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Panini Doctor Who: Alien Armies

Panini Doctor Who: Alien Armies

Anno: 2009
Totale Figurine: 260

raccolte: 6 / completate: 1


1TARDIS-Base card422.00
2Sonic Screwdriver-Base card414.00
3Genesis Ark-Base card515.00
4Genetic Manipulation Device-Base card414.00
5Psychic Paper-Base card404.00
6Fob Watch-Base card505.00
7The Doctor-Base card515.00
8Extrapolator-Base card505.00
9TARDIS key-Base card414.00
10Laser Screwdriver-Base card414.00
11The Doctor (pyjamas)The Christmas InvasionBase card515.00
12Rose TylerThe Christmas InvasionBase card515.00
13Jackie TylerThe Christmas InvasionBase card505.00
14Mickey SmithThe Christmas InvasionBase card404.00
15Harriet JonesThe Christmas InvasionBase card422.00
16SycoraxThe Christmas InvasionBase card422.00
17Robot SantaThe Christmas InvasionBase card515.00
18The Doctor (brown suit)New EarthBase card515.00
19Possessed RoseNew EarthBase card414.00
20ChipNew EarthBase card414.00
21The Face of BoeNew EarthBase card422.00
22Matron CaspNew EarthBase card515.00
23Sister JattNew EarthBase card515.00
24Zombie PatientNew EarthBase card414.00
25Queen VictoriaTooth and ClawBase card414.00
26WerewolfTooth and ClawBase card505.00
27Sir RobertTooth and ClawBase card505.00
28Father AngeloTooth and ClawBase card505.00
29Sarah Jane SmithSchool ReunionBase card422.00
30K9 Mark IIISchool ReunionBase card422.00
31Mr FinchSchool ReunionBase card404.00
32KrillitaneSchool ReunionBase card515.00
33Madame de PompadourThe Girl in the FireplaceBase card515.00
34Clockwork WomanThe Girl in the FireplaceBase card422.00
35John LumicRise of the CybermenBase card414.00
36Pete TylerRise of the CybermenBase card414.00
37Jake SimmondsRise of the CybermenBase card515.00
38CybermanRise of the CybermenBase card515.00
39Ricky SmithRise of the CybermenBase card515.00
40Mrs MooreRise of the CybermenBase card515.00
41The WireThe Idiot's LanternBase card414.00
42Tommy ConnollyThe Idiot's LanternBase card515.00
43Mr MagpieThe Idiot's LanternBase card515.00
44Ood (normal)The Impossible PlanetBase card515.00
45Ida ScottThe Impossible PlanetBase card515.00
46Toby ZedThe Impossible PlanetBase card422.00
47The BeastThe Satan PitBase card505.00
48Elton PopeLove & MonstersBase card515.00
49Ursula BlakeLove & MonstersBase card422.00
50The AbzorbaloffLove & MonstersBase card422.00
51The HoixLove & MonstersBase card422.00
52Chloe WebberFear HerBase card422.00
53Wardrobe MonsterFear HerBase card422.00
54Yvonne HartmanArmy of GhostsBase card422.00
55Cyber-LeaderArmy of GhostsBase card414.00
56Donna NobleThe Runaway BrideBase card414.00
57Empress of the RacnossThe Runaway BrideBase card414.00
58Lance BennettThe Runaway BrideBase card404.00
59The Doctor (blue suit)Smith and JonesBase card422.00
60Martha JonesSmith and JonesBase card414.00
61Florence FinneganSmith and JonesBase card414.00
62Judoon TrooperSmith and JonesBase card414.00
63Francine JonesSmith and JonesBase card404.00
64Clive JonesSmith and JonesBase card422.00
65SlabSmith and JonesBase card422.00
66William ShakespeareThe Shakespeare CodeBase card414.00
67LilithThe Shakespeare CodeBase card505.00
68Mother BloodtideThe Shakespeare CodeBase card404.00
69Mother DoomfingerThe Shakespeare CodeBase card414.00
70MacraGridlockBase card404.00
