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Topps Gremlins

Topps Gremlins

Anno: 1984
Totale Carte collezionabili: 93

raccolte: 3 / completate: 0


1Gremlins-Base Card303.00
2A Special Gift?-Base Card303.00
3The Old Oriental Man-Base Card303.00
4Rand Peltzer, Inventor-Base Card303.00
5The Mogwai-Base Card303.00
6The Final Warning-Base Card303.00
7Billy Peltzer-Base Card303.00
8Co-Worker Kate Beringer-Base Card303.00
9Nasty Mrs. Deagle!-Base Card303.00
10At Dorry's Pub-Base Card303.00
11A Present from Dad-Base Card303.00
12Introducing Gizmo-Base Card303.00
13Billy's New Friend-Base Card303.00
14Gizmo's Boo-Boo-Base Card303.00
15Poor Little Gizmo!-Base Card303.00
163D Comics? Yeech!!-Base Card303.00
17Best of Friends-Base Card303.00
18Dad's Latest Invention-Base Card303.00
19Billy and Gizmo-Base Card303.00
20A Splash of Water-Base Card303.00
21More Mogwai!!-Base Card303.00
22Unexpected Guests!-Base Card303.00
23Devious Stripe!-Base Card303.00
24The Nasty Prank-Base Card303.00
25Gizmo's Fears-Base Card303.00
26Friend ... or Foe?-Base Card303.00
27Thoughts of a Mogwai-Base Card303.00
28The Cocoons-Base Card303.00
29Enter Roy Hanson-Base Card303.00
30The Science Teacher-Base Card303.00
31A New Discovery-Base Card303.00
32The Caged Mogwai-Base Card303.00
33(Un)controlled Experiment-Base Card303.00
34Evil of the Gremlins-Base Card303.00
35They've Hatched!-Base Card303.00
36Their Home Besieged-Base Card303.00
37Lynn's Big Risk-Base Card303.00
38Mashed Gremlin!-Base Card303.00
39Stay Away or I'll Spray!-Base Card303.00
40Attacked!-Base Card303.00
41The Inventor's Convention-Base Card303.00
42The Invasion Begins-Base Card303.00
43Jamming Traffic!-Base Card303.00
44Deadly Creatures!-Base Card303.00
45Mrs. Deagle's Fate-Base Card303.00
46Scared Silly!-Base Card303.00
47Crashing Through!-Base Card303.00
48Terrified Victim!-Base Card303.00
49Tracking the Gremlins-Base Card303.00
50Sling-Shot Defense!-Base Card303.00
51Racing against Time-Base Card303.00
52They're Multiplying!-Base Card303.00
53Fury of Stripe-Base Card303.00
54The Captive Kate-Base Card303.00
55Saved by a Flash!-Base Card303.00
56Kate's Revelation-Base Card303.00
57Along for the Ride!-Base Card303.00
58A New Plan-Base Card303.00
59The Gremlins Are Inside!-Base Card303.00
60Trapped!!-Base Card303.00
61The Unruly Gremlins-Base Card303.00
62Blowing Up the Theater-Base Card303.00
63One Gremlin to Go ...!-Base Card303.00
64Toy Department Peril-Base Card303.00
65The Friends Separate-Base Card303.00
66Stripe's Last Stand-Base Card303.00
67Brave Billy Peltzer!-Base Card303.00
68Hidden Horror!-Base Card303.00
69Gizmo Saves the Day!-Base Card303.00
70Stripe's Final Moments-Base Card303.00
71The Good Guys Triumph!-Base Card303.00
72Our Victorious Heroes!-Base Card303.00
73Return of the Master-Base Card303.00
74The Peltzers and Kate-Base Card303.00
75Metamorphosis-Base Card303.00
76Goodbye, Gizmo!-Base Card303.00
77Artwork: Little Gizmo-Base Card303.00
78The Frightened Mogwai-Base Card303.00
79Artwork: Evil Stripe-Base Card303.00
80Fiend on the Screen-Base Card303.00
81The Young Performers-Base Card303.00
82Gremlins Checklist-Base Card303.00
S1Gizmo Sitting (Yellow) (puzzle 1)-Sticker303.00
S2Mogwai Spike (Red) (puzzle 2)-Sticker303.00
S3Gizmo Angry Close-Up (Blue) (puzzle 3)-Sticker303.00
S4Gremlin Spike (Green) (puzzle 4)-Sticker303.00
S5Gremlin Spike (Red) (puzzle 5)-Sticker303.00
S6Gremlin Spike (Pink) (puzzle 6)-Sticker303.00
S7Gizmo in Car (Yellow) (puzzle 7)-Sticker303.00
S8Gizmo Art (Blue) (puzzle 8)-Sticker303.00
S9Gizmo Scared (Pink) (puzzle 9)-Sticker303.00
S10Spike Art (Orange) (puzzle 10)-Sticker303.00
S11Spike Model (Orange) (puzzle 11)-Sticker303.00