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Panini Dinogame

Panini Dinogame

Anno: 1993
Totale Figurine: 180

Anteprima raccolta (15% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 2 / completate: 9


1"Did you dad get ideasDinogame-120.50
2"Did you dad get ideasDinogame-111.00
3"Maybe. I haven't played it yetDinogame-120.50
4"I know, Neil! While your dad's outDinogame-130.33
5While a storm raged outsideDinogame-140.25
6While a storm raged outsideDinogame-140.25
7Eagerly, Danny inserted the diskDinogame-111.00
8The glove, and the order to playDinogame-020.00
9"Wow! The dinosaurs are so realDinogame-120.50
10As Neil reached out to feel the dinosaurDinogame-111.00
11Suddenly, lightning struck Neil's house!Dinogame-120.50
12The machine went crazyDinogame-140.25
13Danny grabbed Neil's legs and tried to pull him freeDinogame-130.33
14Neil was whirling helplesslyDinogame-120.50
15Danny could not believe his eyesDinogame-120.50
16But, amazingly, there was Neil on the computer screenDinogame-140.25
17Phew! It was hot. Neil took off the helmetInto the-101.00
18He jumped as a huge animalInto the-130.33
19Another odd creature - DimetrodonInto the-111.00
20A Mussaurus scuttled pastInto the-130.33
21Nearby stood a ProcompsognathusInto the-130.33
22And what was that thing?Into the-130.33
23Neil decided to climb a hillInto the-020.00
24"Wow! What a wonderful Triassic landscape!" (puzzle 1)Into the-130.33
25"Wow! What a wonderful Triassic landscape!" (puzzle 2)Into the-130.33
26"Wow! What a wonderful Triassic landscape!" (puzzle 3)Into the-150.20
27"Wow! What a wonderful Triassic landscape!" (puzzle 4)Into the-130.33
28Danny scanned the screenInto the-120.50
29As he came down the hillInto the-030.00
30As he came down the hillInto the-140.25
31But the Coelophysis soon gained on himInto the-120.50
32Then, suddenly, Neil found himself grindingInto the-120.50
33Danny fiddled anxiously with the controlsInto the-101.00
34Now, according to the rules of the gameInto the-130.33
35A baby Plateosaurus had spotted NeilInto the-020.00
36Neil was delighted, and stroked the dinosaur on its headInto the-130.33
37But the baby's mother was suspiciousInto the-130.33
38The Plateosaurus were frightened of NeilInto the-120.50
39Putting on his Cloak of InvisibilityInto the-130.33
40"It worked!" Neil yelledInto the-111.00
41"That's some sort of crocodile!"Into the-120.50
42The Protosuchus had also spied NeilInto the-130.33
43At that moment, a Protoavis in a tree squawkedInto the-120.50
44The Syntarsus rushed at NeilInto the-020.00
45The Syntarsus rushed at NeilInto the-140.25
46"Yeah! Go for it!"Into the-120.50
47Syntarsus kept comingInto the-140.25
48Neil turned and ran, feeling Syntarsus' hot breathInto the-120.50
49Danny helped Neil cross the riverInto the-221.00
50Neil was made to leap on the back of another ProtosuchusInto the-130.33
51"Just one more croc - if it doesn't swallow me - Into the-150.20
52Once Neil had crossed the riverInto the-111.00
53Once Neil had crossed the riverInto the-140.25
54Suddenly, a Halticosaurus stepped out from behind a treeInto the-010.00
55"Look at those sharp teeth!"Into the-120.50
56Danny panicked, realizing that his friendInto the-130.33
57"This had better work!"Into the-111.00
58Kerpow! The rock struck the dinosaur smack in the faceInto the-120.50
59At the controls, Danny forced Neil to runInto the-140.25
60On the way, he found himself being chasedInto the-040.00
61"It's going to get me!" Neil felt sureInto the-130.33
62So this was the time cave!Into the-120.50
63Neil scrambled up a slope, towards a beam of lightInto the-130.33
64Neil emerged in a new landscape (puzzle 1)Into the-120.50