71Thomas Kincade BranniganGridlockBase card404.00
72Valerie BranniganGridlockBase card404.00
73MiloGridlockBase card404.00
74CheenGridlockBase card404.00
75Novice HameGridlockBase card414.00
76LaszloDaleks in ManhattanBase card422.00
77TallulahDaleks in ManhattanBase card515.00
78SolomonDaleks in ManhattanBase card515.00
79FrankDaleks in ManhattanBase card414.00
80Mr DiagorasDaleks in ManhattanBase card414.00
81Pig slaveEvolution of the DaleksBase card422.00
82Professor LazarusThe Lazarus ExperimentBase card515.00
83Tish JonesThe Lazarus ExperimentBase card414.00
84Lady ThawThe Lazarus ExperimentBase card414.00
85Kath McDonnell42Base card515.00
86Korwin McDonnell42Base card414.00
87Sun Possessed Doctor42Base card414.00
88John SmithHuman NatureBase card515.00
89Joan RedfernHuman NatureBase card515.00
90Tim LatimerHuman NatureBase card414.00
91Father of MineThe Family of BloodBase card404.00
92Mother of MineThe Family of BloodBase card505.00
93Son of MineThe Family of BloodBase card515.00
94Daughter of MineThe Family of BloodBase card515.00
95ScarecrowThe Family of BloodBase card414.00
96Sally SparrowBlinkBase card422.00
97Kathy NightingaleBlinkBase card404.00
98Weeping Angel (weeping)BlinkBase card414.00
99Captain Jack HarknessUtopiaBase card414.00
100Professor YanaUtopiaBase card414.00
101FuturekindUtopiaBase card414.00
102ChanthoUtopiaBase card414.00
103Harold SaxonThe Sound of DrumsBase card414.00
104Lucy SaxonThe Sound of DrumsBase card422.00
105ToclafaneThe Sound of DrumsBase card422.00
106Thomas MilliganLast of the Time LordsBase card515.00
107Old DoctorLast of the Time LordsBase card515.00
108Ancient DoctorLast of the Time LordsBase card515.00
109The Doctor (tux)Voyage of the DamnedBase card414.00
110Astrid PethVoyage of the DamnedBase card414.00
111Mr CopperVoyage of the DamnedBase card422.00
112Foon Van HoffVoyage of the DamnedBase card422.00
113Morvin Van HoffVoyage of the DamnedBase card422.00
114BannakaffalattaVoyage of the DamnedBase card505.00
115Midshipman FrameVoyage of the DamnedBase card505.00
116Rickston SladeVoyage of the DamnedBase card404.00
117Heavenly HostVoyage of the DamnedBase card404.00
118Max CapricornVoyage of the DamnedBase card404.00
119Sylvia NoblePartners in CrimeBase card414.00
120Wilfred MottPartners in CrimeBase card422.00
121Miss FosterPartners in CrimeBase card422.00
122AdiposePartners in CrimeBase card515.00
123Penny CarterPartners in CrimeBase card414.00
124Lobus CaeciliusThe Fires of PompeiiBase card414.00
125MetellaThe Fires of PompeiiBase card414.00
126QuintusThe Fires of PompeiiBase card422.00
127EvelinaThe Fires of PompeiiBase card422.00
128PyrovileThe Fires of PompeiiBase card422.00
129High PriestessThe Fires of PompeiiBase card422.00
130Soothsayer (The Fires of Pompeii)The Fires of PompeiiBase card515.00
131Lucius Petrus DextrusThe Fires of PompeiiBase card414.00
132Mr HalpenPlanet of the OodBase card414.00
133Natural OodPlanet of the OodBase card515.00
134Ood SigmaPlanet of the OodBase card422.00
135Dr RyderPlanet of the OodBase card414.00
136Commander SkorrThe Sontaran StratagemBase card422.00
137Sontaran TrooperThe Sontaran StratagemBase card422.00
138Luke RattiganThe Sontaran StratagemBase card515.00
139Colonel MaceThe Sontaran StratagemBase card515.00
