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Panini Manchester United 2011-2012. Adrenalyn XL

Panini Manchester United 2011-2012. Adrenalyn XL

Anno: 2011
Totale Carte collezionabili: 131

Manchester United 2011-2012 Adrenalyn XL™ Official Trading Card Game

There are 126 cards to collect, with plenty of special cards inside. Look out for:
- 80 Base cards
- 34 special foil cards and 16 ultimate foil cards

Starter Pack: £4.99
This exciting starter pack features a game board and rules, a collector’s binder and 18 game cards to get your collection under way.

Trading card packet (featuring 6 cards): 60p

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 50 / completate: 6


1David de GeaGoalkeeperBase card1081.25
2Tomasz KuszczakGoalkeeperBase card1061.67
3Anders LindegaardGoalkeeperBase card1234.00
4Ben AmosGoalkeeperBase card1142.75
5Patrice EvraHome KitBase card1052.00
6Rio FerdinandHome KitBase card1033.33
7Nemanja VidicHome KitBase card1152.20
8Rafael da SilvaHome KitBase card871.14
9Fabio da SilvaHome KitBase card871.14
10Chris SmallingHome KitBase card961.50
11Jonny EvansHome KitBase card824.00
12Phil JonesHome KitBase card961.50
13Tom CleverleyHome KitBase card971.29
14Michael CarrickHome KitBase card981.13
15Ryan GiggsHome KitBase card1061.67
16AndersonHome KitBase card951.80
17Ji-Sung ParkHome KitBase card1171.57
18Darren FletcherHome KitBase card7110.64
19Darron GibsonHome KitBase card1142.75
20Antonio ValenciaHome KitBase card942.25
21Luis NaniHome KitBase card1252.40
22Paul PogbaHome KitBase card1929.50
23Federico MachedaHome KitBase card890.89
24Ashley YoungHome KitBase card1152.20
25Javier HernandezHome KitBase card1042.50
26Dimitar BerbatovHome KitBase card1061.67
27Wayne RooneyHome KitBase card991.00
28Danny WelbeckHome KitBase card1071.43
29Michael OwenHome KitBase card1152.20
30Mame Biram DioufHome KitBase card951.80
31David de GeaRed DevilBase card1234.00
32Tomasz KuszczakRed DevilBase card1234.00
33Anders LindegaardRed DevilBase card1226.00
34Ben AmosRed DevilBase card1042.50
35Patrice EvraRed DevilBase card780.88
36Rio FerdinandRed DevilBase card1071.43
37Nemanja VidicRed DevilBase card1052.00
38Rafael da SilvaRed DevilBase card1152.20
39Fabio da SilvaRed DevilBase card790.78
40Chris SmallingRed DevilBase card851.60
41Jonny EvansRed DevilBase card851.60
42Phil JonesRed DevilBase card790.78
43Tom CleverleyRed DevilBase card942.25
44Michael CarrickRed DevilBase card1152.20
45Ryan GiggsRed DevilBase card961.50
46AndersonRed DevilBase card951.80
47Ji-Sung ParkRed DevilBase card942.25
48Darren FletcherRed DevilBase card8120.67
49Darron GibsonRed DevilBase card1061.67
50Antonio ValenciaRed DevilBase card942.25
51Luis NaniRed DevilBase card1181.38
52Paul PogbaRed DevilBase card1963.17
53Federico MachedaRed DevilBase card871.14
54Ashley YoungRed DevilBase card1061.67
55Javier HernandezRed DevilBase card1142.75
56Dimitar BerbatovRed DevilBase card1052.00
57Wayne RooneyRed DevilBase card1025.00
58Danny WelbeckRed DevilBase card6100.60
59Michael OwenRed DevilBase card942.25
60Mame Biram DioufRed DevilBase card1052.00
61David de GeaSquadSpecial foil card18018.00
62Tomasz KuszczakSquadSpecial foil card1929.50
63Anders LindegaardSquadSpecial foil card19019.00
64Ben AmosSquadSpecial foil card17017.00
