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Panini NHL Hockey 1993-1994

NHL Hockey 1993-1994

Anno: 1993
Totale Figurine: 300

National Hockey League sticker collection

Anteprima raccolta (100% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 10 / completate: 8


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1Boston Bruins team logo - FoilBoston Bruins-250.40
2Adam OatesBoston Bruins-160.17
3Cam NeelyBoston Bruins-160.17
4Dave PoulinBoston Bruins-240.50
5Steve LeachBoston Bruins-250.40
6Glen WesleyBoston Bruins-260.33
7Dmitri KvartalnovBoston Bruins-270.29
8Ted DonatoBoston Bruins-260.33
9Andy MoogBoston Bruins-260.33
10Ray BourqueBoston Bruins-240.50
11Don SweeneyBoston Bruins-331.00
12Montreal Canadiens team logo - FoilMontreal Canadiens-313.00
13Vincent DamphousseMontreal Canadiens-160.17
14Kirk MullerMontreal Canadiens-260.33
15Brian BellowsMontreal Canadiens-250.40
16Stephan LebeauMontreal Canadiens-170.14
17Denis SavardMontreal Canadiens-240.50
18Gilbert DionneMontreal Canadiens-250.40
19Guy CarbonneauMontreal Canadiens-170.14
20Benoit BrunetMontreal Canadiens-260.33
21Eric DesjardinsMontreal Canadiens-130.33
22Mathieu SchneiderMontreal Canadiens-212.00
23Washington Capitals team logo - FoilWashington Capitals-321.50
24Peter BondraWashington Capitals-422.00
25Mike RidleyWashington Capitals-240.50
26Dale HunterWashington Capitals-221.00
27Michal PivonkaWashington Capitals-230.67
28Dimitri KhristichWashington Capitals-250.40
29Pat ElynuikWashington Capitals-150.20
30Kelly MillerWashington Capitals-240.50
31Calle JohanssonWashington Capitals-331.00
32Al IafrateWashington Capitals-240.50
33Don BeaupreWashington Capitals-431.33
34New Jersey Devils team logo - FoilNew Jersey Devils-331.00
35Claude LemieuxNew Jersey Devils-331.00
36Alexander SemakNew Jersey Devils-331.00
37Stephane RicherNew Jersey Devils-240.50
38Valeri ZelepukinNew Jersey Devils-240.50
39Bernie NichollsNew Jersey Devils-321.50
40John MacLeanNew Jersey Devils-414.00
41Peter StastnyNew Jersey Devils-230.67
42Scott NiedermayerNew Jersey Devils-250.40
43Scott StevensNew Jersey Devils-331.00
44Bruce DriverNew Jersey Devils-240.50
45Philadelphia Flyers team logo - FoilPhiladelphia Flyers-240.50
46Mark RecchiPhiladelphia Flyers-240.50
47Rod Brind'AmourPhiladelphia Flyers-321.50
48Brent FedykPhiladelphia Flyers-230.67
49Kevin DineenPhiladelphia Flyers-230.67
50Keith ActonPhiladelphia Flyers-414.00
51Pelle EklundPhiladelphia Flyers-221.00
52Andrei LomakinPhiladelphia Flyers-230.67
53Garry GalleyPhiladelphia Flyers-230.67
54Terry CarknerPhiladelphia Flyers-331.00
55Tommy SoderstromPhiladelphia Flyers-212.00
56New York Islanders team logo - FoilNew York Islanders-321.50
57Steve ThomasNew York Islanders-422.00
58Derek KingNew York Islanders-340.75
59Benoit HogueNew York Islanders-230.67
60Patrick FlatleyNew York Islanders-240.50
61Brian MullenNew York Islanders-321.50
62Marty McInnisNew York Islanders-140.25
63Scott LachanceNew York Islanders-230.67
64Jeff NortonNew York Islanders-250.40
65Glenn HealyNew York Islanders-331.00
66Mark FitzpatrickNew York Islanders-422.00
67Quebec Nordiques team logo - FoilQuebec Nordiques-221.00
68Mats SundinQuebec Nordiques-160.17
