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Panini Happy Birthday Bugs

Panini Happy Birthday Bugs

Anno: 1990
Totale Figurine: 240

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 7 / completate: 8


1Elmer takes aim at Bugs"Rabbit Fire"-020.00
2Bugs, Elmer, Daffy"Rabbit Fire"-020.00
3Elmer takes aim at Daffy"Rabbit Fire"-120.50
4Daffy"Rabbit Fire"-120.50
5Duck Season Open"Rabbit Fire"-020.00
6Elmer (puzzle 1)"Rabbit Fire"-111.00
7Daffy in rabbit ears (puzzle 2)"Rabbit Fire"-030.00
81000 Ways to Cook a Duck"Rabbit Fire"-120.50
9Bugs & book (puzzle 1)"Rabbit Fire"-030.00
10Daffy & book (puzzle 2)"Rabbit Fire"-130.33
11Bugs & Elmer"Rabbit Fire"-020.00
12Daffy in tennis ghi"Rabbit Fire"-050.00
13Daffy & unstrung racquet"Rabbit Fire"-120.50
14Bugs in hole & Elmer"Rabbit Fire"-130.33
15Elmer & elephant"Rabbit Fire"-111.00
16Lady Bugs, Elmer, Daffy"Rabbit Fire"-020.00
17Lady Bugs kisses Elmer"Rabbit Fire"-010.00
18Elmer aims at Lady Bugs"Rabbit Fire"-120.50
19Elmer Season"Rabbit Fire"-030.00
20Uncle Bugs Wants You"Rabbit Fire"figure030.00
21Uncle Daffy Wants You"Rabbit Fire"figure030.00
22Dog eats cat"Feed the Kitty"figure030.00
23Dog scares cat"Feed the Kitty"-140.25
24Kitten on balance ball"Feed the Kitty"figure030.00
25Dog cuddles kitten"Feed the Kitty"-040.00
26Balancing cat and vacuum"Feed the Kitty"-020.00
27Dog winds up cat"Feed the Kitty"-030.00
28Dog prepares to pounce"Feed the Kitty"-020.00
29Into the flour bin"Feed the Kitty"-030.00
30Cup of cat flour"Feed the Kitty"-120.50
31Aghast doggie"Feed the Kitty"-020.00
32Unplugged pooch"Feed the Kitty"-040.00
33Bubble bearded dog"Feed the Kitty"-030.00
34Bubbles dragging"Feed the Kitty"-030.00
35Cat mixer"Feed the Kitty"-130.33
36Mirror mongrel"Feed the Kitty"-030.00
37Cookie prep"Feed the Kitty"-020.00
38Sweatin' dog"Feed the Kitty"-040.00
39Cookie cat"Feed the Kitty"-020.00
40Friendship renewed"Feed the Kitty"-030.00
41Cryin' cur"Feed the Kitty"-020.00
42Happier hound"Feed the Kitty"-030.00
43Sylvester snoozingBirds of a Feather-020.00
44Bluebird & JuniorBirds of a Feather-020.00
45Sylvester (puzzle 1)Birds of a Feather-130.33
46Junior (puzzle 2)Birds of a Feather-030.00
47Cat-bird chaseBirds of a Feather-120.50
48Sylvester listensBirds of a Feather-020.00
49Kitten whackin'Birds of a Feather-120.50
50Junior (puzzle 1)Birds of a Feather-020.00
51Radio-Controlled Jet Plane (puzzle 2)Birds of a Feather-030.00
52BluebirdBirds of a Feather-030.00
53Flyers chase SylvesterBirds of a Feather-020.00
54Danger DynamiteBirds of a Feather-030.00
55Cratered SylvesterBirds of a Feather-111.00
56Junior & friendBirds of a Feather-120.50
57Foghorn & grandmaStrangled Eggs-030.00
58Foghorn's basketStrangled Eggs-030.00
59Foundling HeneryStrangled Eggs-120.50
60Foghorn takes aim at HeneryStrangled Eggs-040.00
61Grandma (puzzle 1)Strangled Eggs-030.00
62Foghorn (puzzle 2)Strangled Eggs-020.00
63Foghorn places eggStrangled Eggs-040.00
64Henery hatches egg grenadeStrangled Eggs-040.00
65Foghorn pulls grenadeStrangled Eggs-020.00
66Foghorn after blastStrangled Eggs-020.00
67Foghorn's mine fieldStrangled Eggs-130.33
68Foghorn scolds HeneryStrangled Eggs-030.00
69Foghorn elevatedStrangled Eggs-030.00
70Early Bugs"Devil May Hare"figure030.00
71Monkey"Devil May Hare"figure030.00
72Turtle & Bugs"Devil May Hare"-020.00
73Devil at mailbox"Devil May Hare"-130.33
74Devil & Bugs"Devil May Hare"-030.00
75Skinny legs Bugs"Devil May Hare"-040.00
76Xylo pink chicken"Devil May Hare"-020.00
77Devil and bubble"Devil May Hare"-030.00
78Bugs's slingshot"Devil May Hare"-130.33
79Barrel horse"Devil May Hare"figure020.00
80Hammering Bugs"Devil May Hare"figure030.00
81Goo-Hanging Devil"Devil May Hare"-030.00