140Private Ross JenkinsThe Sontaran StratagemBase card515.00
141Matha JonesThe Poison SkyBase card515.00
142JennyThe Doctor's DaughterBase card414.00
143Hath SoldierThe Doctor's DaughterBase card414.00
144General CobbThe Doctor's DaughterBase card422.00
145ClineThe Doctor's DaughterBase card422.00
146Agatha ChristieThe Unicorn and the WaspBase card505.00
147Rev GolightlyThe Unicorn and the WaspBase card505.00
148Colonel CurbishleyThe Unicorn and the WaspBase card515.00
149Lady EddisonThe Unicorn and the WaspBase card515.00
150Robina RedmondThe Unicorn and the WaspBase card414.00
151Roger CurbishleyThe Unicorn and the WaspBase card414.00
152The VespiformThe Unicorn and the WaspBase card414.00
153Professor River SongSilence in the LibraryBase card422.00
154Dr MoonSilence in the LibraryBase card515.00
155Proper DaveSilence in the LibraryBase card505.00
156Other DaveSilence in the LibraryBase card515.00
157Miss EvangelistaSilence in the LibraryBase card414.00
158Strackman LuxSilence in the LibraryBase card414.00
159AnitaSilence in the LibraryBase card422.00
160Vashta NeradaForest of the DeadBase card422.00
161Sky SilvestryMidnightBase card414.00
162Professor HobbesMidnightBase card515.00
163Captain MagamboTurn LeftBase card515.00
164Fortune TellerTurn LeftBase card515.00
165Time BeetleTurn LeftBase card414.00
166DalekThe Stolen EarthBase card414.00
167Mr SmithThe Stolen EarthBase card422.00
168Luke SmithThe Stolen EarthBase card422.00
169Gwen CooperThe Stolen EarthBase card414.00
170Ianto JonesThe Stolen EarthBase card505.00
171Duplicate DoctorJourney's EndBase card505.00
172Doctor DonnaJourney's EndBase card515.00
173Insane Dalek CaanJourney's EndBase card422.00
174Jackson LakeThe Next DoctorBase card414.00
175Miss HartiganThe Next DoctorBase card422.00
176Rosita FarisiThe Next DoctorBase card422.00
177CybershadeThe Next DoctorBase card414.00
178Lady Christina de SouzaPlanet of the DeadBase card505.00
179Dr Malcolm TaylorPlanet of the DeadBase card505.00
180TritovorePlanet of the DeadBase card515.00
E1The First Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card505.00
E2The Second Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card515.00
E3The Third Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card505.00
E4The Fourth Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card505.00
E5The Fifth Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card515.00
E6The Sixth Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card505.00
E7The Seventh Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card505.00
E8The Eighth Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card505.00
E9The Ninth Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card505.00
E10The Tenth Doctor-Super Foil Embossed Card414.00
E11Rose TylerJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card505.00
E12Martha JonesJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card505.00
E13Donna NobleJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card515.00
E14Captain Jack HarknessJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card505.00
E15Sarah Jane SmithJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card505.00
E16Mickey SmithJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card515.00
E17Jackie TylerJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card422.00