69Mike RicciQuebec Nordiques-150.20
70Owen NolanQuebec Nordiques-250.40
71Andrei KovalenkoQuebec Nordiques-160.17
72Valeri KamenskyQuebec Nordiques-260.33
73Scott YoungQuebec Nordiques-170.14
74Martin RucinskyQuebec Nordiques-160.17
75Steven FinnQuebec Nordiques-270.29
76Steve DuchesneQuebec Nordiques-230.67
77Ron HextallQuebec Nordiques-140.25
78Pittsburgh Penguins team logo - FoilPittsburgh Penguins-441.00
79Kevin StevensPittsburgh Penguins-240.50
80Rick TocchetPittsburgh Penguins-221.00
81Ron FrancisPittsburgh Penguins-240.50
82Jaromir JagrPittsburgh Penguins-313.00
83Joe MullenPittsburgh Penguins-270.29
84Shawn McEachernPittsburgh Penguins-160.17
85Dave TippettPittsburgh Penguins-260.33
86Larry MurphyPittsburgh Penguins-260.33
87Ulf SamuelssonPittsburgh Penguins-240.50
88Tom BarrassoPittsburgh Penguins-340.75
89New York Rangers team logo - FoilNew York Rangers-240.50
90Tony AmonteNew York Rangers-260.33
91Mike GartnerNew York Rangers-260.33
92Adam GravesNew York Rangers-270.29
93Sergei NemchinovNew York Rangers-240.50
94Darren TurcotteNew York Rangers-260.33
95Esa TikkanenNew York Rangers-160.17
96Brian LeetchNew York Rangers-260.33
97Kevin LoweNew York Rangers-140.25
98John VanbiesbrouckNew York Rangers-321.50
99Mike RichterNew York Rangers-422.00
100Buffalo Sabres team logo - FoilBuffalo Sabres-240.50
101Pat LaFontaineBuffalo Sabres-250.40
102Dale HawerchukBuffalo Sabres-212.00
103Donald AudetteBuffalo Sabres-130.33
104Bob SweeneyBuffalo Sabres-140.25
105Randy WoodBuffalo Sabres-340.75
106Yuri KhmylevBuffalo Sabres-230.67
107Wayne PresleyBuffalo Sabres-240.50
108Grant FuhrBuffalo Sabres-321.50
109Doug BodgerBuffalo Sabres-250.40
110Richard SmehlikBuffalo Sabres-340.75
111Ottawa Senators team logo - FoilOttawa Senators-212.00
112Norm MaciverOttawa Senators-240.50
113Jamie BakerOttawa Senators-313.00
114Bob KudelskiOttawa Senators-230.67
115Jody HullOttawa Senators-240.50
116Mike PelusoOttawa Senators-230.67
117Mark LambOttawa Senators-313.00
118Mark FreerOttawa Senators-422.00
119Neil BradyOttawa Senators-221.00
120Brad ShawOttawa Senators-321.50
121Peter SidorkiewiczOttawa Senators-230.67
122Hartford Whalers team logo - FoilHartford Whalers-250.40
123Andrew CasselsHartford Whalers-331.00
124Pat VerbeekHartford Whalers-230.67
125Terry YakeHartford Whalers-221.00
126Patrick PoulinHartford Whalers-250.40
127Mark JanssensHartford Whalers-240.50
128Mikael NylanderHartford Whalers-250.40
129Zarley ZalapskiHartford Whalers-240.50
130Eric WeinrichHartford Whalers-221.00
131Sean BurkeHartford Whalers-230.67
132Frank PietrangeloHartford Whalers-250.40
133Phil HousleyBest of the best-240.50
134Paul CoffeyBest of the best-230.67
135Larry MurphyBest of the best-202.00
136Mario LemieuxBest of the best-221.00
137Pat LaFontaineBest of the best-340.75
138Adam OatesBest of the best-340.75
139Felix PotvinBest of the best-130.33
140Ed BelfourBest of the best-240.50
141Tom BarrassoBest of the best-331.00
142Teemu SelanneBest of the best-321.50
143Joe JuneauBest of the best-331.00
144Eric LindrosBest of the best-230.67
145Chicago Blackhawks team logo - FoilChicago Blackhawks-230.67
146Steve LarmerChicago Blackhawks-250.40
147Dirk GrahamChicago Blackhawks-515.00