65Patrice EvraSquadSpecial foil card18018.00
66Rio FerdinandSquadSpecial foil card16116.00
67Nemanja VidicSquadSpecial foil card16116.00
68Rafael da SilvaSquadSpecial foil card1628.00
69Fabio da SilvaSquadSpecial foil card19019.00
70Chris SmallingSquadSpecial foil card17017.00
71Jonny EvansSquadSpecial foil card18018.00
72Phil JonesSquadSpecial foil card17117.00
73Tom CleverleySquadSpecial foil card15115.00
74Michael CarrickSquadSpecial foil card19019.00
75Ryan GiggsSquadSpecial foil card17017.00
76AndersonSquadSpecial foil card19019.00
77Ji-Sung ParkSquadSpecial foil card17017.00
78Darren FletcherSquadSpecial foil card15015.00
79Darron GibsonSquadSpecial foil card16116.00
80Antonio ValenciaSquadSpecial foil card17017.00
81Luis NaniSquadSpecial foil card18118.00
82Paul PogbaSquadSpecial foil card26026.00
83Federico MachedaSquadSpecial foil card18018.00
84Ashley YoungSquadSpecial foil card19019.00
85Javier HernandezSquadSpecial foil card19019.00
86Dimitar BerbatovSquadSpecial foil card16016.00
87Wayne RooneySquadSpecial foil card17017.00
88Danny WelbeckSquadSpecial foil card18018.00
89Michael OwenSquadSpecial foil card18018.00
90Mame Biram DioufSquadSpecial foil card18018.00
91David de GeaOne to watchBase card1152.20
92Ben AmosOne to watchBase card951.80
93Chris SmallingOne to watchBase card871.14
94Phil JonesOne to watchBase card761.17
95Fabio da SilvaOne to watchBase card771.00
96Tom CleverleyOne to watchBase card861.33
97Paul PogbaOne to watchBase card1662.67
98Ravel MorrisonOne to watchBase card1052.00
99Danny WelbeckOne to watchBase card881.00
100Federico MachedaOne to watchBase card7110.64
101Mame Biram DioufOne to watchBase card951.80
102Rio FerdinandStar DefenderBase card1052.00
103Nemanja VidicStar DefenderBase card1042.50
104Patrice EvraStar DefenderBase card961.50
105Ryan GiggsMidfield MarshallBase card10110.91
106Michael CarrickMidfield MarshallBase card981.13
107Ji-Sung ParkMidfield MarshallBase card1033.33
108Michael OwenTarget ManBase card1042.50
109Dimitar BerbatovTarget ManBase card951.80
110Danny WelbeckTarget ManBase card9100.90
111David de GeaSafe HandsUltimate foil card1936.33
112Tomasz KuszczakSafe HandsUltimate foil card22122.00
113Ji-Sung ParkFans’ FavouriteUltimate foil card18118.00
114Javier HernandezFans’ FavouriteUltimate foil card1836.00
115Rio FerdinandStar PlayerUltimate foil card1735.67
116Ryan GiggsStar PlayerUltimate foil card19019.00
117Luis NaniStar PlayerUltimate foil card20210.00
118Wayne RooneyStar PlayerUltimate foil card1929.50
119Javier HernandezSuper StrikerUltimate foil card16116.00
120Ashley YoungSuper StrikerUltimate foil card19119.00
121Wayne RooneySuper StrikerUltimate foil card1635.33
122Nemanja VidicClub CaptainUltimate foil card1728.50
123ChampionsPower-UpUltimate foil card1829.00
124Manager – Sir Alex FergusonPower-UpUltimate foil card1735.67
125Stadium – Old TraffordPower-UpUltimate foil card1635.33
126Club BadgePower-UpUltimate foil card18118.00
LE1Javier HernandezLimited EditionLimited edition card17117.00
LE2Ashley YoungLimited EditionLimited edition card21021.00
LE3Wayne RooneyLimited EditionLimited edition card20020.00
LE4Luis NaniLimited EditionLimited edition card21121.00
LE5Rio FerdinandLimited EditionLimited edition card18118.00