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Panini The Royal Family

Panini The Royal Family

Anno: 1991
Totale Figurine: 210

Anteprima raccolta (58% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 2 / completate: 3


1Prince WilliamThe Royal Children-111.00
2Prince HenryThe Royal Children-120.50
3Princess BeatriceThe Royal Children-120.50
4Princess EugenieThe Royal Children-101.00
5The Queen at her most regalThe Queen and Prince Philip-120.50
6Prince Philip likes to have evenings off,The Queen and Prince Philip-111.00
7The Queen and her consort the Duke of EdinburghThe Queen and Prince Philip-111.00
8The Queen at St George chapel, Windsor Castle on Easter SundayThe Queen and Prince Philip-120.50
9On parade in Berlin while visiting one of her regimentsThe Queen and Prince Philip-111.00
10The Queen at the Maundy ServiceThe Queen and Prince Philip-111.00
11The Duke of Edinburgh handsome and fit despite his advancing years,The Queen and Prince Philip-111.00
12The Queen on the Royal Yacht BritanniaThe Queen and Prince Philip-120.50
13The best and quickest way to meet the people of AustraliaThe Queen and Prince Philip-111.00
14Charles in urgent discussion in KuwaitThe Prince and Princess of Wales-111.00
15Princess Diana at one of herregular planning meetingsThe Prince and Princess of Wales-111.00
16William and Harry in the regulation uniform of Wetherby schoolThe Prince and Princess of Wales-111.00
17Prince Charles and Princess Diana, stunning as ever in white,The Prince and Princess of Wales-111.00
18The Wales Family "on parade" at Buckingham Palace,The Prince and Princess of Wales-120.50
19The camels are coming and what a giggle for princess DianaThe Prince and Princess of Wales-120.50
20Sometimes Diana just has to let herself goThe Prince and Princess of Wales-111.00
21Prince Charles as Colonel-in-Chief of the Parachute RegimentThe Prince and Princess of Wales-120.50
22The Wales's are forever going Down UnderThe Prince and Princess of Wales-120.50
23Prince Andrew takes a break from his Naval duties,The Duke and Duchess of York-111.00
24New York, New YorkThe Duke and Duchess of York-120.50
25The two jewels in Fergie's lifeThe Duke and Duchess of York-111.00
26The Duchess of York having a night out with her husbandThe Duke and Duchess of York-120.50
27Prince Andrew and Fergie, in the days when she wore bows in her hair,The Duke and Duchess of York-111.00
28And baby makes threeThe Duke and Duchess of York-111.00
29When in the States you need to match pzazz with pzazzThe Duke and Duchess of York-111.00
30It's not all Naval uniforms for Prince AndrewThe Duke and Duchess of York-120.50
31Never appear with children or animalsThe Duke and Duchess of York-120.50
32The Queen Mother's official portrait for her 90th birthdayThe Queen Mother-101.00
33The Queen Mother visits CardiffThe Queen Mother-120.50
34Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, to give her her full title,The Queen Mother-111.00
35She doesn't always wear blueThe Queen Mother-111.00
36Each year at Clarence House on her birthday the Queen MumThe Queen Mother-101.00
37Another year - another birthdayThe Queen Mother-111.00
38The annual Garter Ceremony is always attended by the Queen MumThe Queen Mother-120.50
39Racing is one of the Queen Mother's greatest passionsThe Queen Mother-120.50
40The Queen Mum seems to be asking at the Sir John Moore BarracksThe Queen Mother-111.00
41The Queen Mother has visited CanadaThe Queen Mother-120.50
42The Queen Mum has always favoured veils ever since the late KingThe Queen Mother-111.00
43Although in her nineties, Her Majesty has never been known to flagThe Queen Mother-120.50
44The Queen Mother at the Epsom Derby,The Queen Mother-120.50
45In the year of her 90th birthday the Queen Mother went on many walksThe Queen Mother-120.50
46The Princess Royal and the SheiksThe Princess Royal-111.00
47In the Princess Anne visited the Soviet UnionThe Princess Royal-120.50
48Yes, we can be amused. Something tickled Anne's fancyThe Princess Royal-120.50
49The Princess Anne in shimmering whiteThe Princess Royal-120.50
50Princess Margaret, a lady who has always sparkled at night time pays a visitPrincess Margaret-111.00
51At the State Opening of Parliament the Queen likes plenty of family supportPrincess Margaret-101.00
52Princess Margaret at the world famous London PalladiumPrincess Margaret-120.50
53Margaret gives bothPrincess Margaret-111.00
54Prince EdwardPrince Edward-120.50
55Like his big sister, Prince Edward has visited RussiaPrince Edward-111.00