E18Wilfred MottJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card515.00
E19Sylvia NobleJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card606.00
E20K9 Mark IVJourney's EndSuper Foil Embossed Card505.00
F1Sycorax LeaderThe Christmas InvasionSuper Foil Card515.00
F2Clockwork ManThe Girl in the FireplaceSuper Foil Card414.00
F3Cyber ControllerThe Age of SteelSuper Foil Card505.00
F4OodPlanet of the OodSuper Foil Card515.00
F5Dalek CaanDoomsdaySuper Foil Card515.00
F6Dalek JastDoomsdaySuper Foil Card515.00
F7Dalek ThayDoomsdaySuper Foil Card515.00
F8Dalek SecDoomsdaySuper Foil Card505.00
F9Judoon CaptainSmith and JonesSuper Foil Card515.00
F10Dalek Sec HybridEvolution of the DaleksSuper Foil Card515.00
F11Lazarus MonsterThe Lazarus ExperimentSuper Foil Card414.00
F12Weeping Angel (attacking)BlinkSuper Foil Card505.00
F13The MasterUtopiaSuper Foil Card505.00
F14The MasterUtopiaSuper Foil Card505.00
F15Toclafane SwarmThe Sound of DrumsSuper Foil Card606.00
F16General StaalThe Sontaran StratagemSuper Foil Card606.00
F17Supreme DalekThe Stolen EarthSuper Foil Card606.00
F18DavrosThe Stolen EarthSuper Foil Card505.00
F19Cyber-LeaderThe Next DoctorSuper Foil Card515.00
F20CyberKingThe Next DoctorSuper Foil Card404.00
G1TARDIS-Glitter Foil Card515.00
G2Sonic Screwdriver-Glitter Foil Card515.00
G3Genesis Ark-Glitter Foil Card522.50
G4Genetic Manipulation Device-Glitter Foil Card515.00
G5Psychic paper-Glitter Foil Card431.33
G6Fob Watch-Glitter Foil Card422.00
G7The Doctor's Hand-Glitter Foil Card522.50
G8Extrapolator-Glitter Foil Card422.00
G9TARDIS key-Glitter Foil Card422.00
G10Laser screwdriver-Glitter Foil Card422.00
G11Rose TylerTooth and ClawGlitter Foil Card414.00
G12Donna NoblePlanet of the OodGlitter Foil Card422.00
G13Martha JonesThe Doctor's DaughterGlitter Foil Card414.00
G14Face of BoeGridlockGlitter Foil Card414.00
G15DalekJourney's EndGlitter Foil Card522.50
G16CassandraNew EarthGlitter Foil Card422.00
G17The Doctor (brown suit)Tooth and ClawGlitter Foil Card522.50
G18The Doctor (blue suit)42Glitter Foil Card422.00
G19Sontaran Trooper-Glitter Foil Card515.00
G20CybermanArmy of GhostsGlitter Foil Card515.00
G21Ood (normal)Planet of the OodGlitter Foil Card505.00
G22Pig slaveDaleks in ManhattanGlitter Foil Card505.00
G23Harriet JonesThe Stolen EarthGlitter Foil Card505.00
G24Robot SantaThe Runaway BrideGlitter Foil Card505.00
G25Judoon TrooperThe Stolen EarthGlitter Foil Card515.00
G26Toby Zed (possessed)The Satan PitGlitter Foil Card505.00
G27ScarecrowHuman NatureGlitter Foil Card515.00
G28The MasterThe Sound of DrumsGlitter Foil Card505.00
G29Sarah Jane SmithThe Stolen EarthGlitter Foil Card505.00
G30John SmithHuman NatureGlitter Foil Card505.00
G31Jackson LakeThe Next DoctorGlitter Foil Card505.00
G32CybershadeThe Next DoctorGlitter Foil Card515.00
G33Heavenly HostVoyage of the DamnedGlitter Foil Card422.00
G34The Doctor (tux)-Glitter Foil Card505.00
G35The Doctor (pyjamas)-Glitter Foil Card505.00
G36SycoraxThe Christmas InvasionGlitter Foil Card505.00
G37Novice HameNew EarthGlitter Foil Card515.00
G38LilithThe Shakespeare CodeGlitter Foil Card505.00
G39Hath PeckThe Doctor's DaughterGlitter Foil Card505.00
G40Vashta NeradaSilence in the LibraryGlitter Foil Card606.00