148Michel GouletChicago Blackhawks-240.50
149Brian NoonanChicago Blackhawks-230.67
150Stephane MatteauChicago Blackhawks-331.00
151Brent SutterChicago Blackhawks-331.00
152Jocelyn LemieuxChicago Blackhawks-331.00
153Chris CheliosChicago Blackhawks-250.40
154Steve SmithChicago Blackhawks-350.60
155Ed BelfourChicago Blackhawks-230.67
156St. Louis Blues team logo - FoilSt. Louis Blues-321.50
157Craig JanneySt. Louis Blues-221.00
158Brendan ShanahanSt. Louis Blues-422.00
159Nelson EmersonSt. Louis Blues-240.50
160Rich SutterSt. Louis Blues-221.00
161Ron SutterSt. Louis Blues-422.00
162Ron WilsonSt. Louis Blues-422.00
163Bob BassenSt. Louis Blues-230.67
164Carth ButcherSt. Louis Blues-230.67
165Jeff BrownSt. Louis Blues-230.67
166Curtis JosephSt. Louis Blues-240.50
167Vancouver Canucks team logo - FoilVancouver Canucks-321.50
168Cliff RonningVancouver Canucks-331.00
169Murray CravenVancouver Canucks-230.67
170Geoff CourtnallVancouver Canucks-230.67
171Petr NedvedVancouver Canucks-250.40
172Trevor LindenVancouver Canucks-230.67
173Greg AdamsVancouver Canucks-321.50
174Anatoli SemenovVancouver Canucks-250.40
175Jyrki LummeVancouver Canucks-230.67
176Doug LidsterVancouver Canucks-422.00
177Kirk McLeanVancouver Canucks-230.67
178Calgary Flames team logo - FoilCalgary Flames-515.00
179Theoren FleuryCalgary Flames-240.50
180Robert ReichelCalgary Flames-230.67
181Gary RobertsCalgary Flames-230.67
182Joe NieuwendykCalgary Flames-240.50
183Sergei MakarovCalgary Flames-230.67
184Paul RanheimCalgary Flames-340.75
185Joel OttoCalgary Flames-221.00
186Gary SuterCalgary Flames-340.75
187Jeff ReeseCalgary Flames-221.00
188Mike VernonCalgary Flames-331.00
189Winnipeg Jets team logo - FoilWinnipeg Jets-221.00
190Alexei ZhamnovWinnipeg Jets-221.00
191Thomas SteenWinnipeg Jets-230.67
192Darrin ShannonWinnipeg Jets-230.67
193Keith TkachukWinnipeg Jets-230.67
194Evgeny DavydovWinnipeg Jets-240.50
195Luciano BorsatoWinnipeg Jets-321.50
196Phil HousleyWinnipeg Jets-331.00
197Teppo NumminenWinnipeg Jets-331.00
198Fredrik OlaussonWinnipeg Jets-260.33
199Bob EssensaWinnipeg Jets-240.50
200Los Angeles Kings team logo - FoilLos Angeles Kings-250.40
201Luc RobitailleLos Angeles Kings-505.00
202Jari KurriLos Angeles Kings-331.00
203Tonu GranatoLos Angeles Kings-221.00
204Jimmy CarsonLos Angeles Kings-230.67
205Tomas SandstromLos Angeles Kings-230.67
206Dave TaylorLos Angeles Kings-240.50
207Corey MillenLos Angeles Kings-240.50
208Marty McSorleyLos Angeles Kings-431.33
209Rob BlakeLos Angeles Kings-140.25
210Kelly HrudeyLos Angeles Kings-350.60
211Tampa Bay Lightning team logo - FoilTampa Bay Lightning-221.00
212John TuckerTampa Bay Lightning-260.33
213Chris KontosTampa Bay Lightning-240.50
214Rob ZamunerTampa Bay Lightning-240.50
215Adam CreightonTampa Bay Lightning-321.50
216Mikael AnderssonTampa Bay Lightning-240.50
217Bob BeersTampa Bay Lightning-130.33
218Rob DiMaioTampa Bay Lightning-331.00
219Shawn ChambersTampa Bay Lightning-250.40
220J.C. BergeronTampa Bay Lightning-230.67
221Wendell YoungTampa Bay Lightning-240.50
222Toronto Maple Leafs team logo - FoilToronto Maple Leafs-221.00
223Dave AndreychukToronto Maple Leafs-431.33
224Nikolai BorschevskyToronto Maple Leafs-250.40
225Glenn AndersonToronto Maple Leafs-221.00