56Edward tries his hand at archery for the Duke of Edinburgh's Award SchemePrince Edward-101.00
57Edward was never happier than when he came out of his Royal MarinePrince Edward-101.00
58July 29 1981, the day Lady Diana Spencer became the Princess of WalesWeddings and Christenings-101.00
59Returning from St. Pauls Cathedral the newly married couple rideWeddings and Christenings-101.00
60Andrew and Fergie on their wedding day in July 1986,Weddings and Christenings-120.50
61The York's wedding was at Westminster AbbeyWeddings and Christenings-111.00
62Their firstborn and a very special moment for the Prince and Princess of WalesWeddings and Christenings-101.00
63Prince Harry christening at Windsor CastleWeddings and Christenings-101.00
64Princess Beatrice of York in the fender arms of her mother as the QueenWeddings and Christenings-101.00
65Princess Eugenie's christening was at SandringhamWeddings and Christenings-101.00
66Everybody was well wrapped up for the latest Royal's big dayWeddings and Christenings-111.00
67The Queen is never happier than when she is surrounded by horsesRoyals Relaxing-101.00
68With his hat at a jaunty angle Prince Philip puts a coachRoyals Relaxing-111.00
69They say she doesn't like the sport but Diana is always outRoyals Relaxing-111.00
70Prince Charles in reflective, peaceful mood in his Gloucestershire gardenRoyals Relaxing-101.00
71In her 81th year the Queen Mother fishing in her beloved River DeeRoyals Relaxing-101.00
72You've got to have lots of handsRoyals Relaxing-101.00
73Fergie in blue jeans making sure that BeatriceRoyals Relaxing-101.00
74Princess Diana, looking slightly hot - goes walkabout in CanadaRoyals Relaxing-101.00
75Prince Charles with his love of mystic thingsRoyals Relaxing-111.00
76Princess Anne, proudly wearing her Great Britain badge was an Olympic competitorRoyals Relaxing-111.00
77Princess Diana on holiday on Necker Island in the British Virgin IslandsRoyals Relaxing-101.00
78Peter Phillips does his "bit" for the annual three dayRoyals Relaxing-101.00
79An ice-cream break for Zara during the Gatcombe horse trialsRoyals Relaxing-101.00
80The Duchess of York has always been a familiar figure at poloRoyals Relaxing-101.00
81Prince Edward with no burden to load him downRoyals Relaxing-111.00
82Fergie at the swish French ski resort of MegèveRoyals Relaxing-111.00
83Diana playing with Wills and Harry on the banks of the River Dee at BalmoralRoyals Relaxing-101.00
84Prince Philip gets away from it all on a Loch in ScotlandRoyals Relaxing-101.00
85Prince Charles with his favourite Shepherd's crook in his hand,Royals Relaxing-120.50
86A bronzed King and Queen of Spain take Princess DianaRoyals Relaxing-111.00
87An aerial shot of Buckingham PalaceRoyal Residences and Hideaways-111.00
88They're changing guards at Buckingham PalaceRoyal Residences and Hideaways-111.00
89A panoramic view of the Garter Ceremony at Windsor CastleRoyal Residences and Hideaways-111.00
90The peace and quiet of SandringhamRoyal Residences and Hideaways-101.00
91Highgrove, the former home of the Macmillan familyRoyal Residences and Hideaways-111.00
92The Castle of Mey on the most northerly coast of ScotlandRoyal Residences and Hideaways-111.00
93Kensington Palace is the formal London home of several RoyalsRoyal Residences and Hideaways-120.50
94Balmoral Castle, the Scottish Highlands home of the Queen,Royal Residences and Hideaways-111.00
95The Queen Mother's fishing bothy near BalmoralRoyal Residences and Hideaways-101.00
96The State Opening of Parliament is considered by the QueenRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
97Prince Philip shows plenty of stockinged leg as he escorts the QueenRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
98Another shot from this ancient ceremonyRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
99The Queen Mother walks the several hundred yards from the castleRoyal Ceremonial-101.00
100Trooping the Colour in June is one of the most colourful ceremoniesRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
101For years Her Majesty rode her beloved horse BurmeseRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
102The Prince of Wales acts as Official Escort to his motherRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
103The Queen smiles her way out of St. George's Chapel into the sunshineRoyal Ceremonial-111.00
104When the Queen dresses for a State banquet she is hard to outshineRoyal Ceremonial-101.00
105The Queen (a) - The Duke of Edinburgh (b)Our Royal Familyfigure101.00