65Neil emerged in a new landscape (puzzle 2)Into the-130.33
66He looked around. Wicked!Into the-111.00
67And, to his right, he saw two armoured ScelidosaurusInto the-130.33
68Neil was wondering how he could get downInto the-040.00
69"Hey, that's a great idea!" thought DannyInto the-120.50
70The Brachiosaurus watched, intrigued, as Neil climbed downInto the-130.33
71Danger at every turn! Neil now found himself face to faceInto the-130.33
72Phew! The Dilophosaurus had spottedInto the-130.33
73Phew! The Dilophosaurus had spottedInto the-130.33
74The carnivore got his dinnerInto the-120.50
75Four magic eggs appeared in a nestInto the-111.00
76But a mean-looking Ornitholestes stoodInto the-020.00
77"What's happening?" cried Neil,Into the-130.33
78Neil's foot struck with deadly accuracy,Into the-120.50
79Now Neil, operated by Danny, began climbing up the tall treeInto the-140.25
80Suddenly, a black shape swooped downInto the-010.00
81Neil reached the nest and took two eggsInto the-111.00
82Squawk! The pterosaur dug its sharp clawsInto the-111.00
83There was no time to lose!Into the-130.33
84Neil whacked at the flying reptileInto the-130.33
85The pterosaur fell into the volcano below,... (puzzle 1)Into the-030.00
86The pterosaur fell into the volcano below,... (puzzle 2)Into the-120.50
87Swiftly, Neil flew back to the nestInto the-120.50
88Neil's reward was a Giant LeafInto the-130.33
89He was soon to see (puzzle 1)Into the-111.00
90He was soon to see (puzzle 2)Into the-130.33
91"This leaf is no good," thought NeilInto the-111.00
92Then, Neil spotted on the other side of the tree,Into the-111.00
93Suddenly, Neil had a bright ideaInto the-120.50
94The plant-eating dinosaur gobbled up the snack (puzzle 1)Into the-120.50
95The plant-eating dinosaur gobbled up the snack (puzzle 2)Into the-120.50
96Up flashed another reward on the screenInto the-120.50
97Neil climbed between the Stegosaurus' plates,Into the-130.33
98"Goodbye! I won't forget the way you helped meInto the-140.25
99Neil was immediately threatened by a fearsome DeinonychusInto the-040.00
100A whole pack was also chasing giant turtles down to the sea (puzzle 1)Into the-120.50
101A whole pack was also chasing giant turtles down to the sea (puzzle 2)Into the-111.00
102Neil clambered on to the back of one of the turtles,Into the-111.00
103Neil clambered on to the back of one of the turtles,Into the-130.33
104A mosasaur snapped angrily at the fear-crazed turtle (puzzle 1)Into the-120.50
105A mosasaur snapped angrily at the fear-crazed turtle (puzzle 2)Into the-130.33
106He scrabbled for a hold on the turtle's slippery shellInto the-020.00
107A Pteranodon had seen that Neil was now unarmed and flew downInto the-130.33
108Time to crack another egg!Into the-111.00
109Neil felt the power surging through his armInto the-130.33
110"It's good to be back on dry landInto the-120.50
111In the Cretaceous landscape, Iguanodon, AnkylosaurusInto the-120.50
112In the Cretaceous landscape, Iguanodon, AnkylosaurusInto the-130.33
113Nearby, a giant Triceratops lay on its sideInto the-040.00
114"Poor you! There's a stone in your toe," said Neil,Into the-130.33
115A Magic Whistle flashed up as Neil's rewardInto the-130.33
116Suddenly, Neil stumbled as a heavy branchInto the-130.33
117Neil's leg was trappedInto the-150.20
118"What's wrong with me!..."Into the-130.33
119Neil was amazed to hear Danny's voice shouting at himInto the-120.50
120At its shrill tone, the Triceratops rushed backInto the-140.25
121A whole herd of Triceratops now gathered in a circle to wardInto the-130.33
122What next? Five Oviraptor rushed through the trees (puzzle 1)Into the-130.33