226John CullenToronto Maple Leafs-202.00
227Wendel ClarkToronto Maple Leafs-130.33
228Mike FolignoToronto Maple Leafs-230.67
229Mike KrushelnyskiToronto Maple Leafs-531.67
230Jamie MacounToronto Maple Leafs-350.60
231Dave EllettToronto Maple Leafs-340.75
232Felix PotvinToronto Maple Leafs-331.00
233Edmonton Oilers team logo - FoilEdmonton Oilers-140.25
234Petr KlimaEdmonton Oilers-240.50
235Doug WeightEdmonton Oilers-250.40
236Shayne GordonEdmonton Oilers-240.50
237Craig SimpsonEdmonton Oilers-350.60
238Todd ElikEdmonton Oilers-240.50
239Zdeno CigerEdmonton Oilers-260.33
240Craig MacTavishEdmonton Oilers-150.20
241Kelly BuchbergerEdmonton Oilers-331.00
242Dave MansonEdmonton Oilers-240.50
243Scott MellanbyEdmonton Oilers-250.40
244Detroit Red Wings team logo - FoilDetroit Red Wings-120.50
245Dino CiccarelliDetroit Red Wings-240.50
246Sergei FedorovDetroit Red Wings-230.67
247Ray SheppardDetroit Red Wings-140.25
248Paul YsebaertDetroit Red Wings-340.75
249Bob ProbertDetroit Red Wings-230.67
250Keith PrimeauDetroit Red Wings-240.50
251Steve ChiassonDetroit Red Wings-340.75
252Paul CoffeyDetroit Red Wings-340.75
253Nicklas LidstromDetroit Red Wings-230.67
254Tim CheveldaeDetroit Red Wings-240.50
255San Jose Sharks team logo - FoilSan Jose Sharks-130.33
256Kelly KisioSan Jose Sharks-230.67
257Johan GarpenlovSan Jose Sharks-331.00
258Robert GaudreauSan Jose Sharks-230.67
259Dean EvasonSan Jose Sharks-230.67
260Jeff OdgersSan Jose Sharks-230.67
261Ed CourtenaySan Jose Sharks-230.67
262Mike SullivanSan Jose Sharks-303.00
263Doug ZmolekSan Jose Sharks-250.40
264Doug WilsonSan Jose Sharks-240.50
265Brian HaywardSan Jose Sharks-350.60
266Dallas Stars team logo - FoilDallas Stars-130.33
267Brian ProppDallas Stars-212.00
268Russ CourtnallDallas Stars-101.00
269Dave GagnerDallas Stars-221.00
270Ulf DahlenDallas Stars-130.33
271Mike CraigDallas Stars-240.50
272Neal BrotenDallas Stars-230.67
273Gaetan DuchesneDallas Stars-221.00
274Derian HatcherDallas Stars-221.00
275Mark TinordiDallas Stars-250.40
276Jon CaseyDallas Stars-221.00
AJoe Juneau - GlitterBoston Bruins-150.20
BPatrick Roy - GlitterMontreal Canadiens-140.25
CKevin Hatcher - GlitterWashington Capitals-240.50
DChris Terreri - GlitterNew Jersey Devils-340.75
EEric Lindros - GlitterPhiladelphia Flyers-331.00
FPierre Turgeon - GlitterNew York Islanders-230.67
GJoe Sakic - GlitterQuebec Nordiques-150.20
HMario Lemieux - GlitterPittsburgh Penguins-140.25
IMark Messier - GlitterNew York Rangers-240.50
JAlexander Mogilny - GlitterBuffalo Sabres-240.50
KSylvain Turgeon - GlitterOttawa Senators-313.00
LGeoff Sanderson - GlitterHartford Whalers-130.33
MJeremy Roenick - GlitterChicago Blackhawks-350.60
NBrett Hull - GlitterSt. Louis Blues-340.75
OPavel Bure - GlitterVancouver Canucks-230.67
PAl MacInnis - GlitterCalgary Flames-221.00
QTeemu Selanne - GlitterWinnipeg Jets-240.50
RWayne Gretzky - GlitterLos Angeles Kings-212.00
SBrian Bradley - GlitterTampa Bay Lightning-230.67
TDoug Gilmour - GlitterToronto Maple Leafs-111.00
UBill Ranford - GlitterEdmonton Oilers-230.67
VSteve Yzerman - GlitterDetroit Red Wings-212.00
WPat Falloon - GlitterSan Jose Sharks-240.50
XMike Modano - GlitterDallas Stars-331.00