106The Prince of Wales (a) - The Princess of Wales (b)Our Royal Familyfigure111.00
107The Duke of York (a) - The Duchess of York (b)Our Royal Familyfigure111.00
108The Prince Edward (a) - The Princess Royal (b)Our Royal Familyfigure101.00
109Prince William of Wales (a) - The Prince Henry of Wales (b)Our Royal Familyfigure111.00
110Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother (a) - The Princess Margaret (b)Our Royal Familyfigure111.00
111The Duchess of Kent (a) - Viscount Linley (b)Our Royal Familyfigure202.00
112Lady Helen Windsor (a) - Peter Phillips (b)Our Royal Familyfigure202.00
113Princess Alexandra (a) - Princess Alice (b)Our Royal Familyfigure120.50
114The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh enjoy an official visitRoyal Tours-120.50
115There are not many places that remain unvisited by the Prince and Princess of WalesRoyal Tours-111.00
116The colour and beauty of the Indonesians was hard for Diana to resistRoyal Tours-111.00
117Cockatoos and parrots Royal Tours-111.00
118Princess Anne was a frequent visitor to the Middle East prior to the Gulf WarRoyal Tours-120.50
119The Queen loves her visits to exotic countries in the South SeasRoyal Tours-111.00
120Figurina 120Royal Tours-101.00
121Is Prince Charles spud-bashing or peeling onions?Royal Tours-101.00
122Princess Diana will always have a go. In Indonesia in 1989, she tries bowlingRoyal Tours-101.00
123Prince Edward, on a visit to New Zealand, gets a true Maori greetingRoyal Tours-111.00
124Figurina 124Royal Tours-111.00
125That the sea blowsRoyal Tours-120.50
126Diana, a picture of cool elegance,Royal Tours-101.00
127During their tour of Hungary, also in 1990, the Prince and Princess of WalesRoyal Tours-111.00
128During their visit to the Gulf Prince Charles and Princess DianaRoyal Tours-101.00
129Princess Anne in Thailand visits one of the splendid temples in BangkokRoyal Tours-101.00
130Everytime Prince Charles lands anywhere Royal Tours-111.00
131Exotic banquets, theatrical extravaganzas, visiting leprosy hospitals,Royal Tours-101.00
132No, the Queen isn't being rained all overRoyal Tours-101.00
133Princess Anne travels round the World promoting the Save the Children FundPrincess Anne in Africa-111.00
134More STCF travels for the Princess Royal Princess Anne in Africa-101.00
135Here, the Princess talks to the GambiansPrincess Anne in Africa-101.00
136The Princess "roughs it" on the STCF tours sleeping in mud huts,Princess Anne in Africa-101.00
137Every day, while on holiday at Sandringham or Balmoral,Sporting Royals-111.00
138Peter Phillips has already proved he is a first rate cricketer and, here, Sporting Royals-101.00
139Prince Andrew, like all the other Royals, is a crack shotSporting Royals-101.00
140Prince Phillip is so good at carriage driving - here he is at WindsorSporting Royals-101.00
141Princess Anne is a nifty yachtswomanSporting Royals-120.50
142Zara, a fellow competitor at Princess Anne's yacht club,Sporting Royals-101.00
143Peter Phillips with sea salt running through his veinsSporting Royals-101.00
144Prince Edward, while teaching at Wanganui in New Zealand,Sporting Royals-101.00
145Although he hasn't done much windsurfing recently, Charles has always beenSporting Royals-101.00
146Who's little snow Princess?Sporting Royals-101.00
147Prince Harry, on his first skiing holiday in Austria in April 1991Sporting Royals-120.50
148The Famous Four set off for a day on the piste. Charles, Diana, Fergie and AndrewSporting Royals-202.00
149Princess Diana and the Duchess of York have a good old natter on the slopesSporting Royals-101.00
150Lady Helen Windsor is also a competent skierSporting Royals-120.50
151The Duke of Gloucester at home in Kensington PalaceThe Extended Family-120.50
152The Duchess of Gloucester, formerly Birgitte van Deurs,The Extended Family-101.00
153Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, elegant as ever, was born on Christmas Day 1901The Extended Family-111.00
154Viscount Linley and Lady Sarah Armstrong-Jones at a GalaThe Extended Family-101.00
155Prince Michael of Kent, the most stylish dresser of all the male Royals,The Extended Family-111.00
156Prince Michael of Kent is always glamorous and beautifully dressedThe Extended Family-111.00
157The Duke of Kent in slightly pensive mood shows how goodThe Extended Family-111.00
158The Duchess of Kent is one of the most popular Royal ladies in the familyThe Extended Family-101.00
159Lady Helen Windsor is not just a playgirlThe Extended Family-111.00
