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Topps Planet of the Apes

Topps Planet of the Apes

Anno: 2001
Totale Carte collezionabili: 142

Anteprima raccolta (61% immagini scannerizzate)

raccolte: 2 / completate: 0


1Title Card-Base Card202.00
2Major Leo Davidson-Base Card202.00
3Ari-Base Card202.00
4Thade-Base Card202.00
5Attar-Base Card202.00
6Krull-Base Card202.00
7Limbo-Base Card202.00
8Daena-Base Card202.00
9Birn-Base Card202.00
10Karubi-Base Card202.00
11Sandar-Base Card202.00
12Commander Karl Vasich-Base Card202.00
13Lt. Grace Alexander-Base Card202.00
14Thade-Base Card202.00
15Woman in Cart-Base Card202.00
16Brave Explorers-Base Card202.00
17Storm Center-Base Card202.00
18Emergency Mission-Base Card202.00
19In Search of Pericles-Base Card202.00
20Splashdown!-Base Card202.00
21Crash Landing-Base Card202.00
22Perilous New World-Base Card202.00
23The Survivor-Base Card202.00
24Captured!-Base Card202.00
25The Defiant Captives-Base Card202.00
26Masters of the Hun-Base Card202.00
27This One Looked at Me!-Base Card202.00
28The Caravan-Base Card202.00
29Enter the City of the Apes-Base Card202.00
30Parallel Civilization-Base Card202.00
31Caged-Base Card202.00
32Card 32-Base Card202.00
33Limbo-Base Card202.00
34Families Torn Asunder-Base Card202.00
35Picking Up a Pet-Base Card202.00
36Ari-Base Card202.00
37Chimpanzee Hostage?-Base Card202.00
38The New Human Arrivals-Base Card202.00
39Family Ties-Base Card202.00
40Special Dinner Guests-Base Card202.00
41Are Men Without Souls?-Base Card202.00
42Escape to Freedom-Base Card202.00
43Unlikely Fugitives-Base Card202.00
44The Deadly Secret-Base Card202.00
45Armed Against the Enemy-Base Card202.00
46Dark Legacy-Base Card202.00
47The Forbidden Area-Base Card202.00
48No Turning Back-Base Card202.00
49Before the Storm-Base Card202.00
50Fury of Attar-Base Card202.00
51The Truth About Horses-Base Card202.00
52His Camp Invaded!-Base Card202.00
53Shooting a Flare!-Base Card202.00
54Camp Under Siege!-Base Card202.00
55Davidson-Base Card202.00
56Thade Goes Ape-Base Card202.00
57An Unknown Destiny-Base Card202.00
58Astonishing Discovery-Base Card202.00
59Fighters for Freedom-Base Card202.00
60Apes on the March-Base Card202.00
61Preparing for Battle-Base Card202.00
62The Gorilla War Machine-Base Card202.00
63The Attack Begins!-Base Card202.00
64Simian Against Human-Base Card202.00
65Playing Leo-Base Card202.00
66Daena-Base Card202.00
67The Battle Rages On-Base Card202.00
68Power of the General-Base Card202.00
69The Return of Pericles-Base Card202.00
70A Human Victory?!-Base Card202.00
71Thade-Base Card202.00
72A Trip Back to Earth-Base Card202.00
73Tim Burton at the Helm-Base Card202.00
74Directing -Base Card202.00
75Baker-Base Card202.00
76Oberon-Base Card202.00
77All in the Ape Family-Base Card202.00
78Bringing Attar to Life-Base Card202.00
79The Ape Effigies-Base Card202.00
80Mini-Spacecraft-Base Card202.00
81Managing Movie Mayhem-Base Card202.00
82Camera-Ready Gorilla-Base Card202.00
83Shooting Thade-Base Card202.00
84Three Funny Simians-Base Card202.00
85Cinematic Space Station-Base Card202.00
86Inside the Oberon-Base Card202.00
87Tents of the Apes-Base Card202.00
88Going Home Again-Base Card202.00
89New Age Apes-Base Card202.00
90Checklist-Base Card202.00
AC1Kris Kristofferson as Karubi
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
AC2Helena Bonham Carter as Ari
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
AC3Tim Roth as Thane
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
AC4Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa as Krull
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
AC5David Warner as Sandar
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
AC6Charlton Heston as Thade's Father
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
AC7Linda Harrison as Woman in Cart
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
AC8Estella Warren as Daena
Autograph CardChase Card202.00
F1ThadeEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F2Gorilla WarriorEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F3Gorilla WarriorsEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F4ThadeEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F5Major Leo DavidsonEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F6Gorilla Warrior on HorseEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F7Major LeoEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F8Group of Gorilla WarriorsEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F9AttarEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
F10Armored Gorilla, Armored HorseEmbossed FoilChase Card202.00
M1Gorilla Warrior Uniforms
Authentic Movie MemorabiliaChase Card202.00
Authentic Movie MemorabiliaChase Card202.00
M3Major Leo Davidson
Authentic Movie MemorabiliaChase Card202.00
M4Major Leo Davidson
Authentic Movie MemorabiliaChase Card202.00
M5Monk Costume
Authentic Movie MemorabiliaChase Card202.00
Authentic Movie MemorabiliaChase Card202.00
Authentic Movie MemorabiliaChase Card202.00
S1Major Leo Davidson and DaenaSimian SuedeChase Card202.00
S2Sandar and AriSimian SuedeChase Card202.00
S3Nova and AriSimian SuedeChase Card202.00
S4Major Leo Davidson and AriSimian SuedeChase Card202.00
S5Senator Nado and NovaSimian SuedeChase Card202.00
S6Attar and ThadeSimian SuedeChase Card202.00
SC-8Gorilla Warrior-Stickers202.00
BT-1AttarBox ToppersChase Card202.00
BT-2AriBox ToppersChase Card202.00
BT-3DaenaBox ToppersChase Card202.00
BT-4KrullBox ToppersChase Card202.00
BT-5Leo DavidsonBox ToppersChase Card202.00
BT-6ThadeBox ToppersChase Card202.00
A14-Card Panel-Promo Card202.00
P1Dark Horse #1-Promo Card202.00
P2Conventions-Promo Card202.00
P3Previews-Promo Card202.00
P4Wizard-Promo Card202.00