mermaid (puzzle 1)--230.67
177Photgraphing wet mermaid (puzzle 2)--120.50
178Crowd waving goodbye (puzzle 1)--150.20
179Crowd waving goodbye (puzzle 2)--350.60
180Crowd waving goodbye (puzzle 3)--120.50
ARed-white and hearts schoolgirl-figure PVC111.00
BKen in blue-white stripes and grey-figure PVC120.50
CPink and white with tote bag-figure PVC120.50
DHolding pink camera-figure PVC130.33
EKen in red-blue and yellow shorts-figure PVC111.00
FFlowered and red in sunglasses-figure PVC120.50
GBlue gown and clutch purse-figure PVC111.00
HKen in white tuxedo-figure PVC130.33
IPink gown with starry top-figure PVC111.00
JPink top and black-white check skirt-figure PVC111.00
KKen in blue jacket-figure PVC140.25
LRed top, green jacket, blue skirt-figure PVC120.50
MBlue with yellow circle and pink schoolgirl-figure PVC111.00
NKen in white jacket and camo pants-figure PVC111.00
OPink fluffy jacket, green top-figure PVC120.50
Pblue-white broad stripes schoolgirl-figure PVC111.00
QKen with binoculars and suspenders-figure PVC101.00
RBlue pantsuit and bag-figure PVC111.00
SRed outfit and white tights-figure PVC140.25
TPink bowl and culottes schoolgirl-figure PVC140.25
UKen in blue patterned workout suit-figure PVC111.00
VBlue outfit and rope-figure PVC111.00
WKen in blue outfit and rope-figure PVC120.50
XCowgirl outfit and boots-figure PVC111.00