160It isn't only Prince William's mother who wears the spotsRoyal Children-120.50
161Little Prince Henry on his first ever day at schoolRoyal Children-111.00
162Zara Phillips clutches an Easter egg after morning service at St. George's chapel,Royal Children-111.00
163Peter Phillips at Port Regis prep school in Dorset is not only a sportsmanRoyal Children-101.00
164The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester's three childrenRoyal Children-101.00
165Lord Frederick Windsor and Lady Ella receive presents from Father ChristmasRoyal Children-111.00
166Prince Harry as a pageboy at Uncle Lord Althorp's 1990 wedding to Victoria LockwoodRoyal Children-111.00
167Prince William at a polo match at CirencesterRoyal Children-111.00
168Princess Beatrice, in a very pretty dress with beautiful red shoes,Royal Children-120.50
169The Queen in Iceland wears green as a little boy stares in wondermentRoyal Fashion-101.00
170Green of the dark bottled variety, was also worn by the Queen MumRoyal Fashion-111.00
171Is there a more elegant lady in the Royal Family than Diana?Royal Fashion-101.00
172When in ScotlandRoyal Fashion-111.00
173Princess Diana at one of those particularly splendid banquets at the Guildhall in LondonRoyal Fashion-101.00
174The Duchess of York - a picture in yellow and blueRoyal Fashion-111.00
175Worn during the Princess's 1989 visit to IndonesiaRoyal Fashion-101.00
176Talk about a Lady in Red, and doesn't the Queen's husbandRoyal Fashion-120.50
177Fergie tries to emulate the wild and wonderful flowersRoyal Fashion-111.00
178The Queen Mother in a blue gown on a night-out at the BarbicanRoyal Fashion-120.50
179Although into her sixties, Princess Margaret can still competeRoyal Fashion-120.50
180All Royals know how to make an entrance. Princess Michael of KentRoyal Fashion-101.00
181Princess Diana making her's at the Garrick ClubRoyal Fashion-101.00
182Fergie making her's at the Hyatt Hotel in downtown Melbourne,Royal Fashion-101.00
183And Princess Anne making her's at a gala evening at the Thames sideRoyal Fashion-101.00
184Here's Diana attending the premiere (film "When Harry met Sally")Royal Fashion-101.00
185Princess Michael at a charity "do" at the Grosvenor House HotelRoyal Fashion-111.00
186Diana's all legs as she arrives for the premiere of "The Hunt for Red October"Royal Fashion-111.00
187Fergie is one of her more flamboyant Ives St. Laurent outfits attendsRoyal Fashion-101.00
188Hats do turn heads. And Royals wear them all the timeThe Crowning Glory-101.00
189The Queen went for this style in Australia in 1988The Crowning Glory-202.00
190Diana cheated the Middle East sun with this broad rimmed number on her 1989 tourThe Crowning Glory-111.00
191Fergie chose to look like a flying saucer in BerlinThe Crowning Glory-120.50
192The Queen Mum has made this style and look all her own copyrightThe Crowning Glory-120.50
193The Duchess of York let this lethal looking missile go right to her headThe Crowning Glory-111.00
194Princess Diana had the Father Christmas look on this festive occasionThe Crowning Glory-101.00
195Fergie let flowers go wild around her locks while in MauritiusThe Crowning Glory-111.00
196Diana shows the Sheiks how to look great while not offending Moslem rulesThe Crowning Glory-111.00
197Here's looking at you kid. Both are prize specimens but Prince Andrew takes the honoursUnguarded Moments-101.00
198It's not often that Prince Charles bends the knee to anybodyUnguarded Moments-111.00
199Sometimes Fergie just sits and thinks, sometimes she just sitsUnguarded Moments-101.00
200Charles has often thought that if he had wings he'd just fly awayUnguarded Moments-120.50
201The Prince conducting a concert for pygmies in a rain forest in AfricaUnguarded Moments-101.00
202Princess Anne doesn't often take frightUnguarded Moments-120.50
203The Prince of Wheels leads the way in road safty during his 1983Unguarded Moments-101.00
204Andrew's always been cooperative with photographersUnguarded Moments-111.00
205Her Majesty herself at her own Windser Horse ShowUnguarded Moments-120.50
2061. The Prince of Wales (a) - 2. The Prince William of Wales (b)The Successionfigure111.00
2073. Prince Henry of Wales (a) - 4. The Duke of York (b)The Successionfigure101.00
2085. Princess Beatrice of York (a) - 6. Princess Eugene of York (b)The Successionfigure120.50
2097. The Prince Edward (a) - 8. The Princess Royal (b)The Successionfigure101.00
2109. Peter Phillips (a) - 10. Zara Phillips (b)The Successionfigure111.00