123What next? Five Oviraptor rushed through the trees (puzzle 2)Into the-020.00
124As one of them nipped at Neil's legs,Into the-130.33
125An Oviraptor snatched as itInto the-120.50
126But it was a magic egg and, if cracked, released a lethal FireballInto the-130.33
127Boom! The greedy dinosaur didn't know what it was that had hit itInto the-130.33
128Neil now jumped on the other OviraptorInto the-140.25
129"They look odd", mumbled Neil,Into the-130.33
130A Parasaurolophus hooted from the edge of the forestInto the-130.33
131Maybe it wouldn't harm himInto the-111.00
132Both boys knew that this was the deadliest dinosaur of them allInto the-130.33
133Danny watched the screen, terrified,Into the-130.33
134Danny watched the screen, terrified,Into the-120.50
135Neil stopped at the edge of a cliffInto the-120.50
136"Go on! Jump!" screamed DannyInto the-130.33
137Tyrannosaurus rex was too big to stop itself in timeInto the-111.00
138The game's next reward was a can of Sleeping GasInto the-130.33
139Neil ran on through the forest until he saw three time cavesInto the-130.33
140"Wait! Don't move!" said DannyInto the-130.33
141The creature emerged and sped after Neil,Into the-140.25
142Then it drew backInto the-140.25
143Back in the bedroom, Danny leapt to his feetInto the-120.50
144"Wow!" thought Neil (puzzle 1)Into the-140.25
145"Wow!" thought Neil (puzzle 2)Into the-130.33
146"Wow!" thought Neil (puzzle 3)Into the-140.25
147"Wow!" thought Neil (puzzle 4)Into the-140.25
148"Six Mutosaurs have escaped from the safari park,"Into the-120.50
149Tuheddosaurus was the most vicious of the AggrosaursInto the-120.50
150Spikosaurus was a nasty-looking Aggrosaur with very sharp clawsInto the-111.00
151"Is that a cousin of the ostrich?" wondered Neil,Into the-130.33
152"Look at that!" said Neil, gazing up at Eyesaurus,Into the-130.33
153Ultraskull was another VegesaurInto the-140.25
154Quartzosaurus had frills all over itInto the-140.25
155"I've got to try out this hovercar!" said NeilInto the-130.33
156Ferocious Aggrosaurs were on the rampageInto the-120.50
157"Whoah!" yelled Neil in the hovercar,Into the-130.33
158"Now! Let him have it!" cried Danny (puzzle 1)Into the-130.33
159"Now! Let him have it!" cried Danny (puzzle 2)Into the-120.50
160It took just one more blastInto the-130.33
161"Good work!" yelled DannyInto the-130.33
162Stunned Aggrosaurs were quickly loaded on to army trucksInto the-111.00
163"This will cut you down to size!" cried Neil,Into the-030.00
164In an instant, the 10-tonne giant had shrunk to the size of a small toyInto the-111.00
165"Got to fly these Vegesaurs to the safari park," thought Neil (puzzle 1)Into the-111.00
166"Got to fly these Vegesaurs to the safari park," thought Neil (puzzle 2)Into the-120.50
167Neil had saved the city from the Mutosaur terror (puzzle 1)Into the-130.33
168Neil had saved the city from the Mutosaur terror (puzzle 2)Into the-030.00
169Outside the entrance to City Hall,Into the-130.33
170"For catching the Mutosaurs," announced the mayor,Into the-130.33
171But before he could take the medal,Into the-130.33
172It was the final time cave!Into the-120.50
173"Hey! Here are my helmet and glove!Into the-140.25
174Neil put them on, then pressed the elevator buttonInto the-130.33
175Danny watched open-mouthed as Neil whizzed in throughInto the-140.25
176"Yowee! You're back at last! Said Danny, greeting his friendInto the-140.25
177Amazingly, Neil still had the last eggInto the-040.00
178"Crawk!" There was a strange croak as the shell began to crack openInto the-120.50
179"It's hatching! I can't believe it!" gasped Neil (puzzle 1)Into the-140.25
180"It's hatching! I can't believe it!" gasped Neil (puzzle 2)Into the-130.33