82Swinging rock"Devil May Hare"-040.00
83Devil sees stars"Devil May Hare"-140.25
84Bambi, Bugs, Devil"Devil May Hare"-030.00
85Sick Devil grin"Devil May Hare"-130.33
86Bugs, phone home"Devil May Hare"-030.00
87Tasmanian Air Lines"Devil May Hare"-221.00
88Tasmanian babe"Devil May Hare"-020.00
89Bride & Devil (puzzle 1)"Devil May Hare"-010.00
90Ricemonger Bugs (puzzle 2)"Devil May Hare"-050.00
91Talking to TweetyA Pizza Tweety-Pie-020.00
92SylvesterA Pizza Tweety-Piefigure030.00
93GondolasA Pizza Tweety-Piefigure030.00
94Paddling SylvesterA Pizza Tweety-Pie-020.00
95Sinking feelingA Pizza Tweety-Pie-040.00
96Sylvester ballooningA Pizza Tweety-Pie-030.00
97Tweety slingshootingA Pizza Tweety-Pie-040.00
98Sidewalk splatA Pizza Tweety-Pie-020.00
99Tarzan SylvesterA Pizza Tweety-Pie-130.33
100Shark attackA Pizza Tweety-Pie-030.00
101Mama (puzzle 1)A Pizza Tweety-Pie-030.00
102Tweety (puzzle 2)A Pizza Tweety-Pie-020.00
103Sylvester fishingA Pizza Tweety-Pie-130.33
104Snagging a speedboatA Pizza Tweety-Pie-030.00
105Unwitting water skierA Pizza Tweety-Pie-130.33
106Ducka You HeadA Pizza Tweety-Pie-010.00
107Spaghetti lariatA Pizza Tweety-Pie-030.00
108Noose-Neck TweetyA Pizza Tweety-Pie-020.00
109Reeling in pastaA Pizza Tweety-Pie-030.00
110Nailed with hammerA Pizza Tweety-Pie-010.00
111Seeing fishesA Pizza Tweety-Pie-030.00
112Wile E. & Road Runner"Zoom and Bored"-020.00
113Road Runner (puzzle 1)"Zoom and Bored"-130.33
114Wile E. Coyote (puzzle 2)"Zoom and Bored"-120.50
115Embedded in rock"Zoom and Bored"-030.00
116Anvil coarsing"Zoom and Bored"-130.33
117Road Runner pecks feed"Zoom and Bored"-040.00
118Anvil descends"Zoom and Bored"-020.00
119Sneaking to free seed"Zoom and Bored"-040.00
120Mesa viaduct"Zoom and Bored"-020.00
121Bomb launching"Zoom and Bored"-030.00
122Oops"Zoom and Bored"-020.00
123Ahab Harpoon Gun"Zoom and Bored"-040.00
124Rope caught Coyote ankle"Zoom and Bored"-040.00
125Smashed into red truck"Zoom and Bored"-030.00
126Sylvester chases Speedy"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-020.00
127S & S on diving board"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-020.00
128Only Speedy remains"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-020.00
129Phone call"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-040.00
130Daffy exterminator"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-030.00
131Cheese banquet"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-040.00
132Speedy netted"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-020.00
133Net stretching"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-020.00
134Clogged mousehole"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-040.00
135TV plugged"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-030.00
136Wanted poster"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-030.00
137Mouse Disposal"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-120.50
138Daffy Duck Comics"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-030.00
139Street chasing"It's Nice to Have a Mouse around the House"-030.00
140Bugs stadium"Bully for Bugs"figure050.00
141Ready bull"Bully for Bugs"-020.00
142Toreador"Bully for Bugs"-030.00
143Bugs mapping"Bully for Bugs"-120.50
144Consulting on map"Bully for Bugs"-030.00
145Horn prep"Bully for Bugs"-030.00
146Flying through clouds"Bully for Bugs"-040.00
147Bugs as toreador"Bully for Bugs"-130.33
148Bull charging boards"Bully for Bugs"-030.00
149Bent horns"Bully for Bugs"-050.00
150Horn sharpening"Bully for Bugs"-010.00
151Bugs"Bully for Bugs"figure020.00
152Bull charging"Bully for Bugs"figure130.33
153Nose honking"Bully for Bugs"-140.25
154Bugs chuckles"Bully for Bugs"-120.50
155Tunnel trap"Bully for Bugs"-030.00
