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Panini The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Panini The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Anno: 1996
Totale Figurine: 88

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 6 / completate: 9


1Frollo rides--140.25
2Esmeralda hides--040.00
3Frollo reigns in--140.25
4From the bell tower--130.33
5Finding the bird--130.33
6Releasing the bird--150.20
7Dining with Frollo--130.33
8Frollo's goblet--120.50
9Depending on Frollo--140.25
10Frollo's models--240.50
11Aerial tower view--030.00
12Dancing with gargoyles--140.25
13Gargoyle hugs--130.33
14Water slide--150.20
15King of the tower?--140.25
16From the balcony--140.25
17Rope swinging--130.33
18Festival review stand--130.33
19Two-reared Fool horse--111.00
24Phoebus enters--130.33
25Clopin conspires--030.00
26Esmeralda and Quasimodo--130.33
27Esmeralda dances--250.40
29Rabbit dance--130.33
30Frollo's throne--150.20
31Crowning the King--130.33
32Bloody Fool--120.50
33Tying him up--221.00
34Cutting him free--140.25
35Arrest Esmeralda!--240.50
36Esmeralda and Djali--221.00
37Running from crowd--130.33
38Empty cathedral--140.25
39Esmeralda and Phoebus--221.00
40Wielding the sword--130.33
41Pleading to Frollo--150.20
42Quasimodo and Esmeralda--150.20
43Holding hands--221.00
44Wild battle--030.00
45Holding the icon--140.25
46Making escapes--240.50
47Searching the city--140.25
48Phoebus and flames--140.25
49Back to back--230.67
50Mounting the steed--313.00
52Tending to Phoebus--111.00
53Quasimodo and Phoebus--111.00
54Frollo and Es doll--111.00
55Skeletal warriors--120.50
56Three protagonists--111.00
57Quasimodo captured--230.67
58Esmeralda staked--130.33
59Quasimodo chained--230.67
60Carrying Esmeralda--140.25
61Climbing the ladders--221.00
63Knife fight--230.67
64Balcony sword attack--130.33
65Hanging out with Esmeralda--020.00
66Victory congratulations--120.50
AThe CityFestival of Fools-130.33
BVending wagonFestival of Fools-120.50
CAmazed populaceFestival of Fools-120.50
DGypsy groupFestival of Fools-111.00
EClimbing the flagsFestival of Fools-130.33
FCrowd celebrationFestival of Fools-111.00
GRidiculing QuasimodoFestival of Fools-111.00
HFools paradeFestival of Fools-120.50
IClopinFestival of Fools-140.25
JConfetti releaseFestival of Fools-230.67
KConfetti everywhereFestival of Fools-221.00
LCannonball diveFestival of Fools-120.50
MCannonball landingFestival of Fools-130.33
NFish floatFestival of Fools-140.25
ODogs walking peopleFestival of Fools-120.50
PCook's lobster cauldronFestival of Fools-130.33
QRed-faced FoolFestival of Fools-120.50
RYellow-faced FoolFestival of Fools-140.25
SCircle danceFestival of Fools-120.50
TFeather and box danceFestival of Fools-130.33
UThe King of FoolsFestival of Fools-230.67
VThe King and ClopinFestival of Fools-130.33