156Road race"Bully for Bugs"-140.25
157Grease prep"Bully for Bugs"-140.25
158Bull slide"Bully for Bugs"-020.00
159Bull skids"Bully for Bugs"-130.33
160The End"Bully for Bugs"-120.50
161Daffy sweepsDaffy's Inn Trouble-130.33
162Gift broom (puzzle 1)Daffy's Inn Trouble-030.00
163Daffy (puzzle 2)Daffy's Inn Trouble-020.00
164Inn paintingDaffy's Inn Trouble-020.00
165Dude Daffy & cowboyDaffy's Inn Trouble-040.00
166DaffyDaffy's Inn Troublefigure030.00
167No SaleDaffy's Inn Troublefigure030.00
168Bristle InnDaffy's Inn Trouble-140.25
169The show is onDaffy's Inn Trouble-030.00
170Dancin' DaffyDaffy's Inn Trouble-040.00
171Eggs & vegetablesDaffy's Inn Trouble-030.00
172Levering the rockDaffy's Inn Trouble-020.00
173Rock reaches InnDaffy's Inn Trouble-130.33
174Donkey DuckDaffy's Inn Trouble-020.00
175Porky (puzzle 1)Daffy's Inn Trouble-010.00
176Daffy Dame (puzzle 2)Daffy's Inn Trouble-130.33
177Trap doorDaffy's Inn Trouble-020.00
178Duck directionsDaffy's Inn Trouble-040.00
179Gusher under InnDaffy's Inn Trouble-040.00
180Rich Porky & DaffyDaffy's Inn Trouble-030.00
181Bigger brooms for DaffyDaffy's Inn Trouble-010.00
182Parfums"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-140.25
183Pepe samples"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-030.00
184Man and Sylvester"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-030.00
185Painted Syl"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-020.00
186Pepe's new love interest"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-050.00
187Pepe (puzzle 1)"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-040.00
188Sylvester Skunk (puzzle 2)"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-130.33
189See no evil"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-050.00
190Skunk retrieval"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-040.00
191Romance again"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-130.33
192Defenestration"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-020.00
193Chasing out window"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-030.00
194Blue paint special"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-140.25
195Bulging heart"For Scent-Imental Reasons"-040.00
196Moneybags SamDevil's Feud Cake-020.00
197EscalatorDevil's Feud Cake-130.33
198Sam holds up BugsDevil's Feud Cake-140.25
199Learn to FlyDevil's Feud Cake-140.25
200Sam's non-parachuteDevil's Feud Cake-020.00
201Read devil readerDevil's Feud Cake-030.00
202Penitent SamDevil's Feud Cake-020.00
203Street SamDevil's Feud Cake-020.00
204Gladiator Bugs & SamDevil's Feud Cake-020.00
205Bugs & lionsDevil's Feud Cake-030.00
206Lions notice SamDevil's Feud Cake-040.00
207Sam escapingDevil's Feud Cake-030.00
208Sam off the cliffDevil's Feud Cake-130.33
209Devil SamDevil's Feud Cake-120.50
210Balloon Porky-figure240.50
211Balloon Tweety-figure020.00
212Balloon Sylvester-figure120.50
213Balloon Elmer-figure120.50
214Balloon Daffy-figure040.00
215Balloon Pepe-figure120.50
216Balloon Sylvester Jr.-figure130.33
AFoghorn Leghorn-PVC221.00
BWile E. Coyote-PVC120.50
CYosemite Sam smiling-PVC140.25
DBarnyard Dog-PVC230.67
ESpeedy Gonzalez smiling-PVC020.00
FDaffy Duck backpacking-PVC040.00
GBugs Bunny archer-PVC030.00
HThree birds-PVC020.00
ISylvester Jr.-PVC030.00
JSylvester considering-PVC020.00
KTweety's Mom-PVC020.00
LSylvester stalking-PVC040.00
MUrn of flowers-PVC030.00
NDaffy diving-PVC030.00
OSpeedy pointing-PVC030.00
PPatio furniture-PVC130.33
QSylvester sitting-PVC020.00
RDaffy moneybags-PVC020.00
SPorky Pig pointing-PVC040.00
TPorky duded up-PVC030.00
UDaffy dancing-PVC020.00
VBugs walking-PVC040.00
WBugs banner-PVC111.00
XSam scowling-PVC030.00